Saturday, February 4, 2017

A Different Side of You: The Descendant

When talking about the Descendant, I like to not just focus on the standard “what kind of partner are you attracted to?” angle. I also like to focus on the fact that this represents the “other half” of yourself; the side of you that contradicts the persona, represented by the Ascendant, that you have cultivated. This is why when people meet you, they meet your Ascendant and when they get closer to you and really become an integral part of your life (i.e. your romantic partner or your good friend), they meet your Descendant. People can be confusing and paradoxical, which explains the innate contrast between your general behavior and the “other person” that someone gets acquainted with once your Descendant comes out.

As an Aquarius Rising with a Leo Sun in the 7th, I have always felt like a major contradiction because I am my other half in a very fundamental way (in fact, all Aquarius Risings will feel this way, to some extent, as the Sun, the planet of self, rules the 7th regardless in the chart). My advice with the Descendant is to always love and appreciate these traits within yourself because this will significantly enhance and improve your relationships with others. Like in any relationship, you might not always like the qualities of your other half. I don’t always like, especially now, to admit that I have times where I can be a self-absorbed teenager in an adult’s body, a la Leo. But, to a certain degree and as long as it’s not doing massive damage, you have to find a way to love these qualities anyway because real love involves both the good and the bad. 

ARIES DESCENDANT (Libra Ascendant)
You come off as being so nice, accommodating, and pleasant. But, you are actually a real iron fist in a velvet glove. Once people really get to know you, you’re quite fierce and a force to be reckoned with. It’s to a point where your partners might feel as if they have bitten off more than they can chew. Sometimes, that lovely, refined demeanor is just a way of drawing people in and having them exactly where you want them so you can win the game. You’re surprisingly competitive, confrontational, and self-reliant in your relationships, pushing the other to hold their own.

TAURUS DESCENDANT (Scorpio Ascendant)
You possess such a general air of mystery, depth, and complexity. So, it’s quite a surprise for people who get close to you to realize that you often aren’t that much of a puzzle at all. In your romantic relationships and good friendships, you are simple, solid, and laidback to the point of putting others to sleep. It’s as if you put so much energy into playing this part of the enigmatic one that peering behind that veneer is a bit anticlimactic. People then realize that you are much easier to understand and much more level-headed than they initially thought.

GEMINI DESCENDANT (Sagittarius Ascendant)
Your demeanor is very upbeat, straightforward, and philosophical. Yet, there is another side to you that is more logical and thinks everything out. People initially think you are the kind of person who you can’t get down. But, you are much more changeable in your close relationships. You spend so much time looking on the bright side that the other half of you keeps nagging you with evidence that could burst your bubble or others’. You will often connect with your romantic partner or close friend in a way that just lets you bounce all of your thoughts and ideas off of them. You can constantly change your mind in relationships to the point of suddenly becoming another person.

CANCER DESCENDANT (Capricorn Ascendant)
You have an efficient, strong, and capable sort of persona, seeming like you can handle whatever life throws at you. But, you are one of those classic “tough on the outside, soft on the inside” types of people. When someone becomes a real part of your life, they see that vulnerability and those emotions you keep so closely guarded. You spend so much time appearing as if you have it all together. But, this sophisticated, self-sufficient exterior gets set aside so a needier and more sensitive soul can emerge, which makes you such a caregiver in relationships, as well.

LEO DESCENDANT (Aquarius Ascendant)
You generally appear to be a nonchalant, intellectual, and often distant individual. Yet, you can also be very passionate and heartfelt. In your important relationships, you are very warm and can be especially romantic. There is also a huge magnetism and superstar-like charisma that those that get to know you may not be able to get enough of. By being such a cool nonconformist and making your own rules, you reveal a side of yourself that is like a strong-willed artist or performer with his or her own grandiose vision. So, you can actually end up dominating your platonic and romantic partners because of this, revealing a surprisingly large ego or strength of will.

VIRGO DESCENDANT (Pisces Ascendant)
You come off as an ethereal, mysterious person who lives on some other planet or version of reality than the rest of people. But, in getting to know you, a more down-to-earth and sensible picture of you emerges. After all, in order for you to peacefully escape into this other realm, you have to get things together in the real world first. You reveal yourself to be shrewder and more intellectual than you come off. With romantic partners and good friends, you insist on a certain order or practicality in the relationship, tending to all the details and finishing all the work that needs to be done.

LIBRA DESCENDANT (Aries Ascendant)
You present yourself and carry yourself as a ballsy, forward, and headstrong person. Although you generally come off as fearless, take-no-crap person, you definitely have a gentler and more refined side to you. Since you are so eager to barrel full speed ahead into challenges, you often don’t have time to stop and think that much about what you’re doing. In your partnerships, you like to be more thoughtful and think more of the consequences. People can also be surprised at how sweet you turn out to be when they get to know you and you can do a lot to please your lovers or friends.

Your demeanor is so calm, sweet, and stable that you seem to be the ultimate easygoing type of person. But, there is an intense and tempestuous side of you that emerges strongly in your important relationships. You might spend so much time being patient and even-keeled that you bottle up your passions until you just can’t anymore. Your romantic partners and good friends will eventually realize that you are more complicated and emotionally demanding than they initially realized. But, this eventually leads to relationships that are very deep, enriching, and life-changing.

Your persona is very scattered, whimsical, and in flux mentally, constantly keeping you in your head. Although you come off as someone who is tough to pin down, when you really let someone into your life, you are a lot more straightforward than you appeared to be. You generally change your mind so frequently that you prefer to be more consistent and full of conviction when you’re close to someone. In fact, you are very opinionated with your significant other or best friend. But, you are also very positive and enthusiastic with them, instead of poking holes in everything with logic.

You possess a general air to you that is particularly sensitive, emotionally charged, and vulnerable. But, in terms of your close relationships, you can actually be quite guarded. You are very cautious and skeptical in terms of getting close to someone. It’s as if being so emotionally exposed on a regular basis shows you how insensitive or unreceptive people can be, causing you to put up barriers in terms of getting to know others. Yet, once the trust is earned, you also reveal a very dependable, capable side of yourself that doesn’t waver and is in the relationship for the long haul.

You have an exterior that is very charismatic, confident, and attention-getting, giving you the persona of the fabulous one. When you form a relationship with someone, though, you do not want all of that attention and praise. In these partnerships, you’re like a famous person who is tired of hearing people kiss his or her ass. In fact, you can often do things to provoke your romantic partner or good friend, shocking them, breaking the rules, or defying their expectations. You are also quite cool, casual, and independent in relationships, yearning for more than enough space and freedom.

You carry yourself and generally see yourself as someone who is clear-headed, efficient, and has their act together. Yet, there is another side of yourself that is an outright mess and that also lives in another dimension. You can get so frustrated with the lack of perfection in the real world that you yearn to escape into another world that has that perfect feel. So, when people get to know you, they get to know the part of you that operates on another wavelength. You are also very empathetic and intuitive in romances and good friendships, creating a downright telepathic bond with the other.


  1. Wow. Going big with that Leo descending I see. The broader you go with the topics. There's no Telling what you could Talk About Next.(Aquarius vs. Leo.) Though I am, interested in hearing about Your take on Chiron.

    Your incoming transits/ hopeful topics: The most notable; north conjunct Pluto.

    Ascendant conjunct Pluto.

    Pluto opposite descendant ruler

    Pluto in the age of Aquarius.

    ' The completion of major transits. '

    'The ages'

    Chiron opposite an outer planet.

    But if I had to hear one it would have to be *****Rulers***** Hearing what it means to be a ruler. And how you adjust to that lifestyle. As well as, ******exaltation***** Theories. You know.

  2. Hehe, got that Aries Descendat/Libra Ascendant- combi:
    "Sometimes, that lovely, refined demeanor is just a way of drawing people in and having them exactly where you want them so you can win the game."

    Is it just me, or does this sound like a Venus Flytrap? :)

  3. I'm laughing at Taurus DSC one because I feel that way too about myself.

    There aren't many mysteries about me. I do have many secrets and my Gemini self can have all sort of sides and cards which probably can be surprising at times, but honestly I'm just a person who is passionate about learning (almost everything), who craves stability and simplicity in life. That's it, that's all about it.

    It can be disappointing to those who expect more. I can feel the weight of the expectation people unconsciously have (or maybe it's my own expectation, who knows). It's actually an insecurity of mine; a part of me worries that people would lose interest after they get to know me, so more often than not I keep my distance and the mysterious persona on. My issue a.k.a 'feeling like I need to perform or be someone else/more to keep people's attention' isn't helping that much either, although I've started to dismantle this part by part and currently trying to convince myself to believe that- no matter what, in the end I will be enough for the right person, both the 'fun' and the 'boring' parts of me. There are people out there who actually want/love the same thing as I do.

    1. For some reason I knew you would ask that lol.

      Yes, I have my Sun in the 7th house. Honestly, yours is the only 7th House Sun post/interpretation I found I could relate to. I've started to accept my Sun in the 7th since that point and begun to acknowledge its manifestations in my life. So yeah, thank you.

    2. Haha oh great! Yes you just sounded like a 7th House Sun when you said that you always want your close relationships to be fun and never boring. But, the thing is that having a Taurus Descendant means that your relationships will be sort of "boring", in the sense of being very uneventful and simple and un-dramatic. But, in the end, I think you can get a lot of fun out of that.

  4. I have an Aries descendent, and the 'self-reliant' description stood out to me. I have a friend who has basically never been out of a relationship for more than a couple of months since she was 14, while I never had an actual relationship until I was 29. She cannot understand how, even if I was lonely at times, I could cope perfectly well without one.

    I'm not married to one, but there is something about cocky, show off men for me, so maybe that's my Aries descendent too! Most of Aries falls in my sixth house though, and it was interesting to see that could indicate a Military career, which is what I have.

    1. Ha, yes, same here. First actual relationship when I was 29... maybe it's got sth to do with the Saturn return.

      I know what you mean with "cocky" - love that. Confident, playful and energetic. Like, I rather date a guy that makes an equal sparring partner, than someone who gives in all the time just for the sake of peace. Just because you're a couple doesn't mean you have to have the same opinions all the time.

      Couldn't even get my now-Ex to play a game like Mario Kart against me. Not much fun anyway when he's too "nice" to shoot that blue turtle. :)

  5. I have a virgo rising, but I have to say it feels backwards for me. I see myself as a complete mess, but others are always saying I'm "together". Is that just the perfectionist thing, or can you identify more with the descendant than the ascendant?

    1. I think there may be some other aspects or placements responsible for that. I feel like if you have planets in the 7th either conjunct the Descendant or in the same sign, then you can feel a lot more like your Descendant. I've always felt like a Leo, for example, even if the traits aren't totally obvious to everyone.

      And, I'm just going out on a limb, but it'd be interesting if you had something like the North Node or Saturn in the 1st, as that also means that you need to work on your self-awareness and realize just how "put-together" you actually are. Since my South Node is also in Leo in the 7th, I used to pay more attention to my Leo side than my Aquarius side. But, people have always said that I'm really intellectual and unusual and nonchalant and all of those Aquarius traits. Since it's my North Node, it's a side of myself I've had to pay a lot more attention to and acknowledge a lot more myself, even though I've always known, deep down, I had those traits.

    2. I have absolutely NOTHING in the 7th house OR conjunct the descendant...that's pretty fun, ain't it? :P

      But back on topic, I have neither the North Node or Saturn in the 1st, and the only planet in my first is my Sun in Libra. No matter what, I've always been pulled away from the "Virgo side" and always to the "Pisces side" so while I could relate to the Ascendant, I could never feel truly put togther.

      It's funny that you mentioned the North Node and Saturn, too, because my NN is in the 10th house and my Saturn is in the 9th, but conjuncts the Midheaven with a less than two degree orb. Would that make me make a projection to others as a "put-together" person, despite it not being too true?

    3. You might just want to check out your Neptune, which rules your Descendant. I feel like it's probably a dominant planet in your chart and that you could have a lot of aspects to it, maybe some squares or oppositions, that makes you feel a lot messier and more chaotic and fluid.

    4. Okay, I've done a lot of searching, and know that I'm actually thinking, it makes a whole lot of sense.

      My Neptune is in the 5th house, trines my sun, semisquares both my moon and Chiron, semi-sexiles my mars, and inconjuncts my venus. Upon looking much deeper, I see that those minor aspects are really much more prominent in my personality than I realized before, especially that semi-square to my moon, the most dominant planet in my chart by a long-shot. That also would have some influence I think, with my ridiculously domimant moon ruled by cancer, another water sign, and my moon has a pretty tight square with my ascendant, creating more "ripples" in the picture. Now that I know about the Moon-Neptune aspect, maybe they both play a big role in this whole thing. Also, my sun's ruler, Venus, is in the 12th. All in all, I just uncovered a huge discovery Neptune-style. :P

      Thanks so much for all of the help in this little mystery hunt! I'll be looking forward to your next writings!

    5. You're welcome. And just so you know, whatever is in your 5th House also has a lot to do with your identity and sense of self. Since it's the house that is naturally ruled by the Sun, it has a very similar effect in that sense.

      So, Neptune in the 5th, in and of itself, can also be very responsible for you seeing yourself in such a Neptune-like way because this is ultimately the way you are able to forge a sense of self, even though that sense of self will be hard to pin down, a la Neptune.

  6. Thanks! I can definitely see the "iron fist in a velvet glove" working here.. apart from Chiron in 8th all the planets fall on the eastern hemisphere on my chart with a stellium in 1st. Do you think this highlights or downplays the role of the descendant?

  7. Pretty cool! I have a Cancer DSC, so I can relate to having a hard-working, capable, mature persona, but when I'm with that special someone I become very affectionate and attached. However, I also have Moon in 1st House in Aquarius. On my own, I'm sensitive to others needs and I wear my heart on my sleeve, even when I'm in that Aquarius state of detachment. I find that the same thing holds when I'm with my close friends or my significant other.
    I'd like to know what you think of these placements.

  8. Dude what is it about your articles?! Such accuracy! I too have Aquarius AS Leo DC. Finally someone has expressed a perspective about the DC universe hehe in a different light.. I've always had this feeling myself.. as though once people really get to know me closely , with them exclusively I am such a performer and giver and quite an attention seeker! ;) That's something my aqua AS and Scorpio sun wouldnt normally give away initially.

    1. Haha, yeah I can't get far away from my own Leo-ness, with it being my Sun and South Node, as well. I have heard more than a few people call Aqua Risings attention seekers. We're just more low-key about it. :) I act way more indifferent and nonchalant than I really am, deep down.

  9. Taurus Asc/Scorpio Desc here. You've given me some food for thought. Yours is the second description of Scorpio descendent I've ever read. The first one I read about five or six years ago. It said that I tend to take on other people shadow stuff and process it for them. I'm extremely empathic… Neptune and moon conjunct, Mars in Cancer what… So, yes, that really fit. Especially if somebody was not doing their anger work, yup! I would take that on and do it for them. Trust me… It was not pleasant! I have since learned quite a lot about psychic protection so it's not quite an issue for me. I'm going to have to spend a little bit of time with your definition, but offhand I think it resonates as well.

  10. It's beautiful to read your post. I very much like your approach. It is one that I prefer to stress with my own clients, as the whole chart expresses aspects of our own being, rather than situations which we are fated to experience.
    The situation of Aquarius rising and Leo Descending, or the opposite case of Leo rising and Aquarius descending, offers the clearest contrast between arm's length and intimate connections that I have thus far explored. With my own clients, I share a few details that have seemed to help.
    First, with Aquarius rising, there is the tendency to project the need for freedom and self-determination. And yet, once you let down your hair, you need to be recognized for your specialness and beauty. In contrast, with Leo on the ascendant, one will project warmth and engagement. However, when people come close, one will tend to back away, to preserve autonomy and personal freedom. In either case, the key is to enter the connection from a space of mutual friendship. This must be the backbone of the interaction, rather than any stories about romance or expectations about how others should relate. In both cases, as well, one needs to offer the same freedom to their partner that they themselves expect. This means that a person with either placement needs to be centered enough within themselves that they can allow the interaction to be what it wants to be, rather than what they imagine it might.
    I have a great deal more to share on this. If you would like to discuss it in further detail, please feel free to contact me.