Sunday, December 18, 2016

Jupiter in the 4th House

The next Jupiter placement I’m tackling is Jupiter in the 4th House. This is a particularly significant place to have Jupiter because the 4th is one of the angular houses. Anything that’s in the 4th represents something that you feel very rooted in; it makes you feel safe and supported. So, those with Jupiter in the 4th House feel truly safe and supported through their beliefs. You are really “at home” when you have something to believe in and this means that your literal home is the place where you feel like you can express these beliefs. The home is seen as a place of freedom for the 4th House Jupiter and it is also a place of discovery. But, you can also feel free and feel a sense of discovery by finding lots of different homes.

There is an excess to Jupiter and whatever house this planet is in, you will have a lot of what that house represents. If you have Jupiter in the 4th House, you can be the kind of person who moves around a lot. Maybe you don’t live in a city longer than a couple of years before moving to another or maybe you just do a lot of traveling, for leisure or for work. You could also constantly just move from one residence to another. 4th House Jupiter people are often serial “renters” as adults, enjoying the feeling of not having to be tied down to one place for longer than a year. Whatever the case may be, you have a long personal history of being able to just pick up and go from one place to the next. It’s something that began in childhood and has been carried over into adulthood.

So, this placement shows a childhood that may have felt like a constant adventure, traveling from one place to the next. Some would say that this placement indicates a person who moved around a lot as a child. This is not always the case, of course, but it is true in many cases. And while a lot of children feel quite negatively impacted by an upbringing that involved constant moving, you were thrilled and nourished by the perpetual exploration. Things was remained fresh and there was always some new discovery to be had. This is not necessarily just in the context of moving. In your family unit, you were the most adventurous one, the one who could not be contained or held back for long. So, your place in the family helped to broaden everyone else’s horizons and lift their spirits. You could be counted on to provide positive energy in the home. 

At the same time, your family has also experienced you as being pretty over-the-top or extra. As a child, they may have begged for you to develop an off switch and this feeling still probably continues into adulthood. Yet, they may also not see enough of you to get as annoyed with you. Jupiter in the 4th House individuals don’t want to be restrained by their families. In fact, on some level, your family may have never been enough for you. This can create a huge sense of restlessness whenever you’re with them. You would think that every person with this placement would really love the idea of going back home for Christmas and sitting around to have dinner with their family because, supposedly, everything is so lovely and rosy when it comes to Jupiter. But, there are plenty of people with this placement who’d see that as a total prison sentence.

Why is that? Jupiter does not have limitations and when you limit yourself to having just this one family, you feel like there is something else out there that you’re missing. So, you are very likely to skip holidays with your biological family on a regular basis. Sometimes, you’d just rather have that Thanksgiving feast with your friends. Close, long-term friends, of course, can come to be seen as family. And this is what Jupiter in the 4th is all about: expanding your idea of family. Therefore, you should not limit this notion to the people who you are related to, blood-wise. Jupiter in the 4th makes you benefit significantly from cultivating surrogate families, whether it’s with your long-time friends, your cherished co-workers, people in the same community, or possibly in-laws or your partner’s family (many people with this placement can really luck out in terms of in-laws).

This is a pattern that began in childhood and should continue into adulthood. It’s another reason why your biological family will feel like they cannot hold you back. You were constantly going off to your home away from home. Children with this Jupiter can be the types who regularly spend the whole weekend off at Ricky’s house. Ricky’s parents (or whoever your good friend was) were always so happy to have you because they felt so at home with you and vice versa. You really believe in the power of creating a feeling of family with lots of different people. So, you have a personal background in being able to be “adopted” by those who you might not even be biologically related to you. For you, blood is not thicker than water. It’s just blood.

However, it’s still good to be able to go back home to your blood relations. Some 4th House Jupiter individuals can be so busy traveling from place to place, setting up one home after the next, that they can forget about where they came from. Yet, it is important to know that this is all a case-by-case basis. Sometimes, for some people, the family they were born into is not where they belong. The 4th House represents a true support system for us. If your biological family is not that safe support system for you, if they don’t make you feel good or feel accepted, then you should have faith in the process of moving on from them. You should see it as your journey to find your real family elsewhere, to choose these relatives instead of passively accepting people who aren’t healthy influences in your life just because they are biologically related to you.

But, if you do have a family that is genuinely supportive and that you can have a healthy relationship with, you should not get so wrapped up in your adventures elsewhere that you don’t remain connected to them. Jupiter in the 4th can create such a search for your actual roots that it turns into all-out rootlessness. Remember that being this restless and insatiable means that you have some sort of hole that you’re trying to fill and, maybe, that hole can be filled by going back to your original homeland. If they are really good to you, you should learn to appreciate your loved ones a lot more because they can bring so many blessings into your life. Although Jupiter in the 4th does not necessarily mean that you are going to have the best family and the best upbringing in the world, it does mean that you will be able to manifest an excellent family unit for yourself, either through being born into it or choosing it.

The 4th House Jupiter can also bring huge benefits in terms of starting a family, i.e. finding a spouse/partner and/or having children. Parenting, in particular, is something that you can really benefit from. The happy home that you’re constantly searching for may be something that you need to give to someone else. In creating this great home environment for your child, you can also end up inadvertently creating it for yourself. The benefits of parenting are different for Jupiter in the 4th than they are for Jupiter in the 5th. The 5th House Jupiter person can receive good fortune from being a parent thanks to the opportunities for play, self-expression, and enjoying life that they can provide their child. With the 4th House Jupiter, the good fortune just comes from being able to make sure your child is safe, provided for, and has the foundation that he or she needs.

The sign that Jupiter is in will show just how you’re able to do this. If Jupiter were in Scorpio and in the 4th, you would be able to be this benevolent provider and protector with great perceptiveness, emotional strength, and depth. Having your 4th House Jupiter in Leo means that you would create a strong and safe support system for your child in a manner that boosts their confidence and that gives you free rein to take command. You can also display this protectiveness toward your significant other, old friend, family member, and anyone else who is a part of your private life. You must really believe in your ability to create the kind of atmosphere, behind closed doors, that will make people feel good and keep your familial unit thriving. 

Jupiter in the 4th also means that you are supposed to invest a lot of energy in your personal life. This is all even truer if Jupiter happens to be conjunct the Nadir, as well. You should have faith in the importance and power of privacy. When you’re out in the world, it might be easy to slip into a cynical state. You might feel the need to just hustle and bustle, do whatever you need to in order to get by, even if it means paying some lip service to certain people. But, when you go home, literally and metaphorically, you are reminded of how important it is to stay in touch with what you actually believe. The 4th House represents our state of downtime, when we are disconnected from worldly demands. And with Jupiter in the 4th, this downtime is extremely beneficial for you.

When you enter this reflective mindset, you will feel like you are on a real journey. It’s why not being able to create a true work-life balance for yourself is actually going to really deplete you and dishearten you. You cannot spend too much energy on your goals. You have to be able to unplug and to turn inward in order to remain inspired. This is why you can be so opinionated, sometimes even preachy, in your personal life because this is the time for you to be reminded of what your true beliefs are. So, you are eager to share them with your loved ones. Behind closed doors, you are a real philosopher. Only those who have special access to your private life will know this about you.

Seeing as how the 4th House is also one’s ancestry and personal lineage, you might also be pleasantly surprised to know that you come from a long line of philosophers or believers. Jupiter in the 4th House people can be descendants of those who have fiercely stood up for what they believed in, even if it cost them. In exploring your ancestry, you could find that you had a great-grandmother who notably fought for her equal rights or a great-great-uncle who was a prominent figure in the religious community. Maybe it’s as early as your granddad being the first atheist in a family of Catholics or your mom just having a really outspoken nature. Whatever the case, you are tapping into this familial background of voicing one’s opinions and beliefs, thanks to Jupiter in the 4th. It’s a way of honoring those who came before you and drawing from their experiences.

Since you can put so much energy into your home life, you could also be a downright homebody. Sometimes, going out into the world might not feel quite as exciting as exploring your options at home. 4th House people are not always homebodies, as stereotyped. But, Jupiter in the 4th House individuals are very likely to see a night of Netflix and wine as more promising than going out to that bar. Seeing how the 4th House represents how you are to live with, you can also be an exceptional roommate. You might be really easy to live with and the Jupiter sign can tell you why. If it’s in Taurus, it’s because you are so laidback at home and if it’s in Gemini, it’s because you communicate well with those who you live with. You could also experience some luck in terms of roommates. While many of us have quite a few horror stories, you could have little to none regarding roommates, even going back to your college days. Even if you have had some bad experiences in terms of living with people, you just look back on them as growing experiences that weren’t that bad.

The 4th House does represent all the “little things” in life that make up our private existence. And with Jupiter here, this does mean that you can be quite exaggerated in terms of these little things. Since virtually everything in your private life is magnified, you can attach symbolism and meaning to the most mundane things. “The power just went out. This must be a sign! She didn’t take out the trash. Is she trying to tell me something?” Not that you over-think, unless Jupiter is in Gemini or Virgo. It’s more so that everything in your home life is quite a grand experience, to a point that can make you believe these things are a bigger deal than they really are. But, maybe this is why you are such an epic roommate. There really is something so larger-than-life about living with you. Nothing remains mundane for long and this is probably why you love to move or live half your life out of a suitcase. Once one home starts to get “old”, you are eager to find another one.


  1. Hey, wayman!

    My Jupiter is in the 4th, and it's SO ACCURATE!!!
    I absolutely loved this post, please keep up the good work!

    PS:A few weeks ago you posted your chart,you remember?
    Well, I've thrown an eye on it and apparently we have quite a lot of karmic connections :D

    Have a wonderful Day,
    Rik. <3

    1. Glad you enjoyed it. :) I didn't know this was your placement. And what exactly are those connections?

    2. Alright, these are the aspects:

      My Uranus and Mars conjunct your northnode.
      My Juno conjunct your southnode.
      Your northnode falls into my 12th house.
      Northnode trine Northnode.
      My nodal-axis is squaring your Sun-Moon midpoint
      = we have already met in another life.
      Your PoF opposite my Sun-Moon midpoint.
      Your Jupiter is conjunct my IC

      So these are the aspects I think are karmic, but here are some other ones I find interesting:

      Tight Sun trine Sun aspect.
      All your planets in Virgo are conjunct my moon.
      Moon in the others 7th house double-whammy.
      3 of my planets fall into your 1st house.

      Oh, well this became a little longer than intended... Sorry :D

    3. No worries! And yes, that is some really interesting synastry going on there! :) I really love Virgo Moons, by the way. My two best friends have that placement (their Moons conjunct my Mercury/Mars) and it's one of my favorites.

    4. Aww thank you so much!

      And I'm all in for Leos!
      It's so hard NOT to love them, especially the evolved types who aren't narcissistic and completely ego driven! :D

    5. OMG where can I find your chart Wayman? I've noticed we have a lot of similar placements and would love to look at our synastry. Yours is my go-to blog because you have such an intuitive outlook on astrology, whereas most blogs just regurgitate the same useless crap. I have a Taurus Nadir and Scorpio Midheaven as well.

  2. Merry Christmas Wayman (I am writing this on the very day)
    MY 4th house is the most tenanted house in my hart. Jupiter in Leo is if not exact, very close to conjuncting my IC, at 26 Leo. Lilith, North Node, Mercury, Sun, Saturn, and Venus, plus some fixed I may not know about, round out the house in Virgo.
    I have seen on other interpretations about Jupiter in 4th moving around a lot, but this is not true for me. Saturn does not make an aspect to Jupiter, so I am not sure why this is not true for me. I grew up in 2 houses, but mostly the last one for 14 years. I have been living more in than out of my grandmother's house for 16 years. I am hoping this 14-16 years in a house does not hold true to my current situation of having to live in another lady's house.
    I am not sure I will ever have my own family, so I'm not sure about that part of the article.
    Having spent too much time with family, I am very eager to get my own place but the set back that sent me here made that much harder and more distant. I do generally take pride in my family, even if they drive me crazy. Not sure about philosophers, but I know I do have royal blood (middle Eastern Jupiter in LEO).
    As for the "little things", studying astrology has made me wonder about the "little things" in how people behave and why. I don't think I get obsessed with it, but.... Like with symptoms and Lousie Hays' Everything has a psychological cause...or maybe just a physical it all in my/your head or not? lol (though my Uranus in Scorpio is in 6th, along with Neptune in Sag on 6th house side of DS cusp.)
    Well, enjoy! I look forward to reading more!

    1. Hey, awesome. It's nuts that you have that many planets in the 4th House! I'm sure that changes the dynamic of Jupiter in the 4th greatly, especially with Saturn there. Saturn can make it quite a "trouble area" but Jupiter will still bring some positivity.

  3. I enjoyed reading this article, so refreshing and so true, thank you so much <3 again <3

  4. Beautifully written! Jupiter in the 4th in Virgo quintile my ASC. I can't even tell you how many times I've moved ;p

  5. Spot on! I literally live out of a suitcase. Am always on the move. Your article about Saturn in the 11th house also accurately describes my personality.
    Thank you!

  6. ESE POST É MARAVILHOSO !!! Vcs interpretaram de uma forma tão completa e profunda , sinceramente , eu amei !! CONTINUEM !!!