Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Saturn in the 4th House: When History Repeats Itself

The 4th House represents your personal background. You can think of it as your history. Your ancestry is often linked to the 4th House and this makes a lot of sense. It’s the place that represents where you came from. But, that can be interpreted in many different ways, whether it’s your ancestors, your hometown, the person you’ve always been in your family unit, or the way your home life has been since the beginning. Saturn is the planet of challenges, doubts, and worries. When you have Saturn in the 4th House, a great deal of insecurity and fear can surround one’s personal history. But, Saturn is also the planet of hard-earned rewards, which means that you need to face that history or else it’s bound to repeat itself.

Saturn in the 4th House, as I mentioned in the previous article about it, does mean that one’s childhood was not all smooth and easy. In this sense, having this placement gives you a difficult personal background, in some sense or another. One of the most common indicators of a 4th House Saturn to me is the loss of a parent. This parent may have died at some point in the person’s childhood or may have just abandoned the family. But, either way, it throws the household into disarray. This theme of parental loss makes so much sense when you consider that the 4th House is about family. Thanks to the championing of things like same-sex marriage, cultural ideas of family are progressing and modernizing in many ways. Yet, no matter what the sex of either parent is, we still tend to first consider a family as involving two parents, both of them trading off and contributing different energies to the household in order to create a balanced, safe environment for their kids.

But, this idea is often shattered when you have Saturn in the 4th House. Because so many people with this placement end up losing a parent, their notion of family ends up becoming strained or a source of sorrow. It is the classic “broken home” placement. It is usually the father who ends up passing away or being erased out of the picture, since Saturn is the father figure. As I have frequently said, I don’t believe in the idea that the 4th House/10th House axis has to represent your parents unless you have one or more of your “parental” planets (the Sun, Moon, or Saturn) in either the 4th or the 10th. Then, this becomes the case. But, there are certain examples where the mother figure of the 4th House Saturn ends up dying (which is one of the reasons why I firmly believe in Madonna having a Virgo Rising, an often debated topic, which would give her this placement).

In either case, there is this feeling, while growing up, that the traditional happy home has been taken away from you and taken away too soon. So, well into adulthood, there is this unhappy child that the Saturn in the 4th House person goes home to, who just wants to feel safe and protected and stable. The energy of our 4th House follows us into adulthood and it’s essentially what we cannot escape. When we are in the privacy of our own home, when holidays or other family events exert a gravitational pull over us toward our relatives, and when we have nothing to do but just be with ourselves, the 4th House speaks through us. Therefore, having Saturn in the 4th means that this unhappiness can haunt you in these private, intimate, and familial moments because it is such a part of your history. But, if you don’t deal with these difficult feelings, they will be an endless cycle that you seem fated to live out in your personal life.

I think this is the more nuanced interpretation of the whole “Saturn in the 4th House means that you don’t like your family” profile. I feel like there are some 4th House Saturn folks who were conditioned to play out some repressive, restrictive role in their family unit, in order to avoid the harsh consequences of not doing so, and it prevented a deeply loving connection to the family from developing. Behind closed doors, you may have felt this suffocating demand to live up to your family’s expectations that didn’t make you very happy. But, this can also be the case if you have a relatively healthy, functional relationship with your family, as well. There was still this sense that you had to constantly be up to par, maybe feeling like if you didn’t put in enough effort, everything around you would crumble. Sometimes, this is an expectation you put unto yourself.

Since many people with this placement suffered the loss of a parental figure, they spent a lot of their childhood in a single-parent household. The significant stress of being a single parent could have taken such a toll on this parent that the 4th House Saturn child felt a strong compulsion to chip in and help out. Possibly the most defining characteristic of this position is the child who grows up quickly and becomes the “surrogate adult” in the household: working as soon as they could to help out, taking their household chores very seriously, organizing and structuring a lot around the house, and playing a very parental role with siblings. But, these past experiences have carried over into the present by making you feel like you still need to be responsible for everything around the house.

Saturn in the 4th House people are very skillful providers and this can make them highly family-oriented at a young age, often getting married and/or having children in their early to mid twenties. Even someone with this placement who spends their youth without children or marriage will still be very domestic and “play house” with the people they love with a great amount of seriousness. This is also often a placement that symbolizes an upbringing that was financially difficult and unstable, with the parent(s) never having much money to work with, often because of being a single-parent home. Growing up poor is one of the biggest motivators for anyone toward success, whether they have this placement or not. But, Saturn in the 4th House people can bend over backwards to avoid being impoverished and privately struggling as adults, in ways that end up wearing them out.

If Saturn is your worst fear, Saturn in the 4th House means that your worst fear is having what happened to you as a kid happen again, whether this means losing someone close to you, living under constant stress and instability, or failing to provide a certain happiness or security for your family members. But, because of the neurotic pressure you put yourself under, the tragic thing is that this history often will repeat itself in some way. This is something that especially occurs during the Saturn Return in the 4th House. You might end up feeling like a failure as a parent or a spouse. You could endure a home life that doesn’t allow you to truly relax and take a break. You may even find that you end up pushing a member of your family away because the controlling, anxious, or insecure quality you display at home becomes too much for them to handle. 

All of this happens in order for you to stop and reflect. Saturn in the Water Houses (the 4th, 8th, and 12th) means that it’s a person’s responsibility in this life to be very reflective and introspective. While Saturn in the 8th must do so for transformation and empowerment and Saturn in the 12th House engages in this for spiritual strength and healing, Saturn in the 4th House means that you must simply become rooted in this duty to be reflective. If you can stop and look back at your past, you will realize how you have or haven’t created a solid foundation for yourself in the present. Then, you can go about doing what you can to change that. You cannot rewrite your history, though, and I think many Saturn in the 4th House people have to accept that. It’s not about changing the fact that you lost your father, that your family was poor, or that you just didn’t like your home life. It’s about working with those things of the past in order to create a better present.

This is what gives Saturn in the 4th House individuals such amazing strength, fortitude, and wisdom. The 4th House represents our most personal qualities that make us feel at home and comfortable with ourselves. With a 4th House Saturn, that feeling of being at home with yourself (and I’m not talking about your literal home) stems from being persevering and capable. At the end of the day, you are one tough cookie. You’ve had to be, because of the various challenges you faced while growing up. So, you must stay in touch with that foundational quality of strength. During your Saturn Return in the 4th, you can endure many struggles that go on strictly behind closed doors. This may also mean closed doors within closed doors, as you often prefer to deal with your problems in ways that don’t make you dependent on your family. In some ways, this is beneficial for you, as it allows you to constantly draw on that toughness when you need it.

But, I also think Saturn in the 4th is about drawing on the support of your family members, as well, to give you that strength. Many people with this placement establish a solid relationship with a relative who helps them develop their self-sufficiency and wisdom. Since the traditional family structure is often challenged because of this placement, it usually isn’t a parent. It is often a grandparent who the 4th House Saturn child learns to gravitate toward for that strength. Sometimes, it’s easier for these people to lean on their grandmother or grandfather. If they are in a single-parent situation, the grandparent usually steps in to help, trying to alleviate the parent’s stress. But, because of that stress, there can be subtle feelings of guilt on the 4th House Saturn child’s part for trying to turn to them for comfort. Therefore, the special grandma or grandpa in their life can end up taking on a more parental role than the actual parent. The same thing can also occur with an aunt or uncle in the person’s life who may not be around as much but who, when they are, can provide them with the right guidance or reinforcement to evolve into strong young adults.

Whatever the relationship is with your parent(s), any unresolved feelings definitely need to be resolved. This is why you have this responsibility to reflect and to overcome the painful emotions that can come up during that reflection. You might see some 4th House Saturn people claim (a bit too insistently) that they absolutely love their parent and that their relationship is so wonderful. But, if they allow themselves to stop and be truly present with themselves in their private time, they will begin realizing that there’s more to the picture. Unresolved or unacknowledged anger, sadness, fear, resentment, and even hatred can emerge; a theme that can dominate the Saturn Return in the 4th. This placement can often be like having a crying child, locked in a room in your house, who you’ve been ignoring for years, until you finally unlock the door and listen to them. On the other hand, maybe you can’t get out of that room with that crying child, instead too caught up in resentment at what happened in the past. Either way, an attitude of both honesty and forgiveness needs to be cultivated with this parent. If it’s not, you will not be able to move on with your life!

Saturn is our karma and with Saturn in the 4th House, if you spend too much time hung-up on the painful stuff that happened when you were twelve, very similar events will begin occurring in your adult life. It will feel like the time your mother embarrassed you at the family reunion all over again! So, the letting go process is crucial, preventing you from living in the past. Also, you may be living in the past in a mysterious way, thanks to the ancestral theme of the 4th House. Some may say that one’s ancestors speak to you through the 12th House. I don’t believe that as the 12th House is inherently universal. It is the voice of the collective unconscious; people who don’t share our blood but share our humanity. But, the 4th House is so personal, which means that it would make sense that your actual blood relatives are going to somehow be lived out through your 4th House energy.

The 4th House Saturn person can find it life-changing to discover a great-aunt who had ongoing depression, like them, or a great-great-grandfather who never had a good marriage, like them. It’s not so much skeletons in the closet, like the 8th House. It’s just the exploration of where you came from. A lot of your karma you’re living out may not be your own! This is why exploring your family tree can be so eye-opening and allow you to grow and mature. You may discover that the issues that are plaguing your life plagued one of your ancestors’, including either of your parents. Sudden discoveries can occur, particularly during the Saturn Return in the 4th, that makes you learn things about your parent’s past (possibly occurring during your childhood) that you see reflected in your own adult life. If it’s negative, it can help you prevent that personal history from being lived out through you or speed up the forgiveness process, through an identification with their struggle. If it’s positive, though, it can be another part of your background that you can draw strength from.


  1. OMG, this article is all about me, seriously, Saturn in 4th house, Moon in 10th house, don't feel belong to the family at all.

  2. Same here Stuart... Saturn in 4th cunjunct mars and Sun in 10th cunjunct mercury.... Wow what an exact interpretation.. kudos

  3. Another hit. I tell you, that you are making my case for the whole house system. This is spookily accurate.

    1. Well ironically I don't believe in whole house at all. Haha but to each his or her own! :)

    2. And coming back to reread this, the pattern in my life is loss [Saturn] of home [4th] I have never lived in a home for more than 4 years my entire life and I am now 46 yrs old. I tried reading the 3rd house Saturn which is what Placidus gives me and none of it fit me. I could not find one part of it to relate to. But both of your articles on Saturn in the 4th hit everything. When I was 5, my parents divorced and my mother remarried a year later and my step father died when I was 17. I had to become a parent to my younger brother and I taught him how to read, write, spell, count, and everything else before school. My maternal grandparents provided a stable home and after their passing, there was no more home, I had to have my mother put into a home. The cycle keeps repeating. I have even said that when I die, I won't be able to stay in the same place. But I decided to be cremated and thrown into the wind. Saturn in Taurus in my 4th. No doubt about it.

    3. i have found consistently that equal house > koch > placidus. placidus from my experience is the most inaccurate even if it's the most popular (do not know why). equal house was spot on as far as the correct houses aligning the signs more than any other. also you have to read between the lines as sometimes aspects can be on cusp so it can be a blend of one before or after, you have to intuit which one is more accurate.

  4. Yes, so accurate! My mom and I both have this placement, although my Saturn is also conjunct Venus and hers sits alone. My mom was a single parents and so was hers. My dad didn't die, but he did abandon us when I was a kid. I don't know what happened to hers, I'm not even sure she knows his name. I met some distant relatives when I was a senior in high school and they became more family to me than my actual family. I have Moon in the 12th as well and eventually I just had to accept that the love and nurturing I needed I was never going to get from my parents. Once I accepted that hard reality, I started to heal and now I'm really seeing the benefits of this Saturn placement! The importance of building a strong foundation. It might take me a little longer but, when it manifests, it sticks around! I value that patience process :) I'm almost 24 so I still have a few years before my Saturn return but I think whatever it throws at me, I'll be able to handle. And it may not even be bad! Your articles are like magic, I love your personal take on everything, it always resonates with me!

  5. Incredibly thorough, articulate, and ACCURATE. Can you tell me what effect the fact that my 4th house Saturn was retrograde has on this subject? Thank you.

  6. I agree on this article ..I have Scorpio moon, Saturn, Pluto, conjunct in my 4th house

  7. WOW !! So Accurate. Saturn in 4 th house & my dad died in an accident when I was 3 & 1/2 . Have absolutely no memory of him. And
    yes I do live in my past, even though it wasn't happy

  8. What can I do as a parent for my child with Saturn in the 4th house? The accuracy of this article is painful.

  9. I have saturn in the 4th. I never truly felt love. But this has taught me to love myself. I don't feel connected to family. okay. It has allowed me to build my dream. My saturn tries a venus Pluto conjunction.

  10. Yep Saturn conjunct moon in 4th. Father died just after my 13th birthday. Mother a horrible horrible person and has remained a black stain on my entire adult life. Although I haven't allowed her to do the same to my children.