Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Transiting Saturn Square Natal Venus: I'm Worth It

Saturn transits are always challenging. But, the time when transiting Saturn is square your natal Venus is a pretty famously challenging time. Your Venus represents pleasure and love and self-worth. When you are experiencing a transiting square to it from Saturn, these things are going to be called into question. Saturn is a planet that asks us the tough questions and does so in order to put us on the right track. With this transit, it’s going to ask you questions like “are you valuing yourself enough?”, “are you letting people – and the right people – love you?” and “how solid are the relationships that you have in your life now?”

As a result, this is a time period where you’re going to have to examine the price tag that you place not only on yourself but on other people. The Saturn square Venus transit is quite notorious for being a tough one. But, don’t let stories and descriptions of people falling into self-loathing and miserable singlehood and difficult relationships during this time discourage you! Yes, you are going to go through some bumps, like with any Saturn transit. However, the key is to take the challenges placed in front of you and use them in order to grow. Saturn doesn’t want us to be miserable. Saturn wants us to be strong and you usually have to go through tough times to get stronger.

So, yes, you might begin to really doubt your attractiveness or your ability to be a “catch” during this time. If you’re single, you may wonder if there’s anybody out there for you. If you’re dating or in a relationship, you may also be doubting if the person right in front of you is right for you. On the flip side, what if you’re not right for them? What if everything is just going to go wrong and collapse? Therefore, a feeling of crisis can occur throughout this period when it comes to love, either love of oneself or the love that you receive from other people. Yet, Saturn wants you to push through these feelings of doubt and fear and anxiety in order for you to realize that you are enough and that the person who tugs at your heartstrings is enough, as well. 

Right now, Saturn is transiting Sagittarius. So, people who have Venus in either Virgo or Pisces have gone through, are currently going through, or will go through this transit sometime during late 2015 to late 2017. Saturn is at 10 degrees Sagittarius as I write this article. I think that the transiting square is felt when the orb is from zero to 4 degrees. Therefore, Virgo Venus and Pisces Venus people who have their Venus at 6 degrees to 14 degrees are going through the square now. I happen to also have Venus in Virgo at 19 degrees. So, it will take another month or two for me to experience this transit. The great thing about knowing astrology and understanding transits is that you can prepare for these difficult times in your life in a way that will allow things to run more smoothly. When you understand what could potentially happen during a transit and stay conscious of its effects, you can perform a few pre-emptive strikes that can help you get through it more easily. You, of course, cannot control what happens but you can control how you deal with it.

In order to interpret the transit, you have to consider the signs involved. When we undergo the Saturn in Sagittarius transit, our beliefs are being called into question. These beliefs can involve just about anything. But, regardless of what it’s about, we will have to take responsibility for how we’ve been holding ourselves back (Saturn) through false or unnecessary beliefs (Sagittarius). Then, we must take it upon ourselves to reprogram ourselves and develop convictions that will make us stronger, more effective, and more successful. The contradiction of Saturn in Sagittarius that I have constantly been talking about on this blog is that it’s about finding purpose (Saturn) through freedom (Sagittarius). Your beliefs can free you from a previously limiting, self-sabotaging way of going about your life’s journey. We all must use this time to see that responsibility and adventure are not mutually exclusive. Even when we grow older and wiser, we still have abundant opportunities to keep our spirit of discovery and exploration alive, as well as the sense that there are endless possibilities in store of us, as long as we work hard for them. 

Now, with Venus in Virgo, this transiting square may cause you discomfort because it can demand that you confront the ways in which your criticisms, of self and/or of others, have held you back. The potentially harsh or rigid judgments of the Virgo Venus can be the negative beliefs that become limiting. On one hand, those of us with Venus in Virgo can spend a lot of time not knowing our real worth. It’s a good thing that we can be so humble and modest. We are often rather unimpressed with ourselves or just don’t exactly see what the big deal is about us or about certain traits we have. Yet, when taken to an extreme, this can go from gentle self-deprecation to all-out beating ourselves up. The self-criticism that Virgo Venus people are capable of can be vicious and can actually end up blinding us to the good things about ourselves. All we might see are our flaws, the things we need to work on, or the areas in which we’ve fallen short.

So, because of this, the Sagittarius Saturn’s potential for severe opinions can blow this trait of ours out of proportion during this time. Virgo Venus people going through this Saturn square Venus transit may spend this time relentlessly questioning whether or not they are good enough. If that’s the case and you are feeling a lot less loved, appreciated, or attractive during this time, stop and ask yourself why that is. Is anybody directly telling you that you’re not good enough? Or is it all in your head? When Venus is in Mercury-ruled Virgo, one’s self-esteem can be challenged by over-thinking (Mercury) things. Also, Venus does represent creative sensibilities. Artists with this placement who are feeling blocked during this time can be suffering from unnecessarily harsh self-criticisms that need to be managed and overcome.

It’s also not just criticism of yourself. Your defense right now may be to turn that around and criticize everyone else. This can become especially damaging in your relationships. Venus in Virgo people who are operating in super-critical mode during this time can find their love affairs constantly stalling, becoming strained, or just flat-out failing. That is a big theme during the square between transiting Saturn and natal Venus: the fear of failing in relationships. If you’re not feeling good enough, then you will project that on to the other person. You might think that they just don’t appreciate you or love you enough. You may feel as if they’re not as committed as you and take them to task for it. You may also, more than you usually do, begin nitpicking at them like crazy for things that shouldn’t even matter. In the end, you can end up alone because of your own doing, all while you somehow convinced yourself that it’s the other person’s fault.

The key is to take responsibility for loving yourself and others effectively. As someone with Venus in Virgo, I can tell you that we really do love (Venus) to work on ourselves (Virgo). The hard work involved in self-improvement can become especially lucrative during this transit. You are going to have to stop and think about just how much your judgments are messing up your relationship not only with other people but with yourself. The purposeful freedom of Saturn in Sagittarius can be utilized by Virgo Venus individuals by freeing ourselves from the shackles of unneeded criticism. Constructive criticism will get us very far during this time. When we assess the ways in which we can improve and go about doing so in a healthy manner, that allows us to remain kind to ourselves, we will be on the right track. Eventually, we can discipline ourselves to accept love when it comes our way without judging the other person or trying to correct them.

All Virgo Venus people need to do away with overly specific “checklists” in terms of significant others and even friendships. No one can have every single trait you’re looking for. If you expect that, then you will really spend this transit feeling terribly alone. Yet, it is good that we have standards. We just need to make sure they are the right standards. What are we focusing on? Is that one reason why we’re not so into that person really even that important? Asking ourselves these tough questions will allow us to grow and mature, stopping us from preventing love from coming into our life just because the person is not exactly how we want them to be. At the same time, we will benefit from finding the strength to tap into our “whole-unto-ourselves” archetype. Even at our most relaxed or non-critical, Venus in Virgo folks are not settlers. The idea of jumping into a superficial relationship right now or a relationship with someone who brings too much chaos, drama, or disrespect into our lives will be especially unappealing. Instead, those of us with this placement who are single will really reap the rewards from being patient and wise enough to hold out for the right one; someone who will give us the appreciation, respect, and commitment that we truly deserve.

Now, what if you have Venus in the sign of Pisces? You are going to be experiencing this transit in a way that really opposes the Virgo Venus person’s experience. The discomfort and the challenging situations you are enduring or will endure because of love will call into question your ability to be a shape-shifter just to receive love. Are you remaining truly receptive, sensitive, and fluid to the vibrations of your lover or your friend or are you desperately trying to mold yourself into being whatever they want you to be? Pisces Venus people can usually wield their powers of attraction by being all things to all people. But, if this has become a deeply held belief, in ways that cause you to be deceptive or deluded, you will end up constantly reaping the consequences.

While Virgo Venus people can struggle in love through being too critical, Pisces Venus people can endure struggles in matters of the heart by being way too un-critical. It can get to the point where you take little to no time in order to assess whether or not you and the other person are a match. Do you have similar values? Does the other person respond well to your needs and wants? Instead, you can all too easily throw yourself into the union with a “love conquers all” attitude. But, Saturn in Sagittarius is going to make this difficult for you. The realistic, brutal honesty of this transit is going to shine a harsh light on those delusions. Your pattern of romanticizing relationships can become increasingly rooted in fear throughout this time period, especially if you’re already in one. Remember, the “fear of failing in relationships” can really define the Saturn square Venus transit.

Because of this, you may get more than a few wake-up calls, if you’re in a relationship that isn’t going well, that this person isn’t the one for you. Yet, it can bring on a horrible feeling of panic and worry; so much so that you try to avoid these realizations. But, that will only create a cycle that makes the relationship more turbulent and more chaotic. A lot of Pisces Venus individuals already are the types who have a tough time leaving when a relationship isn’t working. Your compassion for and faith in the other person can keep you around far too long, creating a dynamic of poor boundaries. If you believe that this is what you truly deserve, those boundaries are only going to get thinner and thinner, to a point where the relationship may end up totally draining and defeating you. Then, it all crumbles because you’re both exhausted and someone, eventually, has to walk away.

The basis of all of this is the fact that you can be downright oblivious to what is actually valuable about you. It can be a similar blindness to your good qualities that Virgo Venus can experience, on the negative end. But, while ours is due to self-judgment, yours is due to the fact that you let everyone tell you what’s so lovable about you. Your pattern of letting people put you on a pedestal can be revealed to be particularly immature or ineffective, during this time. If you just mold yourself into what someone wants you or projects you to be in order to be loved by them, you will end up feeling empty and without real self-worth. That’s why single folks with Venus in Pisces may feel especially alone during this transit because without someone else to become a living fantasy for, it may be difficult to access true self-love.

In spite of what you hear about “exalted” placements (and Venus is deemed exalted in Pisces), no placement is without its flaws or problems. Yet, this is the way in which you need to work hard right now, if you happen to have Venus in Pisces. Transiting Saturn squaring your natal Venus is challenging you to develop a more realistic kind of self-worth. This placement is known for typically being able to love unconditionally and express their affections with great compassion. But, you may be a bit too selfless, in this regard. If you’re not turning that unconditional love and compassion toward yourself, you’re selling yourself short. Do not fall victim to some sort of martyr complex, where you belief like everyone else is deserving of that tender love but you. Also, this is a time where you should break the habit of “saving people.” Too often, you fall in love with someone you can rescue somehow. You may even feel like you always need to be rescued and if no one shows up, then you’re not really loved. These false beliefs must be discarded for you to become stronger.

Essentially, Pisces Venus people can gain, during this transit, a more realistic idea of what love is. You can find a way to express that empathetic love for everyone while also still being good to yourself. You’ll find that extreme selflessness is going to seriously backfire on you right now. But, a healthy selflessness that allows you to give to others while also making sure you’re taken care of is the way to go. If you happen to be in a romantic relationship that’s not really serving you, you can then develop the clarity and good sense needed to get out. You have a very sensitive heart, so you must take care of it. If you’re single right now, this can be the most effective way of loving yourself. Again, when transiting Saturn is square a person’s Venus, it can be a time where being single is used to only become stronger. Maybe the single life will be good for you because it will teach you the boundaries you need to truly love yourself and not be drained by others. You can learn to be patient and wise enough to wait for someone who is sensitive, intuitive, and spiritually inclined enough to truly give you the respect and love you deserve. This is the ideal relationship for the Pisces Venus person, anyway: someone who is really on their psychic wavelength.

Also, with Venus representing one’s creative style and taste, Pisces Venus people may find themselves feeling rather blocked in this area, as well, which can feel awkward as this is usually a very artistic placement. This may be happening in order for you to realize just how you’re being psychically and emotionally drained elsewhere in your life. If you’re a Venus in Pisces artist, a lot of loving, spiritual, empathetic energy can be channeled into your art in a disciplined way now. As for the artist with Venus in Virgo, this transit can push you to hone your creativity in order to achieve the perfection you seek. Believing in perfection isn’t bad, so long as it’s a balanced, healthy idea of perfection. So, we Virgo Venus artists can find a way to work hard to meet our standards in our creative work in a pleasurable manner. Such a growing process can apply to style and fashion sense, as well, especially if Venus is in aspect to the Ascendant, as one’s idea of beauty is maturing. The Virgo Venus’ person’s style can grow into an even simpler, more discerning elegance while the Pisces Venus’ fashion taste can evolve into the sponge-like versatility of a fashion expert.

The ironic end result of going through the Saturn square Venus transit is that it can actually make a person a lot more attractive, just as long as they heed the lessons of the transit. When you spend so more time striving to and working on your ability to love yourself, such solid self-appreciation shines through. So, Venus in Virgo and Pisces people can find their inner beauty becoming more substantial and sophisticated now. Virgo Venus individuals already have a way of appealing to others with an air of perfection. Through the efforts sustained in building self-worth, and through recognizing how we are already perfect exactly how we are, we can become even more attractive. And Pisces Venus people attract others by seeming like a dream come true. When this person uses this transit to truly transcend the standards of others, their ethereal loveliness will be even more impressive.

Also, if you’re a Venus in Virgo or Pisces person with Saturn in Sagittarius, you’re going through or have gone through your Saturn Return and everything I just talked about, in regards to your placement, will be experienced in more powerful and more life-changing ways. The effects of this transit on you will keep echoing throughout your life for a while to come.


  1. Interesting. I know someone going through this transit right now;they have venus in Virgo. What you said is true. Very hard on herself, mainly about her looks. Very CRITICAL. It makes me a little sad to see this person be so hard on herself because I think she's incredible. Ofcourse my optimistic and idealistic self tries to cheer her up when she's down about herself. At the same time, I'll be experiencing this transit soon enough when saturn in aquarius my venus in scorpio, so I should be empathetic myself.

    1. I would just do your best to keep encouraging her. But the thing about Saturn transits is that, ultimately, the person has to primarily learn their lesson on their own. So hopefully she'll figure it out herself and make a change.

  2. Any advice for a gal with her venus in capricorn?

  3. Wayman, Thank you.
    Jupiter must have guided me to your information. The Sagittarius Rising Chart Ruler post is right on the mark for me. More insight than I've seen in years of study.

    Like you my Venus is in Virgo along with Mercury in Virgo (9th). Working on self, over-thinking and dealing with a vicious inner critic are nothing new with Saturn in Sagittarius (12) in my natal chart.
    I have noticed progress with these transits. Hearing your validation is mighty reassuring. I'll be devouring your blog. Thank you!

    1. You're welcome! With you going through or finishing up your Saturn Return, this article is especially made for you. I hope all goes well.

  4. Wow...what an amazingly deep and spot-on description(for me at least) of this Venus/Saturn topic! Great job! I have Venus in Virgo and this woman who I've been seeing seriously for over 2 years now(she has Venus in Pisces), are going through our 1st ever "weird point" where she has been being extremely distant not to mention VERY SHADY acting, but of course I am nothing but nice, caring and respectable towards her and haven't known WHAT TO SAY because I know something is amiss with her, it's just EXTREMELY DISHEARTENING & CONFUSING because we were SO CLOSE and she seemed so truly authentic...damn, how FOOLISH & BLIND I have somehow been because it's nearly impossible to fool me or "manipulate" me when it comes to close personal relationships -- BUT after reading this article, it has opened my mind to some new perspectives about the whole issue between she & I, how we're both going through the Venus/Saturn square transit, etc., etc. Still trying to figure out a civil way & the "right" words to say/write to her and/or call her out for being so intentionally HURTFUL & DECEITFUL after everything we've been through, etc. I have to have some type of "LESSON LEARNED" CLOSURE...TO BE CONTINUED LOL. Again, VERY INSIGHTFUL ARTICLE, THANK YOU!!!

    1. David, I'm Venus Virgo too. Consider looking into Marshall Rosenberg's Youtube videos on non-violent communication - in regards to what you're trying to figure out. This is what I'm working on too. Best wishes!!

      ps Agree... Loved the article Wayman! Thank you SO much. You've given me some things to think about, and some ways to exorcise a number of Saturn square transits I'm going to have simultaneously - while having a Jupiter return. This should be fun. lol

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Oh, and one more thing... Pull your chart from 28 years ago, as that is how long it's been since Saturn has been in the same position where it squares your Venus. Try to remember back to some things that happened at that time. Then maybe write up a list (Virgo!) of ways to overcome transit challenges, stay conscious, etc. Other transits would have occurred as well, to help, or hinder; however, Saturn is a heavy weight so dirty/good deed is done with those transits.

  5. ps I dated a Venus Pisces too - they truly are the "dream come true" but as Marshall Rosenberg says - we do not want the types who are silent or just say yes or what-have-you. She may actually not be the person you thought she was, and with this transit - she is realizing it too. She may not have been intentionally duplicitous as she is just sort of built to blur boundaries, go with the flow, and get into the other person's vibe (exalted Venus). Check her Venus aspects. Also maybe consider not being too hard on her? Us Venus Virgos are really good at that!! Oi, our criticism. Cuts like a knife. And I know what you mean about us not being easily manipulated, but again - if she didn't do it consciously, that's when we're less likely to detect anything. What we tend to detect is conscious manipulation, and control.

  6. awesome article, thank you so much <3

  7. wow, thank you so much for this it has really helped me! I love all of your posts, so thoughtful and engaging.

  8. Going through this right now (Saturn 2nd, Venus Virgo 11th). Even though I am really fit and in the best shape of my life I have never felt less likely to meet a woman. Just don't meet women in my day to day interactions, and when I go out it feels so limited by not knowing many people (moved to a new city 2 years ago after a breakup). Result is a feeling of complete absence of affection in my life. In fact, I feel like I might as well be living in Antarctica, while all the women are on Saturn!

  9. I'm just beginning to experience Saturn shifting into Capricorn which will square my Venus in Aries (2 degrees). I have already broken up a 7-year relationship in which I am finally accepting that the person has not been truly valuing me in spite of all of his financial resources and material support. I am also moving on from what I thought was a potential relationship where I received the emotional fulfillment I was lacking in the 7-year relationship, but is not showing any action or material results while I have been sharing and giving.

    Meanwhile, I spent this past year investing in a secret passion my parents never wanted to invest in--singing. For the first time, I saw myself singing on video and could not believe the beauty I saw! I cried so hard because that experience defied what I was told as a child. I am so amped up about sharing my inner beauty and light through music now. I am working hard already and ready to do more in 2018. People are actually telling me how beautiful I am in so many aspects. It is hard for me to swallow at times.

    Meanwhile, as I deal with the heartbreak and disappointment of the 2 guys, I am struggling daily with being alone and learning to love on me. I honestly dont know how. And I have had to consciously take a demotion on my job (hence pay cut and no challenge to my abilities) to get out of a toxic work environment and to value my emotional health and to have self-respect. I have a small business working through the arts and so I plan to work hard on it to find my deeper inner worth. All of this the day of the new moon in Sag at the Galactic center before Saturn hits the 1st degree of Cap. I am sad that this transit will last a whole year, but I hope I experience the greater rewards quickly so that it is not so painful and depressing--like the past 4 months. The past few weeks have been especially trying as I have been battling depression about love lost, and why I wasn't valued in both relationships--I already know the answer. I didn't love myself and set those standards and addition to this transit, I also have transiting Pluto conjuncting my natal moon in Cap in the 7th house. What a time of deep inner transformation, eh?

    Anyway, thank you for this post! It has given me clarity and enthusiasm on how to channel this energy for greater self-love, self-value, and respect!