Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Guess the Celebrity Ascendant - Tom Hiddleston

Born on February 9, 1981 in Westminster, England
Sun in Aquarius, Moon in Aries
Suspected Ascendant: Pisces
Estimated Birth Time: 8:15 AM

Tom Hiddleston is very well-known for his role as Thor’s villainous brother Loki in The Avengers and Thor franchise and has just recently won a Golden Globe for his part in the mini-series The Night Manager. And, let’s be honest, there was that whole Taylor Swift debacle that gave him a whole new level of publicity. Poor Tom! I actually like him and haven’t soured on him like so many people did after Taylorgate. I’m not a huge fan or anything but I find him talented as well as interesting. In terms of the Ascendant, I have always had a feeling that he was a Pisces Rising.

There is something so otherworldly and ethereal about his appearance. He seems like he shouldn’t be on earth but should be off in a magical land with a lot of other little elves. I say that in the most complementary way. When you look at a Pisces Ascendant, it can be hard to really pin them down. Something about them defies description and they can look kind of “odd”, as well. Not odd like an Aquarius Rising, whose extraterrestrial vibe is striking and unique. The Pisces vibe is more so like a Picasso painting. You can’t quite put all of the features together and they may not even seem to make sense. But, it leaves a lovely, mysterious impression nonetheless that’s open to interpretation.

That’s what I see whenever I see Tom, as well as someone who seems highly sensitive to his surroundings and to the overall “temperature” of the room. Speaking of impressions, Tom is well-known for his impressions and is regularly goaded into doing them in interviews. Pisces rivals Gemini for the sign of the ultimate mimic. Gemini mimicry is a different tone, however: very light and breezy and almost sort of mocking, understanding the humor of it all. Pisces mimicry is very empathic and sensitive, making the person seem to disappear into the skin of the person that they’re imitating. It’s as if they become that person and quite a few of Tom’s impressions have given off that feeling. I am never surprised to see Pisces/Neptune influences in actors, as Neptunians are highly represented amongst actors, and I suspect that Tom is one of them. 

This chart would put his Neptune right on the Midheaven and in the 10th House. It explains not only why he has been known for being such a chameleon, which has given him a reputation as a real actor’s actor, but why he was so private up until he started dating Taylor. Neptune ruling the chart and in the 10th would make a person prone to totally disappearing whenever they had no professional obligations. It casts a great air of mystery around their public image, especially for someone who has spent so much of his career cultivating the approach of a character actor. It’s always been hard to see through that mysterious fog and understand who Tom really is. Yet, at the same time, there is a Neptune-like tenderness to him that really defines his public image. 

His Moon in Aries would be in the 1st House in this chart. With a Pisces Ascendant and a 1st House Moon, Tom’s sensitivity is very apparent. Many interviewers have described him as “earnest” and emotionally open; someone who wears his heart on his sleeve. “There’s just something very uncool about emotion,” he remarked in an interview, attesting to the fact that such earnest vulnerability can attract derision from others. One interviewer noted that “Tom Hiddleston is enthusiastic about everything”, which serves as a reflection of not only a bigger-than-life Sagittarius Midheaven, which can seem a bit over-the-top at times to the public, but an Aries Moon in the 1st, which would instill passionate feelings that easily rise to the surface and are immediately acted on.

And in line with his Pisces Ascendant, it’s something that makes him seem kind of out-of-this-world. “The world might not be ready for the kind of earnestness and sincerity that comes along with Tom Hiddleston. I am here to tell you that we would be a much happier race of humans if it were,” says the same journalist, who ends up having a heartfelt talk with Hiddleston after he impulsively (Aries) tracks her down after their initial talk to have a further discussion with her about his conflicting feelings (Moon in the 1st). It’s this side of Tom that increases the odds of this being his chart, to me, because 1st House Moon people can be very good at making you feel for them or experience a sense of sympathy toward them.

However, public opinion can be rather harsh and unforgiving, at times, and Tom has learned that within the past year. During the summer that his romance with Taylor began and his public image began taking a turn, Saturn in Sagittarius was moving closer and closer to his Midheaven. For many, this is actually the moment when Tom Hiddleston became more of a household name, while others knew him before then. Transiting Saturn conjunct a person’s Midheaven will often increase their public profile but there is a risk of negative publicity being attached to this newfound level of recognition, if the consequences are not assessed. For Tom, this is what happened, with many dismissing the romance as staged and calculating. If it was a PR move, by the time the romance was over and Saturn was fully in his 10th, Tom was left to deal with the damage.

So, if this is his chart, this is a transit that has not been too kind to him, including in the recent months, like widespread criticism against him for a speech at the Golden Globes that some labeled tone-deaf and that left Tom putting his foot in his mouth (Sagittarius). Maybe his current lesson is don’t let that enthusiasm get the best of you to the point where you make reckless or foolish choices, such as cavorting on the beach with a t-shirt that says I Heart T.S. But, hey, Sagittarius lives and it learns. Hopefully, he will be able to put this period of his public life behind him soon. For now, though, it seems like people are holding him to it, particularly since he was once so private. With transiting Saturn passing over Neptune on the Midheaven, a certain illusion created to boost or cultivate one’s public image could shatter in a way that has some serious repercussions.

But, the Sagittarius Midheaven does represent a person who approaches their public and professional life with the aim of being as authentic as they can be. In Tom’s own words, “I have tried with all of my power for there to not be any inauthenticity. The people I’ve always respected have an integrity that is unassailable.” We do “look up to” those who embody our Midheaven traits and with a Sagittarius Midheaven, one of those traits is honesty and straightforwardness. “I think people should be rigorous in what they believe in,” he said. “The way I was taught was it’s just untenable to have an opinion you can’t back up.” So, maybe, the illusion didn’t shatter in terms of Tom being exposed as inauthentic. Maybe the illusion just shattered in terms of what we, the public, projected on to him (evidenced by claims that he “ruined” his chances of being the next Bond) because, after all, Neptune conjunct the Midheaven means the world projects on you a lot.

Speaking of relationships, he has a loaded 7th House with this chart: Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto all in the 7th House, making him hyper-aware of people’s responses to him and able to influence those responses accordingly. How famous people deal with the public in general is shown through their 10th House but how they deal with their fans is represented by their 7th House, creating a special relationship between them and these admirers. Celebrities with 7th House planets almost invariably have a very strong fan base because when you like them, you really like them. Tom’s fans, who dub themselves the Hiddlestoners, are evidence of that.

Whatever is in our 7th is also symbolized by whoever we end up in a committed relationship or marriage with, as they are reflecting parts of ourselves back to us. The reason I settled on this chart is because I will be fair and assume that he and Taylor were actually together. The patterns of our 7th House draw us to certain astrological types, even if it’s just for a three month relationship. Taylor is a Sagittarius Sun (Jupiter) with Capricorn Rising (Saturn) and she also has Mars in Scorpio (Pluto); all represented by Tom’s 7th House planets. Hiddleston was also in a long-term relationship with actress Elizabeth Olsen who is reportedly a Virgo Rising. If he has a Virgo Descendant, this was the perfect match-up, as people often end up feeling very attracted to those who have the opposite Ascendant, i.e. Pisces Rising and Virgo Rising.

Tom has his Sun in Aquarius, which is funny because of all of this talk about revealing his feelings and being passionate doesn’t sound like typical Aquarian behavior. “I’ve never been dispassionate for as long as I can remember.” Gasp! What kind of Aquarius talks like that? Just kidding. Of course, any person of every Sun sign can defy the typical descriptions for various reasons. For Tom, I think it’s because his Aquarius Sun is in the 12th House, as well as his Aquarius Venus conjunct the South Node in the 12th. So, make no mistake, he is very Aquarius-like. But, with these placements in the 12th, he is quite oblivious to it. With Pisces Rising, he leads with the more empathetic, emotional parts of himself. He is so adaptable and so receptive. However, there is this wild, detached inner weirdo deep inside of him that can manifest in subtle, mysterious ways.

One of these ways is definitely through him being an artist. 12th House people are very natural artists and with the 12th House planets in Aquarius, he exhibits his own special genius as an artist. He may be all emotional and heart-over-head in his day-to-day life. But, in this other Universe he enters as an actor, he is capable of tapping into a kind of detachment and offbeat sense of freedom that allow him to express a unique intelligence. So that skill for mimicry can also just be the expression of an artistic genius that shines through once he has the chance to escape himself. And with Mercury conjunct Mars in Pisces and in the 12th House, he would be even more prone to getting totally swept away to his another world. (It also explains why he has been so invested in humanitarian work for organizations like Doctors Without Borders for years)

The thing is that his South Node is in Aquarius and conjunct Venus in the 12th. This means that while he is a complete natural at tuning into these higher vibrations in his own idiosyncratic way, this is also a trouble area for him in life. Venus conjunct the South Node suggests a compulsive yearning to please and be liked and with the conjunction in the 12th House, this can give him not only poor emotional boundaries but a sense of being a victim. Ultimately, this is where the Aquarian feeling of being odd and not fitting in must come from. He remarks that he is “easily mocked” and it suggests the social awkwardness that Aquarius acquires at some point in life for being different and that learns to turn around through willfully defying expectations and not caring what others think. The thing is, with Venus in the mix, which connects to others, Tom does still care, even though a part of him doesn’t at all. He is willing to be judged and misunderstood for not being what others expect him to be but a part of him is still upset by others not being happy with him.

Having the North Node in Leo in the 6th would encourage him to let go of those hang-ups regarding being a freak, which are largely unconscious thanks to the 12th House influence, and approach his audience with the expectation of praise because he’s worked so hard for it. Leo North Node people are figuring out how to own their inner awesomeness and awaken the latent superstar within. This requires them to actually move toward the spotlight and believe that they are fabulous. With his North Node in the 6th, doing this will bring more clarity, efficiency, and productivity into his life.


  1. Tom was born on February 9th not 16th

    1. Thanks I fixed it. I came up with the right chart still so my mind must've just been thinking of someone else when I typed the date.

    2. A Tom Hiddleston Astrology Tumblr site pegged him as a Gemini Rising with a 11:15AM birth time. And Marjorie Orr a famous astrologer pegged him as being born on 4:30AM which would make him a Sagittarius Rising if i'm correct (I definitely don't agree with that birth time because he doesn't seem like a Sag Rising to me but I could be wrong). I find its either a Pisces Rising or a Gemini Rising. What would make you consider a Pisces ASC more then a Gemini ASC in your opinion?

    3. I actually suspected Sagittarius Rising once, too, for him. He's very hard to sum up to me, which is why I think he's much more likely to have a Pisces Ascendant. Gemini Rising folks are changeable but not elusive, if you know what I mean. Something about them is very "clear" because they're ruled by Mercury. So, they're easier to figure out, just hard to predict. Therefore, I don't think he's Gemini Rising. Plus, he probably wouldn't come off as sensitive and earnest with that Rising sign.

      I could also buy Sagittarius Rising because it would put Neptune in the 1st or even conjunct the Ascendant, which would give a strong Pisces Rising vibe. My guesses could always be wrong. But, this is just the feeling I have about him.

    4. Pisces sounds about right to me

  2. Hey, could you please guess someone's rising sign for me? Would be really grateful. I'm just curious what feeling you would have about that person. I can't seem to guess their rising sign, thought you might help me, thank you ;-)

  3. its capricorn rising more at 5am.