Thursday, March 16, 2017

Planets in the 12th House: The Source

The spiritual element of the 12th House is unavoidable but it differs from the 9th in that it is spiritual, rather than religious. We hear that saying a lot but what it means to me (a person with 12th House planets who lives by it) is taking a path that is much more about heightened awareness, compassion, flowing with the Higher Power, and trusting in the unknown, which is the spiritual, than living by a rigid code of rules and regulations and beliefs that are supposed to bring certain outcomes, which is the religious. The 9th House is about religion, whether it’s organized religion or the personal religion that someone forms out of their beliefs. The 12th House is about spirituality, which brings a person toward enlightenment, healing, or bliss and in a very fluid and intuitive way. 

But, either house can involve a concept of God. It’s a force that has many names and 12th House people would probably prefer names such as the Source, the Creator, the Higher Power, etc, than simply God. However, it helps enormously for people with 12th House planets to have some sense of a powerful force bigger than themselves. I understand that not everyone does and this is not me forcing anything on to you. But, if you don’t, it is quite hard to understand these planets. Well, it is hard to understand planets in the 12th no matter what you do. This I know for a fact. But, you gain a much clearer comprehension of them when you see them as not personally belonging to you but as an energy that’s being channeled through you from that Higher Power. 

12th House people have some really wild, out-there, unexplainable thoughts and impressions, many of which we feel like we’d be seen as insane for having. If you have planets in this house and you’ve ever had a sense that God or the Universe or the Creator was speaking through you, you should fear not. It doesn’t make you crazy or arrogant or delusional. In a way, it’s really the truth. I used to have the same kind of feelings all the time; that many of my feelings, daydreams, thoughts, etc. were not exactly my own. Planets in the 12th only partially belong to us on a personal, individual level. They are more so like a mouthpiece for that Higher Power and, as a result, serve as a universal reflection of all of humanity, including ourselves, as we come from that Source. 

That’s very lofty to say but you can’t talk about the 12th House in a “normal” manner. You can’t expect for your 12th House Sun to function like any old Sun. This is why, when we try to claim our planets here in a very selfish or self-centered way, as if it’s all about us, things backfire. I have Saturn in the 12th and whenever I aim to be so efficient and put-together and traditionally successful, in a way that’s self-serving or seeks personal recognition, I end up with a giant mess. Same with my Neptune in the 12th, as being overly sensitive and impressionable about things that have to do with me never really ends well. This is the thing that can make 12th House people repress those planets but then become obsessed with living them out, because they’ve been repressed, and then feel victimized because things never work out anyway when they try. 

12th House planets must have some sort of impersonal outlet or direction to go down. Art is an obvious choice, as you can channel the energies of that planet into telling a story or creating a character that will go beyond the personal. Also, charity efforts of any kind or acts of selflessness (in moderation) serve as a healthy expression. But, so does spiritual awareness and discipline. If you see your 12th House planet(s) as being a trait of the Higher Power that you are simply managing, with humility and without ego, here on earth, you will be better off. You must see the Creator as the source of that planet’s energy but serve as a vessel for its energy, blessing your fellow man with the most beautiful traits of that planet, without seeking a reward for it. The giving, in and of itself, is the reward. By taking on this attitude, we develop our own personal magic, although we must never forget that it’s a magic that’s been given to us. It’s a gift we must remain thankful for. 

To you, the Creator is powerful, willful, and worthy of admiration. Your spiritual awareness requires you to bask in the warmth of the Creator and understand how special and deserving of praise that this powerful, higher force is. You will be able to channel this power by selflessly bestowing praise and special admiration on to other people. You possess an almost magical ability to build people up and make them feel like the star of the show.

From your point of view, the Creator is caring, responsive, protective, and always knows how we feel. You become truly spiritually aware when you can develop a very supportive relationship with the Creator that makes you feel nurtured and taken care of. You can act as a vessel for this higher force by blessing others with this nurturing energy and accepting the full range of their feelings. Your magic lies in making people feel safe and giving them just what they need.

For you, the Creator is intelligent, observant, sensible, and always ready to communicate. Your spiritual journey requires you to know how to really talk to this Higher Power, sorting out your thoughts and gaining many helpful ideas from this dialogue. The Creator will then speak through you by allowing you to create a conversation with others that makes them feel unconditionally heard. Your listening and thinking skills are magical, as is your ability to share information.

Your relationship with the Creator is very loving, sweet, balanced, and peaceful. You find and develop your spiritual energy when you understand that you will always be loved, valued, and appreciated by this higher force. So, you can channel and serve as a vessel for the Creator by bringing that healing form of affection, kindness, and appreciation to others. You find your inner magic when you understand what love truly is and how powerful of a force it can be.

You feel connected to the Creator in a passionate, driven, brave, and assertive sense. Your rapport with this Higher Power awakens your inner motivation and makes you feel as if you can take on any challenge placed in front of you. Therefore, this greater force speaks through you by compelling you to give others the push they need and help them achieve their own victories. Your magic as an individual comes from this inner fire that blazes unconditionally and is hard to snuff out.

You experience the Creator as very benevolent, positive, expansive, and uplifting. So, you cultivate true spiritual awareness when you can develop a connection with this being in a way that strengthens your faith and attracts positive energy. You can channel this spirit through an egoless yearning to lift other people up and help them to feel faithful and free. Your personal magic lies in your buoyancy and resilience, allowing you to keep moving forward, forever in tune with the flow.

For you, the Creator is strong, dependable, authoritative, and worthy of much respect. Your connection to this Higher Power can bring an amazing feeling of structure and purpose into your life, causing you to understand the greater plan of all things. Because of this, you will be able to act as a vessel for the spirit by showing others their purpose and strength, selflessly acting as a solid presence in hard times. You can bring substance and success to your fellow man like magic.

In your view, there is an unusual, brilliant, detached, and big-picture quality to the Creator. You find your spiritual awareness by being attuned with the strange, unpredictable ways of the Higher Power, accepting that there is a rhyme and reason behind all the weirdness. This translates into a rapport with humanity by letting others let and live, no matter their differences, without any petty, mean, or narrow-minded thinking. Your ability to not judge and promote freedom is magical.

You connect to the Creator in a highly intuitive, pure, mysterious, and transcendent way. You experience this force as an all-loving, all-forgiving energy, ever-sensitive to and understanding of our pain. Here on earth, you are able to channel the Higher Power when you are fully empathetic to others and attuned to whatever they are feeling, without expecting the same in return. You have a divine, ethereal kind of magic that can bless other people’s lives in a really healing way.

Your experience of the Creator is that of a powerful, complex, intense, and even destructive force. But, you cultivate spiritual awareness by understanding that the Higher Power can be as dark as it is light, requiring evolved choices to be made to deal with it. You are like a vessel in that you can guide others toward their power and their depths. You express your magic by helping other people through their darkness in order for them to transform and heal once they’re back in the light.


  1. Wow this is so beautiful. I recently got a good kick from a Chiron transit which made me realise something was wrong. I'd always thought of my planets as 11th house until I used the Whole signs system and realised that in fact I have moon+venus+chiron in 12th which suddenly made SO much sense! I could never understand why I was not that social with an 11th house moon + venus but with the 12th, my hermit nature made so much sense. I also would never have been able to understand this house if I was not on an intense spiritual journey that's completely transforming me in a sort of Pluto way. Thanks for shedding light on how to make sense of this very elusive house.

  2. "Venus-Uranus-Saturn-Neptune" in Capricorn, stellium in my 12th house.. Yeah.. It's a crazy source indeed.. I feel a constant other worldly presence of my Higher Self guiding me through life.. It's like we play an invisible game where-
    1)when I think of achieving something for myself (saturn),
    2)try to act too cocky and smart in expense of others (uranus),
    3)knowingly refuse to be empathetic to someone's needs(Neptune), or
    4)love conditionally(venus),
    my higher Self finds a surprisingly quirky way of sabotaging the acts and turn it upside down.. I automatically nod and salute her in my mind and say "great move, yet again"..It's like accepting the famous line once and for all- "Man proposes, God disposes".. Sometimes it takes me a lot of reflection to convince myself that I am spiritually normal yet abnormal in the eyes of the sane. Still in the process of accepting this truth. :) thank you for this wonderful post Wayman..

  3. This is very interesting. I have Sun, Mercury (Gemini) and Venus (Cancer) in house 12, and my (until recently) best friend has 9th house Capricorn Sun. What you're describing in this article is something that took me years and years to learn and come to terms with. She has always been very much into religion as such, obeying and worshiping 'God' and church rules, whilst I have never been a 'believer' in traditional meaning of the word. I've explored many religions and always have been on some sort of a spiritual journey, feeling rather than knowing that there was 'a higher law', 'unity' and 'spirit of the world' instead of One God And His Holy Books. Needles to say, my friend and I fell apart-her (unaspected) Capricorn Sun in 9th was too heavy and rooted in dogma for me to handle, so we simply drifted apart.
    As far as 'communication' with the higher source is concerned, you are as usual spot on - often, when I read something that I wrote, I can't even recognise the style, let alone the thoughts of a person who wrote those words. But, technically, it has always been 'me'. I also never plan, never create drafts-it's always out of the blue and the words run like river, and when I paint or draw, it's a very similar process. It's like someone else is doing it through me, and afterwards I'm often drained and sort of empty inside.

    1. Yes, the 12th house knowledge just flows onto the outline, no rough draft, just thoughts and ideas. Afterwards, I read it like it was from an inside/outside source. What a gift!

  4. Sun, Saturn and Pluto in 12th house. I've always felt like I'm a step from the Higher Power and still far away. A very strange feeling.

  5. Hey Wayman! I love the article, how you differentiate 9th and 12th houses. I don't have any (except asteroids Psyche and Eros) in my Aquarian 9th house, and only Chiron (and asteroid Vesta) in Taurean/Geminian 12th. What do you think of Chiron?

    Jennifer in AZ

    1. And to add, do you study any asteroids, or anything outside of the normal planets? ;)

    2. Hey, I plan on really covering Chiron after my Jupiter series is over. Chiron is definitely the most relevant, powerful asteroid. But, Lilith and Part of Fortune can be quite significant, too.

      Other than that, no, I don't see the other asteroids as useful. I don't even know what the majority of them are, haha, and the ones I have heard of sound random af, to be honest.

      But, having Chiron here means that this is the place where you've experienced a lot of pain throughout life but where you've also developed coping mechanisms and strategies in order to push through that pain and heal. So, I'd say that you've experienced spirituality, the Higher Power, surrendering to the unknown, etc. as really painful and that it's been something that's bogged you down. But, you have the potential to turn things around and experience a lot of peace here, as well.

  6. Okay, thank you Wayman! Yes, I was very spiritual, both in church and studying astrology, and have read a few Buddhist meditation books, and a general survey of religions. That goes to Neptune in Sag generation? I haven't been to church in years, I really miss the fellowship, but still read email devotions and the bible off-on. Surrendering is a really hard thing! But, yes, the peace is worth it! I look forward to your Chiron series!

  7. Thank you!!! You are so spot on and I feel you have a true understanding of the 12th. I am experiencing a lot of what you have written. I have Sun, Venus, Saturn, Neptune, and North Node in the 12th in Capricorn. Pluto is transiting my 12th right now. When I practice yoga or meditation I am bombarded with "the meaning of life" or everything just makes sense all of a sudden and I know the insights did not originate within me. Do all things in love - that's the big secret. Love is the way! Live and let love!

  8. Moon in Pisces in the 12th house. Jupiter in the 7th.Neptune in the 10th. Ive always love spirituality and the occult and felt ostracised for loving the occult and hidden knowledge. I hid myself a lot cos of this from people and became a loner for while till I started hanging out with people who didn't judge me

  9. Great article!! Really challenging. I have struggled to find to terms with my 12th house planets.

    Sun in Cancer in 12th
    Mars & Mercury in Leo in 12th
    Leo Ascending with Venus in 1st

  10. Aries ascending 26°26`
    Mars in Aries in 12th house 1°29`
    Neptune in Capricorn in 9th 6°2`
    Jupiter in Pisces in 11th 19°7`
    Sun in Capricorn in 9th 19°51`
    12th house cusp Pisces 28°55`

    Excellent article! 👍

  11. Hi Wayne! What about people who have North Node in 12th house?

    Thank you ����

  12. Thanks so much for your input. What about the nodes of the moon. Like I have only North Node in 12th house in Taurus. I would be more than happy to appreciate your input here.

  13. @ Zen
    N. Node in 12th has incarnated in this birth time to sacrifice for greater good and to cast unconditional love for mankind. You will be more than happy at the end of the day if you choose the path of spiritual relam and renunciate and sacrifice your materialistic dreams, earthly desires. Don't get derailed into occult and supernatural though. All the best!

  14. As someone with Sun, Moon, Mercury and Jupiter in my 12th, I really appreciated your approach to this house.