Wednesday, July 19, 2017

My Reverse Nodal Return (Update)

So, I wanted to make another video about my Reverse Nodal Return just to give a more well-rounded take on it, especially since I went through the exact conjunction last month. I took the last video down because I feel like this is a better representation of what the transit has been like for me. And I hope that it is helpful for anyone who is also going through this transit or who wants to make sense of their own past experiences with the transit. 

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Uranus in the 5th House

Those who have a 5th House Uranus possess a charisma that is out of the ordinary. To have this planet here means that you are capable of shining in ways that are brilliant as well as unusual. Uranus’ house placement shows us where things do not unfold in the so-called normal or conventional manner in our lives. The 5th House, meanwhile, symbolizes the special talents and attributes that earn us the admiration of other people. Having Uranus in the 5th House, therefore, can indicate someone who is wildly, almost freakishly talented. But, the dilemma here is figuring out what to do with those gifts and how to express them in a way that will gain you the recognition you deserve. As special as you are, you are as equally unconcerned with being special, which is something that can baffle your many admirers.  

Since we can be casual, detached, or indifferent about the concerns of our Uranus house, this placement means that you don’t really care about shining or standing out as special, even though you have an effortless ability to do so. Therefore, you can be that classic gifted individual who does something phenomenally but then acts like it’s no big deal at all. It’s as if the heat of the spotlight is too intense for you to handle. So, you will find ways to either minimize the attention you’re getting or be removed from it altogether. The attention of the 5th House can come in so many forms, from being a performer in the center of the stage to holding court in a room full of people to gaining lots of romantic admiration. In any case, Uranus in the 5th House regularly distances you from the feeling of personal glory that comes with the spotlight. There may be a dissociative element to that, at times, as if someone else is getting the praise and attention and you’re just observing it.

But, the irony is that the more you’re detached from your ego, the more you will attract such ego-boosting situations and interactions. Sometimes, the passionate responses you get from people are downright strange to you. Uranus in the 5th House individuals are like celebrities who cannot understand why they are celebrities or who totally act as if they’re not (and famous people with Uranus in the 5th do usually have this quality). At heart, you feel like some sort of anomaly. Whatever’s in a person’s 5th House shows how they define themselves on this deeper level; how they gain a sense of identity. Uranus being in this house means that you can identify with being set apart from others and unlike them. This is often because of your giftedness, which has made you an exceptional individual since childhood. You can also feel a powerful urge to rebel against this kind of attention, not really wanting to be seen as special. But, there is another side of you that cannot abide by blending in with others. Since you identify so much with being unique, then you become unexpectedly ego-driven when you feel like someone is threatening that uniqueness.

Uranus is already contradictory but having Uranus in the 5th is the most contradictory placement of all, since the 5th House naturally opposes Uranus’ energy. Therefore, this influence means that you switch between embracing the special privileges of this house and detaching from them. It’s a pattern that stems back to childhood. The 5th House tells us a lot about how we were as children, personality-wise. Uranus in the 5th House people were usually just different from everyone else when they were kids. But, the contrast between this placement and, say, Uranus in the 1st is that people with that influence typically felt alien-like and flat-out strange as children, not receiving much approval from people for their behavior. Uranus in the 5th House, on the other hand, indicates that the feeling of being different as a child is either consistently applauded or eventually leads to some steady form of applause or positive reinforcement. 

We discover our talents through the 5th House and people with planets in the 5th figure out their talents at a very early age. When I say “talent”, this can be the artistic flair that is so associated with the 5th House via singing, acting, writing, dancing, drawing, etc. But, anything can be a talent. Creative energy manifests in so many ways, not just artistically. Uranus in the 5th House often times symbolizes a talent that is more intellectual. It can be something very academic or technological that the child exceeds at early in life. Even if it’s artistic, there is an intellectual brilliance to how it’s done that wows people. In fact, it’s to the point where these people can be intellectually gifted, blessed with high IQ’s, or child prodigies, displaying remarkable talent early on in life that defies description. Even you found yourself regularly amazed at the things you were able to pull off.

If Uranus shows what cannot unfold normally for you, then Uranus in the 5th means that the expression of your talent is far from normal or average. Because of this, you’re very used to being above-average, in a way that set you apart from your peers as a child. At the same time, you did this without exactly knowing how you did it. That talent of yours just seems to come from a strange place and as a child, this could’ve been hard to deal with. You might’ve wondered why everyone was praising you for something you didn’t see as that extraordinary. You might have been busy winning all sorts of prizes, competitions, or talent shows, surpassing your peers, while also feeling oddly amused that it was all happening. Because of this, you also might have felt that other people weren’t getting the recognition that they deserved, which made you feel quite uncomfortable about being this golden child. It’s a title that you tried to defy. But, you inevitably found out that the less effort you put into impressing people, the more you impressed people.

Your inner child, therefore, is very used to people falling all over you for your greatness and not making a big deal out of it. Due to its connection to the inner child, the 5th House shows how we express spontaneity. For you, being spontaneous and in-the-moment is all about connecting to people as equals. You are just as interested in what makes other people special. This is because you grew up feeling highly unimpressed by your own talent, in spite of it being seen as downright brilliant to others. Because of this, you felt liberated enough to focus on other people’s talents and what makes them special. This is actually quite a gift that you possess: shining a light on the gifts of others. It’s often something you can do just through praising them and validating their own creative efforts. You’re the king or queen who can make everyone feel like they're royalty, assured that there are enough thrones for everyone to enjoy.

However, this doesn’t mean that you are entirely without ego, either. Uranus in the 5th does give you this heartfelt sense of being a genius. You do want recognition for that unique intelligence. At the same time, you want to act like you don’t care that much about it. You really don’t care but you really do care. Confusing, I know. But, as a child, you became very used to your creative efforts giving you a sense of distinction. So, you never want to lose that distinctiveness and can get quite dramatic when you feel like your brilliance is not being allowed full expression. As artists, people with this placement operate very much by their own rules. Your creativity is of the see-what-sticks variety, as you are really eager to experiment with whatever you’re doing. So, when you channel that creative energy into something artistic, you produce something that no one else can. You take enormous pride in this uniqueness, even if you don’t toot that horn too loudly.

The 5th House is where we “make things happen”. But, Uranus’ unpredictable energy is unable to do that too consistently. So, in your creative ventures, you can be all over the place. There are times when you are completely on and you’re so in the zone, knowing just what to do in order to finish that project or make this endeavor work. Then, there are other times where you’re just totally off and can feel as if you’re drawing a blank. Again, your talent manifests in such an unpredictable way. The best thing to do is to not try and control it. By doing this, you will, paradoxically, be in control of your talent. Knowing that this creative energy comes and goes, absolutely whenever and however it wants to, will also be your way of finding mental freedom. Uranus in the 5th House people feel free when they can enter this state of being alternately in control of things and just letting things happen how they’re going to happen.

Due to this unorthodox style, anything goes when you are involved in a creative project, whether that means finishing half of your novel less than a week before the deadline or suddenly becoming all-consumed with the preparation to play a character and then throwing all of that research out of the window. It may not make sense to anyone else, including you. But, it’s just how you do it. It’s that spontaneous expression of advanced, often lightning-paced energy. You have expressed this energy since a kid, which is why your inner child can feel so wired or frenetic. It could have been a bit problematic for the adults around you to deal with. But, sooner or later, it was discovered that this energy was just an expression of your high intelligence. Because of this, you evolved into a child who felt like he or she was an on an equal intellectual level as the adults around them. Quite a few important adults in your childhood could’ve just felt like good friends, which helped significantly in terms of curbing your rebellious impulses. Still, when faced with an adult who acted as if they were above you and like they knew everything, you couldn’t help but be contrary.

This is why, as an adult, you’re capable of dealing with children as intellectual equals. You are probably really turned off or upset by adults who cannot speak to kids rationally or talk to them as if they’re stupid. But, because of this, you may not have much patience for overly emotional displays from kids. The 5th House shows a person’s parenting style, in a general sense. So, Uranus in the 5th House parents may prefer a more egalitarian relationship with their children where they just talk things out logically. At the same time, you won’t have time for temper tantrums or lots of tears and whining. So, you’ll probably just walk away, ignore them, or put them in time-out until they’re ready to have a reasonable discussion because you know they’re too smart for such behavior. The thing about the 5th House is that it does describe the sort of children you’ll have. So, with Uranus in the 5th, these kids will be logical and reasonable. They will also reflect your child-self by displaying their own form of uniqueness and advanced intellect, thanks to a strong influence of Aquarius or Uranus within their own chart.

If you have children, being a parent can be liberating because of the unpredictable, exciting, and stimulating energy they bring into your life. You will also free yourself of societal expectations in terms of parenting. You will have none of your friend’s unsolicited advice about potty training or your mother’s complaints about your son’s eating habits. Instead, Uranus in the 5th compels you to do parenting your own way. In some sense or another, your kids will have a one-of-a-kind relationship with you, as you’ll be far cooler and/or far weirder than most parents. But, there is also the potential to find freedom through not being a parent at all. The detachment of Uranus can manifest through insisting on being child-free. If so, you’ll have an easy, friendly relationship with kids without having any of your own. You’ll maintain that sense of freedom by being the cool aunt or uncle, with your relatives’ kids or friends’ kids, spending a certain amount of quality time with the kids in your life and then handing them over to their parents while you go off and live your own life.

The 5th House also represents dating and romance. With Uranus’ presence here, you will definitely be an interesting person to date; that is, for as long as the other person can pin you down. Matters of the heart are highly unpredictable for you. Sometimes, this is because you can suddenly change your mind about someone who you were totally enamored with yesterday (maybe even in the middle of a date, bringing it to an abrupt end). At other times, it’s because they suddenly change their mind about you. You easily become infatuated with unpredictable people who require much independence and space. Because of this, they may run hot and then randomly become cold, turning the whole situation upside down or ending it altogether. Unsurprisingly, your love life is quite messy and dramatic, even if (or especially if) you don’t want it to be. Ideally, you would love to avoid the drama but you just can’t. The thing is that a part of you loves the drama of these ever-changing love interests, as you never want your dating life to become predictable or boring. 

But, this is why, until you actually commit to someone, your life can get quite crazy and even unstable because of all of this drama. The 5th House is just where we generally date, as far as going out on dates. The 7th House is where we officially become someone’s partner. Romantic situations, therefore, are much more stable to you when you seriously commit to someone. It’s why you may learn your lesson at some point and become very uninterested in dating around. This is usually after racking up a history of one love affair or one fling (the 5th House is also casual sex) after the next, creating a chaotic whirlwind of lovers. Once things become wildly dramatic in your love life, you learn to disconnect. And you can be very good at disconnecting, rapidly going from having a major crush on someone to being firmly convinced that they’re just a friend.

Such a lack of investment can also make you a heartbreaker. You attract affairs and hook-ups in totally unexpected ways. One minute, you’re minding your own business and the next, you’re having a hot-and-heavy summer fling. But, as easy as these flings come, they go just as easily for you. Yet, you can have such a strange effect on your preferred sex that whenever you expect them to be just as cavalier about it, they end up falling for you. And the more they insist, the more you distance yourself. Yet, in the moment, you can be totally passionate about it. So, your sudden reversal of affection is enough to not only make them try harder but make you seem flaky or insincere. That’s not necessarily the case. Uranus in the 5th just means that freedom of mind, for you, stems from knowing you should never get attached to wild passion. It just doesn’t last.

So, it’s hard for you to take schoolboy or schoolgirl crushes seriously (and this means whether you’re on the giving or receiving end) unless they can lead to something long-term. But, at the same time, you’re very open about engaging in them. You keep your heart open in a unique way, not worrying about how you will get from point A to point B romantically with someone else. And this is why, much more than the average person, you end up giving your heart away to the person who you never expected you would, often because you didn’t feel passionately about him or her until becoming friends or knowing them for a while.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Lana Del Rey and her Taurus North Node in the 1st

There is officially just one week left until Lana Del Rey releases her fifth studio album Lust for Life. I’m a big-time, obsessed fan so I am very excited. I have also, like so many people, observed the current changes she has gone through while still remaining quintessentially herself. A lot has been made of the fact that this incarnation of Lana is a “happier”, more positive version of herself. In so many ways, I think that she is really embracing her North Node in Taurus, which is also in her 1st House and conjunct her Taurus Rising. 1st House North Node individuals have to re-invent themselves, in a way, in order to get back to themselves. Since her North Node is in Taurus, this has meant embracing more stability, centeredness, and peace of mind and letting that shine through. 

Her album cover for Lust for Life features her in a wide smile, which is in direct contrast to the steely and moody gazes that have occupied her previous album covers. Also, in her music video for “Love”, one of the singles off of this album, she breaks out into a smile a couple of times. Her whole persona for this album is one that she has been slowly morphing into over the years: the laidback, peace-loving flower child. It’s an aesthetic that certainly fits with her Taurus North Node in the 1st, especially with Venus also being conjunct her North Node. It’s also created a shift from the sense of melancholy and danger that she was preoccupied with during her Born to Die and Ultraviolence days. Lana has her 7th House South Node conjunct Saturn and the Descendant in Scorpio. So, she’s clearly had a dark, challenging past that she has explored a lot through her music.

I did an astrological profile for herself exactly a year ago and I wondered whether or not she was able to extricate herself from that darker, heavier energy after her Saturn Return. Sure enough, she recently did an interview where she stated, “All the tough things that I’ve been through – that I’ve drawn upon [in my work] – don’t exist for me anymore. Not all my romantic relationships were bad but some of them challenged me in a way that I didn’t want to be challenged and I am happy I don’t have to do that now.” But, one cannot completely escape the South Node, either. She does still admit that her ideal man is someone who has “a little bit of edge, the sexiness, the magnetism”, which perfectly describes the kinds of partners her 7th House Scorpio placements draw into her life. But, it does sound like she has more of a handle on these relationships where they can be passionate and magnetizing without the upsetting emotional turbulence.

Lana turned 32 last month, so she is not only living her post-Saturn Return life but she is also entering into the stage where she is ready to fulfill her North Node. It doesn’t happen at the same stage for everyone. For a lot of people, the shift toward the North Node occurs sometime between the late 20’s and early 30’s. The Saturn Return can play a major role in this and if your Saturn is actually opposing your North Node, I’d imagine that this is even truer. So, at this stage in her life, Lana is ready to live out her Taurus North Node in a major way, especially since it is in her 1st House. Taurus is about peace, love, and happiness. Recently, she was quoted as saying “I think happiness is the ultimate life goal. It’s the only thing that’s important.” It’s a reflection of the Taurus simplicity and the ease of living that she needs to embrace in order to be truly fulfilled.

In spite of this, as a fan, I don’t think that the shift in her direction is that dramatic. Her recent songs still have a reflective quality that symbolize the depths of her Scorpio side that she draws upon, especially with quite a few of said songs reflecting on what’s going on in the world. But, Lana has been able to do this in a sort of Earth Mother type of way and not just by harking back to the 1970’s era of politically aware music (she has a collaboration with Stevie Nicks on the new album). She also has been addressing the current sense of panic and confusion with a soothing vibe, singing “don’t worry, baby” to her fans in “Love.” It’s the calming influence of Taurus and Lana is only further carving out her individuality (1st House) by embracing that sense of calm.

People who have their North Node in the 1st serve as poster children of that sign in many obvious ways, especially if it’s in the same sign as the Ascendant. Lana has always given off such strong Taurus vibes, from the strong aesthetic that defines her music, including the style that was more glammed-up in the earlier days but more “granola-chic” in the recent days, to her distinctive voice which is just as beautiful when she’s speaking as when she’s singing. Taurus is a very feminine sign and with her Venus also being in the mix, Lana fully owns that femininity, including with songs like “Young and Beautiful” and “This is What Makes Us Girls.” But, while she was criticized by some for seemingly old-fashioned takes on being a woman, such songs also serve as her own unique stance on her femininity, particularly in a day and age where women can be harshly judged for falling short of the perceived ideals of feminism.

A few years ago, Lana made a famous and widely misinterpreted comment about not being interested in feminism (which meant that she wasn’t interested in talking about it in interviews, not that she didn’t support feminism). But, she serves as a wonderful yet contradictory example of being a powerful and strong-minded woman, thanks to her Venus conjunct the North Node and Ascendant in Taurus. Just because she likes being pretty and being with her man doesn’t mean that she’s not her own person. She has certainly proven that by being a full-on individual, as such a 1st House person should be, doing her own thing as an artist and never apologizing for it. And she actually never sexualizes herself like many other female singers today. Not that there’s anything wrong with those that do. But, she shines as a beauty in her own singular and sophisticated way, never taking her clothes off or being blatantly sexual. Her songs do have their naughty moments but even when she sings “my pussy tastes like Pepsi-Cola”, she still somehow does it with class and style.

North Node in the 1st House people have to and love to carve out a highly individualized style. Since Lana’s Venus is also conjunct the Taurus North Node, this is even truer. It’s very evident in her music, which boldly bucks trends in favor of the music she wants to make and hear. The slow, sensual vibe of Taurus is so obvious in Lana’s music, which is why it’s not for everyone. I always say that it takes patience and commitment to become a fan of hers, since people are so inundated with music that is just based on being catchy and danceable. True to Taurus form, Lana goes at her own pace, creating beautifully languid music that you gradually love more and more, over time, through repeated listens. Her music has staying power in the sense that once you love it, you can never get sick of it. Her style as an artist stimulates all of your five senses and just takes you away. It’s a full-on experience and a very consistent one, which can be confused as all the songs “sounding the same” by a non-fan. It’s not the case. She is a real album artist and doesn’t do filler songs, as every song is so fully realized. So, she creates a complete vibe with each album and each song slowly builds on the previous one, going at that steady Taurus speed.

Yet, this is why people who aren’t into her music can easily dismiss it as being boring or too slow. Lana channels so much of her Taurus side into her music and these are really the archetypal complaints about Taurus people. Her 1st House North Node urges her to find her own happiness first, whether other people like it or not. It’s why she’s an acquired taste. You either get what she’s doing or you don’t. Either way, she keeps operating in her own lane. But, for someone who cares so little about what people think, Lana is still totally connected to her fans, whom she said she made Lust for Life for. She is known for being very fan-friendly and goes above and beyond to receive love from her fans or spread love to them. Taurus energy is sweet, likable and easygoing in a very grounded way. So, she only sets herself further apart by maintaining such a level-headed appreciation toward those who support what she does.