Thursday, September 8, 2016

The Chart Ruler: Gemini Rising (Mercury)

Well, here we are: the final article in my chart ruler series! The last Rising sign left to discuss is Gemini Rising. If you have this placement, you may have displayed your famously short attention-span through losing your patience numerous times with me in terms of getting to this article. So, here it finally is and thanks for hanging in there! Now, with the Ascendant in Gemini, your chart ruler is going to be Mercury. This is because Mercury is the ruling planet of the sign Gemini. Again, the chart ruler is not the most dominant planetary influence in your chart or an angular planet (although the chart ruler definitely can be on one of the angles). The chart ruler is the planet that rules the sign that your Ascendant is in.

We have already looked at Mercury being the chart ruler once before when we discussed Virgo Rising. But, the Gemini Rising’s Mercury-ruled life is a rather different kettle of fish. As I said in the Virgo Rising article, Mercury’s dominion over Virgo is earthy, practical, sensible, and organized. But, Mercury is far more scattered and diffuse in its expression through Gemini. This is because Gemini is an Air sign. Air likes to get around and circulate! Getting some “fresh air” is what allows us to breathe, to clear our minds, to break out of confining situations. And as a Gemini Ascendant, your life is about being that breath of fresh air. The chart ruler defines the kind of role we play in our lives. There’s not a single person alive who doesn’t play a role. But, this does not mean being fake or inauthentic. It just means entering into a situation and saying, “This is how I’m going to act and this is what I’m going to do.” The Ascendant is how we are able to do this.

With a Gemini Ascendant, you circulate and move around as much as air itself. The restlessness and changeability of this Element is probably most evident in Gemini. While Libra can vacillate and be indecisive and Aquarius is known for being unpredictable and free, Gemini is the Air sign that is most likely to be here one minute and then gone the next. If you think about it, this goes back to Mercury being its ruler. Mercury represents the mind: our thought processes and how we communicate. The thoughts that bounce around in our brain move quickly and can sometimes be hard to keep up with. Just when you think one thing, you suddenly move on to the next thought. It is pretty much impossible to make one’s mind work in a predictable and consistent fashion, even if you happen to have Mercury in stable, steady Taurus. All of us, in some way or another, have ideas or thoughts that just pop into our heads and leave just as immediately. How often do people forget what they were about to say or try to come up with the answer to something and then don’t figure it out until moments later, when they least expected it?

The chart ruler determines how your life unfolds. And when Mercury is your chart ruler, this is just your life! Gemini Rising folks are like limitless channels of information. It’s as if they are a radio that will never shut off, always receiving different signals and then spitting them back out in order to engage with and stimulate other people. So, with this placement, you have a point of view that makes you chock-full of various ideas, thoughts, and observations. In any given situation, you will be a very avid communicator. This doesn’t necessarily mean that all Gemini Rising people are going to be really chatty and never able to shut up. Many of them fit the highly talkative description, running their mouths a mile a minute for anyone who will listen. But, just as many of them are surprisingly reserved in speech, sometimes. However, I think that the quieter types with this placement can really get going once you give them a topic that interests them. In any case, the quiet ones have an awesome way with words, as well. So, you can be surprised to hear them cultivate amazing conversation once you mentally connect with them.

Another thing to remember when you meet a Gemini person who isn’t a big talker is that they also may be an excellent writer, either getting it all out through a journal or enchanting everyone with their creative writing abilities. But, then again, the loud and chatty ones also tend to make wonderful writers, as well. If the chart ruler describes someone’s life story, then Mercury ruling the chart means that you will live your life as a superb storyteller, in some fashion or another. In fact, many Gemini Rising people are the types to tell you big chunks of their life story, even when you don’t know them that well. They have a way of turning virtually anything into casual conversation, so even the most private or intimate moments of their lives can be fodder for a random chit-chat. I think it’s because these people are always innately in touch with their life story. I talk about the metaphor of the chart ruler being the protagonist you are and how you act out this story of yours. But, when Mercury rules your chart, particularly in its Airy form, you are constantly, intelligently aware of your part in this story and how your “biography” has progressed up to this point.

Such an active intellect is written all over your face. The Ascendant is a person’s default expression and those with the Ascendant in Gemini have something very bright and curious about their “resting face.” It’s as if they are always preparing to ask you a question, whether it’s about yourself or about what’s going on around you. This placement gives a person a particularly “cool” face, as they view and approach things through that very rational Mercury ruler. It’s not exactly a calm or collected aura, though, because Gemini Rising folks do tend to exude nervous energy, especially the more extroverted ones. Their mannerisms are very fidgety and their overall demeanor can make it seem as if they are constantly ready to go on to something else more interesting. If you have this placement, you may actually be a bit offensive to people, without realizing it, because you can so obviously switch off, at random and unexpected times, and turn your attention to something else.

Therefore, it can easily seem as if you are bored with the person you’re with. That’s not exactly true. You aren’t going to relish spending time with people who you find boring. But, your idea of boring is often an intellectual one: those who can’t hold good conversation, who don’t make you laugh, who have nothing new or interesting to say. But, in general, you are just easily bored with your environment. The Gemini manifestation of Mercury is so restless. So, whatever you’re doing, you can easily find your attention bouncing from one thing to the next. Often times, it’s not even about the other person. You just need the space to spread yourself around. It can all be observed in the look on your face. Gemini Rising people can have particularly darting or wandering eyes. They also regularly appear to have their minds elsewhere, through wearing a humorous expression on their face, laughing at something no one else is thinking of, or just thinking intently about something.

Yet, you are also excellent at connecting with people intellectually in your environment. Mentally, you are there and not there, at the same time. It makes you appear aloof and engaged, bored and inquisitive, all at the same time. This highlights the essential duality of Mercury, which has defined your outlook on and approach to life from the beginning. Since the chart ruler tells us how we came into this world, Mercury ruling the chart could indicate a birth that was both scattered and scheduled, chaotic and precise. Like the Virgo Rising, you may have been brought into this world in a way that was very logical and calculated. At least, that was the plan. But, I think that such a plan turned very much upside down. Maybe everything was set for a scheduled date of delivery and you just suddenly came on a totally unexpected day. In some way, I can see the birth of the Gemini Rising child bringing a feeling of mischief and unpredictability into the early environment.

This environment was a highly stimulating one for you. The Ascendant heavily influences a person’s first several years of life and tells us how they were conditioned to behave. With the Gemini Ascendant, you were conditioned to behave in a way that constantly utilized your brain. Maybe your parents wanted to turn you into a real thinker and really encouraged you to be intellectual. This is often the placement of a particularly smart child who walks and talks and potty-trains and goes through all the toddler rites of passage with noticeable intelligence. Thinking your way through your environment then became your default way of being. There was also probably a huge emphasis on communication in your earliest years. You were taught to “talk it out” and “use your words” a lot. Therefore, you learned to take on the role in life of the communicator and the intellectual; someone who has a brain and a mouth and who can use both with great clarity.

Yet, Gemini also has a cunning and tricky side. This is yet another behavioral trait that you took on: the ability to outsmart or outwit people in whatever situation you were in. Being conditioned to be so smart and clever is something that you could have taken to some mischievous lengths. Gemini Rising kids can display a rather advanced intellect in their ability to think things through. The terrible two’s may not have been so terrible for you because instead of stomping and yelling and throwing tantrums, you used your head to get the candy bar or the toy that you wanted. Gemini is so adaptable and versatile that it understands that you often have to tap into another side of yourself in order to get by. Thus began your way of virtually becoming another person in order to thrive in your environment. Acting like someone else, you discovered, allowed you to more easily get on the same mental page as the other person. So, if you had to act nicely to get more dessert, even if you weren’t feeling that way, you would and you then easily got the dessert you were looking for. Parents of a Gemini Rising child may often not realize the mastermind that they’re creating!

From the beginning, you have been full of ideas and you act on them freely, which doesn’t always make you consistent in your behavior. In fact, a very common trait of this placement is to behave like two different people on a regular basis. The Ascendant, after all, is how we carry ourselves. And you’re so used to carrying yourself with such duality that you often don’t even realize when you’re switching into your other self. Some Gemini Rising people may feel like it’s their “evil twin” taking over, making them moodier, wilder, colder, crazier, or more sensitive than they sometimes would like to be. As rational as you are, you sometimes feel helplessly driven to act out all of these nutty contradictions. When we look at the Gemini rulership of Mercury, we are purely looking at the mind itself. The thing that people don’t mention enough about Gemini is that it’s not entirely logical but our brains aren’t entirely logical. We have a rational, left-brain side and an intuitive, right-brain side. So, life is played out for the Gemini Ascendant soul with the sense of, “I know how clear-headed and sane I am. But, sometimes, I’m just plain out of my mind.”

There is also a huge sensitivity that Gemini displays in terms of all of its ever-shifting thoughts. Much like with Aquarius, the intelligence that Gemini exhibits can feel like a gift and a curse. It’s sometimes so easy for you to get lost in all of those non-stop thoughts and ideas. This is why life can feel like an endless merry-go-round of stimulation for you that you can never get off, even if you try. The burden of being easily bored can border on ADD-level behavior for these people and it’s not a surprise to see quite a few of them diagnosed with ADD or ADHD (although, sometimes, it can be a misdiagnosis, especially in childhood). Mercury’s house placement will show where all of this restlessness and duality plays out. If your Mercury is in the 4th House, you become this total whirlwind behind closed doors. In your private life, it can be very difficult to sit still or just focus on one thing. Mercury being in the 9th House, meanwhile, would mean that all of these ever-changing thoughts send you on an endless journey. You will think that anything is possible and this can keep you darting from one path to the next.

With Mercury ruling the chart, life is going to be about learning just how your brain works and how to manage all of that super-charged mental energy. The practical manifestation of Mercury via the Virgo Ascendant makes those with that placement use their intellect to live a life of problem-solving. However, it’s not really about problem-solving, for you. It’s just about being intellectual for the sheer sake of being intellectual. There is no real “purpose” to Gemini’s curiosity other than just learning. And since Mercury rules your chart, you need to make your life about learning as much as possible. I think you will stop feeling so mentally scattered and chaotic when you can buckle down and figure out what there is, in this given situation, that’s important for you to learn. Ask yourself all the questions, like “why is this happening?” and “what does this mean?” Mercury is our inner student and I think you can find more centeredness for yourself when you see life as being one big classroom. But, that also means that you will need to be a bit more stable and not so easily dart from one class to the next class. Otherwise, you’ll end up failing your classes.

I don’t think a Gemini Ascendant can live their best possible life if they don’t seek to constantly learn. You need to engage in all of those nerdy interests, like taking up a new language, learning about history, or reading on a regular basis. If not, your intellectual energy has nowhere to go and that just results in sheer chaos. Where Mercury is in your chart will tell you how you pick things up and learn them. Mercury in the 4th House would give you the ability to reflect on all the information you’ve accumulated, in private, and use it as a means of safety and comfort. You’d be an excellent studier at home! Meanwhile, Mercury in the 9th House would give you this ability to take in information with great enthusiasm and a sense of inspiration. The things that you learn build and strengthen your inner compass, guiding you toward the right direction in life.

The thing about Mercury is that it describes our experiences in grade school (kindergarten through the 12th grade). So, with Mercury as your chart ruler, you will find that this was an especially powerful time in your life. In fact, you probably look back on those grade school experiences with a strong fondness or sense of nostalgia. Gemini Rising people usually make excellent students growing up because their whole life is about being “the student.” In a way, you are constantly trying to recapture this time. Being in the 10th grade may have felt like your glory days because that’s when you were constantly challenged on an intellectual level. Now, as an adult, you have to keep challenging yourself intellectually and learn all that you can. But, you will find that you are now evolving into “the teacher” in adulthood. Gemini Rising people are the types to introduce people to all kinds of literature, languages, art, studies, etc. It plays into your Sagittarius Descendant. When you connect with someone, one-on-one, you have a way of expanding them and enlightening them, broadening their scope of what’s around them and what to experience. Being able to educate people essentially allows you to make others “bigger” than they are. Yet, with Sagittarius Descending, these relationships also require you to be more honest and straightforward, as well as to own up to the inner bluntness you possess, on account of being so observant of other people.

The chart ruler is lived out like a constant Return of that planet. Mercury ruling the chart means that you are essentially always living out a Mercury Return. For everyone else, this is a time when we become mentally sharper, when we’re full of a lot more ideas, and when we’re more eager to communicate. However, this is already your life! As a result, you can find yourself really reaping the benefits of being so curious, so mentally active, and so communicative. The best metaphor for your Mercury Return is that it’s like the summertime when you were a kid. School is out, you’ve passed all your finals, you made all A’s. Now, all you have to do is relax until the next school year starts.

The Return of a person’s chart ruler is experienced as the preparation for a new cycle and a new beginning. It’s a time where you can really start over. Maybe you will feel your intellectual interests shifting during this time. You have already learned that! Now, you have the time to unplug your brain for a little while and figure out what else there is to learn. The benefits of being so intellectually engaged will also be felt during your Mercury Return. The house Mercury is in is where you may realize that you’ve gotten smarter and picked up new skills, like in your career, if Mercury is in the 10th, or in being intimate with others, if Mercury falls in the 8th. And this will give you the renewed mental strength to start a new chapter and learn something entirely new.


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  3. Thankyou, i just discovered your website and im enjoying it a lot. I love your descriptions of aspects. Im gemini rising in capricorn 8th house conjunct uranus neptune and saturn. mercury is also the apex of my yod so its a big deal for me. thankyou for describing me so spot on well. i understand better the duality now, i was an amazing student..... until 16 then i stopped attending school, started to sell drugs, and i never got a real job since, neither am i interested in one... thankyou again for the insights. God bless you

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