Monday, December 26, 2016

Jupiter in the 3rd House

In continuing with the Jupiter in the houses series, we now tackle Jupiter in the 3rd House. Just what is the 3rd House? It is the house of the mind, that governs your comprehensive and communicative skills. Having Jupiter in the 3rd House shows that you really need to believe in the importance of developing and feeding your mind. Since Jupiter represents excess, Jupiter in the 3rd can be a placement of someone who has enormous brainpower. This is a person who may have a certain kind of “luck” when it comes to their intellect. At the same time, I also will spend this series reminding you that Jupiter is not just about getting lucky. There are some potential drawbacks to the excesses of Jupiter, as well, like the gambler who spends all night trying to hit it big and then ends up losing a lot of his money.

Jupiter in the 3rd House people can regularly expend a lot of energy in thinking, to the point of over-thinking. Along with Mercury or Mars in the 3rd, Jupiter in the 3rd has the potential to create an incredibly active mind that just doesn’t know how to stop. Jupiter is where you find your faith and when you have Jupiter residing in your chart’s 3rd House, you are going to find your faith in the realm of logic. What kind of logic it is depends on the sign that Jupiter is in. If the 3rd House Jupiter is in the sign of Capricorn, it will be a very practical, efficient logic that gets you from point A to point B successfully. If you have Jupiter in the 3rd and in Aquarius, you will display an unorthodox yet objective logic that allows you to think outside of the box. Either way, you are going to spend a lot of time thinking. But, just how do you shut that brain of yours off?

Jupiter can be described as how we expect good things to happen because the house that it’s in is so effortless for us. With Jupiter in the 3rd, you do possess an effortless kind of intelligence. So, you are constantly under the impression that if you just use your brain and really think, things will work out in your favor. And while really using your head is going to be very beneficial for you, you also might want to watch out for using your head a bit too much! This will cause you to become stuck in your head and to be too caught up in the intellectual realm, particularly when a more instinctual or emotional response is needed or welcomed. If Jupiter is in the 3rd and in Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces, this might be less of a problem. Still, even you can end up wasting a lot of energy dwelling on feelings in an intellectual way – thinking your way through them and over-analyzing them – instead of just feeling them. So, it’s important for you to understand when being so logical is necessary and when it’s maybe that not big of a deal. 

The driving force behind being such a thinker is that you have this sense of virtually everything you think being a big deal. Your thoughts and ideas (3rd House) are infused with a ton of enthusiasm (Jupiter). If Jupiter is where we have conviction, you are able to think and communicate with a lot of conviction. You also have really big ideas, as your mental scope is so expansive and adventurous. Jupiter in the 3rd House people are very willing to follow a train of thought down a really exciting path. How that mental path unfolds all depends on the sign of Jupiter, as it could be impressive (Capricorn), unusual (Aquarius), stimulating (Gemini), or profound (Scorpio). But, you trust the process of one idea leading to the next idea, willing to bounce around from thought to thought, experiencing the amazing process of being intellectually engaged.

Jupiter in the 3rd definitely means that you seek a ton of stimulation, as well. It’s really as if you can’t get enough of it! Your ability to bounce around from one interesting thing to the next can make you a complete busybody. There is a certain curiosity to the energy of the 3rd House and with Jupiter here, that curiosity can go overboard. In short, curiosity can kill the cat! You might end up being a bit too nosy or gossipy for your own good, especially if Jupiter is in a sign like Gemini, Libra, or Scorpio. The thing is that you are just so eager for information and so intent on sharing it! But, since Jupiter is such an uplifting energy, you most likely are not going to spill any of this tea with truly malicious intent. Jupiter would have to be in a square or opposition to something for that to be true and, even then, you’d probably feel bad about it afterwards.

For the most part, when you communicate with people, you want it to be really positive. So, you will share whatever information you’ve acquired just because you feel like it will interest other people. You could be quite na├»ve in this way, not really understand the meaning of “I’m telling you this in confidence” or “please don’t tell anyone this.” That promise could go out the window quite quickly if someone else presses you a bit on said subject. Jupiter in the 3rd usually makes for a blabbermouth and this is something that you may have to figure out how to rein in just a bit. This could be in regards to you never knowing when to shut up or being over-the-top in the way you communicate. A significant problem that those with this placement can have is forcing their thoughts and ideas on others. Since you believe so much in what you have to say and have so much energy to communicate it, your conversations can frequently turn into you trying too hard to sway others to think what you think.

Your ideas aren’t just ideas. They can regularly turn into opinions and it can be hard for you to tell the difference, at times. Your mode of thinking is so infused with your beliefs that even when you think you’re just proposing an idea, you’re actually expressing an opinion and in a way that could be overbearing or overwhelming. Those with a 3rd House Jupiter can also easily exaggerate their ideas and thoughts, taking them beyond the realm of fact and often without realizing it. You make everything bigger in your mind. Therefore, you are sometimes not as factual as you think you are. You don’t stick to a dry recollection of what happened. Instead, you can magnify the facts and turn any simple story into a really grand adventure. This is the kind of quality that makes you an excellent storyteller but, at times, it also makes hard for others to take your words that seriously.

The 3rd House does also represent the “flip side” to you; a duality that emerges and often in an unpredictable fashion. With Jupiter in the 3rd, this duality can either occur in the form of being on an absolute high horse or becoming a total clown. The former option means that you can flip a switch in your brain and suddenly start preaching to everyone about what’s right and wrong. You might have rather foolish sense of knowing exactly what’s right and wrong. But, it usually takes someone to burst your bubble and remind you of the facts, including that when and how you can be in the wrong, for you to get down off of that soapbox. The latter option indicates that you can switch into being absolutely silly and ridiculous as a conversationalist. There can be times where you just don’t want to take the conversation seriously at all and feel the yearning to just lighten everything up (although this can vary, depending on the sign of Jupiter). Yet, it’s something that can also lead you to make a mockery out of the communication between you and someone else.

To be honest, a part of you will not like poking fun at people and a part of you will relish it. The 3rd House is naturally ruled by Gemini and planets here have a certain “evil twin” quality. With Jupiter in the 3rd, though, you will actually be able to greatly benefit from that evil twin inside of you. You’re supposed to have a lot of faith in your duality. In doing so, you will keep your mind open and remember that there is more than one way to think about something. Anything can be mentally processed by you as either respectable or embarrassing, lovely or ugly, entertaining or boring, hilarious or really unfunny. Sometimes, the same thing can be both things to you. If Jupiter is how we attract positive opportunities our way, you are able to do so because you can think dualistically. This broadens your ability to communicate, with many different people, which attracts good fortune.

Such a broad mode of thinking defined your grade school years, which is also represented by the 3rd House in the birth chart. Jupiter in the 3rd can certainly mean that grade school (kindergarten through the 12th grade) was a breeze for you. It’s not necessarily true, though, depending on what else may be in your 3rd or in aspect to your Jupiter, as well as your Mercury sign, house, and aspects. But, since Jupiter is defined by its excess, you definitely made a huge splash throughout these years, in one way or another. For many, it’s because you were an exceptional student, constantly making the best grades and winning over all of your teachers. For others, it could have been just because you were a really big deal around school. After all, school was a chance for you to be endlessly stimulated, going from classes to the lunchroom to recess to extracurricular activities. You might have been one of those kids who was endlessly involved in these after-school programs or activities because they kept you interested and kept your mind occupied. 

There is also quite a pattern, with this placement, of looking back on those grade school years as your “glory days”. While many people don’t consider middle school or high school the best time of their life, you could definitely harbor this idea. And it’s not necessarily because you were popular, although you could have been. It’s more so because you dabbled in so many things. Life could have felt so much more interesting as a kid! Now, as an adult, you have to work more to remain stimulated and to stay out of the dullness of the everyday. It is crucial for you to keep learning, as an adult; to continue to see yourself as a student. The thing about Jupiter in the 3rd is that life opens up for you when you are educating yourself. But, no longer having homework doesn’t mean that you can’t keep educating yourself. Read as many books as you can, learn different languages, research various topics or things going on in the world. You need to keep feeding that brain!

Jupiter in the 3rd House kids can take to the classroom with great buoyancy and positivity. You could have even been seen as a “model student” and, let’s face it, a brown-noser. But, you have always benefited from being on your teachers’ good side. You really cherished your teachers growing up and learned so much from them, beyond what you had to know on your final exam. Even if you had questionable behavior or average grades, you still learned a lot from them. 3rd House Jupiter people often had a teacher or two they particularly idolized or that they feel really changed their life. Yet, this is something that instilled within you that you were a teacher with a lot to instruct others on, even when you were just a child.

We can’t forget to mention that the 3rd House is also the house of one’s siblings. The simple interpretation of Jupiter in the 3rd is that you can come from a very large family with many siblings. This can be true for many but, of course, not for all people with this placement. You might just have one or two siblings. But, this is a bond that you will really cherish. 3rd House people usually have a really wonderful, downright life-defining relationship with a brother or sister. If Jupiter is in the 3rd, this is probably even truer. A lot of people with this placement see their sibling as one of their best friends and it has always been that way, ever since you were little kids. You two had a special bond and very often went off on your own little adventures together. Sibling rivalry can be significantly minimized with this placement. Instead of trying to kill each other all the time or selling each other out to Mom or Dad, you two probably really stuck together. In fact, your parents might have been truly unable to come in-between this bond. You two had a pact that no one else could break.

You may have spent a ton of time, growing up, with your sibling, as Jupiter gives us a lot of whatever is in that house. This inseparability was probably much more educational and informative than it was annoying. If you were the older sibling, you spent a lot of time teaching your younger sibling certain things. They could’ve come to depend on you for plenty of guidance. If you were the younger one in the relationship, you probably just learned a lot from your sibling and sought to emulate them.

Either way, Jupiter in the 3rd House people are often the “anointed ones” amongst the birth order. We all play out our birth-order role in certain ways. But, if you have this placement, you really benefited from that rank. If you were the oldest, you set the bar of awesomeness really high for everyone else that followed. If you were the middle child, you may have happily gotten lost amongst the others, simply being very supportive of them and bringing out everyone’s best potential. And if you happened to be the youngest, then, you just allowed yourself to be showered in the total ease and specialness that typically comes with it, even enjoying the occasional jealousy.

In the end, you could be experienced as the best sibling one could ever have. But, you might also see your sibling as the best anyone could have. Now, you may be an only child with this placement. I feel like it is probably quite rare to see a 3rd House Jupiter person who has no siblings, since Jupiter doesn’t skimp on the house it’s in. But, it’s not impossible! If that’s the case, you certainly had plenty of cousins to keep you company. I’ve found that only children with 3rd House planets usually have very brotherly or sisterly relationships with their cousins. This closeness and camaraderie, therefore, made you feel like you weren’t really missing out because you had a surrogate brother or sister. The same can also be true of childhood friends and/or kids in the neighborhood who really blessed your life by being the brother or sister you never had.

Well into adulthood, the dynamic of your relationship with your brother or sister essentially remains the same. Spending time together can make you feel like you’re 12 again. But, it’s also possible that such regression is a little bit too much. At a family gathering, your mother might feel like she’s still having to discipline you two like she did when you were kids… and you’re now in your 30’s. But, there is this constant rapport of mischief that remains between the two of you. Inside jokes, hilarious stories, and other info that only the two of you know about can be traded back and forth in the blink of an eye.

The 3rd House is also about your neighborhood and how you deal with it. Jupiter in the 3rd House people regularly benefit from having wonderful neighbors, even if they are just renting throughout their 20’s. The person across the hall can always seem to be so nice to you! This is an experience that could stem from childhood, as you might have really liked your next-door neighbor while you were growing up. They could have been one of the nicest adults you knew and very influential, in this sense. Not only do you go into adulthood understanding that you should “love thy neighbor” but you can really expect them to love you.

Jupiter in the 3rd House individuals often ease into their neighborhoods well throughout adulthood. Your expansiveness only makes you more welcomed by those next door. At the same time, Jupiter does not hold back! So, as nice as you are to your neighbors, you won’t hesitate at all to tell them to keep down the noise or confront them about their dog pooping in your yard. After all, everything your neighbor does – whether it’s a kind gesture or an annoying move – is a big deal to you. But, once you’re honest and things get settled, you willingly move on and don’t allow it to ruin your relations with them.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The Difference Between the Sun and the Ascendant - Part Two

Almost exactly this time last year, I did an article on what I saw as the major difference between the Sun and the Ascendant. A lot of what I wrote revolved around the notion of the Ascendant being a role that you play in life and the Sun being your actual identity, in spite of the fact that the “Rising sign is your identity” thing is repeated quite a bit. I still think that this is true. But, I have been thinking more about this subject and I would like to expand even more on this. I have realized recently that the Ascendant and the Sun are both about self-awareness. They just both represent two different kinds of self-awareness.

The awareness of yourself that stems from the Ascendant is a very immediate one. The Rising sign is the way of describing yourself that is basically your first impulse. You don’t even have to think about it. It is the first thing that comes to mind when a person is speaking about themselves. It’s because the Rising sign governs your stance on life and how you see your place in life. But, it is a place in life that is very much in-the-moment. It’s almost comparable to a flight-or-fight response. Just what are you going to do when something or someone comes your way? This can reveal a lot about how a person views life and what they think life is generally about.

The impulsiveness of the Ascendant occurs because it is conditioned within us during the first several years of our life, in which we are very actively following our impulses. Small children do not have to worry about an identity; at least, not beyond “Hi, my name is…” But, they do have to deal with their environment and they cultivate a pattern of reactions to help them handle their environment. The Ascendant is about acting but it is also a response; not an emotional response, like the Moon, but a sense of “this is how I’m going to act and this is what I’m going to do.” And, after a while, you get so used to acting that way that this because an inseparable part of how you see yourself, especially since it has been unconsciously instilled within you. 

Meanwhile, the self-awareness of the Sun is different. It is something that requires more conscious energy. We have to work more toward being our Sun, to really put the energy into it. This is because the Sun rules the will. So, essentially, you have to want to be your Sun. If you encounter someone who isn’t really living out their Solar traits and principles, it’s often because they just don’t want to. Either that or they haven’t reached the level of consciousness to express that energy. Through our Sun, we are able to find ourselves.

This is the essential contrast between the persona, which is the Ascendant, and the identity, which is the Sun. You might be able to say that there is less meaning in the Rising sign, which is why it’s sometimes dismissed as a more “shallow” expression of whatever sign it is in. As I said before, this is not just a mask you can simply take on and off. But, the Ascendant is not a discovery. It’s always there to be acted on. So, when acting out these traits, you don’t feel like you’re on some heroic journey to find your confidence. You just feel like you are just living your life and doing what comes naturally to you.

However, in regards to the Sun, it is a quest for these traits that allows us to claim our self-confidence and to shine. We can feel quite heroic, even grand, when we really own our Sun’s traits because it takes time and energy to get there. I feel like many people don’t begin really being awakened to their Sun sign potential until they are in their preteen or adolescent years. If the Sun is really strongly placed in your chart (angular or in Leo), the awakening may be much earlier. Yet, it still definitely feels like an awakening. It is not as if your Sun isn’t there before then, though, because nothing in the chart can ever truly be repressed. It gets expressed, in some sort of way. But, it is often expressed without consciousness. And it takes some effort for you to be able to step back and say, “Hey, I like those things about myself and they make me who I am.” In contrast, the Ascendant, I feel, is a lot more arbitrary. It’s something about us that just sort of is what it is.

For example, if you had an Aquarius Ascendant, like I do, you would really have no qualms about being weird or different. The first thing you think of yourself is “unique”, “quirky”, “free-spirited”, “gifted” or some variation of that Aquarius archetype. But, it’s not really a big deal. You don’t even think about it! You’ve just always been on the outside, looking in, and have always had an air of nonconformity. This just defines your general scope of and experience of life. The Ascendant, basically, is a fact of life for you.

But, for those with the Sun in Aquarius, it is more about discovering just how unique, quirky, free-spirited, and gifted you are. It is realizing that you have the power to make a difference and finding your confidence in that. The Sun is what makes us feel self-assured. So, Aquarius Sun people gain the most self-assurance in life through knowing how to be different in order to make a difference. This is how they build their actual identity, which manifests on a deeper level, while I just have the simple persona of the different one.

It's a comparison that can be made through all of the other signs. It’s also why I stated in the last article that a person with their Sun in a certain sign while admire someone who has their Ascendant in that sign, as they can serve as a sort of “model” of how the Sun person wants to be. A Capricorn Rising would immediately describe themselves as being “on top of it”, “someone who’s going places”, “a person who never gives up”, etc. While they assume and live out the persona of the persevering one, the Sun in Capricorn person ends up finding their self-confidence through discovering their ability to persevere, to be on top of things, and to be an important person who is going places. This is how they are meant to shine in this lifetime and find their truest self.

It’s not like the Ascendant isn’t the real you. It’s a real part of you. But, basically, you already know how to do it. It’s something that comes automatically, which is why it rolls off the tongue so easily in terms of talking about yourself, while the Sun is a part of you that is more so earned. Not through hard work like Saturn but through a self-awareness and self-acceptance that is more conscious. (But, of course, you could have Sun conjunct the Ascendant and if so, you have pretty much known exactly who you are from the get-go. So, lucky you!)

Also, this can be another way to figure out someone’s Rising, if you’re playing this guessing game. Just ask them, in the most natural way you can, to define themselves in very few words; maybe even just one word, without thinking about it or trying to give the correct answer. In some way, the answer will align with their Rising sign’s traits. Aries Ascendant would call themselves fearless or driven or some other synonym. The Libra Ascendant labels themselves as loving or kind or relationship-oriented. The Taurus Rising would end up telling you what a simple, relaxed or practical person they are and if the Pisces Rising doesn’t say that they are spiritual or empathetic, you would just get a confused stare and an “I don’t know” (truth be told, though, they are the trickiest ones because they have always seen themselves as everybody and nobody, at the same time).

Speaking of guessing Rising signs, there are too many famous people out there without an official chart. So, I’m beginning another series soon where I guess celebrities’ Ascendants, either those without a birth time or with a chart that seems dubious/not a good fit for them. I already have a few in mind (I’ll attempt to tackle a few people per post) but if you have any who you would like me to tackle, leave a suggestion in the comments and I’ll see if I can solve that mystery throughout the series. I’m really enjoying learning and developing the art of guessing Rising signs!