Monday, November 14, 2016

The Astrology of the US Presidential Election

Hi, sorry for being MIA for the past couple of weeks. I think I just needed some time to recharge and not write any articles. Then, of course, the Presidential Election happened last week and that ended up occupying more of my attention. 

I spent some time thinking about how I wanted to address what’s happened. I wanted to say something right away but paused and thought it over. As I said in a post last month, this is not a platform for my views and things can get ugly when politics gets involved. But, I’m not going to be cowardly about it, either. 

I’m an American and I voted for Clinton. I did not vote for Trump (and there wasn’t a chance in Hell I ever would) and for reasons that I am not going to go into on here. I will say that this event has made my political awareness skyrocket virtually overnight. My interest had been growing over the past year and now it’s a top priority. It’s making me really want to get involved, which I have already been doing, and no longer stand on the sidelines and be overly neutral. I can see that as being the gradual evolution of my 1st House Aquarius North Node, since Aquarius often makes a difference and taps into the big picture concerns by being very political and quite opinionated about it. 

If you don’t like that I voted for Clinton, I do not care. If you are looking for a political debate, take that elsewhere. You’ll be deleted or ignored or dismissed if you bring it to this page. There are plenty of other opportunities online or in real life for you to argue about opinions and ideologies. I am outspoken about my actual political views on this whole ordeal elsewhere. But, like I said, I am not going to go into the reasons why I don’t like Trump on here because this is an astrology blog. I also do not want to tiptoe around the subject because being totally quiet about it and avoiding it is not an option either because that’d just be fake. So, if you have a problem with that, either get over it or find another blog to read. All that being said, I’m writing this to look at it solely in astrological terms. 

What I am seeing through this election is transiting Neptune in Pisces having a very powerful impact. Neptune has been in Pisces since 2012 but it honestly has been hard for me to figure out the impact of it on a societal and global scale before now. The outer planets have an effect on the movements and events occurring in society during the time period of their transit through a sign. Pisces, in and of itself, can be quite subtle, mysterious, and hard to pin down. I feel like the Pisces Neptune hasn’t had too much of a chance to hit home until the transiting North Node entered Virgo. The Virgo North Node formed an exact opposition to the Pisces Neptune around Election Day, meaning that Neptune is exactly conjunct the transiting South Node in Pisces. 

True to the spirit of Neptune, it’s been an overwhelming, chaotic time. Lots of people reacted to the news of the Election as if it were a dream, a surreal experience that one wanted to snap out of. Neptune rules the surreal and dream-like. But, the North Node tells us the path we should walk in order to grow. The South Node, meanwhile, carries consequences when we indulge in it. Having Neptune not only in Pisces but conjunct the South Node means indulging in lies, deception, taking advantage of others or being taken advantage of. I’m only 27 and I was an adolescent during the Bush years (most of which happened when Uranus was in Pisces). But, I cannot remember an election year, including those two years, that was so unreal and has caused so much confusion. 

We are already seeing Trump change his tune, in certain ways, and tone down certain parts of his rhetoric, to the point where many people are wondering if it was all an act. Did Trump build himself up into someone who could be projected on and idealized by countless people, only for the illusion to later shatter and reveal someone very different, Neptune-style? There is a theory that many people hold that this was all one big bait and switch and that some of his voters may end up disappointed when they figure that out later. Also, the idea that someone could go from hosting a reality television show to being leader of the free world and with zero experience in politics is quite surreal in and of itself. 

In terms of Hillary, there was also so much question about her regarding what was the truth and what was not, to a point that ended up influencing many votes. Some people have one opinion about her e-mail scandal, some people have another. The mere fact that the FBI launched a new investigation into her e-mails was enough to dissuade many voters, all while we later found that there was nothing incriminating in the messages. When the Piscean vibes are in the air so heavily, it is hard for people to see straight. Let’s also not neglect how polarizing these two individuals are, in and of themselves, which only increases the irrational fervor of both admiration and loathing that they both attracted. 

It all culminated with the Election Day. Also, it is interesting to note that in the coming months, transiting Saturn in Sagittarius is going to be opposing both Trump’s Sun and North Node in Gemini. This naturally means that it will be conjunct his South Node in Sagittarius, which is also conjunct his natal Moon. These high-pressure aspects are happening in loose orbs that will tighten by January as he begins one of the most high-pressure jobs in the entire world. It will be interesting to see how he handles it and what happens in the meantime. But, it seems like the recipe for a lot of personal challenges and obstacles. 

The transiting Saturn conjunct natal Moon is one of the toughest transits you ever go through and with Saturn also on top of his South Node, he will not be able to backslide into any of his negative habits, such as not thinking before he speaks or acting in very dogmatic or self-righteous ways, without feeling the repercussions in a severe manner. Saturn in Sagittarius also demands the truth from us and if the Gemini side of him is just telling people what they want to hear, there could also be a backlash. After being so recklessly opinionated (Sagittarius), how will he now play to both sides (Gemini)? The dichotomy between Gemini and Sagittarius is going to be really prevalent in his life. 

He also has Venus conjunct Saturn in Cancer and it is going to be opposite transiting Pluto in Capricorn, which will get closer and closer in orb throughout 2017, along with transiting Saturn in Sagittarius. I see this as downright remarkable. I always say that I don’t use astrology to predict the future. But, no one can go through this many difficult or harsh transits at the same time and not have it be a very dramatic time period in the person’s life. Some of his supporters claim that his critics (many of whom have been protesting for several days) are waiting for him to fail. Yet, on a purely astrological level, there is something quite ominous about all of these upcoming transits occurring simultaneously for him. Cancer is the comfort zone and for people with planets in Cancer, transiting Pluto in Capricorn has been destroying that comfort zone in order to expose certain inefficiencies. The only way Cancer-influenced people can survive now is acting from a place of real authority and power, instead of grabbing hold of the reins in a superficial or insincere manner.

The one thing I do want to advise is that this reminds us of the need for real compassion and acceptance. I do not stand for anyone being made to feel less than, unwelcome or unaccepted just because they look different or do not have the same background or nationality. The South Node is not just about bad habits to overcome. It is also about natural abilities to utilize. I think many things about this series of events and outcomes have awakened the basic empathy in many people. If not, then it needs to. Neptune in Pisces wants us to heal and sometimes, things have to get worse before they can get better. Suffering and sorrow can lead to a higher, wiser understanding. 

There are many people in the States who are feeling discouraged or disillusioned (both low-end Pisces feelings). My advice would be to remember that Neptune in Pisces wants us to have faith. Also, remember that the transiting North Node is in Virgo, meaning that the way for you to pull yourself out of that feeling of despair is to do the work needed in order to problem solve and achieve practical results. That is the balance that is required of this transit. If you do not sink too far into the Neptunian sense of sadness or being overwhelmed, you will see clearly enough to know what to do next to help a la North Node in Virgo. And many people will need your help. 


  1. Hi Wayman, first and foremost, I love your blog!! I was hoping you would write a piece on here about the astrology of the US Election. Like you, I have Jupiter transiting in my 9th house and understand the feeling of not just wanting to stand on the sidelines anymore. Also I voted for Clinton and have received backlash for it, unfortunately. I have been feeling anxiety since the election because everything feels so very uncertain at the moment. To be honest, astrology has been the only thing that has kept me going. Especially with Pluto in Capricorn controlling our government, finances and corporations, a transit that I'm feeling personally in my own 12th house. Thank you for allowing me to see that although I don't agree with Trump's stance, he is still human and still experiences life the way we do. I certainly hope for the best for our country and for everyone out there. I know we will make it though this. Thank you for your words and honesty!

  2. I predicted he would win based on progressions and Solar Arcs, even though the transits looked difficult for him.

    1. In his birth chart he has Uranus conjunct his North Node and his Sun in his 10th house of career.
    2. He was experiencing a JUPITER return in his 2nd house.
    3. In his Solar Arc chart his NORTH NODE was slap bang on his ASCENDANT which is conjunct Regulus in his natal chart.
    4. In Hillary’s progressed chart there were hard aspects from Pluto and Saturn to her 10th house. I think that meant the sudden destruction or end of her career.

  3. I love your blog!!!!! These words helped me today. Universaly I have felt the same. I have faith in what will be better. I hope he can tradition for the better.