Thursday, September 15, 2016

Moon in the 10th House: Not Growing Up When I Grow Up

Having the Moon in the 10th House is such an interesting influence. It’s one of those astrological contradictions, where the planet is in its opposing house. The Moon naturally rules the 4th House, which is the opposite house of the 10th. So, having a 10th House Moon is going to be a paradox, in many ways. One of the things that the Moon represents is one’s inner child. The 10th House, meanwhile, is your ongoing set of life goals. It’s what you want to achieve and the things that will give you a feeling of accomplishment out in the world. Therefore, with the Moon in the 10th, a sense of accomplishment comes from being deeply connected to one’s inner child.

Whether you have planets in the 10th or just the Midheaven (which is the sign on the 10th House cusp), the energy in this house is how you are once you enter adulthood. The 10th is naturally ruled by Saturn and that means that the placements in your 10th take a while to ripen. They require maturity and accomplishment in order to manifest. Otherwise, they remain distant aspirations. I think everyone aspires to be their 10th House planet(s) and sign during their childhood. But, at that time, adulthood feels like a foreign concept. I think the “breakthrough” occurs via your 10th House as you go through high school and begin getting that taste of adulthood and of having something to contribute to society. Once a person enters their early twenties and they are truly out in the world, the Midheaven really begins to dominate.

So, what does that mean when you have your Moon in the 10th House? Well, this is usually an indicator of a childhood that was not entirely comforting, for one reason or another. The reason for this is that the out-of-reach aspirations the 10th House Moon child harbors have to do with their emotional needs. This is even truer when the child has Moon conjunct Midheaven. The feeling of getting to be a child is what seems like a far-away concept for children who are born with this placement. As an adult, this creates this highly instinctual yearning to achieve, to have purpose, to be recognized because all of these things end up feeding the hungry child within, who always just wanted to feel supported and protected.

Now, I do hesitate to tell people that they have horrible parents who didn’t love them. That, of course, is not automatically true, no matter the placement. It’s the kind of message that can get people defensive and actually make them miss the nuance of what that placement means. Having a 10th House Moon can definitely indicate a cold, neglectful, or emotionally empty upbringing. But, it doesn’t always have to. Still, no parent is flawless or without their issues or hang-ups. Even if the home environment was very loving, this does tell me that there was a distinct discomfort with emotion, need, and vulnerability. Since these are all things that children thrive on, one’s childhood is never exactly emotionally open and free-flowing when you have this placement. 

This dynamic is even stronger when a person’s Moon is opposing their Nadir/IC; the sign on the 4th House cusp. The 4th House symbolizes the role that a person learns to play within their family unit. We all have our place in the family and certain qualities we bring to the table to keep the whole system going. When you have the Moon in opposition to the 4th House, you will see a child who learned how to keep his or her emotional needs or responses out of the equation. You were conditioned to not just react, to be mature about things, and to also follow a certain protocol. Since the Moon’s energy is intuitive and goes with the flow, the role you were taught to play in the family went against the grain of your inner nature, in some significant way.

It’s a part of why a lot of 10th House Moon people don’t really feel “at home” with their families. It can feel like a distant relationship without intimacy. Even if you really love them, you always got the sense that they don’t really know who you are, deep down, and never really supported that part of you. So, ever since you were a kid, you felt an innate sadness or loneliness whenever you were home. At the same time, you learned how to become a real rock. Since you couldn’t go around freely expressing your emotions, you grew up understanding how to keep yourself in check, remain in control, and be sensible. When we become adults, this steady, solid private self remains, thanks to this foundation of strength. Those of us with Moon in the 10th are so mature and wise as children. There is a lack of childishness to kids with this placement that can be startling.

This all goes to the feeling of the “missing childhood.” Whatever is in your 10th House is who you were not, growing up, in the intimacy of your personal life. This is why it becomes such a burning desire in adulthood and gives a person such a feeling of purpose. So, with the Moon in the 10th, your emerging aspirations revolve around not exactly growing up when we grow up. The reason why is that you have already spent so much ofy our childhood feeling grown up and having to be a little adult. Therefore, in adulthood, you make it your mission to find that safety, comfort, protection, and deep understanding that was, in one way or another, lacking in your upbringing.  

The thing about the Moon, though, is that it’s always within us. We are our Moon from birth. So, when you have a 10th House Moon, you grow up with this deep-seated feeling that you could be much more than you are right now.  The Moon represents your instinct and when it’s in the 10th, there is this very ingrained instinct for accomplishment and personal recognition. This is instilled within you from an essential feeling of lack, of not feeling recognized for who we are, deep down, by our families. The feelings, imagination, and needs that make up your soul are something that you feel powerfully as a child but just feel difficult to fully manifest until we reach young adulthood.

You have to look at the sign that the Moon is in to understand just what was burning inside of you all along but went unsupported. If you have an Aries Moon in the 10th, your independence, competitiveness, and passion were neglected or unsupported. Gemini Moon in the 10th would mean that your role in your family did not nourish your inner intelligence, humor, and curiosity. Aspects make a difference, too. If you have a Moon-Jupiter aspect, you didn’t feel quite as free growing up and a Moon-Neptune aspect could indicate your family role didn’t support your imagination or intuition. That’s why, when these traits become things you strive to achieve in life, ways in which you wish to be known and recognized, there is always this underlying, powerful need to these goals. It’s why 10th House Moon people need your goals and aspirations in life to feel emotionally balanced.

Your Moon also represents your relationship with your mother figure (which, as I always say, is often the female parent but can also be a male parent, depending on the household). I have seen the Moon in the 10th House described as a mother who is very supportive of her child’s goals and achievements in life. This could be true yet let’s not forget that this placement is an innately challenging one. Often times, you see the Mom (Moon) who made her child feel like he or she had to work (10th House) for her support. Therefore, you get the son or daughter who is either desperate to achieve or maybe resists the process of being such a type-A kid because of the demands. This is another element of feeling like an adult while being a child. When you’re a kid, whatever is in your 10th feels out-of-reach. With the Moon here, it can be that the mother feels out-of-reach. There may be a distance between mother and child that feels more like the relationship in adulthood where the child is urged to not be so dependent and to stand on their own two feet.

Yet, doing this at the age of 10 can be quite a tall order! In childhood, when you’re still financially dependent on your mother, this emerges in more emotional ways. It becomes a placement of emotional self-sufficiency, often because of emotional issues that the mother never really overcame. I know that there will be people with a 10th House Moon who say that they have always been close to their mother and that the relationship was always good. That may be true. But, this doesn’t mean that the child still didn’t feel left to emotionally fend for themselves. It can create an early habit of looking for surrogate mothers out in the world. Female teachers and authority figures often take to Moon in the 10th House kids very strongly, which sets up a pattern, throughout life, of us really appealing to women in charge. There is this subconscious (Moon) aspiration (10th) to be given what we need and told that everything is going to be okay. While it can be searched for through women advocates and mentors in the world, it can also be satisfied through nurturing male figures.

So, while I think the urge to achieve what one didn’t have growing up is quite powerful in many people, it is especially strong in 10th House Moon folks, to the point where it can become a potential obsession. You are going to channel a lot of your feelings into our goals in life because accomplishing them just makes you feel good. This mission to nourish yourself also is what gets you increasingly in touch with the little boy or girl inside of you and broadcasts that boy or girl to the world at large, which is why you’re known for being very vulnerable, touching or endearing. It ushers in that growing-up-backwards theme that 10th House ruler Saturn is so famous for. It’s usually not until the Moon in the 10th House person is an adult that they finally feel like they can relax and also like they feel like they truly belong. Yet, this sense of belonging is found in the outer world. 

The Moon’s energy emerges when you let your guard down and when it’s in the 10th, your guard is going to be down in a situation where a lot of people have their guard up: in the public eye. Since you grow up in such a rigid environment where we can’t really relax, you go the opposite way in terms of cultivating our adult self out in society. The person with their Moon in the 10th learns how to completely relax while out in the world. However, there is usually a barrier of defensiveness or guardedness that has to be worked through. In many ways, with this placement, trusting your instincts is the best strategy, which will allow you to realize when it's okay to relax those defenses or forget those fears.

This has to do with the ways in which you “advertise yourself”, as well. The 10th House is the public profile you cultivate in order to gain success and respect. Yet, the Moon is an energy you express without thinking. It’s just second-nature. As a result, having this placement means that you don’t think about creating a public image. To a 10th House Moon, “image” is a foreign concept. Your public self is deeply authentic because it’s an expression of your soul and your innermost self. Yet, at the same time, you do have an amazing intuition for selling ourselves. You’re just not going to sell our souls to do it.

Instead, this expression of your public persona is just flat-out real and comes from within. I have read that this placement makes you care a lot about your image and reputation. I think the only thing you care about is that your image and reputation tells the world who you are deep down. To have people not understand that is very hurtful. Otherwise, you actually couldn't care less. Again, the Moon is the energy of the inner child. It’s raw and instinctual, it just reacts. This is why it’s very helpful for those with a 10th House Moon to have a career (10th) that allows them to react (Moon). This can mean being a performer and succeeding through one’s emotional responses. It can also just mean using your intuition to get ahead, basing one’s career off of gut feelings.

Regardless, you see it as your goal to be completely natural out in the world and to just go with the flow of things. It means that the reactions of your Moon sign will be out there for everyone to see. But, the thing is that you actually want for people to see them. 10th House Moon people want to be known for being their Moon. Since you are so instinctive in our public sphere, you are also going to be famous for being pretty crazy. In your dealings in society, you shed the inhibitions that adulthood can bring and embrace the crazy state of being a kid. But, the craziness that the 10th House Moon is known for is often a good insanity. On the positive end, it’s just the innocent and pure reaction of your Moon sign. With a Sagittarius Moon, your public craziness comes from being so blunt and filter-free, without thinking twice. With Moon in Pisces, it stems from this automatic response that makes you a visionary from another planet. Like children, you cannot lie about these responses in public. 
Still, this doesn’t mean that Moon in the 10th House people will react to the point of being neurotic wrecks or unhealthy lunatics in public, either. As uncalculated as you are, you do still have a shrewd instinct for keeping it together, which is due to coming from a background where you had to keep it together. So, you’re going to mostly give the world the best of your Moon sign. The messier parts are saved for specific outlets in the world that won’t get you into trouble.

The innate feeling of being famous also comes with having the Moon in the 10th. Usually, the mother figure is quite a big deal in the community, to the point where she (or he) seems like a local celebrity, and is probably quite conscious of this. So, your relationship with Mom conditions you to feel very connected to people’s responses to us in your community and field, well into adulthood. Even though you don’t really care about image, you still really care about our impact on the world. The wonderful thing about the 10th House Moon is that it does give you this natural sense of status and class. But, it’s something you have to dig deep within to realize. The 10th House is what you strive to achieve and the Moon is what you already are. Therefore, you are already accomplished, in a very internal way, thanks to your natural instincts, and this gives you this impressive feeling of being in a class of your own, which is picked up on by many. You just innately seem important, sophisticated, and respectable when you have a 10th House Moon, regardless of what you’ve actually achieved.

This frees you up to not have to try so hard, leading back to the highly relaxed public self. Something that I also think is worth noting is that Moon in the 10th House people usually have an excellent sense of humor out in the world, leading to a reputation for being silly or hilarious and, often times, a famous laugh. After all, the Moon is that “loony” energy and it’s another way your craziness can become well-known. Whatever makes your Moon sign funny will often be very emphasized. Laughter and humor are very comforting and it’s your goal to be comfortable in society. So, you learn how to not take our public image or dealings all that seriously, which is wonderful because it not only loosens you up but it loosens up those within your community, as well. It’s just another way that you can get just about anybody’s guard down and that you can also live out our inner child.


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  2. Wow...just, wow! As I read this, I felt like I could relate to every single word you wrote, so reading this was kinda scary but in a good way :)
    One part that really jumped out at me was when you talked about the relationship with the mother. As for mom and I, we do get a long and generally have a good rapport which I'm so thankful for, but sometimes I don't really feel like we're as close as I wish we could be. Sometimes, there is kind of tgat distance there that makes me feel cut off from her a bit and this kind of eats at me, but this doesn't happen often.

    As a fellow 10th house mooner, I loved this! :)

    1. Aw great! I did remember you had this placement, so I was hoping you'd respond. :)

    2. I do notice I comment quite a bit lol. My apologies but I just really love this blog. Keep on doin what you're doin!

    3. Haha no need to apologize! I appreciate it.

  3. Sun, Moon, and Mercury in the 10th in Leo here. This all rings so true, especially the family dynamics. My very religious Cancer mother had no idea what to with me, a fiery, independent, bossy, and dramatic Leo daughter. Constant comparisons to my Pisces sister. I never felt like any of my family "got" me, on any kind of level, and that I was under a constant weigh and measure. I wasn't quiet enough, nice enough, pliant enough, pious enough. I had a radically different set of spiritual values that they have never been able to wrap their heads around, making me quite the black sheep. Lots of memories of my sister getting lavished with affection vs. me constantly in trouble and brushing up my mom's cold anger and rigid rules.

    I do have the highly tuned Type A drive for achievement and goal-setting. I also switched careers to one that has me very visible in the public eye and it's necessary to care about my image and brand. Which, actually, is energizing to me! I have a finely developed sense of "how things look" which I always attributed to my Libra Rising. But perhaps that 10th house moon is influencing me to "put myself on a plate," so to speak. Things always "look" better to me when they are true expressions of who I am.

    Insightful as always!

  4. Appreciate the article
    So moon oppose midheaven will be a good home or motherly figure

  5. Moon conjunct Pluto in the 10th here. Libra. Have a reputation at my college for sniffing out bullshit, especially when it comes to authority figures. Caused many problems, but trying my hand as a journalist seems like a pretty good idea. Am free to react (and must, or there is no story), and the public reads my response to bullshit authority.

    Thanks for this of my favorites.

  6. Wow.... Aquarius moon, tenth house... Just wow

  7. Moon in Cancer in the 10th house? (in grand trine to Saturn in pisces and Jupiter in Scorpio)

  8. hehehe so true :O LOVE IT and thank you so much!
    says Sagittarius Moon in 10th

  9. Holy majoly! This is the best reading of a 10th house moon I have EVER seen. It explains sooo much. My 10th house Leo moon is conjunct my midheaven. Freakin' brilliant!

    Everything you said is so spot on. Definitely, a restrained and cold childhood as you noted. Mine is compounded by my mothers Moon/Pluto/Jupiter/IC conjunction which conjuncts my Moon/MH.

  10. I have my moon in the 1st house, but Cancer is in my 10th house. I can relate to this article. The innately feeling like I'm famous, my connections with female teachers, my sense of humor, my not wanting to grow up, it's all me!

  11. You are spot on! Aries moon in the 10th house and yes, an abusive mother. 10th House Aries Moon opposition Neptune in 4th. But your article on Saturn in Leo in 2nd is also amazing! And yes, abuse from father starting at a year old. I don't think any astrologer I've worked with has quite reached the depth of your understanding of these issues. I'm blown away... and grateful! thank you!

  12. Great, loved to read it, deep.
    Moon in pisces at 10th house

  13. Wow, just unbelievable! I have a Moon in Cancer in the 10th house and a lot it profoundly resonated with me. Excellent interpretation!

  14. What is the effect of moon in 10th house with ascendant Saggitarius aspected by Mars and Rahu?

  15. Saggie moon in 10 th house. People get jealous of me ...especially women in power. I am just not getting why. I feel non judgemental. I feel happy and free and i am not ugly. But i truly am a bright light child all of my life. Kick me when i am down. I get back up. But i am to the point of giving up on my purpose.. As it is very easy to see. I am a mom of an amazing 8 year old boy. And a snow doggie who is 2. Everyone sees me as a heart of gold that knows me closely. But seems the perfect picture has yet to unfold

  16. I found this to be a super insightful, useful, illuminating read - my moon in tenth in Capricorn - thank you very much!

  17. ABSOLUTELY well written! Such profound insight, truly truly brilliant. This describes so much of my own childhood. Incredibly well thought out.

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