Monday, January 30, 2017

Jupiter in the 8th House

Quite a few of you with Jupiter in the 8th House requested this placement next in the Jupiter series. So, let’s get to it. What does it mean to have Jupiter in the 8th House of your birth chart? Well, I have spent this series pointing out how Jupiter is not “all good” and how it can, in fact, bring so much excess into your life that it ends up becoming a drawback. But, to have Jupiter in the 8th certainly means that your Jupiter is not going to manifest in an absolutely benevolent way all the time. This is because the 8th House is the dark side of the birth chart. It’s where all of our personal demons and emotional issues reside, creating the psychological shadow material that can stay hidden until it rises to the surface destructively. So, it’s safe to say that there is a fair share of darkness that manifests when one has this placement.

But, of course, the house that you have Jupiter in is also the place where the most positive things happen for you and they can happen quite effortlessly. We can sometimes just fall right into the circumstances of our Jupiter’s house, in the way that resembles the luck that is so associated with Jupiter. When Jupiter is in the 8th House, it goes to show that you gain the most positive energy out of life by exploring, confronting, and transforming these psychological problems of yours. Because of this, life opens up for you when you are not afraid to dwell in the darkness inside of your own soul. You must be eager to face your sadness, rage, grief, obsession, or paranoia. Ironically, these seemingly threatening and dangerous emotional states are often a very good thing for you.

When you believe that it’s good to face that darkness within, you will be able to heal long-held emotional wounds and conquer that internal instability. But, it may feel as if it takes a tremendous amount of courage to do so. True to Jupiter’s form of going over-the-top, it might seem as if once you unlock that emotional Pandora’s Box, it is very difficult for you to put a lid on it again. Jupiter in the 8th House can make you feel highly overwhelmed by all sorts of grievances, resentments, and compulsions. It’s enough to make you feel as if you have transformed into an outright monster. But, the sign that Jupiter is in shows how this monstrous inner self can emerge. Jupiter is in the 8th in Aquarius, you could become so utterly detached and indifferent that you wreak havoc all around you. The 8th House Jupiter being in Cancer would turn you into a total emotional hurricane of ever-changing moods while Jupiter in the 8th in the sign of Leo would bring out an inner pride and willfulness that expresses itself in a downright dictatorial manner. 

The funny thing is that Jupiter is what brings expansion into our lives. So, if you are not exploring this dark side within yourself, you cannot truly broaden your horizons. This is why this can be a particularly difficult placement for Jupiter because it may seem as if that’s really not going to benefit you or your life. You might think, “What’s the good of being that hateful, depressed, enraged, or fearful?” But, it’s when you are capable of exploring these inner depths of yours, no matter how frightening they are, that you will awaken your ability to achieve and sustain magnificent emotional healing. You have to confront those demons of yours because it’s only through doing this that you will be able to confront the painful source of your demons; just where all of that hate, depression, rage or fear is coming from.

The 8th House of the birth chart is what I like to think of as the deeply wounded part of ourselves. No one escapes life without an emotional scar or two. We all have emotionally difficult and even traumatic things occur to us that forever change us and can instill an inner pain that has to be dealt with, sooner or later. If it’s not dealt with, this pain will keep repeating. The 8th House is also a symbol of how “the cycle repeats”; not just the cycle of disappointment, turmoil, dysfunction, or even abuse that we inherited from our family (depending on your family situation) but the situations that will keep repeating until we deal with this inner wound and find a way to heal it.

So, with Jupiter in the 8th, you may actually be enormously wounded. Not everyone with this placement will come from a very traumatic background. But, it’s quite a common pattern. However, the difference between this placement and other planets in the 8th is that the positive energy of Jupiter prevents the person from seeing their past as having been that traumatic. Jupiter in the 8th House people can often lose a parent during childhood or endure abuse at some point in their upbringing, either of the physical, mental/emotional, or sexual variety. Yet, these are people who are true survivors. The 8th House also tells us how we can survive on a psychological level and those with an 8th House Jupiter have some of the most amazing survival skills around.

Since the 8th House is about emotional resources, you have those in spades. No matter what happens, you are capable of drawing on an inner resilience, hope, and faith. This is because something happened to you, at some point in life, to really damage your faith. Often times, this is being affected by death or abuse as a child. Many Jupiter in the 8th House children grow up quickly by having their childish ideals shattered by the harsh inevitabilities of life, whether it’s the fact that we are all going to die one day or the realization that people can be horribly cruel and destructive to one another. Something happened to rob you of your innocence and it might even be something that you’re not entirely conscious of. This consciousness doesn’t happen, though, until you have to stop and realize just why you are so easily triggered when life proves itself to be not all that it’s cracked up to be.

Whatever is in the 8th House feels really damaged until we can take it, reshape it, and bring it back to life. With Jupiter representing your faith, you really have to revive your seemingly dead sense of faith because, in the end, you are capable of extreme inspiration and hope. The 8th House’s energy is extreme and whatever is in there is amplified with great intensity. It’s just that a person can also stifle or even deaden their 8th House planet because they are too afraid of the pain that could come with expressing it. Jupiter in the 8th means that you have to stop being afraid of being let down by life. You can feel deeply tormented by this sense of the rug eventually getting pulled out from right under you. So, why even bother? Everything’s going to go to ruins anyway. But, of course, this is not the attitude to have. You have to be strong enough and resourceful enough to have hope.

This is something that can heal those inner wounds of yours. If you’ve survived any sort of abuse, which could also be a sexual assault of some kind in adulthood (another common experience of 8th House people), you must dig deep and unlock the inner faith needed to overcome that. You have to believe that you had to experience this pain in order to become a bigger, better person. By believing this, you can regard the trauma with a certain positivity. This does not mean pretending that it never happened, sweeping it under the rug, or being okay with it happening. It means knowing and trusting that you’re a survivor and that whatever happened to you is done. You don’t need to let it define you anymore. Just let the awareness of how you survived it give you strength. It's a strength that will allow you to push through other emotional difficulties in your life, trusting that if you got through one painful time period, you can get through another.

Jupiter in the 8th House can create an amazing release of any sort of built-up resentment, to the point where you feel like a completely new person. The Jupiter sign shows why you will feel the need to not hold on to any emotional pain from the past. If the 8th House Jupiter is in Pisces, it’s because you believe it’s important to forgive, to let go, to let the Higher Power do its will. Jupiter in Capricorn in the 8th means that you would release this inner pain because you want to be mature and take responsibility for yourself and adopt the more efficient route. It’s an attitude that should extend to anyone who’s hurt you, particularly anyone in your family. While your emotional issues may be traced back to them, you have to make sure that they end with them, as well.

People with planets in the 8th have the power to be the one who breaks the cycle. Many can struggle with this, though. But, with Jupiter in the 8th, as long as you take the positive approach to your emotional issues, you will find it easy to rise above the emotional turmoil and dysfunction you might have inherited. More than the average person, you can also benefit greatly from going to therapy. Anything that requires you to be truly honest about your emotional issues and move on from them will continually bring a lot of positive energy into your life. Also, journaling and just sheer introspection can work in this regard, especially since you may have an effortless way of hashing through all of your psychological “stuff.” But, you can also go overboard by being too immersed in introspection and the analysis of your own psyche. It’s good to know when to give it a rest, so you’re not constantly obsessing over your trust issues or fear of abandonment.

I always say that the infamous “deaths” of the 8th House can be metaphorical. It’s often not so literal, simply meaning that, as someone with Jupiter in the 8th, you can possess a tremendous knack for killing off a destructive part of yourself that is holding you back. At the same time, it is also wise to remember that your dark side can be quite enriching, when properly accessed and expressed. You can be the artist who is unafraid of primal, terrifying emotional states, getting lucky in terms of knowing how to go deep, often because you’re all too familiar with trauma, loss, or suffering. You can also use your rage as a motivator, in moderation, or find great compassion for others through your recurring spells of sadness and despair. This is just another way for you to turn those demons of yours around, killing off an unnecessary fear of them instead.

But, of course, the 8th House can also represent literal death. 8th House Jupiter people can go through a time where it seems as if too many folks they love are passing away. It’d be tough to find a person with this placement who wasn’t profoundly impacted by the death of a person they love. It’s very possible that it’s more than one person but there will be one that feels especially tragic or heartbreaking. Of course, we all unfortunately lose someone close to us or important to us at some point and it is something that hits us all hard. However, the death of a loved one affects the Jupiter in the 8th House individual in an incredibly powerful and undeniable manner. Your life will absolutely never be the same after that person is gone but, again, you have this ability to turn that around.

If this loss occurs during childhood, this heightened awareness of your mortality can bring a maturity and urgency to your perspective that most children don’t have. You might have spent a lot of time dwelling on death but this could have positively prepared you for life. Because you knew how fragile it was and how easily a life could be taken, you became empowered and intent on always being appreciative and grateful. For Jupiter in the 8th, gratitude becomes a survival skill because it not only helps you push through the bad times, it attracts the kind of situations your way that show you that, while life can be depressing and sad and can end all too suddenly, there are still plenty of reasons to appreciate and enjoy being alive. 

I’m not going to tell you that this helps you avoid death because I just don’t think a person can predict anyone’s death by looking at their birth chart. Jupiter in the 8th House people do not necessarily live longer. I do feel like they have the potential to live more fully, though, to the degree where at that moment when they die, when their life flashes before their eyes, they don’t have any regret because they lived as wholeheartedly as they could. This is an attitude that can also help you cope with someone else’s death. 8th House Jupiter people can be very positive presences at a funeral or a wake. You might understand that they did all that they needed to do while they were here. A lot of people can just say “it was their time” because it’s the standard phrase people say when someone dies. But, you probably really believe that, even if their death really pains you.

Getting through the grief process can be much easier for those with Jupiter in the 8th, especially if they happened to lose someone in their formative years. All of the stages of dealing with death can happen quite seamlessly for you, especially if you are living with an embrace of your dark side. The anger, denial, sadness, etc. can all hit you like a tremendous wave, though. In fact, when you experience that first major death in your life, it may feel as if you are downright drowning in grief. But, you can see that grieving period as a real growing experience that’ll teach you how to deal with the deaths of other people with a greater perspective and understanding of the mysterious reasons why these things just have to happen. You can see the positivity in letting someone go.

It's hard to tell which house is more mediumistic: the 8th House or the 12th. Both houses deal with death and the dead, in different ways. The 8th is more about conjuring spirits, as in a séance, while the 12th is about co-existing with them, as in a haunted house. Jupiter in the 8th can bring certain experiences of speaking to the dead, especially if it’s a loved one. I’m not saying you can actually speak to ghosts. Yet, it can just be through the form of certain signs or even visions. It can scare you and freak you out or utterly fascinate you. Regardless, believing that there is an afterlife, that we do go somewhere once we die (even if it’s not of the Heaven/Hell variety), is very beneficial for you. If anything, you can gain a lot of comfort from the sense of knowing that the person who died is “out there” somewhere and feeling their spirit with you, often times as a protector.

As far as the inheritance thing goes, I’m not going to tell you that Jupiter in the 8th means that you will gain a huge inheritance financially from someone else. I just don’t like that interpretation of the 8th House, as I have said before, because I think it’s disempowering. Yet, it is a thread through 8th House people’s lives. You might get the best part of your grandfather’s will when he passes. You may also find yourself living off of someone else financially in a major way. It’s not uncommon for those with this placement to very easily find themselves a sugar daddy or mama to live off of, especially if Venus is involved here. Hopefully, you will eventually realize how that is just sucking the power away from you in the situation and set up a financially independent life for yourself.

Jupiter in the 8th also amplifies the intimacy in your life, since the 8th House stands for how we engage in emotional and sexual intimacy. The sexy part of the 8th House is legendary and you could be so eager to be intimate with someone else that you do end up sleeping around. But, it can be hard for the sex to remain casual because you expect so much else to come with it. There has to be passion, intensity, ecstasy, thrills! You believe that a truly substantial, memorable sexual experience should be mind-blowing. This should draw you toward a more secure, long-term relationship, where the sex is more than casual hooking-up. However, this is why, on the flip side, you may adopt the perspective of needing to abstain from sex until you find that really important sexual connection and chemistry, which can happen after a string of lackluster or half-hearted lovers.

You will also find that you can have many positive experiences in terms of being intimate with someone. I’m not just talking about great sex. I also mean being able to really share yourself emotionally with another person. The chances of this are even greater if you have worked through your emotional issues and are not held back by the pain of your past. In fact, Jupiter in the 8th House individuals may want to share everything with their partner, to the point of them knowing more than a few things about you that you’ve never told anyone. You also love being able to be a vault for their secrets, gaining their trust and making them feel safe in an amazingly healing way.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Guess the Celebrity Ascendant - Oscar Isaac and Rosamund Pike

Alright, so I said I would start doing this series where I would guess famous people’s Rising signs. I would like to focus more so on the celebrities who have no known birth time at all and there are more than a few of them out there. I only want to tackle a couple at a time – and I’ll attempt one man and one woman per post – but I’ll be doing this pretty regularly. So, if you stan for a famous person and nobody knows their time of birth, suggest them in the comment section!


Born on March 9, 1979 in Guatemala
Sun in Pisces, Moon in Leo (if born after 5 am)
Suspected Ascendant: Pisces
Estimated Birth Time: 5:45 am 

Oscar Isaac is one of the major breakout stars of the past couple of years, especially since his turn in Star Wars: The Force Awakens in late 2015. He is also known for his complex performances in films and series such as Inside Llewyn Davis, Ex-Machina, and Show Me A Hero.

He is a Pisces Sun and without a known birth time he could have the Moon in either Cancer or Leo. I’m guessing he has a Leo Moon because I am getting such major Solar vibes from him. I definitely feel like he is a child of the Sun and that’s one of the reasons why I’m going with him having a Pisces Rising. If he was born around 5:45 am, he would have the Sun in the 1st conjunct the Ascendant in Pisces. That seems to fit him very well as there is just this “glow” about him that is very evident in those who have the Sun rising. They come off as very regal, dignified, and self-assured. Just taking one look at Oscar, you feel like he is a very confident person and if he’s not, he does a very good job at appearing really confident, like every Sun rising individual.

Also, he does seem like such a Pisces. People with the Sun rising come off as being very much like their sign, almost to a textbook degree. The Piscean vibes with Oscar are so powerful because he is so elusive, enigmatic, hard to pin down. It’s difficult to describe a “typical” Pisces because they really just do not fit the mold. Someone who is strong in Pisces energy is very hard to describe, exuding an inscrutable feel that rivals Scorpio. It’s as if their true essence is hidden away somewhere. Oscar gives off this vibe in a major way. One journalist even remarked, “It’s as if he saves his mannerisms for his characters, stripping himself of idiosyncrasies in the process.”

However, the paradox is that Oscar has a very apparent sense of individuality, as 1st House people do. His Sun would not only be in the 1st but it would be almost exactly conjunct his Pisces South Node. Having the Sun conjunct South Node in the 1st gives him a lot of experience in terms of being an absolute individual and not being defined by anyone else. Since the conjunction is in Pisces, he has an innate talent for asserting this individuality in a very fluid, can’t-pin-me-down, unworldly manner that may be downright hippie-ish. He was a “straight edge” person while young, which means someone who doesn’t engage in drugs and alcohol, which is an excellent example of going against the Pisces stereotype.

“For my father, individualism was very important. It was way more important to recognize myself as an individual than as part of a group.” This also fits with the theme of 1st House Sun people having  a relationship with their fathers that stresses the importance of self-awareness and being your own person. Interestingly, though, his Saturn would be opposing his Sun and conjunct his South Node in the 7th. So, maybe, his father also had major lessons to learn in terms of having strong, satisfying connections with people and Oscar is destined to work through these problems himself.

Speaking of that individuality, Oscar’s real last name is Hernandez. He is of Guatemalan and Cuban descent but decided to drop his last name on a professional level because he didn’t want to get handed parts that were Latino stereotypes. It’s not uncommon for actors of color to resist stereotypical parts. But, Oscar’s insistence on doing so and his high level of success in terms of shaking that “label” also makes me think he is a Pisces Rising. Those with a Pisces Ascendant do not see themselves in ways that rely on labels. “I wasn’t part of the ‘Latino community’”, Oscar said, in reference to his upbringing. “I was just a kid with friends who was into playing music.”

Also, people with a Pisces Ascendant who aren’t white have a way of really transcending racial and ethnic barriers, as they are so compassionate and so capable of putting themselves in others’ shoes that their race or ethnicity does not define them in an overwhelming manner. They just see the pure humanity within themselves and others, which allows others to project the same on to them. Bryan Singer, who directed him in X-Men: Apocalypse, stated that there is a “global architecture to his face. There’s something about Oscar that could be Egyptian, Asiatic, Latino, or Caucasian. His facial structure embodies a global human.”

He would also have Mars in Pisces conjunct the Ascendant. I feel like Mars should be in the 1st, as well. He nails this mixture of being very ethereal but also having a distinctly masculine energy. If the Sun and Mars were both in his 1st House in Pisces, this would explain that dichotomy. Neptune would be in the 10th House of his chart and that is just broadcasting those Neptunian vibes out to the world at large in a major way. People with Neptune in the 10th can really create a public self that they can hide behind or disappear behind. This is very helpful as an actor. Someone with this placement would be very skilled at morphing into a wide range of characters but leaving themselves as a blank canvas when they are off-screen. Oscar is very private and in spite of being in the highest grossing film of all time, he knows how to slip under the radar when he wants.

If he had the Midheaven in Sagittarius, his career trajectory would also be explainable. While Inside Llewyn Davis was his breakout performance in 2013, he didn’t start becoming really famous until 2015. Transiting Saturn in Sagittarius would have hit his Midheaven right around the time that The Force Awakens took over theatres and turned him into a household name. It was a very steady build up to that point. Often times, the moment when a famous person really “hits it big” can be traced to transits to their Midheaven. For Oscar, the Saturn conjunct Midheaven transit could have been the time where he finally graduated from gritty character actor, after all that hard work, to bona fide superstar and internationally known leading man. All of the effort finally paid off. 


Born on January 27, 1979 in Hammersmith, London
Sun in Aquarius, Moon in Capricorn
Suspected Ascendant: Capricorn
Estimated Birth Time: 7:00 am

Rosamund Pike first hit screens as a Bond Girl in 2002’s Die Another Day. After turns in films such as An Education and Jack Reacher, she had her major breakthrough in 2014 with her Oscar-nominated performance as the enigmatic missing wife Amy Dunne in Gone Girl

Rosamund is an Aquarius Sun with the Moon in Capricorn. The vibe I get from her is so strong in both of these signs that I have always felt like she had to have either a Capricorn or an Aquarius Ascendant, making either of these placements angular and particularly powerful.

In the end, I would bet more on her being a Capricorn Rising. If she was born near 7 am, her Moon in Capricorn would be in the 1st House and conjunct the Ascendant. This feels fitting to me, for some reason, as there is something both very expressive and very contained about her. Moon rising people wear their feelings on their sleeves, generally speaking. But, when the Moon is rising in the sign of Capricorn, there is an air of self-containment to the person. They keep themselves together even though they appear very available and warm. That dichotomy seems to explain Rosamund’s demeanor, as she seems to be really in control but not in a way that’s harsh or severe. Unlike the typical Capricorn Rising, she doesn’t seem cold in an intimidating way.

However, she is quite a cool, collected character. Another giveaway to her having a Capricorn Rising would be the posh, classy vibe (that goes beyond her British accent and sensibility) that she gives off. Capricorn Ascendant folks just seem very sophisticated. The Moon is representative of one’s upbringing and if she has her Moon in the 1st in Capricorn, that would explain her very sophisticated background. Her parents are both opera singers and she grew up in the elegant atmosphere of the opera/theatre world, conditioned to see life (1st House) from this really cultured point of view (Capricorn). Also, the 1st House Moon means that her earliest years taught her about being in touch with her emotions. When your mother (Moon) is an actress and singer, that can definitely do that to you!

She also spoke of being highly influenced by seeing adults be able to play around and express what they feel. “If you have parents who know how to play and live in the imagination, a child finds it easy to respond to them,” she said. Capricorn Moons grow up feeling very able to relate to adults and feeling quite adult-like because of this. Her mother’s ability, in particular, to be emotionally aware and expressive could have made her feel on her mother’s level, which instilled this grown-up sensibility. And with the Moon in the 1st rising, this would very significantly impact her general sense of self-awareness and living life.

Interestingly, she has once said, “I definitely found it hard to contain my feelings as a little girl. Everything was big and it still is.” Seeing herself in such an emotionally charged manner fits with the Moon being in the 1st. In fact, if a planet is conjunct the Rising sign, a person can see themselves as being more like the planet than the sign. Yet, Rosamund definitely doesn’t seem like an emotionally uncontrolled person. Underneath it all, if the Rising sign is in Capricorn, she still comes off as being contained, even if she feels like she is letting all of her feelings hang out. That is the paradox of this combination. She has also acknowledged this, saying, “I think I’m quite a wild person. It’s the fear of that which makes me come across as contained. Calm is something I’m fundamentally not.”

So, this is quite a descriptor of Capricorn Rising’s innate reluctance to lose control. Also, it symbolizes the Aquarius planets she has in the 1st House: her Sun conjunct Mars in Aquarius. In this chart I’ve drawn up for her, Aquarius is intercepted in the 1st. People who have an intercepted sign in the 1st have a secondary Ascendant, in a way. So, Rosamund will also feel like an Aquarius Rising and act out many of its traits. It’s the underlying influence of her Capricorn Ascendant, constantly threatening to make her go wild and crazy when she is just trying to keep it together.

It also explains why her Aquarius energy is so strong. Having the Sun in the 1st in Aquarius really makes sense for her. This is the same woman who said that she would often leave the Gone Girl set in the middle of the night to go swimming or go play a game of pool. She also admitted, in an interview with Graham Norton, that while about eight months pregnant during the film’s press tour, she randomly decided to go to a late-night dance party but was disappointed that no one else came. But, unbothered, she danced the night away by herself and, of course, the child in her giant belly. She also once said that she has a small pet snake named Oswald and likes to wear him as a piece of jewelry out in public on occasion in order to mess with people. 
So, yeah, she definitely has the quirky, radically independent Aquarius demeanor down, as well as the randomness (she once decided to finish her education at Oxford just because she liked the way the top of the buildings of the school looked), especially since Mars is also in the 1st and conjunct her Sun. It might also be something that relaxes her Capricorn Ascendant significantly. In true Aquarius fashion, Rosamund does seem like the kind of unpretentious, cool person who you could just have a drink with. David Fincher, her Gone Girl director, described her as having “a kind of approachability that people who are genetically blessed usually don’t [have].”

Her Aquarius energy in the 1st makes it clear that she has no airs about her. But, at the same time, there is that contradictory Aquarian aloofness to her. You feel like she is friendly and affable enough yet you certainly don’t feel like you know her on a personal level. There is a certain distant quality to her. In this chart, she would also have the Midheaven in Scorpio, only further creating that air of mystery around her. Fincher said that one of the reasons why he cast her as Amy was because, after watching a few of her films, he “couldn’t get a read on her.” Scorpio Midheaven people are known for having that enigmatic quality. An interesting pattern that I’ve noticed is that actors’ most famous parts are usually symbolic of their Midheaven, in some way.

With Rosamund, the roles she is most associated with are of dangerous, Scorpio-like women, rather it’s the deadly Bond Girl or Amy, who certainly has more to her than meets the eye (I’ve also heard more than a few people say that she was so good in the latter performance that she still creeps them out or makes them hate her, even if they are just watching her interviews). Also, Saturn was in Scorpio when Gone Girl was released in late 2014 and would’ve been crossing her late-degree Scorpio Midheaven. Again, it’s a similar case as Oscar’s: she had been working and working away for so many years in supporting roles and it all finally paid off with an iconic leading role that has opened her up to more professional success. 

Speaking of Saturn, it would make sense for it to be in her 7th House. During her Saturn Return in 2008, her broken engagement (7th House) with director Joe Wright, who is the one who called it off, gained a lot of attention. The Saturn Return in the 7th teaches one a lot about relationships. Rosamund seems to have forgone marriage for the time being, as 7th House Saturn folks are prone to do after a major heartbreak. But she is in an eight-year partnership with Robin Uniacke, with whom she has two children. Robin is 18 years her senior, symbolizing the major age difference in love that are very common with Saturn in the 7th, and she describes him as the most interesting person she’s ever known. Also, she scoffs at those who are critical of the large age gap. “The idea that you go for an older man because you think you’re less likely to be left by him, that’s the biggest pile of crap ever.” But, that could just be her don’t-care-what-you-think Aquarius side talking!