Saturday, February 25, 2017

Jupiter in the 2nd House

What does it mean to have Jupiter in the 2nd House of your birth chart? It can potentially be one of the most misleading placements for Jupiter, the planet that is stereotyped to be all about luck, luck, and more luck. Pair that up with the house that is often stereotyped as being just about money and it makes it sound like having a 2nd House Jupiter means that you’re going to be filthy rich. The 2nd House is not just about money and Jupiter is not just about luck. But, Jupiter is a planet that represents the most positive and often the most effortless area of life for you. This is just where amazing things naturally happen for you and while this can mean financial prosperity, it can also mean just feeling good about yourself and having an overall sense of security.

The 2nd House is the house of security in numerous ways. It’s not just about being financially secure but feeling secure within yourself. It follows up the self-image of the 1st House in order to give you a solid sense of self-worth. One of the best ways I can describe the 2nd House is that whatever is in this house shows what you have to love about yourself in order to feel comfortable and at ease in your own skin. With Jupiter being the planet of faith and of belief, this planet being positioned in the 2nd House indicates that you will have to not only have strong beliefs and convictions but really value this part of yourself. This is what gives you that feeling of security.

Since Jupiter represents the potential excess in our lives, the influence of Jupiter in the 2nd means that there can actual be an excessive amount of security in your life. This can manifest as having an abundance of self-esteem. Many 2nd House Jupiter people can actually feel exceptionally good about themselves and about their footing in life. It’s a self-loving attitude that can take place regardless of how much money you actually make. But, this excessive security can also mean that you end up making a lot of money. It is true that this placement can show someone who ends up being very financially well-off and possibly even wealthy. However, it could also mean that you are always just financially comfortable, never having to struggle or want for anything. 

The drawback of the 2nd House Jupiter is that you can go overboard in your yearning for this level of stability. It can create an excessive kind of greed or materialism that always leaves you wanting more and more. Those with this placement can easily become shopaholics if they let themselves, as your spending habits can get out of hand on a regular basis. The motivation for this can depend on the sign that Jupiter is in. Jupiter being in Earth could mean that you just shop a lot to boost your status while Jupiter in Fire could indicate impulsivity or immediate-gratification urges when it comes to shopping. Either way, your spending can become flat-out ridiculous. You could max out your credit card very quickly or spend everything in your checking account without even realizing it.

It’s the catch-22 that everyone experiences with Jupiter: it brings you these gifts and these fortune circumstances but you can push your luck or take all of that good fortune for advantage. Jupiter in the 2nd House people can be so accustomed to financial comfort and stability that they think that they are always going to have it (although, of course, other placements and aspects can modify this). You can have such faith that there will always be more resources, more money, and more possessions around the corner that you take what you already have for granted, being wasteful or careless with it. Jupiter in the 2nd could cause you to look forward to what’s on the horizon financially so much that you neglect to appreciate and take good care of what you already have.

Therefore, it’s important for you to turn more of your energy toward having true gratitude for your resources and possessions. Such gratitude will require you to manage your money well and spend it with greater moderation, instead of just throwing it all out of the window. Still, there is something deeply gratifying to you about spending and buying things. Making a new online purchase or going out on an excursion to the mall can really lift your spirits, more than the average person. It would be quite unlikely to see a stingy or cheap person with this placement. Money-minded? Yes. Practical? Okay. But, you do not believe in being cheap. Jupiter in the 2nd House makes “treat yourself” your motto because you believe that you deserve nice things and deserve to actually enjoy your money. After all, the reason you make money is to use it.

The 2nd House is what you would call “the lifestyle you become accustomed to.” With a 2nd House Jupiter, you will certainly become accustomed to a very comfortable lifestyle. Even if you aren’t rich, you are going to want to live as richly as possible. That does not mean living beyond your means but just having plenty of fine taste and living in true comfort. Jupiter does not want to be limited and those with Jupiter in the 2nd don’t want to feel like their lifestyle is limited. You don’t do “broke” very well. Even if you don’t make the most money, you can find a way to still live an enjoyable, pleasurable lifestyle. Having to live in a terrible apartment, eating cheap food and never going out or doing anything fun, would be a total nightmare to you. Not necessarily because you’re materialistic (although the possibility is there) but because that hinders your Jupiter from all of its potential.

If our Jupiter house is where we are the most positive, then Jupiter in the 2nd means that you don’t want money matters getting you down. In fact, it can be to the point where you really don’t seem to care much, if at all, about money. In many ways, you don’t because it’s such a simple and pleasurable matter to you that it’s not worth all of the stress. And this is an attitude that attracts more of it your way. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t think that a check will come in the mail if you wish really hard for it. But, I do think that there is a general Law of Attraction at play when we venture into the 2nd House. Whatever attitude you have surrounding money is how your financial situation will play out. Jupiter in the 2nd House people prove that by having a genuine trust in their potential for financial security and for living a lifestyle of abundance, this is what will end up happening.

This is all something that boosts your self-worth. The 2nd House Jupiter can actually result in so much self-worth that it turns into complete self-indulgence. Again, you might be a little too eager to treat yourself. You also may be so intent on sticking to your values that you aren’t even interested in giving any other values a try. This can create an attitude of rigidity when it comes to others’ lifestyles. It’s not necessarily judgmental, unless Jupiter happens to be in Virgo or Capricorn. It’s more so that you know what you love, so you can easily feel like there’s no point in trying anything else because you’ve already found the pleasure and comfort you’re looking for. I could say, metaphorically speaking, that you eat at the same restaurant all the time and don’t want to try any other place. But, this could also literally be a problem that you have in your life. 

Venus, the planet of love, is the natural ruler of the 2nd and the 7th. While the 7th House is who you love, the 2nd House is what you love. Jupiter in the 2nd means that you really, really love these things that you get attached to, whether it’s your favorite place to eat or that sweater you wear all the time or the new bed set that you just bought. It’s just important to not place too much importance on these possessions and patterns. It can easily feel as if there’s nothing you don’t own (whether it’s an item or a way of living) that isn’t held on to with an absolute vise grip. People may realize this, too late, when you absolutely cannot budge on these things. Moving in with you could be overwhelming to some because it can become a question of what to do with all of that stuff.

Yes, Jupiter in the 2nd House can definitely make someone a candidate for being a complete hoarder. Jupiter could be in Cancer in the 2nd, making the hoarding very sentimental or emotionally motivated, or it could be in the sign of Aries, causing you to be willing to fight over all of these accumulated possessions. In any case, you need to be able to let go of the things that you love, only seeing it as an opportunity to accumulate more important possessions down the line. 2nd House Jupiter people can actually benefit greatly from becoming excellent collectors of rare or valued items, especially because of the monetary gain. Financial investments are also the way to go for you and you could have many positive experiences in the stock market.

In making all of these financial and material gains, it’s just also important to remember that your worth is not wrapped up in these things. With Jupiter in the 2nd, you must truly believe that your personal value works from the inside out and not from the outside in. There are many people with this placement who have to learn this but just as many who seem to inherently know it already. It’s what puts you in a position to live such a lovely, cushy lifestyle because you already possess much personal security. That inner security will attract the outer security that you seek.

Much of this security with yourself can be due to you not only having plenty of conviction behind your values but really valuing your convictions. Jupiter in the 2nd can be the embodiment of that old saying “if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.” Therefore, your beliefs are very substantial and solid. Whatever you believe, you will believe it firmly and it will be tough for others to dissuade you on it. Again, you can easily get too attached to and stuck on these beliefs, just because they think they are worth standing up for or believing in. But, it’s important to check and see if these convictions are past their use by date. If so, maybe you need to toss them in the trash and find something else to believe in that will actually enhance your life.


  1. Ahhhhh I finally!! Thank you, and I hope that the people waiting for last Jupiter house article benefits from your amazing interpretation as well.

    I have Jupiter in 2nd house Leo, EXACTLY opposite Saturn (yeah the great two constantly battling each other out, lol) and as a lot of other interpertations say, I'm constanty see saw-ing between the two. I was once worried about this aspect, so I'm writing this comment for those who have a similar placement, to see if it holds for them as well. Also, this is why I waited so eagerly for this post of yours.

    First, about fiances - my money vs other people's money- as a child my family seemed to swing between 'oh crap, no money in the bank' and 'lol, what are we gonna do with all this'. As a child, I had to depend on other people's money- parents- and this worried me a lot growing up. Yes, because of this I learned control, but I also ended up neglecting my needs a lot- there is no 'need' to spend on even little luxuries. Once I came of age to earn my own money however, I found out that it is essential we also take care of ourselves, because otherwise, how will you take care of others?

    Also I agree that (my own) money seems to flow in when I'm NOT thinking about it, and being even kind of open-handed with it. I think it ties up with the the 8th house lesson of NOT worrying about control. Things ebb and flow, we have to take it in stride.

    That brings me to the second point: self worth vs how other people value you. The second part still worries me to no end, which is a surprise to people who know me deeply, because on the surface I seem to be so self assured. I feel worthless on some days; but if I manage to remember Jupiter's lesson :'your personal value works from the inside out, and not from the outside in' then I can sleep at night peacefully. Of course, this doesn't happen all the time, so I've learnt to somehow 'fake it till you make it'- expound my self worth until I actually feel it. I'll just add that the little voice telling you you're nothing never goes away, but that's what- 8th house Saturn's lesson- face the fear and transform.

    Last thing lol- material posessions: I can sit right now and name everything that I see as 'mine', ever since I was a child, and tell you all about it and what happened to it. I don't think I hoard or overspend, but I do hang on dearly to what I love. I indulge in pining and reminsicing about things that I once had that got thrown away/lost/destroyed. This also applies to my important relationships. I just can't toss things away, even if they are clearly dead. Somewhere in my head I know that 'death' (in the metaphorical sense)- the end- is the natural order of life. I try to come to terms with it, sometimes successfully, sometimes not, but I definately need a decade or so to get over it, hah..

    Again, thank you for ALL your posts. Seeing you, I'm also interested in studying and writing about astrology on my own. I'm sorry if I'm taking up too much space, but I thought my thoughts on Jupiter 2nd vs Saturn 8th might aid others as well. I'm also honestly thinking about signing up for a personal reading (my Jupiter says, why not!), once I get somethings into order (Saturn saying,

    1. My Sister has Jupiter in 2nd and Saturn in 8th, Sun in 11, Venus in 12 with moon. Mars in 1st, rahu in!! My sister is Gemini asc.

      Mother of her(btw..her mother is also my mother..though she has forgotten that)..crying whole day and night how much poor is her daughter..and hoarding money for her..she is very late we have big age difference..My mother forced(motivated!!) my father to go out of house at the age of 55 and take a job at a remote location to earn more money for her father died there eventually..My mother and my sister taken all my father's death benefit and hoarded it somewhere. Now they are behind my father's house. My mother is saying she is so worried about marriage of my sister..if her would be husband sends her back..what will she now wants a part of father's house.

      I am Pisces asc with Leo moon. I have left them..can't live with me all the gloomy and crying face about future well being of my sister..constant worry..and just storing all the cash..year after year..

      Jupiter in Cancer..that's moons house..mother(Moon is signification of mother) is out there to hoard money for her Daughter..first forced out my father and then her brother. 3rd house for her is Leo, Sun is in 11th house Square aspect by Saturn from 8th. I am also Leo moon.

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  3. Great article! Can't wait for Jupiter in the 7th!

  4. Why's this article so negative? ._.

    1. Cause he doesn't have Jupiter in the 2nd