Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The 2nd, 6th, and 10th House: Making It In The World

The 2nd House, 6th House, and 10th House serve as the three Earth houses in the chart because they are naturally ruled by the Earth sign trinity: Taurus (the 2nd), Virgo (the 6th), and Capricorn (the 10th). Now, of course, there is a big chance that these houses are not actually earthy in your natal chart thanks to the signs on the cusp or the planets in the house. You might have Gemini on the 6th House cusp, Mars in the 10th, or Scorpio ruling your 2nd. Whatever the case may be, these houses still have a fundamentally earthy function because they represent how you are able to “make it” in the world in a tangible, substantial way.

All three of these houses are working together toward your success. At least, they are trying to. You have to be aware of what’s going on in your 2nd House, your 6th House, and your 10th House to be able to live the secure, productive, and respectable life that you want to live. Even if one or two or all of these houses are empty in your chart, you still need to look at the sign that is on the cusp and, therefore, rules the house. It governs the activity that is happening in this area of life for you. If you neglect one of these essentials, you can find that you won’t be able to reach the success that you want to. So, we don’t just look at the 10th House in terms of becoming successful. We also look at the 2nd House and 6th House and how they will support these ambitions and goals.


Whatever is in your 2nd House symbolizes how you will be able to make money in this life. It is your road to financial security. It’s also a road to personal security and self-esteem. But, for the sake of this particular topic, it is best to focus on the money element of the 2nd House. The sign on this house’s cusp or the planets in this house represent how you earn and handle money, as well as the particular value that you assign to it. The 2nd House is your power of manifestation; the attitude toward money that you possess that will determine how much or how little of it you have.

You can work as hard as you can (that’s the 6th House) and you can set lofty ambitions for yourself (10th House territory). But, without really knowing your personal value and how to maneuver your way through the marketplace, your work and your goals won’t be able to entirely get off of the ground. The 2nd House is the house that urges you to ask for a raise, that reminds you to charge what you’re worth for your services, and that allows you to pursue the income that you need to live a well-off lifestyle. It’s the pleasure and the comfort that you see as accompanying your goals. After you put a lot of effort into what you do and after you gain the recognition or the status that comes with the job, then you can kick back and enjoy your earnings. 

You could have Venus in the 2nd, which really compels you toward the finer things in life, meaning that you know you need to be making a certain amount of money to be happy and comfortable. Aries could rule your 2nd, causing you to be competitive about money, always challenging yourself to earn more or to stand up for yourself and assert your worth so you can get the money that you want. I have Pisces on the 2nd House cusp. It’s always made me very lackadaisical when it comes to the money that I make. I’ve always been one of those “I don’t care about money because I’m not materialistic” people. But, in terms of my efforts out in the world, I have learned that I need to not be so passive about making money and gain more clarity and consciousness in this regard.

Being concerned about my income doesn’t mean I’m being “tainted” by society. It just means that I am being compassionate enough toward myself to seek the income that I need to feel secure and well-off. I have really come to grips with the fact that I can’t do anything that’s not artistic or spiritual. I’m meant to make money off of Pisces things, such as the spiritual practice of astrology or something in the arts. I also enjoy these forms of income the most. The 2nd House shows you not only how you should make money but how you will find pleasure in making it. This attitude of pleasure and appreciation will help the process of manifestation, bringing an abundance of joy.

Also, just because I have accepted that I should be making a certain amount of money doesn’t mean that I am entirely certain I will be making it. Pisces is the sign of mystery and the unknown and when it rules the 2nd House, you have to just visualize the lifestyle you want and let it go with an attitude of peace and acceptance. Being trusting enough, and allowing your ideal lifestyle to unfold in a fluid manner, will bring you the income you need. Making money does require practical effort, in all cases, no matter what sign or planet is in the 2nd. But, it also requires the right kind of attitude and the proper level of gratitude. Money is an energy that circulates. It’s why it’s called “cash flow”. You can increase yours by valuing your income in the way your 2nd House demands.


But, as I said before, you cannot make the money that you truly want unless you are willing to really work for it. The Universe helps those who help themselves and the 6th House is how we help ourselves in terms of our career and our success. What are the steps you are willing to take to reach your goals? What can you be doing every day to get there? Are you exercising the right kind of time management? Unlike some, I don’t see the 6th House as being related to your actual job. I think the 6th House is the energy you put into your job. It’s your work ethic and, of course, there are many different types of work ethics to have, depending on what is in your 6th.

If you have Capricorn in the 6th House, you could possess a work ethic that is truly impressive and efficient but that is also quite a struggle to turn on. However, once you turn it on, you become an absolute machine. Jupiter in the 6th House suggests a person whose work ethic is driven by a lot of positivity and good faith. You can express a great belief in your level of effectiveness as well as an eagerness to really experience your work, as it is more about the journey for you than the finished product. My 6th House is in Cancer and I can see the impact of this because my work ethic is driven by however I’m feeling. If I’m not in the mood to get something done, it can be very hard for me to push myself to do it. However, if I can channel my feelings into it or emotionally connect to the task in some way, then I can do the work very effectively.

The action of the 6th House is a day-in, day-out kind of consistency. This is how one’s work ethic is developed: through tireless effort. The 6th House is where we practice, practice, practice and we hone certain skills here that fuel our eventual success. You can know how much money you need to be making via the 2nd and you can meet the demands and expectations of society with great dedication through the 10th. But, if you don’t know how to truly work for those goals, and also how to work on the necessary skills needed to accomplish them, you’ll end up empty-handed. Therefore, the 6th House exists to make us constantly improve and gives us a certain discipline.

Having Cancer on the 6th House cusp means that I am actually emotionally fulfilled by this sense of self-discipline and self-improvement. When I listen to my instinct, I am a natural at bettering myself and my skills. But, this placement also shows that I often have to work with my feelings and my moods so they don’t get in the way. Having the 2nd, 6th, and 10th House cusps all in Water signs makes perfect sense because my work is always highly influenced by how I feel. I go about my daily schedule in a very reactive way. I also feel like my work will not be any good if I’m not really “feeling it”, so I am really prone to waiting to do these things until I’m in the right mood.

Your 6th House is an indicator of how you will be able to go through the daily grind of your career. There is a predictable rhythm to everyone’s line of work, even the more unpredictable or unconventional jobs. Sometimes, that rhythm can be predictably unpredictable. Either way, you have to go-about your “check list”: arriving on time, checking and sending e-mails, making phone calls, going to meetings, etc. And since the 6th House shows how you engage in these routines, you will be able to pick the right job when it caters to your sense of practical rhythm. For me, I definitely am most efficient when I am allowed to go about my work routine by following my instincts and even being sort of irrational, at times. I take a break or a day off when I feel like it and I operate more on feeling my way through the work than meeting rigid deadlines.


Okay, so you know what you’re worth and what money you should be making, thanks to the 2nd House, and you know how you like to work and the schedule you need to be productive, due to the 6th House. Now, you have to know what your ambitions and life goals are. The 10th House is the symbol of your actual career and job. The 2nd House is more about the quality of work you would like to have and the 6th House is the way you work. Reaching the 10th House, you see the job title you do or will possess, forming the answer to the age-old question of “so, what do you do?”

This house describes what you want to do with your life, in ways that are important, responsible, memorable, awesome, interesting, or profound. It’s what you want to be when you grow up and, even as an adult, you can be in that state of yearning to be your 10th House when you finally do grow up. The sign on the 10th House cusp, of course, is the Midheaven and it will tell you how you ultimately want to make a name for yourself, building a particular image and reputation in society. Gemini on the 10th House cusp, aka a Gemini Midheaven, wants to make a name for themselves as intellectual, witty, communicative, or ever-fascinating. Meanwhile, Sagittarius on the Midheaven shows someone who wants to be a real explorer or truth-teller, doing something with their lives that is adventurous, that will inspire others, or that requires the utmost honesty or morality.

Planets in the 10th House, of course, work the same way. A 10th House Moon wants to do something with their lives that will be emotionally fulfilling or comforting to themselves or others. I happen to have Scorpio in the 10th House. My Scorpio Midheaven has always propelled me to do something that I am truly passionate about and that I can devote myself wholeheartedly to. Making whatever is in your 10th House your overriding achievement in society is what inevitably leads to that reputation. So, as a Scorpio Midheaven, when you aim to go deep, use your insights, and feel empowered, you gain a reputation for being deep, insightful, and empowered.

So, the 10th is also the feedback you’re going to receive from the world at large. It forces you to deal with the pressure that other people can place on you. Usually, this pressure is placed on us so we can rise to the occasion of our 10th House. Those in your public sphere, whether they are bosses, co-workers, peers, or admirers, can often see the 10th House potential in you before you can. This brings situations your way that test you and expose what you’re made of. It’s not enough to have a goal and want to achieve it. You have to push yourself toward that goal and persevere on the way there. This earns you the respect of those in society and completes the cycle of success.

You know what you’re worth (2nd House) and you know what you’re capable of putting into the job (6th House). Now, you need to really step up to the plate via the 10th House and show everyone that you can take on this title, whether it’s the role of the beautifier and harmonizer, via the 10th House Venus, or of the one with the all-or-nothing passion, a la Scorpio in the 10th. I’ve had to prove just how all-or-nothing that passion can be and go to certain lengths in a way that show how meaningful my goals are. But, it’s also something that makes me feel very accomplished. In the end, success is not just measured in results. It’s also an attitude.


  1. Hmm... well, I got my 2nd house in Libra (just like my Ascendant) and Uranus in my 2nd house.
    6th house in Pisces.
    10th house in Cancer, with Venus and my Sun both in my 10th house.

    Guess it's no wonder I got trouble dealing with emotionally rough work environments, culminating in depression and anxiety (burn out) - just looking for a new job again, but I haven't yet quite found a way to deal with it yet. Makes me a bit nervous. Like, no matter what I apply for, there might be unfair supervisors, cold co-workers, people in a bad mood. That's really getting to me, even though it shouldn't be a big deal.

    Definitely could do with a bit more Capricorn in my work houses in that respect. :P

  2. Thank you for this article. I also have water on all those houses' cusps (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces respectively), but what I find interesting in my chart is that the rulers of both 2nd and 10th house (Moon and Neptune) are actually in my 6th. I work with kids and I'm artistic, I can't possibly imagine doing something that would bring me money but that I don't CARE about. I have had conflicts with my boss tho, because she (a Capricorn) tells me that I care too much about the kids (yes, I'm not making this up. There are people who will actually tell you that you care too much about children/environment/the poor) which figures, because my Scorpio 6th house is simply very passionate and intense about whatever I pick up. I also do a lot of charity work-is it because of Pisces MC or Cancer AC? I don't really know that yet.

  3. Hello this trio of houses is busy with planets.I have virgo 2nd,capricorn 6th and taurus 10th.In 2nd i have mars,uranus and neptune in 6th and mercury,venus at 10th.Your descripiton is completely real.The 2nd and 6th must be used in a good way to accomplish the 10th...!

  4. I have the same combination as you (water signs on the 2nd, 6th and 10th), but in the second house I also have Jupiter, in the 6th my Sun and in the 10th house Pluto !

    1. I also have Chiron conjunct the MC and I can't wait for you to write an article about the asteroids

  5. I have fire in these houses....a stellium in Sag in the 2nd (Mars, sun, Venus, Mercury, neptune)...I have to say I enjoy the finer things in life and can be reckless with money and a persistence and confidence that most don't have. I also do know hard work goes along with having that comfort (aries in 6th). I think Leo in the 10th makes me more of a leader...but also makes me butt heads with authority figures once in a while.

  6. I have 2nd House Sun, Mercury, Mars, Saturn in Pisces, but my 2nd House cusp is in Aquarius. I also have my 6th House Cusp in Gemini and a Scorpio MC. Self-worth and money are certainly thing I think about a lot. I do have a nonchalant attitude towards money because I believe it is not a real definer of self-worth. At the same time, learning to be smart and responsible with my money, as well as developing the confidence to own my money prevents me from going overboard.
    The best kind of work for me involves putting my mental faculties to good use. My Gemini in 6th House wants me to have enough mental stimulation and variety in my day-to-day work, because too much menial, repetitive work bores me to the point where I feel like I have no energy. In addition, my Mercury is in trine with my Scorpio MC, so I’m very passionate about using my intellect and using knowledge to empower myself. A career in academia actually sounds interesting and is something I’m interested in pursuing down the line.

  7. Wow, thanks! I was just thinking about these houses recently, especially the 10th house. When I turned 21, something happened that made me extend three extra semesters in college, so I will be two years late in graduating despite having a poor family. Now I have been forced to be determined in achieving my 10th house and my sun conjunct north node because i want to feel my self-worth and i want to give back to my parents. Thanks for this article again :)

  8. So what do you think of the charts in which these houses are empty?

  9. See, this is why a Leo, even if self-taught, is such an important voice. Wayman, you not only have a good grasp on astrology in general but you bring a _creative_ take to the usual interpretations. It really inspired me all over again to see your fresh original descriptions because I had quite lost my interest in astrology (too rigid, I thought: even this supposedly "New Age" art/science is not immune to becoming boring textbook dogma.) You totally renewed my interest in astrology, and therefore in myself, I am now rethinking certain aspects and placements in my chart and what they say about me, my soul objectives in this life, relationships, etc. Thank you, Wayman, for sharing your insights.

    (Yes, I know I'm gushing - Neptune in 1st, what are you gonna do? - and my English usually suffers when I do but I trust you will understand me. :) Plus a lot of people who have done me the greatest good in my life have tended to be Leos. I believe in showing gratitude and you are just one more fabulous Leo who's helped me on my path so mwaa!!!)

  10. Well, my 2nd, 6th and 10th houses are in Earth signs but scrambled from their 'natural' places, in a manner I deem fortunate.

    6th house is in 'lazy' Taurus. I work from home, wake when I please and sleep very late. North Node in 4th is what gives me 'permission' to live like this I think.

    10th house is in scrupulous Virgo which feels a bit guilty for me since I know I do not live up to my Midheaven. Nevertheless people often mistake me for someone far more industrious than I know myself to be. I confess I do not do enough to set them straight.

    My 2nd house in Capricorn has been the toughest, by far. I have known poverty - I know from experience breastfeeding when you haven't eaten for days will weaken you to the point of staggering on your feet and will put you on the fast track to dying of starvation. But even such hardships as would send others to their graves hardy Capricorn usually survives. I suppose this is the magic of Capricorn in that house? Now I'm older I can even call it Saturn's brand of 'grown up luck' though it differs greatly from the sanguine definitions of luck we're used to. 'Lucky to survive' doesn't really sound very lucky at all, does it? And yet I wouldn't trade those Saturnine trials of my earlier years for the world. All the values I learned that have done me so much good I got from every single betrayal, abandonment, stigmatization and humiliation I suffered. It's not that it wasn't unfair or even cruel, but I learned that to focus on that is to miss the point. I learned not to see people as my tormentors but my unwitting tutors. Besides since these experiences were so harsh it would be wicked indeed to learn nothing, to waste lessons so dearly bought.

  11. "Those in your public sphere, whether they are bosses, co-workers, peers, or admirers, can often see the 10th House potential in you before you can. "

    This is what I was telling someone yesterday! Then that person said "And then after that, the public comes back around and judges you through your 7th house!"

    Mystery solved!

  12. Sun, Mercury, Uranus and Neptune in MC Aquarius? (Neptune is the one conjunct, the other 3 planets makes a stellium.

  13. I have Leo in the 2nd House, Sagittarius in the 6th, and Pisces in the 10th. They're all empty, and I'm still not quite sure what to do with them.

  14. Hi,

    I have my mars in 10th. I keep changing jobs, gawd, I never get satisfied. What does it mean? Does it mean I won't get successful?

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  16. My 2nd and 10th house is empty but i have 3 planets in house 6 though (jupiter in virgo, both pluto and saturn in libra).

    I am not an exceptional worker nor do i have a successful career. Just an average worker in a junior position. But i will do my utmost to discharge my work responsibilities the best i can. I feel comforted knowing that i did things right. But will​ beat myself up internally when things go wrong.

    I have always been interested in careers that helps people counselling, social service but somehow there is something that holds me back from pursuing a career in this field. Maybe i will do one day.

  17. I have these same placements but with Chiron in Pisces 2nd, moon in cancer 6th, and Neptune and Lilith on the MC Scorpio 10th. I want to be an art therapist or astrologer but can't make it work where I live , anybtjouhhts about these planets? Thank you this article was helpful.

  18. Scorpio 2nd house with Uranus at home there. Pisces 6th house and Cancer on my MC

  19. My 2nd house is Taurus and 6th is Virgo my 10th is Capricorn.
    My 2nd house ruler is Venus and is in the 6th. My 6th house ruler is Mercury and is in the 7th. My 10th house ruler is Saturn and is in the 11th house and retrograde. When I love something im such a hard worker however when I dont its a struggle due to Venus in Virgo in the 6th. My 6th house ruler is conjunct Jupiter(ruler of 12th and 9th houses) and conjunct Mars(ruler of 1st and 8th house) however I generally dislike physical labor lol. Like I would study without writing anything down

  20. Ohh plus I have Uranus and Neptune conjunct in the 10th house and I seriously dont like authority but nowadays im trying. Im trying to work with the structure the world operates with.

  21. Hi I love the article ...I just have a question about my 2nd, 6th and 10th houses. First of all I have 3 planets in my 6th house, Neptune, Uranus and Jupiter and I really can feel the crazy affect at work and in life with these 3 different planets, I have mars in the 2nd house and Virgo in the 2nd house which makes me go from extremely cautious and saving to feeling guilty that I'm saving and spending all my money and then feeling guilty that I didnt save and use it better (virgo) ...Then my 10th house is empty but I have aries in my midheaven ...I just wondering if you could help me sort all this craziness. Having these 3 large planets in my 6th house make it hard for me to real navigate my life ...

  22. Hello, I am very new to astrology, i am a Libra ascendant and all these houses are empty in my Natal chart, can you please tell me , how do i see these houses ?

  23. Wayman great piece. Thank you! What can you tell me about Jupiter and Saturn conjunct in the second house in leo/virgo?

  24. My sixth is in cap so I most definitely know I'm a machine (burnt out actually and currently on leave) and aries MC (Chiron also in tenth). Many thanks in advance!!

  25. Damn I like my combo 2nd house Virgo, 6th Capricorn, 10th Aries, YUHHH. LOVE MY COMBO

  26. 2nd house (Pisces), 6th house cancer(rahu and Venus), 10th house Scorpio (Mars) what would be prediction about combination