Thursday, October 27, 2016

Pluto in the Houses: You're My Obsession

Pluto is the planet that can push us to extremes. Therefore, the house placement of Pluto in your birth chart shows where you have the potential to go to those extremes. In doing so, you might go right over the edge. Like with the other two outer planets, Uranus and Neptune, and even, to a great extent, with the semi-outer planets, Jupiter and Saturn, the house placement becomes more personally felt than the sign (unless there are conjunctions from that planet to the personal planets in the chart). This is especially the case with Pluto, which spends about a decade transiting each sign. While the sign itself affects your generation and how you all will go about finding your power and tapping into your inner resources, the house placement indicates the individual way you do this.

As a result, we can become obsessive and intense in our Pluto house. We all have the potential to become obsessed over someone or something. It’s to a degree that can overpower us and bring out a passion, force, or darkness that we might not have known was there. So, the house in your birth chart where Pluto resides is also the place where plenty of pain and destruction can take place. But, in the midst of this destruction, there is the opportunity to be reborn, rising from the ashes of the past. While it is important for us to exercise more balance in our Pluto house so we don’t have to go through such a dramatic and painful cycle, it is probably a rite of passage for everyone to be “destroyed” in this area of life at least once. In doing so, you come out on the other side and develop an understanding of how to not go off of the deep end again. 

Pluto in the 1st House
Obsessive behavior. You have a noticeably intense attitude and it influences virtually everything that you do in life. Your remarkable air of power may make you seem indestructible but this is because no one is as much of a threat to you than you are. When you get totally consumed in toxic, controlling, obsessive, or manipulative behaviors, you will end up metaphorically killing yourself. The good thing is how awesomely you can transform yourself, playing the role of a true survivor.

Pluto in the 2nd House
Obsessive values. Whatever you like, you like it wholeheartedly. Such extreme pleasures can make you incredibly self-indulgent. But, this can lead you to develop a deeply compulsive attitude toward money and material things that causes these possessions to be ripped away from you. Eventually, your self-esteem will become broken down to the point of forcing you to love yourself via an inner power and depth. Your psychological resources will then strengthen your material resources.

Pluto in the 3rd House
Obsessive communication. Your thought processes can be an endless loop that you find difficult to shut off. Your mindset can be paranoid or suspicious, making you very curious about what people are hiding from you. This can poison the line of communication between you and others, due to a sense of mistrust. But, you also have the power to use your insightfulness in order to communicate better with others. You’re a deep thinker and your words and ideas can profoundly impact people.

Pluto in the 4th House
Obsessive foundation. At the end of the day, you are a complicated, deep, powerful, and mysterious person. You feel most at home with yourself by being able to be truly introspective and profound, within the realm of your private life. But, you may also be far too preoccupied with keeping your personal life personal. This can prevent you from letting people in, even loved ones, destroying your support system. It’s important to disengage from battles for power or control in private.

Pluto in the 5th House
Obsessive self-awareness. When expressing yourself from the heart, you are passionate, intense, and enriching toward others. This also gives you powerful creative talents and an ability to go all-in regarding romance. But, you may see yourself as so empowered that you express yourself as a control freak. You may also feel like such a passionate person that you make the act of giving love all-consuming, which can cause you to suffocate, drain, or exhaust people in matters of the heart.

Pluto in the 6th House
Obsessive productivity. You are capable of remaining efficient and industrious when you obsessively channel all of your energy into your tasks. Therefore, you can get a tremendous amount done, developing a truly powerful work ethic. But, you might also absolutely work yourself into the ground. You can become too focused on controlling everything that happens in your daily life, creating intense stress that destroys your health. So, work hard while also knowing how to turn it on and off.

Pluto in the 7th House
Obsessive companionship. You expect for your close relationships to be intense and wholehearted. As a result, you are really drawn to powerful, passionate, mysterious people, in romance and friendship. But, you are also a powerful, passionate, mysterious romantic partner and friend. If turbulent, traumatic, or controlling, such relationships can virtually ruin either person’s life. But, you can also cultivate positively life-changing relationships that are truly enriching and empowering.

Pluto in the 8th House
Obsessive intimacy. When sharing the hidden or darker parts of yourself, you can go to extremes and suck the other person and/or yourself down a terrifying rabbit hole. You might experience a lot of ongoing emotional, psychological pain that secretly wreaks havoc on your soul. But, this is only so you can empower yourself by working through these emotional issues. Facing and conquering your demons allows you to be emotionally and sexually intimate with another in a rich, moving way.

Pluto in the 9th House
Obsessive morals. Your sense of right and wrong can be extreme, which can make you a real fanatic. You are easily guided down a destructive path or create a lot of destruction along the way, due to this feeling of being in control by doing the right thing. The road to Hell is paved with good intentions! This powerful sense of morality can be used in order to transform others’ lives, inspiring them with an intense passion that makes them (and you) feel like anything is possible.

Pluto in the 10th House
Obsessive goals. You can be consumed with ambition, wanting to do something important with your life and be somebody powerful in society. Yet, going to extremes to achieve your life goals and/or assume a status of power will lead to disaster and on a very public scale. You should, instead, be obsessed with your actual passion itself, not the result, transforming it a true calling. This public display of depth and power will give you the reputation for being formidable and mysterious.

Pluto in the 11th House
Obsessive ideals. You can be a downright radical because you have such an extreme desire to bring about change on a wide scale. You may be so obsessed with your particular cause or with being a misunderstood outsider that you can destroy anything or anyone that goes against your ideals, making you a social danger or threat. Eventually, you will use this sense of rebellion in an empowering way, allowing you to wield a transformative impact on your peers and associates.

Pluto in the 12th House
Obsessive spirituality. When living unconsciously, you may delude yourself into feeling powerless in ways that only cause you to obsessively seek power, on an unconscious level, creating a ton of negative karma. The only way out of this cycle is developing a forgiving, loving connection to your inner sense of power, seeing it as part of your humanity to selflessly give to others. But, you also must recharge your own batteries by tapping into your depths through art, spirituality, and solitude.


  1. Love this!!
    From a Pluto in Sagittarius in 4th House.

    This rings true for me, also I hate bringing people to my house, it's a very nice house and I'm not ashamed of it I just feel so connected to my home that if someone else comes into it they are seeing me at my most raw and that they will somehow ruin it (not physically).
    The other thing about the support system rings true, also the ruler of my 4th house (Sagittarius)is Jupiter in Aries 29 degrees in my 8th house and and squares venus.
    It's a bit of a mess...

  2. Hey wayman , does this apply for transits also ?

    1. Not quite, in my experience. The thing about Pluto transits is that you have to face the issues of that house. I like to associate Pluto with authencity and facing the truth, no matter how much it hurts. It all makes more sense that way, because it often takes a lot of courage to realize what's wrong. It asks us to have a long, hard look at ourselves, our behaviour and attitude. There's not sugarcoating.
      Like, classic example: you're not happy in your marriage. Maybe one or both of you cheats on the other, or there are constant powerstruggles etc. Pluto makes it hard to ignore those matters. Might be that you finally are ready that a divorce is inevitable, or that you resolve your issues by being open and honest.

      A bit like realizing that you have an addiction and facing the consequences to have a chance at a better life. :) It's hard, but worth it.

  3. As always I found myself appreciating Waymans attributes of Pluto in the Houses. I would split the difference wjth Nadine perspective.

    For me Obsession is a biological compulsion acted out. Deep deep down under layers of social and genetic patterns we are walking compulsions. Conditokned by layers and layers of influence.

    Once heard of an India mystic describe death as interia. That has sticm with me. Any time i think about it I think about Pluto as a representation , a focal point of a pattern with a mass of interia behind it. The house amd sign pointing to the form and shape.
    Biologicalky.. we have interial compensation .. keeping everything in equilibrium. Pluto seems to indicate where those static habits get up ended.

    We act out the compulsions pysically.. we get obsession, trying to achieve an equalbrium that is really a process of insanity. Trying to counter a pattern that is far outside of our awarness and has been ingrained in our genetic history...and Imprinted onto us at a soul level as we are born as a natural and undeniable fact of physical existance.

    Dont deny Pluto or try to counter the trend it represents with will without acknowledgement. Thats were the destruction happens.

    If you are aware if the pattern the conditioning,death . Put your own light into it. Spark. Something effervescent. Thats the sun, under layers of social shpulds and shouldn'ts somethibg authentic is there that can ignight a whole new pattern unto the world.

    Intereting 2004 book called Presence.. Peter? Senge was one of the authors. Spoke to me a lot about that spark. Bodied vs the collective. Thought you would like it Wayman because of your interest in the 12th

  4. Funny, I sent in an article on Pluto to a website last Monday, and it just came out at noon this Monday.

  5. Still haven't quite figured out planets in the first house vs the ascendant, because I can't actually observe it in my own behaviour and experiences. The same applies to 1st house vs 10th house.

    Like, I got Pluto in my first house in major aspect to every personal planet. However, my Ascendant is in Libra, my chart ruler Venus is in my 10th house conjunct the MC. My Sun is in my 10th house as well, so both my 1st and 10th house, Pluto and Venus, play a prominent role in my interaction with the world.

  6. I love your blog and the way you write

    Your Pluto in 11H description was actually an interesting perspective. I've never thought about it as 'obsessive ideals' though it makes sense.

    What about Scorpio-like friends/acquaintances? Since 11H could be the house of your social circle? I've had my fair share of Scorpios or Scorpio-like types.

  7. Perhaps the 'obsessive' theme is a bit overdone. If you spend time with the symbol for Pluto and visualize the energy flowing in either direction (upward or downward) there emerges a whole picture of the properties of transformation. But at any rate, planets do not make decisions, people do and the archetypes are all within us not out in orbit around the Sun. It is always a matter of choice, even being obsessive is a choice.

    My Pluto in Leo is in the 9th house with a wide conjunction to Mars and I am a deep thinking person, but not obsessive - or maybe I've learned to make other choices.

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  9. Pluto at 9°40’ from ♏ in the 7th 🏠.

    Excellent explanation!