Thursday, February 9, 2017

Jupiter in the 10th House

If I’m keeping track correctly, the next requested Jupiter placement is Jupiter in the 10th House. Throughout this Jupiter series, I have been constantly pointing out the ways that everyone’s Jupiter isn’t “all good.” Jupiter in the 10th is an interesting position, in that sense, because it can mean that it seems to the whole world that you’ve got it made. It’s that idea that everyone who seems to have an absolutely amazing life probably isn’t as well off as you think. That is especially the case for the 10th House Jupiter, as you will give off this public image as being this person who hit the lottery or struck gold, in some way, or a person who seems to have it all. Sure, this placement does mean that you can experience a particular kind of “luck” in terms of your life goals and your standing in the world. But, all is not going to be as well as it seems!

The 10th House is regularly described as the “fame” house. Of course, most people are not literally famous. But, we do live in an age – with the Internet, with social media like Twitter and Instagram, with viral sensations – where it can be very easy to feel as if you are a celebrity when you’re just a regular person. Even before the explosion of the Internet, the 10th House, for non-celebs, was still the way you became “the talk of the town.” It’s the widespread image that you have, the way that people talk about you, the way that you’re known and remembered. For people with Jupiter in their 10th House, you are especially memorable. The positivity of Jupiter occurs because it gives us an excess of whatever it stands for. With Jupiter in the 10th House, you can be excessively talked about and excessively known, with a public image that happens to dwarf most people’s.

Everyone in your community and in your field – neighbors, bosses, co-workers, the people who work at your favorite restaurant or your bank, admirers, friends of friends, the people you met at the bar last weekend – comes together, almost unanimously, to form the 10th House opinion of you. In terms of dealing with the public, the 7th House is the response of those in the public who adore you. The 10th House is the response of those who adore you, admire you, don’t like you, and feel indifferent toward you. It’s the collective view everyone has of you and with Jupiter in the 10th, it feels as if everyone has an opinion of you. Everyone knows you and it’s because there’s just something about you that cannot be denied. Out in the public sphere, you are a really major presence and it’s to a degree that can feel as if this fame is being totally thrust upon you.

In many cases, for those famous people who have Jupiter in the 10th, their fame did come to them effortlessly. It’s as if it was a gift that just dropped out of the sky. Even for non-celebrities with Jupiter in the 10th, you do not have to do much in order to gain the public’s recognition. You are constantly being seen through this epic, legendary image, making you “bigger” than most of the other people in your public sphere. It’s due to the fact that they are often taking smaller measures while your public actions go to almost mythological lengths. For those who become “overnight sensations” or get “discovered” in a very fortuitous way, it’s as if you are some sort of fable or fairy tale come true. For those who just have that larger-than-life persona, the same image remains, as you are known for being grand in a way that most don’t allow themselves to be.

The thing about whatever is in our 10th House is that it’s a symbol of sorts that we become for the public at large. Jupiter in the 10th House people become a symbol of hope, of faith, of grandiosity, of trusting in the Universe. You can convey such a positive energy to the world that you make people not only really believe in you but really believe in themselves. It’s a trait of yours that has been present ever since high school. During the latter half of high school, when a person starts having to think about what they want to do with their lives, the 10th House really kicks in. And the thing is that, with Jupiter in the 10th, you may come from a background that didn’t really stress having strong beliefs or having faith in the Universe. But, as a young adult, you suddenly began to see the importance of doing so and made this a major goal of yours. 

Also, starting from mid-to-late adolescence and onward into adulthood, you’ll find yourself in positions in the world that will challenge you to have faith and to also stand up for what you believe in. Jupiter in the 10th House teenagers can display far more conviction than their peers. The way that they do depends on the sign that Jupiter is in. If Jupiter is in the 10th in Cancer, you’ll push yourself to stand up for those who have been hurt or who feel like they haven’t been supported, as well as to stand up for yourself when you feel this way. Jupiter in the 10th in Virgo can make you voice your opinions during these years by speaking out on what needs to be fixed, corrected, or improved, while the 10th House Jupiter in Scorpio can urge you to take a stand against any sort of superficiality and express your beliefs about what’s really going on underneath the surface.

If Jupiter happens to be conjunct the Midheaven, as well, all of this is even truer. This is what starts securing you the status of someone who is opinionated and does not hold back these opinions. At the same time, you will also evoke a lot of positive energy in those in your public sphere because they will see just how excellent your intentions really are. All in all, as you move into adulthood, there will be this sense that you have no limitations that will motivate the ways in which you deal with the public collectively. This influences the manner in which you tackle your life goals. It can seem as if absolutely anything is possible, like you can achieve anything that you set out to achieve. It’s this kind of attitude that attracts such fortuitous forms of success your way. If anyone can quit their job today and find a new one next Thursday, end up meeting the exact right person that will support their current project, or get discovered by going viral, it’s the 10th House Jupiter person.

But, the drawback to your Jupiter is that this can also make you wildly naïve in terms of how you pursue success. Those with the 10th House Jupiter in a Fire or Water sign are more prone to this naivete due to just being very self-absorbed (Fire) or very irrational (Water) about their goals. But, even having Jupiter in this house in Earth or Air can make you take foolish measures in your professional journey, either because you feel like hard work can overcome anything (Earth) or because you’re overly eager to test out your ideas or theories (Air). In any case, you might need a gentle reminder that while yes, generally, anything is possible, you should not believe that literally anything is possible, in terms of achieving your goals. You may not have any limits, in this regard, but the world does and it can often dish out a rather harsh reminder.

So, there will be select times where you become discouraged about what you want to do with your life because your belief in this path has been rocked by worldly limitations. However, you have to maintain this undying belief, no matter what happens. In the end, this is what can keep you going long after other people have called it quits. If Jupiter in the 10th House people remain very positively fixated on their goals, without paying much attention to the disappointments or the setbacks, they will achieve said goals and with less strenuous effort than most other people. Having such faith in your potential for success will make it all easier for you. Again, just why you think it’s easy depends on the sign that Jupiter is in. It could be because you’re so fearless (Jupiter in Aries), so cooperative (Jupiter in Libra), so clever (Jupiter in Gemini), or so imaginative (Jupiter in Pisces).

Those within your public sphere will also get the widespread idea that success came easily to you. To some, it can seem as if it came too easily for you. This is because your easygoing, forward-moving attitude toward success can seriously downplay or cover up the hard work that it took for you to get there (unless you have Jupiter in Capricorn; but, even then, you can be such an effortless “machine” that you break less of a sweat publicly than the majority). Jupiter in the 10th is the classic person that makes it all look easy. It’s something you could possibly not like, as the actual overnight success you experienced was more like over-a-hundred-nights success. Yet, your rise to the top can happen so seamlessly or quickly and in such a huge manner that you gain a reputation as someone who just got lucky, which, of course, can bring out the jealousy in certain folks.

Celebrities frequently complain about the public’s misconceptions of them and this all stems from the 10th House. It’s how the image of you doesn’t even begin to sum up you are on a more complex, personal scale. Jupiter in the 10th House people can actually deal with a ton of misconceptions. It’s as if people love to project a bunch of fabulous (or maybe not-so-fabulous, at times) things upon you that are quite off-base. Those with this placement usually feel like celebrities, whether on a literal or metaphorical scale, and being projected on so much is the byproduct of celebrity. On social media, you can seem to be that person who everyone thinks is living such an awesome life. The fact that you probably have a huge amount of friends or followers on these social media profiles only reinforces that image. Your every move on Twitter or Instagram can be blown out of proportion by all those watching. Your memes are the best memes ever! You are out on another glorious night on the town! You and your partner are relationship goals! Wow, your posts are so hilarious!

In the end, we can be quite distanced from whatever is in our 10th House. Since the 10th is one of the collective houses, we experience it on a more transpersonal level than a personal level. We connect to it through the public’s responses to us. Everyone might think you’re so awesome and living so large. But, you aren’t entirely convinced of that. It’s why, when you have your haters, people wanting to bring you down just because they perceive you as being so full of greatness and glory, you don’t really get it. This is why 10th House Jupiter people are able to bounce back well and move on in the face of public criticism or opposition. Also, you feel as if they are too many people in your public sphere to engage with in order for you to get caught up in some people’s negativity. This works quite magically in your favor, as it has an effect that makes so many people like you. Your haters may either be few and far between or get dismissed as being nothing but negative.

This is how you’re able to get lucky in terms of your reputation. Jupiter in the 10th House people usually have a really wonderful reputation, unless there are some harsh squares or oppositions to Jupiter, which only boosts the positivity of your public image. It’s because you bring so much positivity to society. Your bosses and authority figures, from the beginning, can feel very blessed to have you working for them. At the same token, since the 10th House is also the kind of authority figure we turn out to be, you can end up really blessing those who work for you when you take on authoritative positions. As either an employee or a boss, you may be quite restless or tough to rein in or pin down. But, it’s because you will display such enthusiasm for what you do and also such a desire to not be limited by what you do. Sometimes, you will be freewheeling your way through corporate or professional boundaries. Yet, this doesn’t necessarily make you unprofessional, as you can be an exceptional force in the workplace, once you are inspired enough.

With Jupiter in the 10th, you will essentially want for your professional journey to feel like an endless adventure. The best career for you is something that offers you limitless opportunities and options. You strive to be the kind of member of society who is an explorer, contributing new discoveries and truths with your every outing. The best bet for you, career-wise, is something that doesn’t feel “small” and isn’t going to hem you in. This is how you will find your place in the world, in general. The reason why you will have such a larger-than-life public persona is because you engage in society with such an adventurous, free attitude, cementing this reputation for yourself as a person who is down for virtually anything.


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  2. Waiting for this for so long!
    Thank you Wayman!
    I am a Scorpio rising with Jupiter in 10th house of Leo and I am a teacher. I have a lot of students who make me feel like a celebrity.
    Does 10th house also show husband in a woman's chart?

  3. Jupiter can show which husband you will have haha I read it somewhere tho

  4. Wow...I have Jupiter in Cancer in the 10th house...Description is down to a T! I remember at school, everyone knew my name, but I didn't know who they were. And people see me as the "mother" of the group that tells everyone to play nice and not say mean things! Not to seem selfish here, but I definitely see that positive image thing that you're talking about in how people talked about me in school...Great job!!! It was so relatable!

    1. If mostly everyone loves you, go right ahead and say it. Own it! ;)

  5. I hope you don't forget Jupiter in the 9th. ;)

    1. I will definitely not forget any of the Jupiter placements. There's just a method behind my randomness haha.

  6. And Jupiter in 2nd :'( But keep going, your work is amazing!

  7. I have Jupiter in Leo in the tenth. I've never felt like I have any particular 'star quality' though, and went through life growing up as very quiet and shy. I'm less so now, but still not very Leo like!

    I agree with the career focused luck though - I've got most of the jobs I've gone for, including military basic training - needed a bit of the Leo fire there! However, it's true that Jupiter isn't perfect, as some of those jobs really weren't right for me - I got fired twice!

    So I got what I wanted in my 'career' (prior to the one I have now, in which I had a definite lucky break last year, when a project of mine was taken up and supported in a big way) but it wasn't necessarily what was right!

  8. I have Jupiter in Leo right on my mid heaven, but it's tightly squared by my sun and moon opposition, and opposed by Saturn on my IC, and I feel so blocked by the circumstances of my life. I can't deny that I've had tons of things work in my favor, but it seems like the more power I have in my career, the more unpopular I become. I don't have the fans you might expect. I got haters!

  9. I have Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Libra in the Ninth conjunct the mid heaven, like 3 degrees away. Does Saturn strengthen the tenth house feel, even though both planets are technically in the 9th? I struggle with massive amounts of doubt, but I also have a reputation for producing amazing work, even if half the people who know me dislike me. Success is sloooow, but output is both ambitious and epic.