Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Uranus in the 1st House

I asked you all last month which series you would like to see next and you were overwhelmingly in favor of a Uranus in the houses series. So, I’m going to be tackling Uranus in all of the houses in-depth. I’ve already done Uranus in its own house: the 11th House. Now, let’s take a look at the 1st House Uranus position. What exactly does Uranus do when it’s in a house? I think the best way to look at the house that you have Uranus is in that it’s where all expectations fly out of the window. You cannot control this house or subject it to preconceived notions. The only thing that you can do is let the activities of the house operate in whatever random way they will. This eventually leads to a mental state of freedom regarding this life area. Uranus’ house is where we find our freedom in a more intellectual manner, shaking off the constraints of expectation and convention. 

I really believe that nobody is “normal.” Everyone has a bit of weirdness inside of them because everyone has Uranus in one of their houses. So, everyone has some part of their life that operates in a strange fashion. With Uranus in the 1st, however, it is your entire life. While most other people can hide their weirdness relatively well, usually by conforming to conventional standards or doing what is going to gain them approval, this is pretty much impossible for you. Whatever is in the 1st House is something that we just cannot hide. Uranus in the 1st House people, therefore, cannot hide their oddities. A person’s overall demeanor is characterized by the 1st House and with Uranus in the 1st, your demeanor is a decidedly eccentric. You might not be over-the-top about it but there is always this strange or unconventional twist to whatever it is that you do. 

The 1st House is a symbol for what you learned about life in the first several years of your existence. It’s what was conditioned in you and how you adapted to that, inevitably becoming the role that you instinctively play throughout your life. Uranus in the 1st means that there was a ton of change in one’s life before the age of about seven. There is a general instability that is experienced in many different ways. You can see people who are born with this placement whose family situation gets turned upside down very early in life, sometimes soon after they are born. It can be through an abrupt divorce or separation of the parents while they’re still an infant. It could also be a huge change in financial status, possibly brought on by your birth. 

I think that the 1st House does not just represent one’s birth but the effect that one’s birth has on the immediate family. Uranus in the 1st (as well as Uranus ruling the 1st, aka Aquarius Rising, to which this article can also apply) means that one’s birth had a jolting effect on the family. Things changed in an unmistakable way once you came into the picture and it could have all happened at a lightning-quick pace. Depending on the aspects to Uranus, this could have brought on sudden difficulties. But, it could have also just meant that the family situation became wackier and more unpredictable when you were born. You can find many 1st House Uranus people who spent these first several years constantly moving. And just when the family thought they were settled, they moved yet again, from house to house or from city to city (possibly even from country to country). So, you were conditioned to constantly adapt to unexpected change. 

This makes you eventually see yourself as this agent of change. The thing is that all of these changes could have affected everyone less than positively but you. Uranus in the 1st House kids can roll with the punches remarkably well and actually enjoy the feeling of leaving the old behind and welcoming in the new. This is because you were still developing, unlike the adults or, if you had older siblings, the older children around you. So, to you, all of this change and unpredictability just felt normal. It became something that you sought out on a regular basis and a part of the way that you looked at it. Change is totally inevitable for you.

This is another way that we can define Uranus: it’s where things change most unexpectedly for us. And with Uranus in the 1st, this applies to your life, in general. By the time you are about eight or nine, you probably had many different houses, schools, cities, and friends under your belt. Jupiter in the 1st House people can be the same but this makes them feel like adventurers. It makes you, however, feel like someone who is always going forward into the future. The thing about children is that they are innately so self-absorbed that they interpret whatever happens in their lives as being a result of them and their own actions. This is an interesting way that the 1st House works. So, for you, you believed that things were always changing because you wanted them to, not necessarily because of your parents and their actions and the fact that you were just along for the ride. 

Therefore, this becomes deeply ingrained in you and, throughout life, is the way that you deal with any given situation. Uranus in the 1st House people think that life should be about being free. You never felt “settled” anywhere early in life and this continues into adulthood. This can make it so you find it hard to truly commit to someone or something as an adult. 1st House Uranus individuals can experience this in different ways, whether it’s committing to a job, a hairstyle, an apartment, an appointment time, a dinner date, or a relationship. Remember that the 1st House is so generalized that it touches everything in your life. So, everything that you do has this touch of instability. You really just cannot help it! Your perspective (1st House) is so fixated on change (Uranus) that even when you make a move or a decision, you are thinking about an alternative. 

It's something that keeps you free in the sense that you are relatively unfettered by all of the things that keeps others’ lives boring and stagnant. There is really no such thing as routine for Uranus in the 1st House individuals. You can possibly stick to some semblance of a routine. But, again, something will always happen to turn that upside down. Whether it’s through your own volition or just through the will of the Universe, you can guarantee that your sense of order will become all discombobulated. This is a quality you share with Uranus in the 11th, although this can drive them crazy because it makes it harder for them to exert their will. Sometimes, Uranus in the 1st House people can also be driven mad by all of the twists and turns that their life story takes. But, this is usually when there is a square or opposition to Uranus, which can indicate a resistance to or frustration with surprises, even when you are resigned to them because that’s just your life.

However, there is a perverse element to Uranus in the 1st that makes you create these M. Night Shyamalan twists in your life. It’s like you just can’t accept there being too much stability and consistency. It either makes you feel uncomfortable or it makes you suspicious that everything is going to get turned upside down, sooner or later. So, if fate doesn’t intervene, you can often turn over the apple cart yourself. Yet, there can be a rather unconscious element to how the 1st House works because it’s so instinctive. Therefore, you just do it and then assess the damage later. It could mean abruptly quitting your job, before you even begin looking for a new one, or ending a relationship because you just woke up one day and you were over it. And it doesn’t matter much to you that these decisions can drive others up the wall or make them think that you’re crazy. You pretty much strive to be quite crazy because it’s better than so-called normality. 

This is how Uranus sets you free, with this placement. Uranus in the 1st House gives you a lack of caring about being normal. Sometimes, it’s not that you don’t care or that you’re trying to be weird or different. It’s just that you think differently than everyone else and do things differently than others. And when they point out how odd your behavior is, you realize how strange you are. But, then, you make a display of either shrugging it off nonchalantly or upping the ante to show them that their approval doesn’t matter to you. The 1st House is how we find our place in life, in general. Uranus in the 1st means that this role you will play will be the one who insists on their personal freedom and who cannot be controlled by the expectations of others. The minute someone tries directing your behavior, even in the slightest way, you will strike back quite defiantly. 

This all goes back to your childhood conditioning because, in some way, you always felt like one of the things that was not like the other. Uranus in the 1st House children stand out among their family. There is something quite exceptional and different about you, to a degree that could alienate you from those in your immediate family, on some level. Some people with this placement are conditioned to think for themselves because their early environment was dictatorial or narrow-minded. So, on some level, they had to rebel or resist conformity, often standing out at some point in life as the one in the family who breaks the rules or turns the system upside down. Others with Uranus in the 1st have an early environment that encourages nonconformity and independence of thought. But, even with them, there is this sense of holding the family at a distance; loving them but not getting too close. It’s an approach that eventually translates to the way they treat people overall, especially since that feeling of being different applies just about everywhere they go. 

Uranus in the 1st makes you highly individualistic and this is something that is very apparent right off the bat. You could be the type to go to social events alone on a regular basis, unfazed by this being apparently weird to many people. It just means that you have the opportunity to meet people and make new friends, both of which you will relish. You will also be a combination of very laidback and very independent. 1st House Uranus people are not followers. Though you are very tuned into the social atmosphere you’re a part of, you do not just blindly go where other people go. This is another reason why you can be ambivalent about “groups.” You love being a part of something bigger than yourself but you are not a group-thinker. So, you are actually more selfish than some may give you credit for. You’re only really down to go somewhere with someone if it doesn’t infringe on the personal space and the freedom that you need so much. 

The 1st House is, after all, where we only worry about ourselves. This is the innate paradox that people don’t exactly get when they describe 1st House Uranus people or Aquarius Ascendant people as not being selfish whatsoever. Uranus is a transpersonal planet. So, on one level, you actually are unselfish. You know how to assume a detached (Uranus) point of view (1st House), inevitably letting go of your desires. But, on a personal level, you can be. Sometimes, Uranus in or ruling the 1st makes you detached about what you want and, other times, it doesn’t at all. But, these times are just when you want freedom, which is like oxygen to you. You’re insistent on it and will never give it up. At times, this does manifest in a me-first way, making you more concerned with doing your own thing than someone else’s needs or feelings about it. Also, you can sometimes put more personal relationships on the backburner in order to serve a greater cause, ideal, or movement. 

You do view life with a concern for the freedom of all people, not just yourself. But, you have to feel liberated yourself before you can liberate anyone else. Therefore, Uranus in the 1st House people do go through distinct periods of switching on and off, dealing with people a lot and then not wanting to deal with people at all. This is to free yourself, to keep you in touch with the mental states needed to offer something original, insightful, and progressive to other people. So, you shouldn’t over-identify with being humanitarian. Leave that to Neptune people. You do have that side to you and it can come out whether regarding being involved with a charitable or political organization or just making sure no one feels left out socially. But, the 1st House is how you are an individual and, thanks to this placement, your individuality keeps you far up in the clouds, feeling free of a heavy attachment to anyone. 

Your basic self-awareness will give you this sense of being different, a free spirit, an individualist, etc. Uranus in the 1st House individuals describe themselves as unique yet not in a cocky way. After all, such a self-image comes from living your life as such a misunderstood entity. At the same time, this does allow you to put yourself out there without the compulsive attachment to whether or not people will like what you do. In terms of your style, you wear clothes very much for you. You aren’t interested in dressing like everyone else. Even without trying, you find yourself shunning the typical trends. 1st House Uranus people have a natural way of avoiding the basic look, even when the outfit is seemingly basic. You are a true one-of-a-kind and enjoy taking on this persona. The element of the unexpected translates to your experimental style. You could be the type to wear formal clothes to a casual event or vice versa. You could also take something casual and dress it up or dress something formal down or mix the two together. In any case, there is a nonchalant effortlessness to how you wear your clothes, often making you well-dressed without even trying. 

That air of nonchalance is always surrounding you. The 1st House is how you appear and with Uranus here, you appear very cool and unaffected. At the same time, there is something very intellectual about Uranus. So, you will also come off as bright and intelligent, filing away everything around you like a computer. You are highly observant of your environment but can deceive others by seeming distracted, indifferent, or oblivious at times to what’s going on. People will often remark that you appear lost in your thoughts, which only adds to that detached aura around you. At times, you can be chilly enough to put someone off from talking to you. But, usually, Uranus in the 1st, if there are no hard aspects, results in a combined coolness and friendliness that makes you seem really chill in a good way. People could immediately feel as if they can talk to you about anything and, thanks to your lack of pretense and insatiable curiosity about people, this is true. You don’t discourage them, even when the conversation gets kind of awkward or inappropriate. 

There will be something highly distinct about your look that you probably don’t understand. Again, the detachment of Uranus means that some of the best-looking people with a 1st House Uranus regularly forget the effect their appearance has on others. This influence is said to produce strikingly attractive people; not necessarily because of the literal physical appearance but just because there is something so unique and electric about you. Yet, you may often find yourself wondering why people are staring, which they can do a lot, and even feel a bit uncomfortable about it. Uranus in the 1st does bring a strange, unintentional kind of magnetism. It’s the backwards quality of this planet at play. As long as you don’t want special attention, you’ll get it. The more detached you are from being seen as attractive, the more attractive you’ll be to other people. 

This usually only heightens your sense of being some kind of freak. But, you also find it easy to go on about your life and ignore the attention, which only makes it come your way even more. Uranus in the 1st also gives you a way of carrying yourself that can be wild and uncontrollable. Being highly accident prone is a common pattern of this placement, since the body will seem to have a mind of its own, at times. You can often tell a person who has Uranus in or ruling the 1st by how often they knock things over or drop things (Uranus rules my 1st and I do all of the time). You may also trip a lot, even over your own two feet. This only accentuates the air of chaos around you. When you speak, there can be just as much chaos. You probably talk so fast that others have a hard time keeping up. Your perspective as an individual is so quick-thinking and out-of-the-box that you want to jump on and express these ideas as speedily as possible. You can often be asked to slow down either your speech or your random thought patterns. But, at the end of the day, your self-awareness does depend on being an intellectual with a rapid-fire brain. If others can’t keep up, well, that’s just their problem!


  1. Yeeeeah Uranus in the 1st house !
    I always loved this placement but to be honest I think that having it in the 1st house and in opposition to my leo NN made it harder for me to embrace my North Node

  2. In my opinion, the 1st and 12th house is the hardest to understand. Amazing!

  3. ASC,Pluto,Uranus,Moon Stellium in first house. I emigrated to reunite with my parents after being left behind as a toddler a few years earlier. Within a year, we were separated again, for good. So, you're spot on about early life tumult. However, I now live in my home of 27 years and work at my job of 24 years...Taurus sun.

  4. What would it mean if it's Rx? :(

    1. I have it Rx on the Asc and in my experience it just means that perhaps I sometimes come across as less quirky/eccentric than I seem. I can button down and be quite conventional in my dealings if I want to be, so generally people don't find out my weirdness until they know me a bit more. Hope this helps.

    2. I also have it Rx in 1st and I have to say, I'm not fond of it. Some astrologers say a planet Rx behaves like it's in the previous house and in my case, all my Rx planets in 1st (I have 3) feel very much like the descriptions of them in the 12th. In the case of Uranus, this one by Sepharial hits closest to home:

      "Strange and unexpected enmities; danger of estrangement or exile from one’s kin and country. Eccentric people perplex and harass the native by their underhand actions; danger of falls from horses; accidents causing detention in out of the way places and foreign lands."

      Good thing I barely act like my Sag ascendant. I lived through all the above except that nasty bit about falls from horses and foreign lands

    3. Uranus and Saturn Rx in 1st.. ascendant sag..
      It's like I'm always in total conflict within myself.
      Definitely agree and believe we are probably weirder than we appear.
      Some people are open and expressive with their quirky and unique ways. Whereas with Uranus Rx we don't realise how unique and independent we really are.

  5. Being Aquarius Rising, yep, I talk so fast that people just stare at me and it frustrates me to have to slow my speech for others. Plus, I am klutzy and I definitely bring chaos to other's lives when they spend time with me.

  6. Yes yes yes! Love my Uranus in 1st. It has pushed me out of stagnant or stale situations where I felt I'm suffocating. It conjuncts my moon and Ascendant in Scorpio. Love my freedom more than anything!

    1. That's the exact same 1st house combination I've got, actually. I never knew it was so loaded but now that I do, it sure explains a lot... hahaha!

  7. I have this placement conjunct my Asc in Sag.

    Most of the above article is accurate in my experience. Although I wouldn't describe my early life as changing that much, the only house move I've done so far happened when I was about 4 or 5 years old.

    One of the interesting things about my 1st House is that it has Neptune AND Uranus residing in it. This can be interesting, because I feel both energies pretty strongly. In my experience, I often find myself succumbing to a lot of Neptunian fog and self doubt and questioning, then every so often a Uranian realisation will penetrate straight through the clouds and I'll just be like "ah yeah, that's it".

    This combination has a weird effect on my fashion choices. I like to dress distinctively/eccentrically, and I've found that trying to copy the conventional approach others have just isn't for me in this regard. However, the Neptunian influence also adds a veil - basically, I can think about how I want my 'look' to be a lot, but the reality will never quite match the illusion in my mind, or in some cases it just won't even be close to it. Basically I've had to take the approach of not consciously trying to put a style together, and just going with the flow in this regard. I can't really 'plan' my look, and if I try to 'plan' a more conventional look then it works even less well. As an example, I once bought some clothes by a few athletic gear manufacturers, trying to fit in with the other people I saw wearing them, trying to look 'put together' - and nope, it just didn't work. At all.

    To further this point, I really don't like wearing suits or formal wear much. I can look OK in a basic dinner jacket ensemble, or a business suit, but I feel so restricted in them it makes me uncomfortable to wear those things. I also have a penchant for looking scruffy and worn at times, and I have had a fondness for wearing garments even with ragged sleeves, faded prints or spots of paint on them - to me it's quite satisfying to wear stuff with a workaday patina to it. That said I do like to look nice as well, but the aforementioned Neptune influence makes it rather hard for me to work out exactly how to do that.

    1. Have to clarify - the bit about the house move was actually meant to illustrate that I agree with the point the article makes. Generally my early life was stable, but the house move was a major shift and does verify the article's point.

    2. I know what you mean. The cases can definitely vary somewhat. Uranus rules my 1st and we constantly moved before we settled down into my childhood home when I was seven where we stayed til I grew up. But, in your case, the feeling of change is through a major move that was a real turning point in the person's life. Either way, the dominant theme in the early life was change, whether it was frequent changes or a big one.

      I also definitely think Uranus in or ruling the 1st House brings an aversion to or discomfort business clothes or formal clothes. If I wear dress clothes, it has to be unique or with my own twist. Nothing is duller to me than a plain black suit. That whole thing about mixing and matching formal wear and casual wear is actually kind of based on me because I do love to do that, like wearing a t-shirt with dress pants and tennis shoes. Just things and combinations that no one else wears. I just have to be different!

    3. Hi! I have Neptune and Uranus in Sag, too! I almost couldn't care less what I look like. I feel like a mirror for everyone else. Which I truly don't mind. I feel kinda guilty and a little ridiculous whenever I direct attention to myself so of course I'll wear the first thing I pull out of my closet. All I care is that it's not inappropriate. I'm comfortable in anything: baggy jeans, miniskirts, killer heels, military boots, bare feet, formal wear (I actually love dressing for the office, I wonder how come you don't?), cocktail dresses, covering up like a nun... A bit of a shape-shifter I suppose, but I'm truly not looking to "shock". I'm usually just mirroring the person with me, or the environment so I don't stick out. It's purely a way of showing acceptance of who I'm with or (especially in a romantic situation with a guy) showing that I consider him worth the effort. My first instinct is to reflect, I rarely project.

      As you can maybe tell, I very much identify with my Neptune. Not so much my Uranus, and I don't know why. Uranian energy feels foreign, even adversarial and dangerous, Neptune feels like my truest self - yet both trine my sun.

      As for needing three hands to count all the places I've lived - three during high school alone - I always attributed that to Pisces on the cusp of my 4th.

    4. Of course!! I just remembered. My Uranus is conjunct Saturn! Of all the planets. Yeech

  8. This was spot on, especially for today, as I keep whining about how easily I get bored with work - with my Uranus conjunct Moon at the end of the first, opposite Mercury at the beginning of the eight, it's a constant tug-of-war between what I think and feel, what I think I feel and... who knows what else. To top it off, Taurus sun, Scorpio rising, so there's also this need to stay put and grow deep roots. Sometimes it just feel exhausting being me.
    Also - we moved like 4-5 times before I turned 6.

    1. Oh! Also, I keep hitting myself on corners, doorknobs, twisting my ankles (without getting seriously hurt), dropping stuff... my mother even wondered if there was something wrong with me, she just couldn't understand how I could be a dancer, and be so spectacularly clumsy at the same time. Though this explains it.

  9. I also have uranus & neptune conjunct in the first house in capricorn, though with a giant 1st house it contains both capricorn & large amounts of aquarius. This is one of the better explanations of this placement that I have read.

    I strongly agree that cool & collected changes with hard aspects to Uranus. Uranus squares Mercury & my sun, opposing Mars. Neptune is conjunct Uranus with less than a 2 degree orb so Neptune squares Mercury, my moon, and opposes uranus.

    Lota of different forms of resistance and acceptance I need to move through.

    Thank you.

  10. Yet another Sag asc with Uranus and Neptune in first house. Uranus is conjunct to my asc and moon, Neptune isn't, so I'm much more Uranian (esp emotionally). What an excellent description though, best I've come across yet.

    Didn't move house as a child (except once, as an infant) or have a lot of change, but always loved traveling, even if merely on the school bus or on ferry rides. But when I was 10 my whole family moved from the states to the antipodes and I considered it a great adventure. No issues with leaving friends and home behind to go right to the opposite side of the world. Since then, I've moved regularly, and since I was 18 have literally lived in a different house every year, until now (age 31). Thank god my current design course gives me a lot of continuous info and projects as it's hard to wait to find a new thing or place again.

    As for appearance, yes, I'm hard to miss. Not for being particularly ugly or beautiful, but just definitely "because". And it's true that I often hate it but resign myself to the knowledge that it can't be otherwise, and is just in-built, to be the sore thumb and the one going against the grain, most often unintentionally.

    Even when I try to look basic, it's impossible. I still get stared at. And blending in goes against my essential self so I don't often try that anymore. It only ever fails. I have naturally far more success just being myself.

    I also dearly understand the dynamic of forgetting the effect of one's appearance and not comprehending the "thing" or magnetism about oneself that has everyone calling you things like "stunning" "fashionista" "super cool" "fascinating" etc. The detachment (and nonchalance) can indeed be very heavy, to the point where I actually am still perplexed at just -why- people stare so much or find me too cool or icy to approach. The staring can still be quite uncomfortable if I'm not intending to have an effect.

    And can't stress it enough (the staring, feeling like a freak!) even if it sounds conceited. I just don't get why it occurs so much but it happens all the time, and people I'm with often ask me why people stare. "I don't know anymore, or maybe I do but it takes too long to explain".

    But I do love creating new unique outfits and styles, every day, and regularly find myself 5+ years ahead of trends by dressing to my intuitive whims. By the time the trend comes around though, people have forgotten that I was wearing it all that long ago. It's a bizarre feeling, of being so ahead. It's the case with most things though (my art, ideas, methods, etc). Can be hard to get so many blank stares or criticisms for having an avant garde mindset. Thankfully some are encouraging toward it.

    Anyway. Again, great write up. I can relate to practically every bit of it and more, and wouldn't want to be any other way, despite all the random isolation, nervousness, born-at-the-wrong-century sensation, and weird reactions to one's ideas that can also occur with the placement.

  11. Also must add that the "being ahead" sensation is like that scene in back to the future where Marty plays johhny b goode and descends into van halen riffing. Everyone has a good time until you accidentally get too ahead, they stare at you in silence and confusion as you sweat and realise what you've been doing, then you must say... "Guess you guys aren't ready for that yet. But you're kids are gonna love it" :P My life in a nutshell. Lol.

  12. I despise how accurate this is. I'm an Aquarius Sun with Uranus in my 1st ruled by Sag. Gonna be a long, lonely, alienated life lol... Thanks tho.

  13. I am Aries, with asc in Scorpio and Uranus in 1st house. This is so spot on.. I was always wondering why I get bored so quickly, especially at work and need to change at least every 2 years.. Born to a single mother and my dad was married T that time, me being born pretty much stirred the whole family enviroment. Living on my own since I am 15 and so far lived on 3 continets and travelled almost all around the world ( for work and leisure). Just love travelling. And as much as I tried to settle down few times, even bought an appartment to live in, life always brings some new changes and developments.. Thank you ;)

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