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Guess the Celebrity Ascendant - Oscar Isaac and Rosamund Pike

Alright, so I said I would start doing this series where I would guess famous people’s Rising signs. I would like to focus more so on the celebrities who have no known birth time at all and there are more than a few of them out there. I only want to tackle a couple at a time – and I’ll attempt one man and one woman per post – but I’ll be doing this pretty regularly. So, if you stan for a famous person and nobody knows their time of birth, suggest them in the comment section!


Born on March 9, 1979 in Guatemala
Sun in Pisces, Moon in Leo (if born after 5 am)
Suspected Ascendant: Pisces
Estimated Birth Time: 5:45 am 

Oscar Isaac is one of the major breakout stars of the past couple of years, especially since his turn in Star Wars: The Force Awakens in late 2015. He is also known for his complex performances in films and series such as Inside Llewyn Davis, Ex-Machina, and Show Me A Hero.

He is a Pisces Sun and without a known birth time he could have the Moon in either Cancer or Leo. I’m guessing he has a Leo Moon because I am getting such major Solar vibes from him. I definitely feel like he is a child of the Sun and that’s one of the reasons why I’m going with him having a Pisces Rising. If he was born around 5:45 am, he would have the Sun in the 1st conjunct the Ascendant in Pisces. That seems to fit him very well as there is just this “glow” about him that is very evident in those who have the Sun rising. They come off as very regal, dignified, and self-assured. Just taking one look at Oscar, you feel like he is a very confident person and if he’s not, he does a very good job at appearing really confident, like every Sun rising individual.

Also, he does seem like such a Pisces. People with the Sun rising come off as being very much like their sign, almost to a textbook degree. The Piscean vibes with Oscar are so powerful because he is so elusive, enigmatic, hard to pin down. It’s difficult to describe a “typical” Pisces because they really just do not fit the mold. Someone who is strong in Pisces energy is very hard to describe, exuding an inscrutable feel that rivals Scorpio. It’s as if their true essence is hidden away somewhere. Oscar gives off this vibe in a major way. One journalist even remarked, “It’s as if he saves his mannerisms for his characters, stripping himself of idiosyncrasies in the process.”

However, the paradox is that Oscar has a very apparent sense of individuality, as 1st House people do. His Sun would not only be in the 1st but it would be almost exactly conjunct his Pisces South Node. Having the Sun conjunct South Node in the 1st gives him a lot of experience in terms of being an absolute individual and not being defined by anyone else. Since the conjunction is in Pisces, he has an innate talent for asserting this individuality in a very fluid, can’t-pin-me-down, unworldly manner that may be downright hippie-ish. He was a “straight edge” person while young, which means someone who doesn’t engage in drugs and alcohol, which is an excellent example of going against the Pisces stereotype.

“For my father, individualism was very important. It was way more important to recognize myself as an individual than as part of a group.” This also fits with the theme of 1st House Sun people having  a relationship with their fathers that stresses the importance of self-awareness and being your own person. Interestingly, though, his Saturn would be opposing his Sun and conjunct his South Node in the 7th. So, maybe, his father also had major lessons to learn in terms of having strong, satisfying connections with people and Oscar is destined to work through these problems himself.

Speaking of that individuality, Oscar’s real last name is Hernandez. He is of Guatemalan and Cuban descent but decided to drop his last name on a professional level because he didn’t want to get handed parts that were Latino stereotypes. It’s not uncommon for actors of color to resist stereotypical parts. But, Oscar’s insistence on doing so and his high level of success in terms of shaking that “label” also makes me think he is a Pisces Rising. Those with a Pisces Ascendant do not see themselves in ways that rely on labels. “I wasn’t part of the ‘Latino community’”, Oscar said, in reference to his upbringing. “I was just a kid with friends who was into playing music.”

Also, people with a Pisces Ascendant who aren’t white have a way of really transcending racial and ethnic barriers, as they are so compassionate and so capable of putting themselves in others’ shoes that their race or ethnicity does not define them in an overwhelming manner. They just see the pure humanity within themselves and others, which allows others to project the same on to them. Bryan Singer, who directed him in X-Men: Apocalypse, stated that there is a “global architecture to his face. There’s something about Oscar that could be Egyptian, Asiatic, Latino, or Caucasian. His facial structure embodies a global human.”

He would also have Mars in Pisces conjunct the Ascendant. I feel like Mars should be in the 1st, as well. He nails this mixture of being very ethereal but also having a distinctly masculine energy. If the Sun and Mars were both in his 1st House in Pisces, this would explain that dichotomy. Neptune would be in the 10th House of his chart and that is just broadcasting those Neptunian vibes out to the world at large in a major way. People with Neptune in the 10th can really create a public self that they can hide behind or disappear behind. This is very helpful as an actor. Someone with this placement would be very skilled at morphing into a wide range of characters but leaving themselves as a blank canvas when they are off-screen. Oscar is very private and in spite of being in the highest grossing film of all time, he knows how to slip under the radar when he wants.

If he had the Midheaven in Sagittarius, his career trajectory would also be explainable. While Inside Llewyn Davis was his breakout performance in 2013, he didn’t start becoming really famous until 2015. Transiting Saturn in Sagittarius would have hit his Midheaven right around the time that The Force Awakens took over theatres and turned him into a household name. It was a very steady build up to that point. Often times, the moment when a famous person really “hits it big” can be traced to transits to their Midheaven. For Oscar, the Saturn conjunct Midheaven transit could have been the time where he finally graduated from gritty character actor, after all that hard work, to bona fide superstar and internationally known leading man. All of the effort finally paid off. 


Born on January 27, 1979 in Hammersmith, London
Sun in Aquarius, Moon in Capricorn
Suspected Ascendant: Capricorn
Estimated Birth Time: 7:00 am

Rosamund Pike first hit screens as a Bond Girl in 2002’s Die Another Day. After turns in films such as An Education and Jack Reacher, she had her major breakthrough in 2014 with her Oscar-nominated performance as the enigmatic missing wife Amy Dunne in Gone Girl

Rosamund is an Aquarius Sun with the Moon in Capricorn. The vibe I get from her is so strong in both of these signs that I have always felt like she had to have either a Capricorn or an Aquarius Ascendant, making either of these placements angular and particularly powerful.

In the end, I would bet more on her being a Capricorn Rising. If she was born near 7 am, her Moon in Capricorn would be in the 1st House and conjunct the Ascendant. This feels fitting to me, for some reason, as there is something both very expressive and very contained about her. Moon rising people wear their feelings on their sleeves, generally speaking. But, when the Moon is rising in the sign of Capricorn, there is an air of self-containment to the person. They keep themselves together even though they appear very available and warm. That dichotomy seems to explain Rosamund’s demeanor, as she seems to be really in control but not in a way that’s harsh or severe. Unlike the typical Capricorn Rising, she doesn’t seem cold in an intimidating way.

However, she is quite a cool, collected character. Another giveaway to her having a Capricorn Rising would be the posh, classy vibe (that goes beyond her British accent and sensibility) that she gives off. Capricorn Ascendant folks just seem very sophisticated. The Moon is representative of one’s upbringing and if she has her Moon in the 1st in Capricorn, that would explain her very sophisticated background. Her parents are both opera singers and she grew up in the elegant atmosphere of the opera/theatre world, conditioned to see life (1st House) from this really cultured point of view (Capricorn). Also, the 1st House Moon means that her earliest years taught her about being in touch with her emotions. When your mother (Moon) is an actress and singer, that can definitely do that to you!

She also spoke of being highly influenced by seeing adults be able to play around and express what they feel. “If you have parents who know how to play and live in the imagination, a child finds it easy to respond to them,” she said. Capricorn Moons grow up feeling very able to relate to adults and feeling quite adult-like because of this. Her mother’s ability, in particular, to be emotionally aware and expressive could have made her feel on her mother’s level, which instilled this grown-up sensibility. And with the Moon in the 1st rising, this would very significantly impact her general sense of self-awareness and living life.

Interestingly, she has once said, “I definitely found it hard to contain my feelings as a little girl. Everything was big and it still is.” Seeing herself in such an emotionally charged manner fits with the Moon being in the 1st. In fact, if a planet is conjunct the Rising sign, a person can see themselves as being more like the planet than the sign. Yet, Rosamund definitely doesn’t seem like an emotionally uncontrolled person. Underneath it all, if the Rising sign is in Capricorn, she still comes off as being contained, even if she feels like she is letting all of her feelings hang out. That is the paradox of this combination. She has also acknowledged this, saying, “I think I’m quite a wild person. It’s the fear of that which makes me come across as contained. Calm is something I’m fundamentally not.”

So, this is quite a descriptor of Capricorn Rising’s innate reluctance to lose control. Also, it symbolizes the Aquarius planets she has in the 1st House: her Sun conjunct Mars in Aquarius. In this chart I’ve drawn up for her, Aquarius is intercepted in the 1st. People who have an intercepted sign in the 1st have a secondary Ascendant, in a way. So, Rosamund will also feel like an Aquarius Rising and act out many of its traits. It’s the underlying influence of her Capricorn Ascendant, constantly threatening to make her go wild and crazy when she is just trying to keep it together.

It also explains why her Aquarius energy is so strong. Having the Sun in the 1st in Aquarius really makes sense for her. This is the same woman who said that she would often leave the Gone Girl set in the middle of the night to go swimming or go play a game of pool. She also admitted, in an interview with Graham Norton, that while about eight months pregnant during the film’s press tour, she randomly decided to go to a late-night dance party but was disappointed that no one else came. But, unbothered, she danced the night away by herself and, of course, the child in her giant belly. She also once said that she has a small pet snake named Oswald and likes to wear him as a piece of jewelry out in public on occasion in order to mess with people. 
So, yeah, she definitely has the quirky, radically independent Aquarius demeanor down, as well as the randomness (she once decided to finish her education at Oxford just because she liked the way the top of the buildings of the school looked), especially since Mars is also in the 1st and conjunct her Sun. It might also be something that relaxes her Capricorn Ascendant significantly. In true Aquarius fashion, Rosamund does seem like the kind of unpretentious, cool person who you could just have a drink with. David Fincher, her Gone Girl director, described her as having “a kind of approachability that people who are genetically blessed usually don’t [have].”

Her Aquarius energy in the 1st makes it clear that she has no airs about her. But, at the same time, there is that contradictory Aquarian aloofness to her. You feel like she is friendly and affable enough yet you certainly don’t feel like you know her on a personal level. There is a certain distant quality to her. In this chart, she would also have the Midheaven in Scorpio, only further creating that air of mystery around her. Fincher said that one of the reasons why he cast her as Amy was because, after watching a few of her films, he “couldn’t get a read on her.” Scorpio Midheaven people are known for having that enigmatic quality. An interesting pattern that I’ve noticed is that actors’ most famous parts are usually symbolic of their Midheaven, in some way.

With Rosamund, the roles she is most associated with are of dangerous, Scorpio-like women, rather it’s the deadly Bond Girl or Amy, who certainly has more to her than meets the eye (I’ve also heard more than a few people say that she was so good in the latter performance that she still creeps them out or makes them hate her, even if they are just watching her interviews). Also, Saturn was in Scorpio when Gone Girl was released in late 2014 and would’ve been crossing her late-degree Scorpio Midheaven. Again, it’s a similar case as Oscar’s: she had been working and working away for so many years in supporting roles and it all finally paid off with an iconic leading role that has opened her up to more professional success. 

Speaking of Saturn, it would make sense for it to be in her 7th House. During her Saturn Return in 2008, her broken engagement (7th House) with director Joe Wright, who is the one who called it off, gained a lot of attention. The Saturn Return in the 7th teaches one a lot about relationships. Rosamund seems to have forgone marriage for the time being, as 7th House Saturn folks are prone to do after a major heartbreak. But she is in an eight-year partnership with Robin Uniacke, with whom she has two children. Robin is 18 years her senior, symbolizing the major age difference in love that are very common with Saturn in the 7th, and she describes him as the most interesting person she’s ever known. Also, she scoffs at those who are critical of the large age gap. “The idea that you go for an older man because you think you’re less likely to be left by him, that’s the biggest pile of crap ever.” But, that could just be her don’t-care-what-you-think Aquarius side talking!


  1. Man! You've got these people down to the science! How'd u get so good?

    1. Well, the joke could be on me and I could find out I'm wrong. Haha but I like guessing Rising signs. I think it's a great way to improve your understanding of astrology and its effect on people.

    2. Could you guess Minnie Riperton's Rising? I've been trying to find a birth chart on her but failed. *womp womp*

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  5. My English isn't good but I'll try my best to explain myself. By intuition I think that the first person was born around 5.25pm (Virgo ascendent), and the 2nd person around 8am ( aquarius ascendent). (Piscis and virgo intercepted in the 1st-7th houses). That's what I guess.

    By the way, I just discovered this website and I could say that is one of the best ones that I have read. I certainly will get some reading when I translate all I have to say and ask lol. Keep it up! You are really good :) Un abrazo

  6. My English isn't good but I'll try my best to explain myself. By intuition I think that the first person was born around 5.25pm (Virgo ascendent), and the 2nd person around 8am ( aquarius ascendent). (Piscis and virgo intercepted in the 1st-7th houses). That's what I guess.

    By the way, I just discovered this website and I could say that is one of the best ones that I have read. I certainly will get some reading when I translate all I have to say and ask lol. Keep it up! You are really good :) Un abrazo

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