Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Jupiter in Libra Transit: Give and Take

Jupiter officially left the sign of Virgo this month and has now rolled into Libra territory. Jupiter in Libra will commence until the latter part of 2017. So, what does this mean for us? Whatever sign that Jupiter is moving through is going to give us a chance to really benefit from that sign’s principles and positive attributes. We can have many different learning experiences in terms of what the sign stands for, as I think that Jupiter is all about learning experiences and growing through them. So, with Jupiter in Libra, we have the potential during the following 12 months to embark on many positive experiences in terms of love, relating, cooperating, and harmony.

And for the cherry on top of this astrological sundae, Jupiter is currently conjunct the transiting Sun in Libra. Therefore, we are starting off this transit right. The Libra Sun is giving us the confidence to really embark on these Libra lessons and opportunities. Now is a time where we can shine in these areas of life, especially if you happen to have major placements in Libra: personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars), the Ascendant, Midheaven, or North Node. This will also obviously be true if you have Jupiter in Libra, as well. If this is the case, this will be an especially important year for you and you will have the opportunity to grow in very significant ways. 

Jupiter in Libra is going to really teach us about the give and take that relationships require. An attitude of gratitude goes a long way when it comes to Jupiter. So, if you aren’t appreciating other people enough or if you also aren’t being appreciated enough by the people in your life, Jupiter is going to restore that balance. Well, I should say that it is going to urge you to restore the balance because, at the end of the day, it’s all up to you. This can manifest in many ways. Maybe you will find an important relationship becoming more peaceful and agreeable and cooperative. But, maybe, you will actually find yourself getting away from relationships, platonic or romantic, that are no longer serving you. Jupiter is about freedom, after all, and when Jupiter is transiting Libra, this can mean freeing yourself from any situation where you aren’t getting the love that you deserve.

At the same time, are you giving people the love that they deserve? This sense of balance and fairness has to go both ways. As a result, you might find yourself being more willing to become a better significant other, friend, or other kind of partner during this time. For people with Libra placements, this will be an especially beneficial process. Learning how to give yourself to others in a way that will lead to abundance and prosperity, for both parties, can give you a stronger sense of self (Sun in Libra), better values (Venus in Libra), a higher public profile (Libra Midheaven) or a greater ability to reach your full potential (North Node in Libra). At some point, every Libra person is going to have Jupiter conjunct their Libra placement. For some, this will last briefly. For others, with the placement in the middle to later degrees, it could last the entire year! Whatever the case may be, you are being given the opportunity to really expand and enhance your ability to love.

But, that feeling will be in the air, somehow and some way, for all of us. This year could be the year of “free love”, thanks to Jupiter in Libra. It might seem like everyone is dating around a lot more or that so many of your single friends cannot stay single for long. More marriages and engagements could also be on the horizon throughout the year. Yet, things can also potentially go overboard, especially for Libra folks. Libra people do have a reputation for being quite flighty and inconsistent in terms of love, as well as downright co-dependent. The desperation to be in a relationship can be felt more strongly than ever now for some single people, especially if they have a Libra influence. After all, Jupiter’s excesses can sometimes just become over-the-top and counterproductive. So, Jupiter in Libra may be a very “thirsty” time for some (and that means “desperate for romance or sex”, for those of you who don’t know) and the biggest culprits could be Libra people.

However, those with Aries, Cancer, and Capricorn placements will also be feeling this transit greatly, through the squares or oppositions that Jupiter will inevitably form to these placements. Cancer and Capricorn influenced folks will experience the square, bringing some tensions in the romance department. Jupiter in Libra’s focus on truly fair-minded, interdependent relating can mess with Cancer’s emotional biases and Capricorn’s rough self-sufficiency. At the same time, these conflicts can be good for those with Cancer and Capricorn energy. The Cancer people can learn to not let their feelings throw things out of balance. Any insecurities and fears that are blocking real love from coming their way can be risen above. Meanwhile, Capricorn individuals can learn how to be less judgmental of themselves and/or others, genuinely valuing what both parties have to offer. This can lead to a smoother road to success in terms of relationships, with less doubt or pessimism.

Meanwhile, Aries individuals are going to feel particularly unbalanced during this time because of Jupiter’s eventual opposition to their placement. The Aries folks are going to have to learn how to be more compromising and seek true win-win situations with others. Aries is the opposite sign of Libra and often leads to a very careless way of being in relationships: never or rarely ever apologizing, refusing to admit to mistakes, only thinking about their point of view, sucking up all the air in the room, etc. So, those people whose Aries placements make a big mess of their way of connecting to others are going to have to really learn and grow during this time. Jupiter is going to keep its rewards away from the Aries individual during this transit unless it is consistently seeking equilibrium with others. if you have this influence, it might make you feel like it’s you-against-the-world during this time. But, this is only because you’re looking at it from your own narrow, selfish perspective.

Also, of course, we cannot ignore the people who are going to go through their Jupiter Return in Libra. Congratulations! The Jupiter Return is a time that can really mark an exciting new chapter in your life. Your beliefs are being brought to the forefront in order to be strengthened, acknowledged, renewed, appreciated, etc. All of this is happening so you can reap rewards. But, the Jupiter Return can be a bit over-hyped and overrated. Too often, people complain that “nothing happened during my Jupiter Return!” If you are expecting to experience incredible luck, to get an amazing new job and lots more money, to meet the love of your life or to just have a good time all year, you may be disappointed. Don’t set your expectations too high (another important Jupiter lesson).

However, the Jupiter Return is never without rewards. Sometimes, they are subtle or easy to miss. Sometimes, they don’t really come to fruition until a few years after the transit (possibly during your Jupiter trine Jupiter transit). But, regardless, you are planting the seeds right now of something amazing. And with Jupiter in Libra, that’s in terms of your way of being with and connecting to other people. These rewards may seemingly be small. Maybe you and your partner move to another place. Maybe you make a few new friends. You may also start doing little things to feel more attractive, likable, or appealing. In any case, these seemingly small acts and blessings can serve as major shifts in your life. Jupiter is all about the journey over the destination. The more you obsess over the outcome, the smaller you will be thinking, which Jupiter does not like. So, in fact, if you keep greedily looking for lucky breaks during this year, Jupiter may hold back much of its goodness.

It will just be important for you to develop the appreciation to know what good things are happening and when. Those of you with any squares or oppositions to your natal Jupiter in Libra can actually experience quite a bit of distress during this time, as well. The Jupiter Return magnifies the expression of all the aspects from Jupiter to the other planets in your chart. So, the stressful aspects will feel particularly stressful. Trust me, I have Jupiter in Cancer opposing my Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune in Capricorn. So, my Jupiter Return a few years ago was definitely not one carefree party. But, I also figured out ways to remain positive, forward-moving, and buoyant during that time that, in hindsight, amaze even me. Therefore, the squares to your Jupiter might become less conflicting now and the oppositions may feel less out-of-balance. You may have to go through a trial or two to get to this positive place. But, this is only Jupiter’s way of testing your faith. And those who keep their faith during their Jupiter Return eventually manifest wonderful things.

And for everyone, whether Jupiter in Libra will hugely affect you or not, you need to look at the house that it will be transiting because, of course, this transiting planet is going to fall somewhere in your birth chart. The way it will express itself will be in line with the Libra themes. If Jupiter in Libra is transiting the 3rd House, you may be learning to communicate more cooperatively. If Jupiter in Libra is making its transit through your 6th House, you can figure out how to co-exist with others in a more efficient, productive way. This transit is occurring in my 9th House; quite a powerful one, as Jupiter naturally rules the 9th. I already do feel myself embracing my freedom even more than I usually do and standing more strongly on my personal convictions. Yet, it is in a Libra fashion. Coming off of Jupiter in Virgo, which made a conjunction to Venus virtually all year, I had a lot of romantic experiences. Yet, there were ultimately disappointing. Still, I grew a lot and I now have resolved to not look for a relationship with anyone until I feel like they are on the same path as I am or, at the very least, can freely support the path that I’m on.

While a significant amount of that resolution is my 1st House North Node talking, it also is the Libra Jupiter moving into my 9th House. I just want to be on a path right now that just involves loving myself and I only want it to involve a partner who can come along with me on my inspiring journey (9th House). If not, I am totally alright with being alone. The thing is that I didn’t come to this conviction until Jupiter moved into Libra. And it really made me feel like I was on the right path and renewed my enthusiasm (another 9th House concept) for what I was doing with my life and my belief in what I was doing. I can’t see myself traveling abroad or going back to school now; stereotypical predictions for the Jupiter in the 9th House transit. But, through greater self-love, I am already starting to believe in myself more, which is bringing more balance (Libra) into my life.

Again, this transit does not have to be about finding good fortune through finding someone. Maybe the person you end up finding is yourself and what you really love about yourself, so you can be more available to the loved by the right person. Love is absolutely in the air with Jupiter in Libra. But, maybe, all you need is a love of the self. This inner harmony will eventually create outer harmony and attract beneficial, life-enhancing relationships your way.


  1. I have a Libran Ascendent, so that could be interesting!

    Something funny about my last two Jupiter returms in Leo in the 10th House - in the first one (2002-2003) I passed every job interview going, and gained a place on a college course for the career I wanted at the time, but they weren't the right jobs or right career! Having said that, having had those chances and having made those mistakes I think pushed me towards the career I have now.

    In the second one (2014-2015), I did not get a particularly good apprisal report at work. However, it pushed me on to get the best one I've ever had the year after, so sometimes things don't turn quite as you'd expect, but they benefit you in the end. I was also thinking of leaving my career to be at home with my daughter, but came to the realisation that professionally I had not yet done all that wanted to do, and was lucky enough to be able to change my mind and stay. Jupiter in the 10th influences?

  2. Uh oh, I don't know if this is good or bad, happy or sad -- or BOTH?!? I have Jupiter & Saturn EXACTLY conjunct at 5°Libra/6th house and also my Pluto is in 21°Libra/7th house(Pluto's not conjunct by degree I guess). OH, AND my DESCENDANT is at 14°Libra -- I'm asking/wondering if anyone has any ideas or theories regarding if this "Jupiter Return" of mine whould tend to be more inclined to be beneficial, happy and fruitful OR maybe rather a message of "YIELD AHEAD!!! DON'T JUMP INTO ANYTHING of IMPORTANCE at this time!" BECAUSE my Ascendant is in 14°Aries and it makes several relentlessly challenging T-Squares with my Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Midheaven AND PlutošŸ˜² The ONLY "soft" aspect my Aries ASC has is a Trine to Neptune/9th and sextile P.O.Fortune in Gemini/3rd(does anyone know if the P.O.F. REALLY plays a significant role in one's chart or not??). So yeah, if anyone of my fellow peers here have ANY TYPE of FEEDBACK or KNOWLEDGE as to what it MEANS which they'd like to educate me regarding my Libra Jupiter Return/Aries ASC question, I'd be eternally grateful for any kind of serious reply! Hope everyone is well! Take care! :-)

  3. I have BOTH Saturn and Jupiter in house 2, both in ♉ but no conjunction. And I only identify with this article. I've never been greedy though. I had to learn to be more materialistic. I feel guilty when spending money or when I don't gift it to homeless. It really hurts me to see stores having financial troubles and being unvisited.
    I've always been modest and never spend a lot.

  4. Jupiter changes its sign from Virgo to Libra on 12th of September 2017. The planet Guru will be transiting through Libra for the next one year during which you may experience major changes in personal and professional life.Read More