Thursday, September 1, 2016

Ask Me Anything: New Service Offered

I used to do sessions on here called Ask Me Anything where you would post a question about your chart and I would answer them. However, I soon learned that it was too draining and overwhelming to keep that up. Now, I am offering a new service, also called Ask Me Anything, available for just $12.99 (my lowest priced service), where you can email me a question – any question at all about your chart – and I will respond to you with my answer.

This will be the only way I can and will answer your questions nowadays. I just can’t continue to interpret people’s placements in the comments anymore. I’m more than happy to talk to you all in a very general, conversational way about the topic at hand. So, I’m not saying I will not respond to any of you again. Of course I will. But, if you have a specific question about your chart, you will need to purchase the Ask Me Anything service.

I had to wrestle with myself and get over the feeling of guilt for charging for answering questions. The fact is that I do this blog for free and I’m very happy to do so. But, when it comes to my one-on-one services and skills, I don’t need to shortchange myself. Being an astrologer is my job, for right now, and my main source of income. So, I have to make sure that I’m getting what I deserve for the services that I have to offer. Regardless of how much I want to help you guys, I still need to make sure that I’m helping myself. And if you’re not willing to pay, then I would advise you to just think for yourself, regarding your question. After all, that’s how I learned astrology. :)

I am starting this out for the month of September to see how it goes. If it people are into it, I will offer it permanently. Also, please note that this is different than the Special Consultation service I offer, which is an ongoing e-mail conversation between you and me regarding one or two things in your chart. If you are looking for that kind of service, you should purchase the Special Consultation (which is $24.99) by clicking on the blue ad at the top right corner and going to my Readings page.

With the Ask Me Anything service, you just are asking me a single question and receiving a single response. So, please keep it focused on one topic. You can make the question as detailed as you want but don’t ask me about multiple placements within your chart or your whole chart because I will be unable to answer.

If you’re interested, please follow the directions below. Look forward to talking to you:

1. Buy the Ask Me Anything service through the purchase button below. You will be charged $12.99 and required to purchase via PayPal. All major debit and credit cards are accepted. You may also pay through your PayPal account, if you have one.

2. E-mail me at with the subject “Ask Me Anything” and your question. Please keep your question focused on one specific thing in your birth chart or one specific topic.

3. I will respond to you with my answer within a day, no more than two.


  1. This is actually a very good service! I can't wait to try it out! Thank you, Wayman.

  2. Great looking forward to hearing from you!:)

  3. I think this is great. This way we both benefit. You writing these wonderful articles for us for Free has already been so helpful. Anything after that really is extra and I think this will bring some balance back on your end. :) Good Luck!

  4. Do you think you'll be doing any articles on Pluto? Like, a pluto through houses or Pluto through the signs series. If not, what's the next series? Too excited!

  5. Good for you!!!! I agree with Aubrey.

  6. I'm so disappointed with you for doing this. I've been a student of astrology for some years now and I never ask lazy questions. I always try to interpret everything on my own and only ask for a bit of guidance i.e. did I get it right or not. I always appreciate it so much when an astrologer has the consideration to do this with his followers. Your posts are amazing and given your knowledge and unique perspective of course I believe you deserve to make a good living out of practicing astrology. However, I think that locking yourself up in the ivory tower and referring those of us who share your passion but are still learning to your paid services for every question we dare to ask is not the way to do that. There is a difference between 'I have this conjunct this, what does it mean?" and "I have this configuration in my chart and I think it means this and that, can you tell me if i'm on the right track?"
    It's just a really low blow and as a person you have lost a fan in me.

    1. I would have to disagree with you Storm Rider. His expertise has been garnered for free for way too long. And as a fellow student of astrology, we must all understand that the free blog posts he provides are more than enough for those looking to delve deeper and learn more. I think him being able to create an affordable service is actually something to be celebrated because it is an opportunity for us to invest in his hard work and expertise so he can do even more with it, instead of receive it for free. He may have lost a fan in you, but he's gained a paying fan in me. Ultimately, if people really want to support you, they will do it in a way that empowers you to do more and spread it to more people in the world, which includes donations and money. If you aren't willing to invest in his talent, perhaps it is time for you to move on until you find someone you would like to invest in both emotionally and financially. When it's your income, it should take be free. That's just how I feel.

    2. Storm rider, instead of taking this as a personal offense, which is not my intention at all, you need to think in terms of the big picture.

      Like how low priced all my services are, including this. There are astrologers out there who would charge you 100 dollars for just 20 minutes of their time. Nothing I charge is anywhere near those prices because I believe everyone should be able to afford my services.

      Think of how many times I have answered countless questions for free and how much mental energy it takes to constantly do that.

      Also, think of how long it took for me to start this service, after over two years of answering questions for nothing (and in great detail).

      Basically, I cannot be concerned with pleasing everyone. That really is what my North Node in the 1st is teaching me. And every time you set certain boundaries to be truly fair to yourself, you risk upsetting someone. But that is a risk I am willing to take.

      It is also not unreasonable to ask you to take the info I provide and use it to think for yourself, if you're not willing to pay. Join a message board if you need to ask specific questions for free. And as I said, I am perfectly willing to have discussions with you on here that don't involve specific interpreting.

      But, I am not going to apologize for asking something reasonable like this of you that the majority of astrologers do.

  7. And thank you to those of you who are understanding of my decision. I appreciate it. :)

  8. I appreciate your choice
    I have read this just now
    After reading and posting a question in the read articles
    Your are not required to answer them
    I appreciate your time and effort

  9. This is great, I'd totally get one, you're great at your interpretations! I've actually gone back through to a bunch of your old stuff. It's like going through a treasure chest, thanks for all you do! Seeing as I am in Pluto transit ascendant, nodal reversal and Saturn return, I can't buy a reading yet but hopefully that will change've put a good price on it. Very reasonable. Would you consider writing some stuff on transits to the nodes, especially node reversal and return? Please :) I'd love to hear what you have to say about that...I think I've been prepared for Saturn return so I don't think that's what is causing my unease and blocks....I don't understand the nodal reversal...the way it's feeling is that I essentially mastered myself, then suddenly out of no where I'm revisiting and experiencing my entire life all at once in the span of a's weird I'm not sure why or what's causing it

  10. Just be open to considering writing more on node aspects and transits lol I just wonder what your interpretation is, Wayman, I love your stuff. Maybe I'll donate some money in the future. Will definitely get a session with you. It seems like you're loving what you do which admirable, so keep up the good work!

  11. Well darn! I JUST discovered & signed up for this amazingly insightful "blogspot" website and have already left a few inquiries so far, which all of them have been about what that specific article's topic was about, but I used certain parts in my own chart to correlate my post to be about the topic of discussion and thought this was a community for astrology enthusiasts to LEARN and GROW from each other's knowledge and experience. I completely understand Wayman Stewart's point of view and absolutely respect the fact that he made a personal decision and stuck to his guns about it- requesting the small fee if you want his professional and detailed response to a personal question about one's birth chart. Kudos to you buddy! Unfortunately though, I'm on a tightly fixed income and need to find somewhere online where I can talk openly about astrology with fellow people/students/peers/teachers/etc., where I could also utilize my 15+ years of knowledge about what I've learned to be able to help out others with their personal questions as well, not just mine. SO, FINALLY MY QUESTION(lol sorry I'm long-winded!), does ANYONE ON HERE KNOW OF ANOTHER ONLINE WEBSITE WHERE I CAN DO THE THINGS I JUST MENTIONED??? I'm uneducated about computers, online lingo and how to do a bunch of different things on the internet in general, so ANY SUGGESTIONS would be immensely appreciated!!! ~LIVE LAUGH LOVE~