Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Jupiter in the 1st House

Happy Astrological New Year, everyone! It’s the first day of the Sun in Aries and that means that it’s a new astrological year, as we go back to the first Sun sign. I personally can feel a shift and it’s not just the springtime. I feel a new focus and initiative, which is urging me to pick back up on my Jupiter series. One of the most requested was Jupiter in the 1st and I go by my first or most requested placements, so I will proceed with Jupiter in the 1st House. What does it mean to have this placement? If the 1st House is one’s individual perspective, your general way of seeing yourself, and your role in life, then Jupiter in the 1st means that you have the point of view and the attitude of a highly positive person.

It would take a square or an opposition from Jupiter in order to offset this. Because, even if Jupiter is in a sign like Virgo or Capricorn, its placement in the 1st indicates a person who views and approaches the world with a remarkable, notable positivity. And this is even truer if Jupiter also happens to be conjunct the Ascendant. Someone with Jupiter rising in the 1st will be like a beacon of light and good energy. But, of course, Jupiter is not all good. I have consistently said that the downside of Jupiter is excess; its ability to go over-the-top and not know how to rein itself in. If Jupiter resides in the 1st House of your birth chart, then this is an issue that is evident right on the surface. The way you behave and appear paints the picture of someone who is just “extra”. The thing is that you will probably be the first to admit how extra you are because this excessive stance defines the way that you view yourself and life itself.

This will be expressed in at least twelve different ways, depending on the sign that your 1st House Jupiter is in. If Jupiter is in Taurus in the 1st, you can come off as really, really self-indulgent, stubborn, slow, and lazy. Jupiter being in the 1st in Aquarius would make you behave in an excessively unpredictable, quirky, independent, and detached sort of way. One of the reasons why you so instinctively go over the top in your behavior is because you feel like there are no real limitations. The 1st House is how we have always found our “place” in life, from the beginning; the way in which we carve out our own niche as an individual. With Jupiter in the 1st House, your place in life is one where you can do anything that you set out to do. It’s not like the grand self-confidence of the 1st House Sun or the headstrong initiative of Mars in the 1st, although you can be quite grand and daring yourself. It’s more so that you’ve carved out a niche for yourself that is Herculean, the inspiring journey of a hero (or heroine) who prevails and comes out on top.

Therefore, there’s really no such thing as “too much of a good thing” to you. It’s why you take your positive behavior traits and you exaggerate them. You think if you place no limits on your behavior, you will be able to have the most amazing experiences and attract such wonderful opportunities. The thing is that this works for you regularly enough that you find it too easy to overdo it. If you have Jupiter in Taurus, being grounded, consistent, sensual, and fixed works out enough for you that you take it to the utmost. You feel like you always, always have to dig in your heels and go at your own slow, steady pace, even when good sense would encourage you to move at a faster pace.

1st House Jupiter people regularly do not heed good sense, even if Jupiter is in Earth or Air. You are very willing to take the foolish approach, scoffing at those who label you a fool because they just don’t have the level of faith or conviction that you have. But, sometimes, they are actually right. You can very easily go down a ridiculous path and also be too self-righteous to admit that you are. Jupiter is our belief system and with Jupiter being in the 1st House, those beliefs are right there for everyone to see. You put yourself out there by standing up for what you believe in, even when nobody else believes in it. It’s an admirable quality, even when you are making choices that are silly or ill-advised. And in the end, none of that even sticks to you because, even when things don’t work out, you have a way of finding the positive in what happened and moving on. 

This highlights the fact that life is an endless slew of growing experiences for you and has been, since the beginning. The 1st House shows us what our first several years were like, which instilled impulses, attitudes, and patterns within us when we were still living at an unconscious level. The earliest part of your life was very expansive and adventurous. It would not be surprising to see a 1st House Jupiter person born into a rather carefree or free-spirited environment. This formative atmosphere of yours could’ve taught you to live with the wind in the hair and not worry about much of anything. You might have been swept away on numerous adventures, in one way or another. This could be by parents who were always on the go, possibly to the point of being real world travelers, or by constantly going from one place to the next. Moving a lot in the earliest parts of childhood seems to be a common theme when Jupiter or Uranus are in or rule the 1st House.

Because of this, you were conditioned to see life as not something that you settle down into for too long. Also, there was this early message you received that you should never have to hold back or, again, limit yourself. From the start, you always felt “bigger” than most people, even when you were a little kid. There was just something about your spirit that could not be contained and this was encouraged by those around you. Jupiter in the 1st House children quickly fall into the role of the one who lifts everyone’s spirits or the one who goes big when everyone else goes home. While this may have been a bit too much to handle for some, you had the message ingrained in you that you were this epic person and should settle for nothing less than a legendary life.

This is why there is this awe-inspiring air to just about everything you do. Having a 1st House Jupiter doesn’t just give you a larger-than-life attitude and demeanor. Even your mannerisms and body language, also ruled by the 1st, seem too big to be contained. Jupiter in the 1st House individuals can be easily fall into huge gestures and movements without really thinking about it. You might seem to need more room than other people and this can explain your famous clumsiness. This placement gives you an accident-prone sort of style because your body needs all of the freedom and open space that it can get. If not, you will definitely knock something over. Sometimes, it can be a bit tiresome for you. You might get sick of feeling like you have two extra legs or arms or that you’re like Godzilla, a giant stomping over everyone without even realizing it. 

In fact, that can be a problem for you. As much as people will love and gravitate toward your positive energy, there may be times where you just don’t know how to turn it off. That doesn’t just mean being annoyingly cheery. Someone could be having a seriously bad day and if your attempt to cheer them up doesn’t work, you can just breezily move on to something or someone else. You are so forward-moving that you can be careless or thoughtless. The Jupiter sign demonstrates how. With Jupiter in the 1st in Gemini, you will quickly move on whenever a boring kind of negativity or lack of communication settles in. Jupiter in the 1st in Pisces shows that if someone is trying to shatter the illusions that you possess or is being negative in a way you deem as mean, you will leave them in your dust. You have a distinct intolerance for people raining on your parade. Yet, you might have to stop and remind yourself that life cannot be all positive all the time.

This can be a glaring flaw of yours, as such relentless positivity can instill a blind faith that keeps you ignorant to what’s really going on in a situation. This doesn’t just extend to your way of dealing with people, of course, because the 1st House is so general and touches everything you do. So, in all situations, you can display a distinct resistance to dealing with the bad as well as the good. This is a curious trait of yours because it contradicts your overall insistence on the truth. But, other people can observe you and inform you that you only want a certain kind of truth: the kind that’s not upsetting or disappointing. Otherwise, you can’t handle it! This also may be why you can be so blunt or unfiltered with others because you think that as long as you’re expressing what you believe in, it’s a good thing, even if it’s delivered in a way that could possibly hurt or offend someone.

So, you need to be a bit more moderate in your outlook by revising your idea of the truth, allowing it to incorporate both the good and the bad. You can be so concerned with someone bursting your bubble. But, the thing is that if you are as buoyant and resilient as you describe yourself as being, then your bubble will quickly be inflated again. No one and nothing can get you down for long. So, let that be a way for you to accept the negative while not giving it that much importance, either. In the end, you can live your life as a wonderfully lucky person. Although assigning the word “luck” to Jupiter is a bit too simplistic, you probably see and live life in terms of luckiness. This is something that motivates you to count your blessings every day. Being so grateful and appreciative for the life that you have allows positive opportunities to consistently manifest. I tell everyone else that life opens up for them when they embrace their Jupiter. But, for you, life is constantly open. You just have to acknowledge that and keep following this golden path.

Also, since the 1st House is about one’s individual self, the 1st House Jupiter indicates that you believe very much in being an individual. You attract a lot of good things into your life when you are self-reliant and self-starting. This powerful faith in your individuality will keep you moving ahead in life even when no one is seemingly by your side. After all, sometimes, the adventurer has to fly solo. In doing so, you can end up stumbling across findings you never would’ve discovered if you let a resistance to going at it alone stop you. The instinctive self-awareness you possess is really sizeable. Whatever sign your Jupiter is in, you take on that persona to the hilt.

If Jupiter is in Leo, you can shine with a tremendous charisma and magnetism that makes everyone notice you or you can take command like a real leader amongst leaders, exerting your will with great power. This is due to you having a basic belief in yourself that, again, pushes you to do it big. People will not be able to not notice you. As I always say, I don’t take the physical appearance element of the 1st House too literally. But, there is going to be something about your look that is impossible to ignore. It could be actual physical features like being amazingly tall or having gigantic eyes. It could be having an over-the-top style or walk that makes other stare. Jupiter in the 1st House people also tend to be very loud, with either a speaking voice that you can hear across a crowded room or a laugh that takes up all of the oxygen around them. Regardless, in one way or another, you are an enormous presence and others are just forced to make room for you.

There is an inherent selfishness to the 1st House, as whatever is in this house wants to reap personal benefits just for itself. So, you will actually experience great growth and positivity when you just concern yourself with doing you and only worrying about you. Sure, you shouldn’t give up being a great friend or partner. But, you need to believe that it’s important to make yourself your first priority. As much as you can play the part of the Lucky Charm, spreading so much goodness to other people, you need to be primarily concerned with the benefits you will receive as an individual. Jupiter in the 1st House people treat life like they are out at a casino and are eager to win as much as they can at the blackjack table. Even though you can get yourself into a few disastrous situations because of some crazy gambles, your willingness to take these gambles with such faith and gusto work out in the end, allowing you to walk away with fatter pockets that you started with.


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