Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Reverse Nodal Return: When Fate Knocks

The North Node Return is a transit that is regularly spoken of. But, what do you do when you’re having your reverse Node Return? This basically means that the transiting North Node is conjunct your natal South Node. For those of you with the North Node in Pisces, you have been going through this transit for the past year, at one point or another, with the transiting Virgo North Node in conjunction to your natal Virgo South Node. This is always an interesting time. I consider the Nodes to be a crucial part of a person’s birth chart; the thing that can really make or break their development throughout life. When the reverse Nodal Return occurs, then you will experience a real breakthrough moment that can allow you to evolve in a significant way. 

The transiting North Node hitting your South Node can even be quite life-changing as it enhances an element of fate in your life. There is a fatal feeling that is attached to the South Node: those patterns and behaviors that we engage in, time and time again, and that can leave us with this cosmic sense of disappointment if we place too much importance on them. But, the North Node is a point of growth and evolving; of being able to reach your true potential. So, when it is in a transiting conjunction to your South Node, there can be an element of very positive fate that enters your life. 

This is also because the South Node represents natural talents and effortless abilities that we possess. Therefore, if the transiting North Node is conjunct the natal South Node, it will bring out the absolute best of your inherent abilities. The first one occurs when we’re around the age of 9 or 10. It’s a time where we can begin to figure out what we’re really good at. For me, when I was going through this transit at that age, I really discovered how highly creative I am. I have the South Node in Leo, so it fits that I was awakened to those creative talents that made me feel so special and allowed me to really express myself. At the same time, this also sets us up to become very preoccupied with what our South Node wants, due to getting that glorious taste of what we can really do. I think this is the transit where those “bad habits” are really implanted deep within us. 

But, the second time this happens, it is around the age of 27 to 28. By this time, we have had a fairly long past that gives us a lot of experience with our South Node and these experiences are mostly counterproductive. So, when the transiting North Node conjuncts the South Node at this age, I think it functions as a release of those bad habits. At least, it can, so long as the person is willing to grow and learn. Something can happen in your life that really gives you what your South Node wants at this time. After all, it is bringing out the best of this side of yourself. However, what’s also happening is that the Universe is telling you, “Alright, you’ve already accomplished this. Are you satisfied yet? Are you ready to really challenge yourself?” This moves you toward your North Node.

Of course, you have to be willing to let go of your comfort zone around this time. By doing so, you can release a lot of your South Node’s bad karma and prepare to truly head in your North Node’s direction. It’s my theory that the late 20’s is the time where a lot of people really become in tune with their North Node and I think this is one of the reasons why. Fate comes knocking at your door. It’s as if you have put so much energy into getting what your South Node is after. It could be freedom (South Node in Sagittarius) or career success (South Node in Capricorn) or acclaim and applause (South Node in Leo). Then, you may finally get it, during this time, and while it may seem pleasant enough, you can be left with a lingering sense of “Is that it?” 

That question prepares you to focus on your North Node and make it a priority because you finally realize what you’ve been missing. You were chasing after that South Node carrot all along and now it’s not quite as delicious as you thought. But, it’s still delicious! The realization can just come now that it’s not enough. Therefore, the North Node can do wonders in terms of refining the qualities of your South Node’s qualities during the reverse Nodal Return. It can really balance you out and the more balanced the expression of your South Node traits are, the more you will be able to express your North Node positively. 

Interestingly enough, the transiting South Node will be conjunct your natal North Node during this transit, as well. Because of this, your Nodes will manifest in the absolute opposite sense. Normally, the issue may be that your South Node is what feels out of reach somehow and the North Node is what keeps demanding to be heard. But, during this time, it can seriously flip. Whatever your South Node wants, it can come into your life almost abundantly. It can get to the point where you are downright sick of it. If the South Node is in Libra, for example, you may ordinarily spend your days really craving the company and/or the validation of others, only to find your relationships lackluster. People keep letting you down. However, during the reverse Nodal Return, it’s as if you are connected to people non-stop. You’re showered with love and affection! Everything’s harmonious with the people in your life! You finally end up in a steady relationship or you get a lot closer to a good friend. 

But, strangely, you’re sick of it! It’s too much of a good thing. You don’t know why you are getting more irritated at your partner these days or why you just want to be left alone to your own devices all the time. It’s because your Aries North Node is crying out for attention. If unbalanced, the South Node represents a lack of fulfillment. And if the transiting South Node is conjunct your North Node, it means that you are suddenly not fulfilled because you would much rather be doing your North Node these days. Yeah, the South Node is nice and everything. But, you really want more! With the North Node in Aries, you would be craving a lot more independence during this time. You will really yearn, more than ever, to do what you want to do and not have to worrying about answering to someone else all the time. 

For those of you who have the North Node in Pisces, this has been a time where it’s been just a little too easy to have all of your ducks lined in a row. With the transiting North Node in Virgo conjunct your South Node, you have been checking off all of your boxes; maybe a bit too much and too compulsively. You might feel like you’ve achieved the perfect little routine you have always wanted. Work’s going great, you’re really pulling off the new diet, your life is operating like total clockwork. And yet… something is really missing. 

All you do is work, work, work. You have no more time to rest or just do nothing. Man, you would really love to just sit around and do nothing all day except watch movies. It would be so great if you took up something like yoga or started being more spiritual. Also, you’re really sick of putting all of this pressure on yourself and others; on having to assess everything, including yourself, up to super-high standards. This is the call of your Pisces North Node. How great would it be to just go with the flow a lot more and not be such a slave to that planner of yours? During this time, you can get a very powerful sense of this, as all of that order and efficiency and perfection just aren’t doing it for you anymore. And you may even realize that it never has in the first place. You just thought it did. 

In a way, I think the reverse Nodal Return is the Universe’s way of saying, “This is what you really want and you need to be okay with that.” You have to stop lying to yourself via the South Node, as it can be a way of deceiving ourselves into going in a certain direction when it’s not good for us. At the same time, we can really find peace with the South Node during the reverse Nodal Return, particularly the one around age 27 – 28, because I think it is the first time in our lives where we truly get the sense that we’ve “been there and done that.” 

Also, this is a transit that occurs right before one’s first Saturn Return. There is a rather interesting correlation between Saturn and the North Node. Both points in the chart represent certain challenges one has to face. They can be hard for you to live out, to varying degrees depending on the person, but you will feel so fulfilled when you do. They both represent maturity and your purpose in life. The North Node is more of a “higher purpose”, something more karmic or even spiritual, while Saturn is the kind of purpose that comes from sustained effort and hard-earned experience. So, it makes sense that these transits of these placements regularly occur one after the other, including the first Saturn Return and the reverse Nodal Return. 

I have noticed that people who are unable to achieve their Saturn sign/house are usually unable to achieve their North Node sign/house. The reverse Nodal Return when you’re 27 or 28 prepares you for your first Saturn Return because it demands that you stretch yourself and challenge yourself. It is a time for you to really mature, which can be said for the Saturn Return, as well. I think that if you are able to heed the call of the reverse Nodal Return, seeing how it’s just a little too easy to indulge in your South Node and that you are ready to move on to something new aka the North Node, then you will be properly buckled up when your Saturn Return soon comes at you. 

This transit occurs at many other phases in your life, as well, including at the age of 45 to 46 and 63 to 64 (which, in this case, is after your second Saturn Return). During any of these times, you may also gain the opportunity to find peace with your past. It is said that the South Node represents your past life. If you don’t believe in past lives, it is just indicative of your past in this life. Either way, certain breakthrough moments can happen where you finally let go of something from the past that was holding you back. So, if you believe in past lives, this would be an excellent time for a past life regression. If not, certain people from your past could come back into your life. Situations can alarmingly repeat. Déjà vu can rear its ugly head, making you feel as if you’ve somehow regressed into the “old you.” But, this needs to happen. Not only can you make peace with people who’ve disappointed you and vice versa but you can learn to both fully love and accept the person you once were while also fully accepting that, in many ways, you have outgrown him or her. 

Another interesting pattern I’ve seen with the South Node is that it can be a great career indicator. Since the South Node shows what you are naturally skilled at, it is quite an effortless thing to make a career out of whatever that is. South Node in Aquarius people can really succeed at something scientific, innovative, or collaborative while South Node in Aries individuals are excellent entrepreneurs and self-employed/freelance types. If it’s not that literal, then you will, at least, be able to use the talents of your South Node very effectively in order to get ahead. Therefore, during the reverse Nodal Return, you can find yourself really making significant strides in whatever that career is. The abundance that comes into your life could be enhanced success, skill, or recognition in terms of what you do. And because it’s best to live out the South Node by not over-focusing on it, you can discipline yourself to channel that energy into work while not making it your absolute life, centering more of your concerns around the North Node. 

This is a transit that will start for me in May, once the North Node moves into Leo, and I’m eager to see what it has in store for me. Also, of course, this has just as much of an effect in terms of what houses the South Node and North Node are in. If you have a 12th House South Node, you might have all the free-flowing bliss, solitude, and empathy for others you can stand during this time, instead seeking to challenge yourself by becoming more efficient, productive, and useful (North Node in the 6th), etc etc. In any case, this is a period where you are being urged to re-balance your life and your priorities, so it’s best to take advantage of it.


  1. Great post! I just noticed this "But, what do you do when you’re having your reverse Node Return? This basically means that the transiting North Node is conjunct your natal North Node." I guess you meant the South Node. Jupiter virgo :D

    1. Thanks for pointing that out! Fixed. :)

    2. Don't mention it.:)
      Interesting about how South Node can indicate one's career! I have to re-evaluate all the charts, a new perspective.
      On a side node mine is in cancer 6th and I like the idea (and the practice ) of teaching kids. ^^

  2. Perfect timing! I was just learning about this and other topics (including your previous article, Jupiter in the 11th house) through the night. Yes, all these discoveries have kept me awake! I'll have my nodal reversal in a couple of years. I read that it's like one chapter ending and another beginning :). With South Node in 10th house, I expect to have a crazy social year, and have it simmer down afterwards.

    1. Oh yes and Saturn will also be transiting my natal North Node at that time. I don't fully believe in past lives, but read stories of people recollecting theirs during Saturn/node aspects.

  3. Another incredible article! This transit was the exact time when I found out my career path, something that I have never considered before. And another thing - I learned to relate with others in a different way that brings me no pain /Saturn in Libra 12 house/. Very karmic period. Now I'm curious for the NN return which is coming soon :)

  4. Yes I have passed through the nodal reverse where north node in Virgo and it is going to be in Leo in next may where my sun is located, I don't know what this mean. I am also passing through Saturn return the exact degree is 26.

    Also what about the north node in Leo will transit the sun in Leo for you?

  5. Hello, I just want to let you know that I already made my payment !

  6. I am 45 and looking forward to my reverse nodal position in leo south node. i distinctly remember 27/28. my aquarius north node in 1st house backed me to explore connections with others and form partnerships with several ordinary folks. i was starting independently. But I could not continue with this energy i was still sorting myself. Now another cycle later, I am so much more stronger and confident about it.

    1. I am Aquarius north node as well, In my last reverse nodal, I joined a church only to learn it was a cult. The backstabbing and stress was more than I can handle. I joined to serve others and branch out and I ended up with a nervous breakdown. They used me and spit me out . I cant go thru that again. Sofar I live an isolated life, I am dreading this return as I don't want to give my all only to be used again. What should I do?

    2. Sorry to hear that! But, maybe experiencing that in the previous reverse Node Return will make this one more productive. What houses are your Nodes in?

  7. Gosh, this is making me dizzy. :) It also makes me wish my SOUTH Node were in Virgo. Seems like the better deal when it comes to actually managing the demands of real life today, like paperwork, housework, getting your finances in order etc. Achieving what your South Node in Pisces wants is generally anything but practical.

    Figuring out the effect of my North Node in Virgo/South Node in Pisces per se is actually pretty straightforward, but then again, my houses are switched, and I already have a hard time seeing where my South Node ends and my North Node begins without the added flip of transiting NN conjunct SN. Plus my North Node is in my 12th house, so what I got here is a conundrum wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma. :P

    At least, it feels that way. I'm really glad you wrote this post, even though it only marginally applies to my own placements - I need every information I can get to make sense of this Nodal maze. :)

    Back then, when the transiting North Node was conjunct my South Node in Pisces 10 years ago, I was anything but self-aware - I didn't even know that I was in the middle of a major depressive episode. (Saturn in 12th house, so thank you Mom for insisting on me being upbeat all the time instead of dealing with it in a healthy way. /sarcasm off)
    The effect was, that I totally indulged in my South Node and neglegted things like housework, my studies, leaving my room... Unsurprisingly, I DID spend a lot of time playing "The Sims", reading and sleeping. And yes, I was sick of it, but I had totally lost momentum and no idea how to get out of this self-sabotaging routine. (Good thing I didn't get my hands on illegal drugs. ^^)

    I neither achieved my North Node, nor my Saturn a few years later (I'm 37 now), though my Saturn return DID get my out of that rut.
    Then again, my NN and Saturn in Virgo are conjunct in my 12th house. My uneducated guess is that this makes achieving either very difficult or quite easy at the same time, depending on your level of self-awareness. It's all or nothing, and I'm pretty sure it's not unusual if the "all" takes more than one or two returns.
    Good thing I got a few years left to prepare for the next ones. As I don't have any other placements in Virgo (or at least some stabilizing Earth signs), this energy feels foreign to me, especially when it's about actually taking action like a Virgo.

    What do you think? I'm seriously looking forward to your posts about your experiences with your returns, especially of Saturn in the 12th house in a few years- I expect them to be quite illuminating. :)

    However, there's a good side to having the South Node in Pisces in the 6th house, too, as focusing on your physical health, like taking care of your diet, is recommended and helps a great deal when you feel down or even seriously depressed. And doing Yoga satisfies both Pisces and Virgo, yay! (Someone with South Node in Virgo should feel quite comfortable with the physical side of Yoga - achieving the needs of your North Node in Pisces is a beneficial side effect.)

  8. Thanks for writing about this Wayman, it's the transit I've been going through and hopefully done with. It is a very interesting topic and I think it maybe affects everyone differently.

    This worked the opposite for me as it was the worst time for my career. I took on too much at once, went through intense job training while finishing my senior year in college, met a lot of challenges and difficult people, lost my cat, had my heart broken by just about everything and everyone.....and have been trying not to be a cold and angry person, which I got written up at the job I had to end up taking for being too "cold" and "standoffish" to my coworkers. Wtf?

    I'm about to lose my certification for the job I worked so hard for and could never actually get hired. This whole transit has been really heavy for me. And I haven't been able to handle it well at all.

    The direction I thought I was headed was not at all where I ended up. Now I'm working at a logistics company, I hate my job. I'm struggling to be positive again. And I just found out I'm pregnant. On top of this, my whole existence has been filled with fear, insecurity and everything I think has been coming true that it has caused me to be fearful of my thoughts. Which makes me feel fairly crazy.

    This has been one of the most difficult periods of my life - I'd call it The Twilight Zone

    It sucked. I'm exasperated and exhausted.

    1. I also want to add that just before this transit, life was amazing and magical. I felt great. I thought everything was working out perfectly. If you want my opinion on which transit is the best for your career, it's when the north node transits the MC. During this time I landed a job as a journalist and was very successful. It really was the best time of my life in terms of my career.

    2. Yeah, transits certainly won't be felt exactly the same for everyone. It can depend on the condition of your Nodes and what possible aspects there are to them. Also, regardless of if things are going really well or really awful in terms of your South Node during this same, you will still be craving more. That can be whether things are too good to be true and you realize that it's not all that fulfilling or whether things are just terrible and that is the source of your lack of fulfillment.

      But, hopefully, the difficulties of this transit will push you toward your Pisces North Node in a more successful way.

  9. Thanks for this much sought after information Wayman! Since last year I have been anticipating my inverse Nodal Return and oh boy, the Dragon is wagging it's head and tail at me :). This is how it's unfolding at the moment: December last year I met a guy at an Amazonian "jungle coffee" ceremony and the meeting felt fated from the first moment we spoke to each other. I had this strong feeling of connectedness and he had it too, I sensed. I have developed a strong interest in Astrology since a year or two (yep, that's my Virgo South Node in the 8th) and I offered him my help. He spoke about his life being stuck in a rut, he was seeking his soul purpose. So I delved into his charts and especially his past life and evolutionary astrology. After presenting him my results, we made an appointment to do another jungle coffee ceremony together at my place (I have experience in that stuff:)) and it turned out to be on the exact date of my Inverse Nodal Return, about two months from now. And it's just the beginning: out of curiosity I checked our synastry charts and I couldn't believe my eyes. We have an extremely strong karmic bond (as If I didn't know that already) with a double South Node conjunction to our Suns, Mercury, Sun conjunct Moon, his Nodes squaring my Vertex, his Neptune opposite my Saturn which is very karmic and the rest I won't bore you with...! So...I'm really, literally turned upside down you might say. And he is, too, although he isn't aware of it quite yet. Of course there are complications: he's in a relationship right now, but spoke about it holding him down in a rut... I am not the type to rush delicate things like this and will watch the Universe operating on us. The weird thing is: suddenly everything makes sense about my life up until now. The Past literally meeting the Future? To be continued...

  10. 12th house (Placidus house system) Pisces north node; 6th house Virgo south node. I feel like I am upside down. It is very much a "deja vu" type of experience. I'm very busy, but not in the typical Virgo way. I'm busy working on my course work to complete my degree and I'm obsessed with astrology!!! I don't even want to stop to eat or sleep. Is this normal I wonder for a 12th house north node reversal? I think the last time this happened was when I bought my first computer. I spent hours and hours studying everything!!! Quantum mechanics, UFO subjects, different ancient philosophies, theology,past lives, near death experiences, etc... I couldn't get enough of weird off the wall subjects that I hadn't really took the time to fully consider before.

  11. Great Post....can you also give me some insight. My 11th house south node leo, is a stellium including my sun, venus, pluto, mercury, black moon lilith, and a lunar eclipse.....north node is aquarius in 5h house. as you can see the houses are reversed leo is in aquarius house and aquarius is in leo house....
    how will the reverse transits this year affect my life. Is is good or bad.
    9 years ago ,, my dad died, and in 2016 near my birthday, my mom died. my grandmother died when I was 29. I am a little scared this time ....

  12. Thanks for this! I'm now in my reverse node with my S in Leo and N in Aquarius and was glad to come here to gain more insight. Great write up! If you have time to decipher specifics for Leo/Aquarius reverse nodes, id love to read it as well. Thanks for your insight! <3

  13. You said that a south node in aquarius would be good in scientific and innovative fields. I have my north node in Aquarius, with the reverse nodal return would this apply to me and my future?

    Because i've been chipping away at my engineering degree for about 4 years now (still got two years worth of curriculum left :(, that's after 3 years of art school right after high school (i was really good at it by the way)then quit and a 2-3 year break. Its been so hard and every bone in me is telling me to quit, even my "mentor" told me i should think about changing my major to something simple (like, how insulting smh) but I've been in school for so long if i quit now im not going back. I'm almost 30 and school obviously isnt for me, but i cant bring myself to quit yet, i'm convinced to death that i can do it. Also i have the generational cap stellium (neptune, saturn,uranus all in 12th house so you now i am going THROUGH it right now) also cap ascendant, so i feel like saturn has been holding me back and with the return this december im hoping something happens.

    You think my time in STEM has come to an end or should my north node be able to help?

  14. Hello, thanks for the uselful post, I am about to have my reverse node return in my cancer seventh house, but at the same time same will conjunct my north node capricorn first house... I am currently unemployed, single from many years after a 14 years ago divorce, what else could collapse it does not look good that saturn thanks

  15. I have natal conjunction of south node on MC and right now north node is on that degree, in one month it will be on my MC. I am waitting to see and hope for success in work as always

  16. And pluto and saturn will oppose my MC this year. I dont know...