Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Jupiter in the 9th House

Jupiter is the ruling planet of the 9th House. So, by the logic of dignities, the “best” place to have your Jupiter is in the 9th House, right? Well, not necessarily but it is a really powerful placement that can bring an abundance of positivity into your life. Jupiter already attracts positive energy into our lives, expanding our horizons when we maintain the faith in what it represents. But, the 9th House is about faith, about believing in something fully, and also being convinced that anything is possible. So, the faith of someone with their Jupiter in the 9th can seem and be limitless. However, this placement also makes for a person who is much more susceptible than the next person to the excess, naivete, and blind faith that Jupiter represents.

The 9th House symbolizes the inner compass that gets us through life and keeps us moving forward. We need this internal sense of right and wrong in order to know what direction to go in. Those with Jupiter in the 9th, then, have an inner compass that speaks to them very loudly and undeniably. Having this position means that you have ideas of right and wrong that are really well-defined, in accordance to the sign that your Jupiter is in. If Jupiter is in Aquarius and in the 9th, then your moral fiber comes from thinking freely and for yourself and being committed to equality, progress, and the bigger picture. The 9th House being in Jupiter in Aries would show that your morality comes from standing up for yourself, being independent, and fighting for what you desire.

Yet, since Jupiter can easily go overboard, those with Jupiter in the 9th can become so moralistic that it turns into a real holier-than-thou attitude. Whatever your Jupiter sign believes in, you might convince yourself of being on a higher level than others because of those beliefs. Jupiter in Scorpio and in the 9th can make you very sanctimonious about anything that you deem as being shallow, disempowering, or simple-minded. This placement is a real overload of Jupiter energy and as I always say, in its more unevolved form, Jupiter never stops preaching and never gets off of its soapbox. And you can spend so much time insisting on your beliefs and trying to force them on people that your message ends up turning a lot of people away.

However, you have really good intentions. Even when you’re pushing these beliefs on to others so overzealously, you are just trying to bring them some positivity. You feel so inspired and so uplifted by these convictions of yours that you get all too easily carried away, assuming that everyone else is going to be just as inspired and uplifted by your convictions. This is the huge naivete that you can operate under. Jupiter in the 9th House individuals experience such life-affirming benefits from following their particular path of faith that they feel like they need to sweep other people away with them on the same path. But, the truth is that we all have our own paths toward knowledge, honesty, empowerment, love, enlightenment, freedom, or whatever else. It’s not up to you to try and play God, deciding how someone gets to that path. There can be quite a savior complex to you but not in the same way as if Jupiter was in the 12th House. You can be eager to “save” people not out of pity and self-sacrifice but in order to bring good things into their lives. 

Yet, you have to step back and realize that person and that person only can save themselves. You can give all the sermons you want. It might not change their mind or they may just end up telling you what you want to hear to get you to shut up or tone it down (which people may do to you a lot, unbeknownst to you). However, it is up to them to decide what they believe and to follow the path that’s right for them. The best thing that a 9th House Jupiter person can do is to just provide positive energy as far as pointing the person in the direction they want to go in. You may have a bad pattern of “butting in” far too often. Someone can start talking about their relationship, without looking for any advice, and then you can start rattling off things that they should and shouldn’t do. People can regularly respond to you with a well-deserved “who asked you?”

But, they may become more understanding when they realize that you not only have good intentions but you often just can’t help yourself. You have such strong beliefs that it’s hard for you to not have an opinion about virtually everything. Not only that but you want to freely, honestly share such opinions. The thing is that you might be able to dish it out yet not take it. Another potential drawback of this placement is taking it very personally when others share their opinions with you. At its worst, Jupiter in the 9th can see any opposing opinion as a threat. It can feel as if this person is trying to rob you of your very belief system. But, in actuality, they are just voicing their beliefs, as well. So, you have to be able to swallow a bit of your own medicine accepting that having differing viewpoints or convictions does not have to lead to a holy war.

Speaking of holiness, I associate the 9th House with religion and it’s true that people with 9th House planets usually have very religious upbringings. Regardless of whether or not they continue to follow that religion into adulthood or go against it, that religious devotion and fervor instills a deep sense of faith that constantly lets them move forward in life with the right attitude. Thanks to Jupiter in the 9th House, you may have been particularly caught up in religion growing up, more than the next 9th House individual. Of course, this won’t be true of everyone with this placement but it is a major pattern. That avid, undying sense of belief could’ve been instilled by a religion that consistently made you feel like everything would be okay and that there was always some benevolent force watching out for you.

Religion does always instill strong ideas of right and wrong. While this can be painful, stifling, or bothersome for many 9th House people, the Jupiter in the 9th House person usually takes to this moral code with great enthusiasm. Due to the fact that any given religion tells a person that they will eventually benefit from adhering to this code of right and wrong and from believing in certain things, you took that and ran with it. This sense that good things would happen for you because you were Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Muslim, or whatever other religion became generalized and applied to all beliefs. You felt as if having faith in things and more than enough of it would make everything turn out okay. This is quite a simple concept: if you believe enough in something, it will manifest and if it’s a positive belief, you will reap the rewards. But, a lot of us have to work to understand this. Jupiter in the 9th House people understand this more effortlessly than anyone else.

Even if there are harsh aspects to Jupiter, that irrepressible positivity is still brewing inside and, therefore, can emerge in really messy or haphazard ways, making a disaster out of things just out of a desperate yearning to get lucky. And when you get in this state of mind, you might not care who gets swept up in it or left behind. It should be said that when taken too far, Jupiter in the 9th can become wildly, dangerously selfish. You might be so excessively concerned with good things happening to you that you end up robbing other people of their share or not caring that much if they reap the rewards. You can also be so blinded by your convictions that almost nothing or no one else matters as much, causing you to run someone over on your way to that pot of gold. It’s a single-mindedness that can be as much of a curse as it is a blessing. You know that you want to get to Heaven and will do whatever is needed to get there.

Yet, when it’s managed well, this is the quality that makes you unstoppable. Whatever is in your 9th House shows you how you can expand your vision and believe that anything is possible. Jupiter in the 9th House people are often far more capable of this than most. There is this inner sense that you can do absolutely whatever you set out to do. If Jupiter is in Libra in the 9th, this can make finding love seem like a total inevitability, preventing you from ever getting discouraged about relationships, no matter what happens. Jupiter in Capricorn and in the 9th would mean that your ambitions know no bounds and you will work as hard as you can toward your goals, trusting that you will inevitably achieve them. It’s a mindset that opens so many doors and presents so many opportunities your way. While many other people are too busy dwelling on the negative or avoiding their true path out of fear or passivity, you charge right toward that path, trusting that everything will fall into a place in a way that allows things to almost always do.

I also see the 9th House as representing your college-aged self. It’s the time where you get your first taste of true freedom around the age of 18, which is when the majority of people leave their parents’ home and go to college. Of course, not everyone goes to school and everyone doesn’t have to, either. But, with Jupiter in the 9th, you can actually completely relish the college experience, taking to it with plenty of gusto. Living at home with your parents, in spite of how much you love them, may have become a Hell you wanted to get out of for a long time while growing up. Since the 9th House gives us a feeling of freedom, in a way that lets us roam from one place to the next, you really believed in having that freedom. And if your parents gave you too many restrictions and limitations, it could’ve been enough to drive you crazy!

Although it’s common for people to move back in with their parents after initially moving out, Jupiter in the 9th House individuals usually leave and never look back once they turn 18. You could’ve loved your newfound freedom so much that you didn’t even visit that much during college or after. But, you were also always on the run while growing up anyway, so your family was probably used to it. Besides, college offered you a totally new world. You were presented with so many new opportunities: all these great people to meet, interesting classes to take, groups to get involved in, things to do in this new city. College is like a buffet of awesomeness for a lot of 9th House Jupiter people and you want all you can eat and all the time.

There can be two outcomes for the college student with this placement: either they become a total wild child at school or they are capable of keeping it together very well, in spite of having quite a bit of wild child potential. The first option happens because, again, Jupiter is prone to taking it a bit too far. College can be a time of too much partying and drinking for you, more than is typical for college students, as there is so much fun to be had and too much freedom up for grabs. You can take advantage of this freedom by not really doing what you’re supposed to be doing in college, like, you know, studying or focusing academically. Yet, the thing is that Jupiter is where we are most resilient, as well. So, even when you go too far with college life, you do have an amazing ability to bounce back from all of that. You were that person who could pass their finals with flying colors after drinking their face off all weekend. 

That leads to the second path, which brings out the strength of your inner sense of direction. The 9th House tells us the path to take that will lead to good things and with Jupiter here, that internal compass is heightened. So, if you went through a phase of going a bit too crazy in college, you were also able to stop and say, “You need to get on the right track.” After all, you relished the inherent meaningfulness of college in a way that many people these days do not. You believed the experience should be about growing as a person and expanding your possibilities, not being stagnant and stuck. Therefore, you were able to take advantage of your time in college in a life-affirming way. You probably had a major that you genuinely liked, not just one that others told you to study or that you just thought would make you money. You wanted to be enriched by class discussions and lectures and may have grown significantly by writing certain essays or your thesis.

By the time your college experience ended (even if you didn’t finish or graduate), you felt like a bigger, better person in a way that others, who just wanted the degree, may not have felt. This is all carried with you in adulthood by giving you a hunger to constantly be a bigger, better person than you were before. That strong sense of direction was honed in those days where you were truly free for the first time and it has stayed with you. Your inner 21-year-old is always guiding you toward what is ultimately good for you, even if it’s something that others don’t understand or believe in. This is why life opens up for you when you really listen to that inner voice and trust it above all of the other noise.

It's what makes you very adventurous, as well, because you are not afraid to go where you’ve never gone before. You managed just fine when you were in new territory back in your early 20’s. Therefore, you always relish new territory, having great confidence in that inner voice throughout the journey. I could spout off the cliché that Jupiter in the 9th means that you will spend a lot of time traveling. It’s true that you may backpack through Europe for weeks without hesitation or take a job in Japan and not think twice. It also wouldn’t be surprising at all if you studied abroad or traveled in college. The thing is that you really never get “homesick”, either, just like you didn’t in college. It’s about the journey for you, not the destination. So, being stuck in one place feels like a limiting destination. You would rather keep moving on to somewhere else.

Even if you find yourself living in the same city for a long time, you won’t stick to the same neighborhood haunts. You dare to go someplace different, loving the exotic feel of the unknown. It could be that dive bar you’ve never been to before, that side of town that none of your friends go to, or some random happening that you just found out about tonight. Whatever it is, you’re pretty much down for anything. And being the adventurer you are, you do not mind embarking on the journey alone. Anyone who accompanies you better be ready to do some exploring and if they’re not, you won’t hesitate to go in the other direction.


  1. God, you have just described my life. I have Jupiter, Neptune and Uranus in Capricorn in the 9th house so, this article
    describes me well. Thank you, for this wonderful article! 🙂

  2. I can strongly identify myself with the compass part. Without my faith I would be lost.
    But I am totaly not courageous enough to travel around the world all by myself. I am too insecure and a well spend adventure includes great company to fully enjoy all the beautiful places around the world. I have to share my experiences. But I guess this is because my Jupiter is in libra? And I am pretty much discouraged about finding someone who I can share my love with...at least for the next few years...but that might be my Venus conjunct Chiron opposing Saturn. But I hope that I will get through this with time. :)

    Speaking of Chiron. Will you start a series about it some time? I would love to read what you have to say about it. What do you think about Persona Charts? Do you use them and if you do have you seen how they can influence the nature of the natal planets? I ordered my moon persona chart because I was curious how much I would identify with since my moon is my second most dominant planet and I was suprised that everything that was written in it was to 98% me. Even the relationship with my parents was incredibly correct. My jupiter persona chart was less accurate. In some way it showed more how I would love myself to be, but not my true self dispite some paragraphs what suprised me again because Jupiter is my most dominant planet and I had supposed that it would fit as much as my moon persona chart. But maybe the reason can be found the fact that moon is a part of our inner self and jupiter is just our believes and they can even be very drifferent from our true nature. I don't know for sure. But it is very interesting. :)

    1. Yes, you don't believe in solo adventures thanks to the Jupiter in Libra. (Hope you're enjoying or enjoyed your Jupiter Return, by the way!) But, you do have it in you to at least begin the journey on your own and find someone along the way. And also, those doubts about finding love definitely come from your Venus being opposite Saturn and conjunct Chiron. It will be something that gets better with time, if you work with it, particularly around your Saturn Return.

      People ask me a lot about Chiron, so I am going to start tackling it very soon. And no, I don't really work with that concept. I don't think you should compartmentalize one part of your chart too much because it can't be too separated from the whole. But, I don't know a lot about that, either, so I'd have to look into it.

  3. jupiter in the 12th next pleaseee

  4. Thank you. Having Jupiter in Scorpio in the 9th, I am very opinionated and have strong beliefs. I do feel that life is an adventure and it is not about the destination.

  5. What about this placement in taurus?

  6. hello if i have sun in sag (8th house), conjunct uranus and then mercury, neptune and jupiter in sagittarius in the 9th that means that i should travel all the time...
    i can't make up my mind to just leave (sun square moon in virgo, mars in libra in the 7th) but i dream about roaming freely in different cultures my whole life (i am already 34)...

  7. Hi, it's amazing what you share, I have my Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Sagittarius both doing trigono to Mars and Venus in Aries in the ascendant; finishing my house 8 in conjunction with the 9th house and I see that although I share some of the meaning of the 8th but incredibly all of the ninth house is amazing ... also in the ninth house I have two planets plus the moon and neptune ... many thanks