Sunday, March 26, 2017

Open Discussion: What Sign Do You Love the Most?

For this next Open Discussion, I’m curious as to which sign you could say that you love the most. I think a lot of us, if not most of us, have a sign that has always been our favorite. This could also be a sign that has played a major influence in your life, as far as the people who have come in and out of your life. It could be someone with the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Venus, North Node, etc. in that sign. But, which one would you say is your favorite and why? Do you see anything in your chart that could explain that?

For me, as of recently, I would answer Aquarius. However, as far as the whole span of my life, I have to say that it has been Leo, hands down. I’m not just saying that because I have my Sun in the sign of Leo. I’ve always somehow mysteriously known that there was something about people of this sign that I gravitated toward, even before I knew any of the depths or complexities of astrology. I always loved being a Leo and any time I met someone with the same Sun sign as me, it did lead to a pretty special relationship. In fact, I have spent my life always being close to people with this Sun sign, in one way or another. Of course, I do love people with the Moon in Leo, Ascendant in Leo, Venus in Leo. I’m very attracted to the energy of this sign, in whatever form it takes.

My chart is really set up for me to feel this way, not only thanks to me having the Sun and South Node in Leo in the 7th but Leo Descending. Because of this, the way I feel about Leo can be a bit love-hate, sometimes. I do really love the lively, confident, fun-loving, warm-hearted, and special quality that Leo people have. They are usually a very good time and keep things from getting dull. Yet, I sometimes can’t stand the self-absorbed, arrogant, demanding, thirsty for attention or for your approval side of this sign. However, I’m also a Leo, so I cannot spend too much time complaining. With so much Leo energy in the 7th, I learn a lot about myself, good and bad, through those with Leo placements, hopefully correcting many of my bad habits and flaws in the process, thanks to the South Node. The 7th House shows who is truly “the love of your life” and, for me, it’s Leo, for better or for worse. 

The session is now closed for responses from me. But, as always, it was great talking to those I got to speak to!   


  1. As a Gemini, I enjoy hanging out with Aquarius, we have some kind of connections, Cancer sign cares about me and I like talking to them, Sagittarius has my heart, something about them make me go crazy (but they don't care much about me) must be the opposite attraction effect.

    May I ask a question not related to this topic?

    1. Going with the flow, siezing the intuitive and full embracing the impusive nature of what we have in our DNA, slightly opposed to Geminis intellectual nature. Have to show em how its done, take everything thats good and spontaneous and embellish it it with some intellectual style.

    2. Going with the flow, siezing the intuitive and full embracing the impusive nature of what we have in our DNA, slightly opposed to Geminis intellectual nature. Have to show em how its done, take everything thats good and spontaneous and embellish it it with some intellectual style.

  2. Being a Scorpio sun and Aquarius moon.. I have mysteriously gravitated towards Aquarians a lot.. Be it their sun sign, moon or ascendant.. I feel connected to them on such an intangible and instinctual manner.. I realized this recently that almost all my close friends until now had Aquarian ascendants.. Wierd but true. The crazy and unconventional outlook of their lives make me feel right at home. Emotional detachment is a common theme and its so refreshing because then you have a very understanding and emotionally stretchable company with whom you can bounce your out of the world ideas with and not be judged at all, although it can also be our Waterloo because we tend not to give emotions that much preference which can get a little difficult for others, but not for us at all. And see even you have an Aquarian ascendant Wayman, and your posts are my favorite because your unique views on the world of astrology. Aquarians are Good people through and through.. They are clearly my favorite..:)

    1. Thanks! It's funny that you mention the emotional detachment because I think it took me a while to realize that and accept that about myself. I would identify more with my passionate side and I am really passionate. But, I process it and express it in a very detached way. Thanks to my strong Leo and Scorpio influence, it's not hard for me to deal with feelings. But, I'd much rather do it very independently or express it in a way that doesn't have to do with me or won't make me dependent on anyone. And that can be confusing for others.

      But, yes, I love the uniqueness and craziness of being Aquarian. I always have! :)

    2. Exactly! Very true.. Scorpio passion and Aquarian emotional agility.. Talk about never having a dull moment all day and unlimited topics of discussions, either with someone or inside my head.. Life is such a deep experience for me with so much to observe, process and understand.. :)

  3. I have Venus and Jupiter conjunct in Scorpio and Neptune in Scorpio and I have Pluto conjunct my Sun. My favorite sign that I have always been obsessed with is Scorpio. I have a lot of Plutonians around me all of my life and I admire their strength and their loyalty. I would put Capricorn as my 2nd favorite, too. It is right there with Scorpio as I have a lot of people around me that have strong Capricorn/Saturn influences. Both are great allies and terrifying enemies.

    1. Having Aquarius Rising with Saturn as my ancient ruler and saturn being the first planet in my chart gives me a reason to be drawn to Capricorns. :)

  4. Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio (in that order) I have South Node in Aqua, NN in Leo and Moon in Scorpio (conj. Uranus) I have always been able to 'recognise' an Aquarius from light years away. I love the originality, 'spaced-out' gaze, absence of clinginess, free spirit and electric ideas of Aquarius; childish pride but also the golden glow of Leo, they have a sort of natural 'stage presence' on stage of life. And deep intensity of Scorpio feeling is something I'm too familiar with, I don't like that I like it, but it's a big part of me, so I'm drawn to them almost as strongly as to Aquarians.

  5. I can't say what my favorite sign is, but many of my closest friends have depth and strength to them, so I guess I'm gonna have to go with plutonians.

    1. True. True. True. I can't say either. The plutoinans. Just Because You Don't Know.

  6. I'm a Virgo Rising, Aquarius Sun, Taurus Moon

    Leo men; I find the women quite annoying, the men are lovely and charismatic.
    Gemini Women; I love them they are so entertaining and they never stop talking, it's funny
    All Aries people, they are so comfortable in themselves and quite childish in a sweet way and very impulsive but honest which I appreciate

    1. Well, thanks for the kind words about Leo men! Haha, although if I hear complaints about us, it's often that the women are awesome and the men are obnoxious. I guess it all depends on the person. Although, as much as I love my fellow Lions, it is pretty easy for me to see how Leo energy in any sex can be annoying, if it's operating on the unevolved or immature level.

  7. I love Taurus, their warmth, slow enthusiasm and excellent music taste. Taurus rising runs in my family and I have some beautiful Tauraean friends. I seem to attract Taurus South Node, Jupiter in Taurus and mercury in Taurus people too. My earth placements are a a grand earth trine between Saturn in Taurus, Capricorn mercury and Pluto Virgo. I'm an Aquarian.

    1. Yes, my Nadir is in Taurus and I vibe so well with their energy. There's nobody who I can enjoy a lazy day (which my IC really loves) with quite like someone with Taurus energy.

  8. This question is a really hard one to answer. I have a strong libra emphasis so I really don't want to be unfair...but this is actually something I think makes the sign libra really beautiful. It's all about balance and justice and that no one is left feeling unwanted or unspecial. Libra is a sign that sees beauty all around and I really love that about this sign. But I couldn't name it as my favorite, though. It has also a really superficial and kind of fake quality to it that can go to extremes. And this is something I can't really appreciate...

    There is no sign that I could not say something great about, that makes it really difficult for me to decide which I love the most. Every sign is fascinating to me. Libra, Sagittarius and Virgo are signs that I would consider strong in my chart, that I can feel and truly understand and I like a lot about that signs, but from the signs I don't really fully understand I think the most fascinating signs are all the water signs. I don't know exactly why, but I really find them fascinating and deep. Especially to Cancer I have quite warm feelings for. Their are so emotional, caring, sweet, protective, cozy, family oriented, intuitive and unpredictable. I love all about them. Also their vulnerability I can't dislike. They really care about people and give them all their heart even though they try to appear like they don't. Really cute. They also tend to be really creative. There are some celebreties with their sun in cancer that really impress me. Alessia Cara, Lana Parilla, Ariana Grande and Alycia Debnam-Carey to name a few. I really love this sign. :)

    1. That is a very Libra answer. :) I really love Virgo, too. But, to be honest, Cancer is usually pretty exhausting to me. Cancer Moon is not too bad but I don't always have the best experience with Cancer Sun and Rising. In my experience, they were too neurotic or insecure for me. I'm too independent to give them what they need, I think. They really need to be needed and always want reassurance that you're okay and don't hate them. It just gets draining pretty quickly to me, haha.

    2. That Dalai Lama, such a needy cancer bastard. I was going to buy a chart from you, but I don't condone this intellectually lazy, prejudice bullshit.

      A basic principle of being a decent astrologer should be not to judge millions of distinct individuals based on your exes.

    3. Hahah, thanks for your sanctimonious and self-righteous response.

      But, actually, I was talking about how I experience Cancer people. I was not saying that Cancers are terrible, awful people and if you actually read my blog, you should know that I definitely keep my personal biases out of it. I was saying that, based on MY personality, I don't mesh well with Cancers. But, plenty of people do, I'm sure, and that's great.

      However, I'm glad acting holier-than-thou makes you feel better about yourself. Have a nice day!

    4. By the way, as a person of color, I find your whole "hating on a certain sign is like racism" thing you were going on about in another comment quite intellectually lazy and insulting myself. I'm pretty certain saying that "I don't get along with Cancers" is not the same as the treatment of a race of people who have been historically enslaved, disempowered, discriminated against, murdered and/or denied equal rights. It's not even in the same ballpark. Saying that you find a certain sign annoying or needy is not the same as saying you find a group of people to be inferior, stupid, worthless, dangerous, or subhuman.

      But, hey, keep sitting up on that high horse of yours. I'm sure it's mighty comfortable up there.

  9. I would say scorpio... I always been attracted to the sign i never new why until i recently discover i have alot of scorpio emphasis.scorpio and pisces

  10. Aquarius Rising, Sun Aries, Exact Opp Pluto in Libra. Both signs intercepted with a double dose of Saggitarius and Gemini, Moon Leo

    I come off as intense and I love intense autheticiy. Gemini or Aquarius Women.. prominent Uranus. I want to catch genius in a bottle. Easily lead astray be more eccentric aquantincies.

    I respect Taurus Suns if they can hold a good conversation. Attracted to Virgo Risings.. and would like to know more Virgos.

    Cancer and Capricorns remind me way too much of my intensly self critical nature.

    As much as I embrace my Aries (Always intiating) and dualisticly trusting the spontanious intuition broadcasting from my double house Saggitarius nature I am all to happy to follow someone else down their own personal rabbit holes and see if if its for me too.

  11. Love is a strong word for me. I think it's corny. My love for my chart ruler; Sagittarius, is unprecedented. A lot of heavy and fragile words that mean a lot. And, I'm figuring it out on a daily basis. Thoughts and opinions are highly welcomed. Thank you! ;)

  12. Aries. I have A LOT of people in my family/extended family with Aries energy and growing up with these people my entire life, I've grown accustomed to it. I also really love Taureans, because my moon is in Taurus so theres always an automatic connection. Lastly, Aquarians. I don't why I'm so fascinated by them, I just am. They're super friendly, kind and accepting (not including the really snobby, intellectually superior ones I've met) but for the most part, they're lovely. I find that I can easily be a random goofball around them and I love that!
    Sorry it wasn't just one! Those are the 3 I really like, although I can think of things I like about each of them.

  13. I am Sagittarius sun, Gemini rising and Aries moon(although I have aries moon it's in the 12th house and it squares neptune, so I feel as a Pisces moon rather than Aries). I like Libras a lot. I have North Node in Libra and my Venus in the 6th houseconjuncts my descendant so I think that's why I feel at ease with Libras. They are very intellectual, calm and nice people. Also I like Scorpios. My Venus conjuncts Pluto, also Pluto in the 6th house conjuncts descendant so they are very appealing to me. Scorpios very intense, magnetic, possessive, passionate, mysterious and very smart people but they can be very destructive, stingy, jealous and envy, especially Scorpio women. Also I like Sagittarius. They are philosophical, intellectual, fun loving people. Also it's really hard to pin down them. But Sags sometimes can be rude, also they are prone to exaggeration. Also they can hurt with their words as Scorpios. Also they can be temperamental and arrogant. I guess all the fire signs can be temperamental, selfish and arrogant. It's very interesting although I have Sun in the 7th house I never attracted to Leos. I like some of their characteristics such as, their playfullness, warmness, fun-loving side and their glow. But their arrogance, demandingness and attention seeking qualities just pushes me away. Oh, also I like Cancerians. They are very caring, emotional, protective, cozy, family oriented, intuitive, vulnerable and unpredictable. They really care about people.

  14. Hi I'm a Sagittarius, Cancer rising( I agree...I can't stand my neurotic emotional insecurity too @_@) Moon Scorpio. I love Fire signs, especially Aries and Leo (Leo men). Find it hard to get on with Scorpios...soon I'll be writing to have your reading. (sorry my English is not the best, I'm Italian).Thank you for your incredible blog...

    1. Hi!! I am a Sag as well with a cancer rising! I have never met one like this!! I have a Gemini Moon and a Scorpio Mercury! But I love that we share the same sun and rising! :)

  15. Hello Wayman,
    I’ve been lately focused on the impact of 2nd-8th house axis in my chart, having my Sun and Mercury (chart ruler) in 8th and Moon, Pluto and Saturn in 2nd. I assume that it’s my loaded 2nd house that has always been attracting a lot of Taurus people in my life, since I personally have only Mercury in Taurus. I feel especially attractted to their stability and steady approach, their inner calmness that is so soothing for me (with Pluto opposing my Sun in Aries I have a hard time keeping calm, especially because I still haven’t gone through the plutonian trauma thoroughly). But with Pluto aspecting my Sun, Moon, Mercury, my 8th house charged and Mars and Saturn in Scorpio, I cannot but be fascinated by Scorpio people and Plutonians in general, so that I can call their energy my favourite. :)
    But there is so much more to love in others signs as well…

  16. Honestly, it's Leos for me aswell. (I don't know if you remember, but under one of your older posts we already talked about this.but it was quite a while ago though.:D)

    I generally liked all Leo placements that I encountered, except for one. And that's the moon.
    I feel like that having such a self-driven style to your innermost personality just can't work out well.
    My Mother has a Leo moon and while yes, she IS fun to be around,she is also somebody who needs ridiculous amounts of maintenance.
    But of course,she herself says this isn't true. (The moon rules the subconscious to some degrees too, ayy?)
    But it's maybe just my Virgo moon that's talking here... I don't know.

    Why I'm attracted to Leos?
    Honestly? I have no f*cking idea...
    I have no planets in Leo nor the 5th house.
    The only thing I have in the sign of Leo is Juno, in the 6th.
    BUT,cancer rules both my 4th and 5th house cusp, so maybe that's why I'm so emotionally connected to Leo energy? Maybe.
    Leo rules my 6th house btw, FYI.

    And something interesting and off-topic I would like to add:
    I myself am a ridiculously sagittarian Sagittarius (Sag+9th house stellium, Sag and Jup dominant,as well as Fire+Mutable.),and I'm loving it.
    BUT, I came to the point of taking 2 Steps back when I meet a Female who is a Sagittarius.
    Why, you ask?
    Well, the female Sagittarians I met in my Life had ALL addiction and depression problems. And I'm completely serious right know. There wasn't a SINGLE ONE who wouldn't be this way+they all really liked to play the martyr's.
    it gets exhausting very quickly.
    And the strangest thing is, that the man weren't this way!
    I have no idea why,but I would really like to know the answer...(does somebody have an idea why? Just answer to my comment if you do, I'm interested in your ideas and opinions.)
    Smth to add:(Scorpio man were a pain in the ass tho, so yeah.)

    PS: If you're a Sagittarius who also coincidentally happens to be a Female and DOES NOT possess any of the above mentioned qualities:
    Congratulations! Good for you!
    My self-made Observation apparently doesn't apply to you, so there's no reason to go batshit crazy either. (Except if you unconsciously try to hide something, of course. *cough*)

    Also, I'm not saying that ALL female Sagittarians are this way, but from MY observations,there are a more than enough of these kinds of individuals.Sadly.

    I wish a great time and much love to all those who have managed to get through my clusterf*ck!
    Cheers Gals and Guys!

    1. Are you refering to sun in sagittarius females or sag dominant? I have to admit that I have sagittraius rising conjunct sag moon and 3 planets (inluding Jupiter) in the 9th house in the sign of libra and I really suffer from depression for a long time. But it actually gets better with time and I have a deep understanding why I became this way. I was bullied at school and had not many friends, also my family life is quite intense. My mother suffers from depression too. I think it's entirely logical in a astrological point of view. Though sagittarius is my most dominant sign I have strong libra. Libra needs to be liked and have a social circle. Something that was missing half of my life. My Virgo sun needs to be needed and useful, but I felt really useless instead. I am a totally self critical person and my Venus in Virgo is conjunct chiron in the 8th house which made it really hard for me to build self worth in the past. My Sagittarius moon used to suppress all that heavy stuff and I punished my self a lot for all I was not. For not as fascinating and most perfect as others seemed to be. But transiting saturn is conjunct my moon right now and I am facing all my demons and building faith in my abilities. I am much stronger now, but I don't give Saturn all the credit. Because it is only a part of the process. I am thankful for my sag moon energy and my philosophical approach to life because it always gives me hope and faith that someday I will truly like myself and depression won't be an issue anymore. I am already getting better and I know that I will constantly. But without my sagittarius energy I fear my virgo sun would feel miserable because there is so much I wanted to fix about myself and to get better at. If I wouldn't be that philosophical as I am I never might realised that I don't have to be all that to be right the way I am. At least this is what I believe...

      I really see strength in being a saggy person but I dont know what the females journey is all about. Maybe all of them haven't find the courage to face reality and deal with all their pain yet. Also they could have other placements leading to depression not exactly connected to the sign. I also think that every chart shows way to deal with all you struggle with. Have you seen them by chance? Basically I don't think sagittarius is the worst sign to handle depression to be honest, but this would be another exciting topic to talk about. :)

      I know a sag sun girl as welll, but she has neither a pronlem with depression nor with addiction... she isn't a martyr either. She has other issues, more scorpion like. :D I also don't play the martyr by the way. Haha. I used to in my childhood but now I only enjoy helping people that I really care for, helping them to improve themselves in a kind of psychological and cheerful way. But I am honestly to egoistic and self centered to put myself last. Haha.

    2. You're the common denominator of the people in your life. All the Sagittarius females I know, are happy, emphatically clean-living people.

      Mental illness is equal opportunity. All signs can have it. If you are dealing closely with a lot of people who seem like X, it's because part of you is resonating with those aspects. This can seem harsh, but taking radical responsibility for your experiences is actually extremely liberating.

      Also, if you don't want people to be offended, maybe don't be offensive (not preemptively gas-lighting people who take issue with your opinions by calling them bat shit crazy would also be nice). I'm not a Sagittarius, just challenging the everyday prejudices I encounter.

    3. I love astrology as a beautiful intricate series of symbols and metaphor to appreciate the differences in others. I hate astrology, when it is used to negatively stereotype.

      Saying based on my observations Scorpios, or Virgos, or Cancers etc. are this BAD thing, is no different than saying based on my observation Black people, Asians, Hispanics, are X BAD thing. Prejudice is always based on faulty and limited anecdotal reasoning.

      Your brain processes billions of bits of information that never reach your conscious awareness. Your reticular activator system's job is to present you with more information you already "know." That is what is what selective attention experiments like the Invisible Gorilla test demonstrate.

      If the world is ever going to improve, we all need to question our own blindness to the vast possibilities that already exists in every person, place, moment, and thing.

    4. Also, because this is the dark moon and I am on a roll, stigmatizing people because of a mental ILLNESS like depression or addiction, is no different that stigmatizing someone for having the flu or a tumor.

      There are certain mental and physical health practices that can alleviate or prevent or even cure all kinds of illness, but it is morally gross to shame people for their struggles. You don't have to deal with them if you find it too difficult, but at least have a modicum of compassion. In another life that could be you.

    5. Damn.

      You, Vivian, are an amazing positive example.
      You recognized your Issues, admitted their existence and started working on them. And this is how it should be.
      The problem isn't that people have issues, it's that they run away from them and don't have the courage to face them.
      There definitely should be more People like you around.

      And in my previous comment I meant Sag Suns, but I think Sagittarian energy in general can have this effect.

      If one has none or very little Saturn (grounding) energy in ones chart, it becomes much more tempting to run away from ones problems (sag), than to face them with the hope and optimism, that you can get through this (also sag).

      (I personally have Saturn in Gem in the 2nd, trine Neptune, square Moon and Opposite Sun, Mercury, Pluto and Venus, FYI.)

    6. Every morning, I pray to the Christian God (that I don't believe in), to keep the SJW's and the Skinheads far away from me...i probably didn't pray hard enough today. Well, shit.

      Dear Melody,
      I've seen a few of your Comments under this post, and it really --->SEEMS<--- (hopefully you know what this word means) like, that you're just here to pick a fight and to show everybody how bad they actually are. (Or that's how you see them, to be more accurate.)

      1.I INTENTIONALLY mentioned that I noticed a lot higher numbers of female individuals with a Sagittarius Zodiac Sign+some kind of Mental Illness than Geminis or Leos, as an example.
      I NEVER said that EVERYBODY who is a Female and a Sagittarius has some kind of a mental illness.

      As an example, there are significantly more African American individuals in the United States who commit homicides than Asians, but that doesn't mean that every African American is the fucking Devil and that every Asian is an Angel.
      It's just an Observation. Thats it.
      I hope you're aware of the fact that a (healthy) human being can think and observe without drowning in their pointless, petty little feelings.

      2.I find it very amusing (but also terrifying to some degree), that you're trying to convince me of having a mental illness I'm not aware of.
      It's like saying that "when a Doctor says to a Patient that they have Cancer, it's just the Doctors unconscious fear of Death that he is projecting onto that poor little Patient."
      Sometimes,things are actually what they seem like,and there isn't always some kind of "hidden truth" or "conspiracy" behind everything.
      This Realization will save you a lot of nerves and stress, I can guarantee you that.

      3.I have compassion and I will also support people with issues,IF they recognize them and they try to help themselves.
      If not, then they can stay in their own little pit, but I won't sit down next to them and cry with them, that's for fucking sure.

      4.As you probably saw, somebody replied who could strike EVERYTHING from the Points I mentioned.
      And and and, guess what!?
      She didn't went batshit crazy,like you.
      She clearheadedly Considered the Points I made and admitted that she herself, was once like this aswell. She found the topic and the potential in it very interesting.

      That's how sensible human beings work,Melody.
      So please don't get triggered FOR People who doesn't get triggered themselves in the first place. It's like protecting a Lion in the wilderness because you're afraid that it can't take care of itself.

      I would advise you to take 2 deep breaths and count to 10 before you write a Reply to somebody, because although your outspokenness is admirable, it can get you into a lot of trouble <3 :)

      Much love.

    7. I totally understood what you meant, Rik, with the comment about Sagittarians and I find it an interesting pattern, actually. If you are speaking of Sagittarius Sun women, them potentially having Mercury or Venus in Capricorn (or, of course, the Moon or Rising or whatever else) could contribute to that. You literally said "I'm not saying this about all Sagittarians."

      I think we need to be able to point out patterns without getting so oversensitive. I mean, please, I have a Scorpio Moon. That placement gets more shit than almost all of the other Moons combined. Haha. I've seen so many people talking about their experience with that psycho Scorpio Moon they know. So, I guess I have thick skin when it comes to people talking about placements that I may have. And, you know what? I'm fully aware that, if I weren't evolved enough, I would be that person they were talking about. I definitely have my moments.

      Still, I don't take it personally because it's not necessarily about me. In the end, astrology is highly based on observations about people. We need to be able to make such observations without getting so reactive. EVERY placement has flaws and negative traits. Every single one. So, if someone points them out, don't get all offended. If it applies to you, own up to it. If not, let it go and chalk it up to someone who has that placement but is ultimately unlike you.

      Also, not sure if I remember the conversation about you loving Leos but I appreciate it anyway! I do agree that the Leo Moon is a different beast. Leo Suns can be attention-seeking but we still have a certain dignity and pride about it. Like, we would never want to come off as thirsty for it, even if we are. The Leo Moon is much thirstier for attention because it's a deep, irrational need and although it's less obvious, when you get to know that side of the person, it can be an extremely high-maintenance energy. I always say that the Moon is a rawer and more intense version of the sign than the Sun because the Sun is conscious and the Moon is emotional.

    8. Thank God Wayman.

      I definitely agree with you about the "we need to be able to point out patterns without getting so oversensitive" point you made.
      Because that's the only way we, as the Human race, can evolve.
      By questioning everything we believe in and openly discussing it.
      I mean, imagine Scientists throwing tantrums and being passive aggressive when one of their theories got proven wrong. Although it would be hilarious, it would also be very immature and destructive.

      My Sister has a Scorpio Moon conjunct Pluto, so I know what you're talking about, haha.

      An interesting question popped into my mind about the Moon signs:
      What could it mean if somebody has the Moon in the House that's associated with its sign?
      As an example:
      I myself, have a Virgo moon in the 6th. (Although the 6th is ruled by Leo.)
      What effects could this have on an individual?
      Could they naturally express and nurture their Moon better than others?

      Wish you the best :)

  17. My favorite sign is Pisces. Funny enough I don't know too many people in real life that are pisces but nonetheless I love what the sign represents as the last sign of the zodiac. At their best pisces/ 12th house people can be very wise, empathetic, easy going, funny people. My love for the sign may be as a result of my 12th house moon and mars and pisces descendant.

    1. They are amazing creatures,their love and affection expression is so kind and unique.Honest,dreamy and jelaous...oh i want my pisces back in my life :(

  18. I would say Leo... I'm a cancer and I have Venus, Mercury and North Node in Leo and I'm capricorn rising but Aquarius being intercepted in the 1st house a I kind of have a 7th house Leo and I have a lot friends with their sun or moon in leo !

    1. Well no, I like people with Leo planets (especially moon) but I don't think Leo is my favorite sign... in fact it changes all the time...

  19. I am a libra sun, libra moon, venus in scorpio and mars in sag woman. I love (not sexually) aries women and venus in aries women. I don't know why I just like them, don't have any planets or node in Aries (my north node is in taurus). I love men with fire signs especially sagittarius and aries. But the men that really, really like me are men with sun or mars in taurus.

  20. I'm Cancer rising, Taurus Sun, Cap moon. I think having these three at very personal points in my chart helps me go along with a lot of people. Actually, in general my chart is pretty scattered.
    Aries: they're the kind of people I go to when I want FUN. Just pure, lighthearted madness that we can later reminisce fondly about.
    Taurus: excellent- when I want a more 'muted' kind of fun, like driving along the beach while pigging out on junk food (stereotypes FTW lol)
    Gemini: excellent friends, and I love people with whom I can yap forever and ever!
    Cancer: also good- their emotions never seems to be a problem to me, maybe since I ride the waves as much as them.
    Leo: I LOVE Leos- lol sometimes I find them too much but in all honesty, their hearts are always in the right place so they're automatically forever forgiven in my book.
    Now here starts the problems:
    Virgo- I won't say I dislike them, but they worry me. They're just too worried, and they make me feel worried. I have no clue why.
    Libra-oh god. First we're floating happily in airy bliss and then BOOM something happens, I'm pissed, they don't know what to say, and then I like to start pretending the thing never happened at all. You'd think with my Venus in Gemini we'd meld better.
    Scorpio: I would like to confirm the myth- it's either love or hate at first sight, forever. Also the words 'love', 'hate' and 'forever' are not adequate to describe the feeling.
    Sagi: Funnily enough, when I was young I wanted their attention so much! Now I attract them easily..they're okay, but nothing compared to the first half of the zodiac.
    Capri: this is gonna sound odd, but I feel they are not serious enough for me. It's fine for friendship, but not work or love.
    Aqua: I find them excellent friends and co-workers. I like my space, they like theirs, we join forces now and then and when they leave me (for the day, I mean) I don't miss them as much. As lovers though, I hate when they go cold!
    Pisces: you know, I rarely find these fishies! Which worries me, my MC is in Pisces and I have no clue what that means. So far the only ones I know are my boss (we work excellently because she lets me do what I want- which is everything) and Rihanna.

    1. Interesting that you have the most problems with the last six signs. And, omg, do you literally know Rihanna?? Haha.

    2. Your comment makes me feel worried. I don't know exactly why and this is killing me.
      :) couldn't resist, sorry

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    4. @ Andrea: Oh my gosh, are you...
      Now I'm biting my nails in worry..and as a Cap moon I NEVER do that! (externally. Internally I'm jiggly as a jelly)

      @wayman: ah, I wish I knew her, hehe.. A lot of her songs seem to aid me by venting out frustrations that I can't express with my own words (which is a horrible feeling- Merc in Aries need to express to the point!).. the songs are always about her being vulnerable yet accepting those feelings, a habit that I'm trying to form.
      It might be because I have less planets over those sides? But that's a given in all charts, since mars, mercury and venus will always be in signs near your sunsign, and something of that will resonate with those sign-sun bearers. In that case, it would make sense why I wouldn't be able to connect with the signs 'away' from my sign, but as I mature and learn more about all around me, I would learn how to see things from their point of view.

    5. I really like her music, too, and her in general. I love her album Anti, just the whole vibe and attitude of it.

  21. Im gemini sun,moon in aries,leo asc,i dont now why but i love being with pisces sun.Strong attraction towards them,irresistible.Maybe because im late leo asc 24-41 and most of my house 7 is in pisces.Something that you can tell me about this?

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  23. I'm incredibly fascinated by individuals with planets in water signs (cancer, scorpio, pisces), most likely because I have no water in my chart and have so much fire and air. Even though I am quite a feelings person and emotionally sensitive, there is something else I feel around the watery-signs which I love, lap up and learn from (perhaps explains why I love swimming so much and the sensation of water which "cools" me down..that's how i often feel around individuals with these signs). I am also incredibly drawn to and intrigued by Scorpio planets, especially males. A previous partner's Sun and Uranus in Scorpio formed a T-Square with my Sun in Leo and Moon in Aquarius.. this was an intense and deep relationship, filled with plenty of mystery and intrigue.

  24. Very interesting point of view, I am Sagittarius Sun, also my mercury, neptune and jupiter is in capricorn. My Sun squares Saturn, Mars opposites Saturn and my Venus trines Saturn. I myself sometimes can be melancholic but I can also bounce back quickly. But I knew a person who is Sagittarius Sun and her mercury is also in Capricorn but you know I have never seen her depressed(her neptune and jupiter is also in Capricorn). Actually she is overly happy person. I think it also depends on aspects. People who has challenging aspects from Saturn to their personal planets can be depressive. What do you think about it Wayman?

    1. Yeah I think that's true about Saturn aspects. But, I also think that Sagittarius can push a person to excess and that can be high highs and low lows. So, that's another possible element of it.

  25. I agree with you about excess. Thank's for your answer🙂

  26. I like water moons as they are the rare ones who can somewhat understand me and I usually feel the connection right away. Also for some reason I'm surrounded by Scorpio suns. It's hard for me to relate to people with no water on their charts.
    Other than that it's hard for me to generalise. I just like people who seem to have some vulnerability in them.

    1. I love my fellow Water Moons! We always seem to have a very interesting connection. I feel like Watery energy functions best in the Moon because we are so subtle and internal with our emotions and feel them so deeply. We're so emotional but with a lot of us, it's something that's not obvious at all. As the Water Moon person evolves, they learn how to be emotionally aware and intelligent instead of overwhelmed by those feelings. That's crucial because, let me tell you, when a Water Moon loses it, we really, really lose it.

  27. Pisces are hot to anyone. Surrender

    1. Pisces people are beautiful souls, especially those with a Pisces Moon. I don't know why but I have a real soft spot for that placement.

  28. Leo's and Pisces for close friends
    Aqua and sag for watching tv and travel
    Side of cap.

  29. Hmm, what an intriguing question. Honestly, I must say that I fancy many zodiac signs but if I must point out my favourite trio then Scorpio, Aquarius, and Sagittarius. Having strong Pluto in my own chart I am naturally curious about Scorpios. There is something very mysterious, dominant and passionate about them and I sometimes wonder what it would be like to have more of that energy in my own chart.

    From what I have experienced, people with Aquarius placements really are out of the box in someway. They have such an unique way of thinking and observing life and many of my Aquarian acquaintances live a life that is spiced with some quirky lifestyle or hobby. I have Mercury in Aquarius aspecting both Pluto and Mars which gives me experiences of people asking where to I get my odd ideas or how I have the courage to say or write something unexpected. Time to time I sense that I shock people unintentionally since I response very quickly, randomly and sometimes without moderation. :D
    Sagittarius is an interesting sign, to my eyes a mix of enthusiasm and deep diving ideas. I like how they have that positive and wide taste to all new things but they still can calm down and have a deep conversation about pretty much anything. ^_^

  30. Cancer rising, gemini sun, virgo moon

    For partners, I love Sun in Virgo. I never feel "too much" with them, because, well.... they're also a lot and respond well to my intense, but detached emotional, intellectual, and sexual nature. In my experience, they're always testing (because they care...a lot), and it makes me feel really good when I pass their tests.

    Lots of attraction to Sun in Cancer, but nooooooooooo functional compatibility. We relate and relate and relate and relate, and emote and then dissolve completely and then come up for air and are like whaaaat just happened? That must have been a weird dream....

    My favorite family members are Leos. Strong, proud and very good role models. They make my family and origin feel regal and transcendent, and they radiate their personalities so strongly!

    Taurus, Aquarius, Scorpio are my best friends.

    Really hard time with Aries energy (although my sister has her Sun in Aries and I love her so much, but really don't understand her actions and motivations very well and feel like I never will) and Capricorn energy.

    Pisces make me have fun in a woaaahhhh that was crazy kind of way! And I love other Gemini. I can usually spot their "crazy" from a mile away and their inconsistencies make total sense to me. Play on, my friends!

    1. Interesting. I never experienced Virgo people as putting others through tests but I can see how this could apply, as they are always critiquing and observing and classifying people. I have a lot of Virgo energy myself and there is little to nothing I miss about people (but that's equally due to the Scorpio and Aquarius placements I have).

  31. Scorpio, Scorpio, Scorpio!! All the way!! I am surrounded by them & I think I connect with & to them deeply because of my extremely heavy Scorpio influence. They're just so powerful, yet vulnerable & so so ambitous & just amazing!! ❤️

  32. "Pisces people are beautiful souls, especially those with a Pisces Moon. I don't know why but I have a real soft spot for that placement." Thank you for making my night! It makes me so happy you feel that way about Pisces moon <3 I'm a Pisces moon in the 8th house. I noticed I found an instant connection with Scorpios the most. Maybe because I also have Northnode in Scorpio in 4th house and my 5th house is in Scorpio. I'm a Gemini Sun in 11th house and a Leo rising. I made friends with Aquarius people super quick like Scorpios but they and I have our own individual thing going. Although my best friend is a Leo Sun Virgo moon and a Scorpio rising. I feel like she understands how I am the most and her Virgo's moon balances my Pisces moon. In the end I feel like Scorpios feed my emotional needs the most even though they can be super tough and mean to me sometimes but I really enjoy every aspects of it and it definitely pushes me to grow and evolve on a deeper level.

  33. I am a sun Scorpio, taurus moon, and Aquarius rising. I have a stellium of sun, mercury, venus, jupiter, pluto & north node in the 9th house. I have always been wildly attracted to the fire signs. Aries being first. The men drive me crazy. 2nd being leo. I love their warmth, enthusiasm, attention and vitality in life. There's just something so wild about them. Maybe it's because my own mars is in leo. They are so much more independent than I am. They make my social more outgoing side come out. But I'm mostly surrounded by Capricorn females. Maybe it's my taurus moon. They really feel like my sister's and they feel like home and family. As for men, I don't like when they are too clingy. I've had 2 cancer men that were very into me and caring but I couldn't bare them being so in my business all the time. It was annoying. Idk I'm supposed to be compatible with them but I find them so passive sometimes. Scorpio men I find irritating. Pisces men, I haven't met any yet. I'm thinking they could be my match. I like the enthusiasm and life of fire signs yet I also crave the emotional intensity of water. But not the clingyness. Also I love to talk a lot lol probably my moon in 3rd hours.

  34. It is interesting how so many posts above divided male and female of the signs and sun and moon of the signs when the question is what is your fave sign? I guess the duality of this world is inherent in everything. So here goes, my fave yin sign is Scorpio, fave yang sign is leo. Second fave is Libra.

  35. Sun Taurus, moon/pluto/black moon lilith conjunct in Virgo

    I often love the company of Gemini women, I've experienced them as captivating, light-hearted and funny - good to be with before they flit away (although I do know one who is an all out psyco but that is only one!) And I've often found Sagitarius men attractive - I've been with one for the past 22 years Sun Sag moon Leo. I've observed in my time with him that that he is drawn to Virgo people (men and women) and often has deep affection for them, I think he likes Taurus people too. Lucky for me!

  36. I very much enjoy Libras and Geminis the most out of all the signs. My chart is dominated by earth and fire, so I believe it might be my fire aspects. I feel like when I’m friends or a lover to either of these signs we always end up going on adventures physically and spiritually! My venus is in Sagittarius and travel and learning or just discussing ideas are something I really enjoy and I’ve always found these sun signs to be on the same page with that. Libra man especially I really enjoy being around simply because I’ve found a lot of them to be extremely charming and comfortable to be around. My sun is Capricorn, moon libra , and sun Leo.

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  38. I find myself very attracted to Aries and Leo - I admire their individuality and extroverted personalities and seem to fall hard for these beings but I find communicating awkward with them - being a Cancer Sun I think perhaps they fear me gushing all over them! I have Sun in 5th house and Leo in 7th, South Node Aries in 3rd so I think they teach me about being out in the world and are great playmates and carry a sense of fate and destiny in me finding them. I find myself surrounded by Taureans - I get along well with them and have Taurus 4th house so they are family. I also seem to have had lots of Pisceans around me - now I find myself less tolerant of them. They are genuinely loving people but they carry a very noticeable shadow with them that I seem to get put in the role of looking at for them because they refuse to which I cannot deal with anymore. Though my greatest love and friend was a Pisces and I would give anything to have a playmate like her again.