Friday, April 7, 2017

The Activities and Events of the Twelve Houses

All twelve houses in astrology are represented by certain activities and occurrences. When transiting planets enter these houses, especially when they are on the exact degree of the cusp of the house, they can be experienced as significant events occurring. If it’s transiting Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, or the North Node on that house’s cusp, the event(s) can be quite major and life-changing in terms of one’s path in life. In any case, if a transiting or a natal placement is in a house, it can be expressed through many different happenings and outlets. It may be a bit tough, sometimes, to know exactly how the placements in your chart are expressing themselves. So, here’s a list of the many ways in which these placements may find expression.

Remember, of course, that the natal placements are in your birth chart and have a life-long effect. However, transit placements are only going to affect you temporarily, during the period of time that the placement is in your birth chart’s house. And if you are undergoing a Return of that placement, as in the transiting planet or North Node coming back to the house it is within your birth chart, then these activities are going to become extremely important and pivotal during this time.

Natal or Transiting:
THE SUN – Shining as an individual and gaining confidence through these activities
THE MOON – Finding emotional expression and comfort through these activities
MERCURY – Being stimulated by and informing others through these activities
VENUS – Expressing self-worth and love for others through these activities
MARS – Being assertive and pursuing passions through these activities
JUPITER – Expressing good faith and positive energy through these activities
SATURN – Developing strength and finding purpose through these activities
URANUS – Pursuing freedom and establishing equality through these activities
NEPTUNE – Losing yourself in and finding bliss through these activities
PLUTO – Empowering yourself and accessing inner depths through these activities
NORTH NODE – Evolving as a person and finding true fulfillment through these activities

Trying something you’ve never tried before, going places alone, telling people “no”, doing whatever you want, remaining true to yourself, expressing your point of view, starting your day off right, taking risks, re-inventing yourself, starting new projects or a whole new chapter, presenting yourself how you see fit, accepting your body and appearance, getting a haircut, picking out your outfit, meeting new people, enjoying the single life, taking care of yourself first, acting on your impulses

Opening up a checking or savings account, working on your 401K, going shopping, retail therapy, impulse buying, being concerned with the quality of what you buy, making a budget, keeping up with your bank account balance, asking for a raise, looking for a job with more money, knowing what you’re worth, knowing what your values are, enjoying a really nice and relaxing day, treating yourself, indulging yourself, making yourself comfortable, expressing your likes and dislikes

Small talk, getting to know your neighbors, showing and acting on curiosity, asking lots of questions, spilling all of the tea (gossiping), texting, talking on the phone, telling great jokes, reading, writing, learning more or something new, intellectual games like crossword puzzles or chess, quality time with your siblings, sibling rivalry or arguments, catching up with your cousins, being a good listener, mastering a new language, changing your mind, expressing or acting on your “evil twin”

Cooking, getting delivery, wearing sweatpants all day, not leaving the house, remodeling or redecorating your house, moving in to a new place, going back to your hometown, going back to your childhood home, moving back in with your parents, quality time with the parents or the family, holiday visits, family dinners, family reunions, creating a surrogate family, making a family of your own, being nostalgic, reflecting on the past, being at peace with the past

A day without “adulting”, acting like a big kid, interacting with children, having children/parenting, having a crush, embarking on a love affair, dating without being officially committed, opening up your heart to someone, hook-ups/one night stands, making a gamble, going to Vegas, starting some drama, taking selfies or videos for your social media page, feeling awesome, feeling hot, feeling like a star, showing off your talent, strengthening your talent, performing, calling all of the shots

Making a to-do list, doing all of your chores, getting sick and then getting better, worrying about your health, going to the doctor, going to the dentist, paying all of your bills on time, working out/going to the gym, taking your vitamins, eating healthier, setting a schedule for yourself, doing essentially the same thing every day, working hard, working harder, setting high standards (for yourself and for others), arriving on time (or not), staying busy, dealing with stress

Quality time with your best friend, falling in love with your best friend, officially committing to the person you’ve been seeing, moving in together, getting engaged, getting married, break-ups and divorces, drifting apart from your best friend, forming new close friendships, being there for other people, giving good counsel or advice, seeing yourself in others and them in you, being your own partner or best friend, love-hate relationships, dealing with adoring fans, being an adoring fan

Going to therapy, finally recognizing or understanding your emotional issues, unloading your emotional baggage, either living out or stopping the family cycle/curse, resenting those who’ve caused you pain, forgiving those who’ve caused you pain, finding your power from within, expressing your shadow side, feeling dark, sharing or keeping secrets, seeing the ugly side of a partner or vice versa, having sex after a few dates, having better sex, being sex-positive

Going to church/temple/mosque etc., prayer, joining or leaving a religion, adopting a new philosophy, having faith, staying positive, helping other people stay positive, your faith being tested, standing up for what you believe in, doing the right thing, expressing your opinions, seeking more than what you have, visiting a new city, moving to a new city, leaving the country, getting or renewing your passport, traveling for the sake of traveling, college life, going back to college

Making a change in occupation or career, becoming more noticed by the public, public speaking, thinking about or crafting your public image, being featured in the news or on television, getting famous, feeling or acting like you’re already famous, being on social media, going viral, Googling yourself, updating your resume, interviewing for jobs, getting a new job, getting a promotion, becoming the boss, dealing with new responsibilities on the job, handling the pressure

Social networking, making new friends, bouncing from friend to friend, bar-hopping, being a part of a social scene, joining groups, disrupting groups, retaining your individuality while socializing, feeling unlike everyone else, being ahead of the trends, utilizing technology, adapting to random and unexpected events, staying informed on current events, debating politics, protesting, volunteering for a cause, voting, signing or starting petitions, working with or donating to organizations

Alone time, shutting the rest of the world out, meditating, sleeping, keeping a dream journal, engaging in spiritual devotion, connecting to the Higher Power, letting go of day-to-day worries and concerns, having faith in the unknown or unexplainable, getting lost in imagination, exploring your inner world, accepting the hidden or repressed side of yourself, art for the sake of art, putting yourself in someone else’s shoes, doing something selfless, showing compassion, relying on intuition


  1. I really enjoy reading your articles, thank you Wayman.

  2. I love how you made all the descriptions to fit more with daily life and relatable things instead of making them vague.

  3. Thanks for the update i was wondering about transit since i'm going trough some major ones these days and your post helped a lot :)

  4. Oh, nice! Thank you for this overview. :)

    Let's see... I've had Pluto on my 4th house and Uranus in my 7th when I left my boyfriend and moved back to my home town. Started therapy then with Jupiter in my 12th house, Saturn in my 3rd and Neptune in my 6th... it's like having quite a few helpful bonus powers that enabled me to deal with all of my psychological issues efficiently - annd I DID lose myself in the daily chore and hard work it required.

    Now, new start, being quite confident with Jupiter in my 1st house while I'm looking for a new job and then in my second house from Oct on when I need to find a new appartement... I think that bodes quite well for this year. :)

    1. Yeah that all sounds about right. Funny enough, a good friend of mine is also a Libra Rising, very early degree, and he moved to a new city with a new job around the time Jupiter in Libra began last year. But, I can tell that there is a lot of emphasis on him now about balancing what he wants and what others want. I think Libra Risings have been confronted with that lately and how they shouldn't go overboard (Jupiter) either way.

    2. Oh, interesting! Thank you. Does your friend happen to be a number 9 personality, too? Because this is also what my number 2 year is all about.

      Anyway, what I see as my biggest challenge is that Neptune in my 6th house in Pisces. Like, I feel perfectly at peace doing nothing whatsoever. Just watching movies, meditation, daydreaming, sleeping, going for a walk... which is unfortunately very South Nodey of me, but well, this IS a year of patience, too. :)

  5. Being Sagittarius Sun and Gemini Rising Saturn transits my 7th house and conjuncts my Sun also it squares my Mars. My relationships with people and with my friends are awful, I feel drained, lonely and under the pressure, so it's really hard to handle Saturn transit. Wish me luck and strentg with Saturn

    1. Saturn transiting the 7th is really tough in that way! For me, I think I learned how to be a much better friend during that time through some difficult experiences, especially when Saturn was on my Sun/South Node.

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  7. Although Saturn transiting the 7th house is really tough but, I'm grateful to Saturn because it made me get rid of people and friendships that doesn't serve me well. But, it really hurts when you see that you put first the wrong people. I think the worst thing in my transit chart is Saturn conjuncting my Sun. Because it really makes you feel worthless, you just don't have faith in yourself. You get tired of yourself and falling down then trying to find the strength to stand up and fight. I don't like the word "suffer" but this aspect just makes me feel like I'm suffering. I wish luck and strength to people who have Saturn transits because they really need it.

  8. Hey!

    I just wanted to say, I loved your descriptions here, so I reposted them on another website. I've made sure to inform they're from your blog. (In case you want me to take them down, let me know.)


    1. Okay cool. Well as long as it's credited, I'm fine with it. What site is it?

  9. I like your great articol. Thank are my preferate in astrology