Saturday, May 13, 2017

Mars in the 12th House

Those who have Mars in their 12th House are consciously accepting the passion and the fire that they possess within themselves. The planet in the 12th shows how a person needs to “wake up” and with Mars located in the 12th, this person needs to be awakened in terms of understanding what drives them and motivates them, as well as what enrages them. With this placement, when you’re living unconsciously, it can be all too easy for you to blind yourself to your passion, anger, and assertiveness. But, this only means that these fired-up feelings and states will rise to the surface in a very destructive and messy way. As a result, you can easily feel victimized, confused, or overwhelmed by your more temperamental and driven side. But, by working through your denial or your disillusionment, you will be able to recognize that this inner fire is an inescapable part of your humanity and can subsequently honor its expression within yourself and your fellow man. 

Planets in the 12th represent one’s prenatal experiences and how they come to shape the deeply unconscious part of yourself. When you’re in your mother’s womb, you are not an individual, separate person. There are no boundaries between you and her, which is a feeling that all people with planets in the 12th struggle with later in life when it comes to people, in general. It is very common for mothers with children who have 12th House planets to have dramatic, upsetting, or unusual pregnancies. With Mars located in the 12th House, the mother may have been continually frustrated and even angry. The hormonal imbalances of the pregnancy could have brought her rage to the surface in uncontrollable ways. It also could’ve been the fact that something in her life during those nine months put her in a perpetually pissed off state. This might have been dramatic conflicts with people in her life, which could have included the father of her child. 

It's very possible that lots of arguing and disharmony rocked this relationship between the two parents, which affected the mother by putting her constantly on edge, anticipating a fight. And all of this volatility, of course, has a profound effect on the child inside of the mother. In fact, if you have Mars in the 12th, you might have been a really hard “kicker” when you were in your mother’s belly. There could be stories about how you were kicking so hard or so frequently that she thought you were ready to come out already. But, in your own very unconscious way, you were fighting back against the emotional rockiness and explosiveness that you were always living with. Your time in the womb was quite a battlefield and when you are finally born, you are born with a tremendous amount of anger and combativeness that goes so deep that you can’t even put it into words.

The thing about 12th House planets is that the experience in the womb is dramatically different than the early environment one encounters. These states feel like very opposite worlds and it can leave the 12th House person with this profound yearning to “go back” to the other state of consciousness. Once the 12th House Mars child is born, there is a significant emphasis on keeping things peaceful, civil, and balanced. It’s as if the mother figure is now trying to avoid all of the conflict that she went through when she was carrying the child. So, you were brought into a world that stressed harmony and getting along. There was an insistence on not being selfish and not playing nicely and easily with other people. And there could’ve still been intense conflict in the atmosphere. But, it was definitely swept under the rug or just never talked about, to the degree of your caregiver(s) putting smiles on their faces even when it’s obvious they weren’t happy. 

In actuality, there is still a ton of frustration that one or both of your parental figures were struggling with. They just didn’t know how to vent that anger or deal with it in a healthy way. The adults in your life also didn’t really know how to go after what they wanted and be honest about their desires. It’s something that could have made it challenging for them to actively pursue their goals in life. But, it’s also something that permeated the little things, making it a total ordeal for them to assert themselves or be direct. Instead, there was a lot of tiptoeing or sugarcoating. There could have even been outright manipulation that was used to try and get what they wanted. 

In any case, there was this air of private or secret suffering in your household in terms of not being able to be upfront about one’s desires and frustrations. It’s something that you really absorbed on an unconscious level. Children with 12th House planets are so empathic and impressionable that they can very easily take on the parents’ problems as their own. The thing is that you have always possessed an incredible courage and self-motivation; an inner aggression that absolutely will not quit until a victory is obtained. But, you learned how to suppress and silence this side of yourself. Mars in the 12th House means that you absorbed your environment’s “peace at any price” creed to the point of becoming oblivious to the fire that was burning inside of yourself. 

The sign that Mars is in indicates just how you neglected your inner passion and drive. If it’s in Gemini and in the 12th, this means that you ignored your desire for stimulation, objectivity, learning, and active communication. If you have Mars in Scorpio and in the 12th, your desire for depth, intensity, intimacy, and power went ignored. It got to the point where you not only approached life with this emphasis on harmony but you found yourself being turned off by those who you deemed too aggressive or too selfish. Life can seem like a mad, mad rat race to you, full of people who are so self-involved and inconsiderate that they’re willing to run people over to get what they want. Such selfishness doesn’t really fit your self-image as someone who not only is so nice but who takes things easily and calmly, never in an urgent rush for anything. 

However, 12th House planets have a very sneaky, indirect way of expressing themselves. They don’t just disappear. They just come out in ways that the person is not conscious of or is in denial of. So, while you may love to think of yourself as this peaceful individual who isn’t trying to shove himself or herself to the front of the line, you are actually far more selfish and aggressive than you realize you are. When you lack higher consciousness, you are only playing nice in order to gain the upper hand and win. Beneath that easy smile is a lot of ferocity and it can be downright cutthroat. That’s because when it comes out, it comes out in a very messy and uncontrolled fashion. You could become really controlling in an attempt to do something thoughtful for someone else. It doesn’t take long for the person to realize that you’re just doing it for yourself and your own gratification. You also may try so hard to enforce the peace and insist on others playing fairly that you end up forcing your own agenda on to someone else in a very dominating way. 

The worst thing about how intensely you can want what you want is that you may not realize or admit to how badly you want it. In its unevolved expression, a planet in the 12th is like sleepwalking. You don’t know what you’ve done until someone turns the light on and stops you. With Mars in the 12th, you can “sleepwalk” by stepping over everyone to get what you want and not thinking twice. And when someone tries to call you out for your viciousness or meanness, you get confused. But, make no mistake: there is a side of you that can be really mean and careless with other people’s feelings or needs. It doesn’t mean that you’re an awful person. It’s just that this aggressive energy gets so bottled up that when it’s finally expressed, it’s not pretty. All those sweet nothings melt away and you’re chewing someone up and spitting them out. 

This is also reflective of the fact that your temper can be extraordinary. Mars shows how we lose our temper and get mad. But, with Mars in the 12th, anger is such a confusing state for you that it is very hard to express it directly. Instead, it comes out very indirectly and when it does, it’s almost like a dissociative state. People with a 12th House Mars can truly morph into a completely different person when mad, like an actor playing a scene where their character is angry. Mars in the 12th in Aquarius means that you can change into a full-on rebel when mad who holds nothing sacred and is completely, coldly indifferent to how people feel about it. With the 12th House Mars in Virgo, you can morph into the most vicious critic when mad, ripping everything and everyone to shreds with the most accurate, dead-on judgments. 

It's something that can really rise to the surface when you’re drunk. I do think that how a person acts when they’re drunk has to do with whatever is in their 12th House, whether it’s the sign on the cusp or the planets. This is because this house is where we lose ourselves and let go of our usual behavior. Mars in the 12th House does indicate, to me, that you have the potential to be really mean or confrontational when you’re drunk. You could lose your temper very easily when you’ve been drinking, as well, starting fights or finishing them to a degree that shocks people used to your normally sweet, calm demeanor. Also, the reason why I feel like the 12th House is your “drunk self” is because it’s the part of yourself that you don’t hold on to. In the morning, it’s all over and you go back to being your usual self. So, hearing just how pissed off you were or how you went off on someone the other night could be quite a shock to you, as well, especially if you don’t remember it. 

Essentially, the 12th House Mars person is working through their anger. It’s like this Pandora’s Box that you don’t want to open because, if you do, who knows if you’ll be able to contain it again. Once you start to “wake up” to your secret, unconscious patterns and behaviors, you will probably feel this way. You might be reminded of so many things that made you mad, like some offhand comment that someone said months ago which you brushed off then but secretly held on to. It’s a process that feels like letting a beast out of a cage. But, you need to develop an unconditional love for that beast, understanding that this rage and ferocity are just a part of your humanity. It’s an energy that needs to be lovingly accepted and worked through or else it’ll eat you alive. 

Letting go of early conditioning that kept you in a passive, indolent, or overly compromising frame of mind is also important. You have to come to terms with the fact that you were raised by people who didn’t know how to handle their more primal, animalistic side, either feeling very overwhelmed by it or distancing themselves from it dramatically. These are patterns that you need to avoid. 12th House Mars people can easily feel victimized by other people’s anger but it’s often times a result of their own indirect rage. You can be outrageously passive-aggressive, indulging in all sorts of things from extended silent treatment to ridiculous guilt trips to pity parties that last for days to irrational fixations on every little thing but what you’re actually mad about. This can end up driving someone else up the wall and make them explode and then make you feel like the victim. 

Yet, when you accept your own inner ferocity, you can find inner peace and healing. The thing you have to realize, though, is that the “real world” will never offer you enough satisfaction in regards to expressing that fierce side. Day-to-day life can be disappointing and disillusioning for you because people can be too dishonest, too indirect, and too unable to get things off of their chest. There can be too much passivity in daily life for you and not enough oomph. So, even when you get to the stage of being more honest about your inner frustrations, reality can still let you down. This is when you need to reach the level of higher awareness that all 12th House people must strive for, seeking satisfaction in things that are not entirely of this earth. 

Spiritual practices will be a wonderful outlet for you and your aggression. Mars in the 12th House individuals will eventually find that whenever they try to pursue desires in everyday life and in a way that is strictly going to benefit them, they always end up empty-handed. Those desires and goals can seem like mirages to you that constantly disappear just when you’re ready to catch them. But, developing a strong spiritual life will help you see that the goals and desires you should be pursuing are things that are on a higher plane. Through astrology, numerology, the Tarot, meditation and yoga, or anything else that keeps you in touch with your inner peace and the cosmic order, you can set strong goals for yourself and go after them. By striving to master your Saturn Return or to achieve successful meditation every day, you will find true expression for your inner drive. 

Mars in the 12th also makes you deeply motivated by selflessness. This is why when you call yourself unselfish, you are quite correct. But, you are selfishly unselfish. In the end, you get what you want by helping people get what they want. And you can do this without expecting anything in return. You exist on a higher plane by motivating others to pursue what they want in day-to-day life but not getting caught up in any of that goal-chasing yourself. So, you can be sort of a divine life coach, in this sense, pushing others to challenge themselves and be great but doing so with compassion. You can empathize with what it feels like to suppress your desires and not know what you want. But, at a conscious level, you know that all of humanity deserves to know what they want and get it. So, you will be a healing force for others by selflessly helping them do just that. 

Those with a 12th House Mars could make for wonderful spiritual advisers and teachers because of this. Also, artistic inclinations are represented by the 12th House. With Mars here, you escape the passivity and indirectness of everyday life by entering a Universe, through your art, that lets you vent all of your desires. As a writer, actor, singer, dancer, or visual artist, you can express a raw passion and a fearlessness that is not so apparent in your general, everyday behavior and attitude. You tap into something universal by accessing the force within that we are all capable of accessing. Mars in the 12th House people, then, disappear into their art by being explosive and forces to be reckoned with. You can regularly tell stories or create characters that center around overcoming challenges and emerging victorious or battling repression to get what you really want. Anger and frustration can be a recurring theme of these stories and characters, as well as sexuality. 

Mars does also represent your sexual desires and how you have sex. Mars in the 12th shows that you want to get utterly lost in it and that you also have the ability to tap into your partner’s deepest fantasies. This can be very psychic as well as downright self-sacrificing, as you may not be as willing to bring your fantasies to life with them, depending on the Mars sign. In fact, you could find yourself more satisfied by indulging in those personal sexual fantasies alone, since the 12th House does represent what we do alone. There could be a streak of secrecy to this. But, inevitably, you always want to feel like you can enjoy a part of your sexuality just for yourself and not have to give it all away. This also manifests in your dreams. Your dream life can be very erotic and sexualized but also very violent and upsetting. In these dreams, you can come to understand all of your desires in their rawest forms, whether they are scary, sexy, or simmering under the surface. 

But, that is if you get to sleep on time, as Mars in the 12th shows that you’re most energized late at night, which can be the best time to exercise for you, even if this ends up keeping you up you later. This placement gives you a boundlessly dynamic energy within but it’s something that you express moderately. Planets in the 12th House are a transcendent expression of that planet, at their best. Once you get through all of the messiness and self-destruction, you can express a ton of the good of that planet without being tainted by its downsides. Mars in the 12th shows that you have the potential to express a drive, determination, courage, and fighting spirit that virtually have no limits, all while still being stable and even-keeled and not too caught up in petty disputes. You have a fire within that never stops burning but it burns patiently and quietly, as you confidently wait your turn.


  1. Just out of curiosity what made write a post on mars in the 12th house?? If you don't mind me asking

    1. Haha, yes, I promised Rik that I would write this article. I like getting ideas and suggestions for articles, so I'm always open to writing about a placement that someone throws out there.

    2. Oh! So can you do Uranus in the 2nd house ?

    3. I am doing articles on Uranus in all the houses. So I was going to do it anyway. But I will make sure I do that one next then. :)

    4. Sir I am obsessed about astrology and psychic world. Never ever I have read such a vivid clear profound comprehensive intense writing on mars in 12 th. I too have Mars in 12 th and everything matches spot on . It was as if I was reading about myself. You are terrific

    5. Sir I am obsessed about astrology and psychic world. Never ever I have read such a vivid clear profound comprehensive intense writing on mars in 12 th. I too have Mars in 12 th and everything matches spot on . It was as if I was reading about myself. You are terrific

    6. Sun in cap,asc in Pisces and now 12th house.. Really accurate..Life is terrifying btw..

  2. Thank you very much for writing this Article Wayman!

    I have Mars in the 12th in Aquarius,conjunct Uranus (Also in 12th).
    I have an Aries ascendant btw, so that makes the whole thing even more complex :D
    I asked my mother about all the prenatal stuff, and it was 100% spot on! I often pushed my leg so strongly into her stomach, that she could actually hold onto it! I also "turned around" several times in the womb.
    When I was little, I was a pretty aggressive child too tbh. My older siblings still have a crapton of scars all around their arms and even faces :o

    When I was in Daycare, there was a kid who "scratched" my arms pretty much on a daily basis for several weeks, so not just my family, but also the Daycare Nannies encouraged me to give it back,if he would do it again...
    Well,he did do it again, but I went for it and DIAGONALLY tilled his face with all 5 of my fingernails 😂 I was like 2-3 when this happened btw...
    Also,when I was in 2nd grade,I almost got a punishment for something that was a complete accident and not intentional, and felt like I was unfairly treated. (Mars in Aquarius lol)
    So I called the Principal,my Teacher,and the whole class "Stupid Austrians" and said that a "single freakin day couldn't go by,without getting hit,or pushed, or something else".( I was a foreigner in Austria, btw.)
    My parents got called in, but it didn't have any consequences.
    I got no punishment, and the principal asked for an apology from ME, for accusing me unfairly. Solid performance for an 8 yo, I would say :D
    (he was my teacher in 3rd and 4th grade btw, and we got along really well)

    A quick question: You said that if I wanted something primarily for myself, that that would eventually backfire. So my question is,how could I get something for myself? (Let's just go with a car, as an example. What approach would be needed to get there?)

    But to sum it up, it was a very insightful article, and again, thank you very much for writing it!

    Much love <3

    1. You're welcome! I remembered that I promised to write it. And all of that about when your mom was pregnant with you does go to show how scarily accurate astrology can be.

      I think it's even more interesting for you since Mars is your chart ruler. I feel like it can make you more conscious of your Mars energy but also make that energy come out in an even more overwhelming, chaotic, or destructive way. Like, you really try to be nice but there is something super-aggressive inside that always has to get out and you don't know why. Also, your story illustrates that you can get what you want and gain the upper hand in mysterious ways that may not even make much sense.

      Also, I wouldn't take what I said too literally. All I mean is to not be obsessed with and caught up in your personal desires. You can want certain things for yourself but you can't be preoccupied with them. You have to kind of visualize it and let it go and trust that the Universe will handle it. Plus, you easily feel very frustrated, in a rather victimized or self-defeating way, when you are attached to those desires. Letting go of them allows you to find inner peace and direct that energy toward more spiritual or internal things.

    2. I was convinced that a Leo wouldn't break their promise :D (especially with a Scorpio moon)
      Btw, I just noticed that you have the same Sun/Moon combo as my grandpa!(he's actually in an intensive care unit rn, but I'm sure he'll get better :) )

      "Trust that the universe will handle it".That's what I've been doing for a pretty long time rn,and it's results are pretty much at my doorstep :D

      Btw, what do you think about an intercepted north node? What meaning could this placement have? My sister has one and it was always a mystery to me :)

      Have a great day :)

    3. I have an intercepted North Node. One astrologer said that it could mean one of two things: that the lessons of the intercepted nodes are either so removed from consciousness that they seem to feel invisible of they're so mastered as to not need that much conscious effort to express. I dunno how I feel about mine -- probably waffle back and forth between the two, and also keep my eyes peeled for some other explanation.

    4. Thank you Renee for sharing your personal opinion,information and experiences with us/me!

      I really appreciate it :)
      Have a wonderful day

    5. Leos are very reliable, aren't we? I guess it's because Leo is the opposite sign of unpredictable, inconsistent Aquarius. I've got both energies so I can be hard to pin down but I do always come through, in the end, and can be consistent about the important things. And I hope your grandfather pulls through! I don't think I've ever met anyone with the same Sun and Moon as me, that I know of. But, I'm sure he's an amazing person with plenty of strength. :) The Leo/Scorpio combo produces freaking forces of nature.

      Also, I wouldn't say an intercepted North Node is that big of a deal. The NN will always be a very powerful influence. I think that, in the case of intercepted Nodes, it takes the person a long time to realize how they're playing out. That can make it so they are really unaware of their bad habits (SN) but they are just as unaware of their true potential (NN). Neither of these sides of the person "go away" or "disappear." They just play out in a compulsive way that the person is oblivious to until they realize what they're doing (similar to 12th House planets, in that way, so it's fitting you bring it up).

      Since the SN is already kind of compulsive and unconscious, it can be harder to pull yourself out of it if it's intercepted. But, it's no curse or anything, of course.

    6. Thank you for the good wishes! :)

      And yeah, this description definitely fits the intercepted nodes, as far as I can judge :)

    7. I’m very thankful I came across this article while looking for solutions to help wake up my mars in Capricorn in the 12th house. I cried, grieved and forgave the women in my life and made notes throughout. I read that physical activity can help activate your mars 12th house and as I was looking a Venus Williams instagram I felt so inspired and I said to myself I really feel she has mars and the 12th house and she has Libra in her like me because of the fashion and home decor business. I said to myself she is activating her mars in the 12th house by playing tennis. So I had to see if I was right so I looked up her chart and I was correct. She has Mars in Virgo in the 12th house. Wow! Right! Also she has a Libra ascendant. Again my spirit was correct. Very interesting I thought. Which continues to prove that being physical can help wake up mars in the 12th house probably why she continues to play. This also proves that you can have goals and obtain them and also inspire the world by pursing our dreams. What’s your observation on this?

  3. Angularity is so important Waymen. It's a whole persons life! It's their being!

  4. Hi,
    My son has 12th house Mars in Leo. I didn`t have dramatic or upsetting pregnancy, quite the opposite - I was very calm. Me and my man, the father, we had have some hassles but nothing serious for sure. Further more, the baby in the belly wasn`t a hard “kicker" at all - just regular kicks and moves, nothing extraordinary. After the birth, we had have problems with the father, like really strong tension between us "thanks" to me. I was feeling kind of trapped in this new "role" of mam and a wife...Unfortunately this tension probably affects my son in terms of his Mars and his ability to express his feelings... I tried to keep things peaceful and balanced at home but we weren`t happy family. And I didn`t know why I wasn`t happy - maybe that`s my 12th house Moon. Any way - I really hope that my son will find a way to deal with this 12th house! I`ll try to help him - not that I know how exactly! Now that I read your article, I feel a little bit He is Sun/Moon Taurus - I suppose this makes him more stable while struggling with his unconscious Mars battles! I have a question - could we say that a 12th house mars is a little bit relieved being in the sign of Leo?
    Thanks Wayman!

  5. My Mars is a half degree away from the 12th house, and thus I thought this was pretty accurate for me. It really helped to read how I could improve my expression of this planet's energy and the things about my upbringing was so accurate that it's very scary.

    Thanks for the input - a holy warrior kinda energy seems to be the place where I should put my efforts. Doing what "feels right" has always been important for me, and I can see now why! Also, regarding the sexual stuff, that's me as well. Wanting to drown in it for sure, and with a triple Scorpio stellium with Venus, Sun and Jupiter in Scorpio, I have a giant amount of Scorpio "Obsessive" energy. I don't know if I ever find someone who can or will help me indulge in this energy. I suspect they will become quite addictive, huh?

  6. Fantastic! My Mars is in 12th House in Aquarius, which squares my Pluto in Scorpio (R). Also, with my sun in Aries the inner turmoil and rage is real. It has definitely been a constant struggle to find the peace I so desperately need and seek. When you mentioned, "Mars in the 12th in Aquarius means that you can change into a full-on rebel when mad who holds nothing sacred and is completely, coldly indifferent to how people feel about it." I felt utterly embarrassed because with that comes my regret and pain of losing touch with myself.

    Now, the sexuality part does confuse me. When I am having sex, it is as if I am being transported into another realm, almost like a trance-like state of euphoria and intertwining of energies. But there is hardly ever any tapping into the sexual fantasies of a partner nor do I withhold my sexual fantasies for my personal indulgence. Unless it manifested in other ways?

  7. I would love for you to do a reading for me... I have venus, mars, sun, mercury, neptune, and uranus all on my 12th house with a capricorn ascendant and neptune and uranus conjunct my ascendant... i wonder what you have to say about that- pleaseeeeee get back to me!

  8. "Essentially, the 12th House Mars person is working through their anger."

    12th house Mars ♈ 1°29'
    Rising ♈ 26°26'
    ♓ in 12th house cuspid 28°55'

    Very good article! 👌

  9. Great article! Really informative but there is one part that I don't really understand. The one about being selfless, 4th tparagraph starting from the bottom. I understand what you say by beeing selfless without expecting anything in return. But, it takes a lot to encourage people, that's something that I am good at and have been doing for a long time. The problem is that it hurts when you see everyone getting ahead in life while you stay at the back. Is it slefish to ask for you to want encouragement yourself?
    Most friends I encourage don't or can't give that amount of energy in return and I accept it but, after a while I feel drained unable to help myself get where I need to while them they're getting ahead in their life. I guess I'm asking you what you really meant by that section since I don't understand it very well :)
    Are we selfish if we want hapiness knowing thay this doesn't come just from oneself? How can I be a guide without losing and forgetting myself in return?

    1. Same here, I helped a few people in difficult personal situation, and as soon as they were back into business, they just threw me away ! Maybe that Saturn in the eleventh house... I also have a 11th house North Node, which makes this "help others before you" a life long lose-lose situation for me.

  10. this is very accurate. wanting to understand more about myself through doing research on my chart and understanding astrology more on a deeper level. I have Mars in 12th house in the sign of Aries. My mother is a super aggressive person and my childhood was so bad that I actually mentally blocked out most of my childhood memories. Reading this artcile made me cry a little, and it made me realize the person I truly want to become. Yes, It takes much to get me angry but I will admit I turn into a completely different person once I am enraged. It does not help that Aries rules my Asc, Venus and Mars placements too?! I studied Martial Arts when I was in my teens and took up power yoga most of my life. I've been an avid gym goer/hiker/swimmer and overall fitness enthusiast. Although being a Pisces I do get lazy time to time. Then I beat myself up and hit the gym again if I gained "too much" weight. Always self criticizing my appearance and body. Anyway.. this is all very true. thank you for writing this article. It's been great help on my journey for self-discovery and uncovering the hidden side of myself...

  11. wonderful! Every time I looked for information about Mars in the 12th house I found myself with a very negative connotation, now thanks to whoever wrote this, I know how to work my Martian energy,
    I am eternally grateful <3

  12. please write an article about pluton in the house 12

  13. Thank you—I have Mars in Leo in the 12th, and this is the most spot-on analysis of Mars in the 12t I've ever read! <3

  14. wow, mars in aries in 12th house here...i feel so seen by this article that it made me tear up. thank you so, so, so much.

  15. Thank you!!! Great article.I have Mars in 12th house in Libra and everything is spot on..Thank you

  16. Incredibly spot on! Scorpio mars in the 12th house here! I’m a Leo sun with a Scorpio rising and Sagittarius moon. The accuracy...

  17. Incredibly spot on! Scorpio mars in the 12th house here! I’m a Leo sun with a Scorpio rising and Sagittarius moon. The accuracy...

  18. OMG, on the spot. Mars on 12th house Aquarius here..

    1. Did your mother have the difficukties described? My 5 month old daughter has mars in aquarius in 12th house and my pregnancy was a nightmare with constant rage at her father.