Thursday, May 18, 2017

Uranus in the 2nd House

We continue our Uranus in the houses series with Uranus in the 2nd House. What does it mean to have Uranus in the 2nd House of your birth chart? Well, throughout this series, I will be using Uranus to show that there really is no such thing as “normal.” Thanks to Uranus, there is a strange element to all of our natures or lives, whether it’s major or seemingly minor. People with a strong Uranus influence usually really embrace and express that strangeness, while others might struggle with it or hide it. But, regardless, Uranus shows us where we can rise above conventional thoughts or patterns and do something different, which will lead to a mental state of freedom. The house that Uranus is in shows just how we can find that freedom and in what way it will manifest. 

Uranus in the 2nd House indicates a push toward financial freedom. When you have this placement, you just cannot make money in a conventional way. Now, this can have lots of different outcomes. For one, it shows the person who ends up earning their income in an unusual or liberating way. The 2nd House shows how we will enjoy making our money. Those who are making money doing something that they do not enjoy usually don’t end up reaching their full 2nd House potential, meaning that they either may not make the amount of money they really want or it might not last long. With Uranus in the 2nd House, you want to be doing something for money that is going to bring you a feeling of freedom and of experimentation. It has to open up your mind to many different ideas and alternatives. 

I don’t think it’s about the career choice necessarily, as this is the 10th House’s territory. And as I said in an earlier article of mine, if a person truly has the right mindset to what they do with their life, their career choice (10th), work ethic (6th), and income (2nd) will all line up. The 2nd House is more about how you do or don’t find pleasure in what you do. Uranus being in your 2nd, then, means that the freer you feel in your line of work, the happier you will be with it. This can manifest in many different forms. It’s quite common to see 2nd House Uranus people doing freelance work, especially since it allows them to operate on their own schedule. The 2nd House is the house of values and you are going to have to really value your freedom. We value what’s in this house because it will inevitably become financially lucrative if we steadily engage in it. So, if you stay dedicated to the freedom that you enjoy in your line of work, then you will see it paying off in dividends, allowing you to maintain that freedom. 

You are finding freedom through finances, especially since you can earn those finances at an unusual or unorthodox pace. You would rather work smart for your money than work hard for your money. This often means that you can experiment with various ideas in order to boost or supplement your income. 2nd House Uranus individuals can actually be downright brilliant, in this way, particularly if they find themselves feeling financially tight. It’s like you have this lightning-quick ability to jump on any situation that can promise quick cash, from pawning a possession to participating in a research study to giving some plasma at the donation center. In fact, your ideas for making money can be a little out-there. Jupiter in the 2nd is prone to get-rich-quick schemes but Uranus is, too, in its own way. But, while the 2nd House Jupiter’s plans can often work out wonderfully, your plans for making money can bring some chaos into your life.  

Uranus brings chaos into all of our lives, to some degree or another and in some way or another. With Uranus in the 2nd, it is financial chaos. You seem to look off into the future and see yourself being really wealthy or, at least, very comfortable. So, you can readily jump into situations, at a breakneck speed, that promise you that financial security. Yet, Uranus’ influence is very backwards and unpredictable. Therefore, it’s pretty much a fact that whenever you expect to make plenty of money, you just don’t. So, such money-grabbing schemes can regularly blow up in your face. Even the little things you do to make more cash, even though they’re often quite brilliant, can also strangely just not work out. It is important for you, then, to remain detached from concerns with wealth and financial security. The less you care about money, the more you have it. But, the more you care about it, the less you get.

In the end, you can achieve financial freedom by not worrying about money. There is a slightly spiritual element to the practical 2nd House, as it tells us how we can attract a steady cash flow into our lives just through our attitude. Uranus in the 2nd requires an attitude of appreciation that comes from detachment. If you have no expectations, in regards to your bank account or your salary, you can be objective enough to be grateful for all that you have. And the more you display this objective gratitude, the more money you will earn. This is another reason why you come to value detachment. You see it as a necessary ingredient in terms of establishing the lifestyle that you want. When you don’t worry about money, then, you don’t have to worry about money. Being rich on a more intellectual level is the key here, which will attract those riches on a material plane. 

There are some quirks and oddities in regards to how you spend. Actually, spending is how and where you go wild and crazy, unless there are other aspects or planets in this house that say otherwise. But, even a square or an opposition to Uranus can be deceiving because it can bring periods of supposed stability in spending that give way to you being very erratic and uncontrollable with your money. Sometimes, you can spend things in a defiant way. It’s like there’s this voice inside of you that’s telling you to save, conserve your money, don’t indulge, and you feel the urge to rebel against it. You might also do the same if someone tries to tell you what to do with your money. In a relationship, this could be quite problematic, as you could go out and make that purchase just to see your partner’s face when you walk in with it. 

Budgets can, therefore, easily fly out of the window. It’s hard for you to stick to your budget, even when you resolve to. You can sit down for the month and carefully plan out your purchases and map out your expenses. But, suddenly, you find yourself at the nearby shopping center, making all kinds of purchases. It’s like something takes over you, in those moments. Also, Uranus is full of surprises. This can indicate a way of making income that is a constant surprise, like being a freelancer and never knowing when you’ll get a new client or invoice. It can also mean money racking up in your account through a new business move that surprises you. On the negative end, though, it can mean that you are so detached from concerns about your account balance that you are surprised by how little you have. You might check your bank account and genuinely expect to have $300 and end up with $80. “Where did it all go?” you ask, as if someone else spent it. 

Such a pattern can be a problem for many people, whether they have this placement or not. But, it manifests in your life in a way that is particularly chaotic. Yet, when push comes to shove, you can also display an advanced aptitude for handling your money. The house that Uranus is in is a place of independent thought where we can think for ourselves. The difference between you and other reckless spenders is that you are also objective enough about your money to stop and realize what you’re doing. There can be a pattern here of being disconnected from your spending patterns, which lets you run wild with that debit or credit card. But, there is also the potential for you to very logically see what you’re doing and look at its ramifications in the big picture. Then, you can turn things around by taking a truly scientific approach to spending, easily calculating just what you have, what you’re spending, how much you’ll have left, and how much you’ll spend tomorrow. In this way, you undergo a radical change by doing a complete 180 in your spending style. 

This detached attitude toward your material resources is what prevents you from being overly attached to what you possess. This is why, unless you have some Taurus or Cancer placements, pawning things or giving them to a thrift store will be very little of a problem for you. Instead, you give away your possessions really freely, especially if it’s going to help someone or make their life better. Uranus in the 2nd House people can also have very odd “collections.” It might be the most random or unusual collections or they may do random, unusual things with their collections. You could save lots of plastic containers or old jars, intent on using them for something else later, or you could make an experiment out of your possessions, like sewing a blanket out of a bunch of old t-shirts. Who knows? Anything goes when it comes to what you own! 

I'm just saying. She did collect a lot of random stuff.
Ultimately, you want to live your own offbeat and independent lifestyle, as this brings you plenty of peace and comfort. The 2nd House is the lifestyle that we wish to cultivate and maintain. It’s different from the Uranus in the 1st House person’s intent on generally living with freedom, independence, and unconventionality. This is something that very much defines their view of life and of self. With Uranus in the 2nd, these traits define your self-worth and your comfort in your own skin. The more you are okay with being different, the stronger your self-esteem will be. This self-esteem will make you feel like living a lifestyle that is different is very much worth it. It doesn’t have to do with your behavior, demeanor, or self-image, which is the 1st House. The 2nd House follows up the 1st by giving us something to possess and be settled within. So, the more you have an unorthodox lifestyle to settle within, the more secure and at ease you will feel. 

When I say lifestyle, I just mean the way you’ve become accustomed to living, whether that’s your income, your possessions, your purchases and expenses, or your set standards of living. The thing is, though, with Uranus in the 2nd, these things are always in flux and consistently unstable. One day, you’ll be making a ton of money and the next, you’ll find yourself in a job with half that salary or hourly rate, maybe less. You’ll go from a one-bedroom apartment to renting a room in someone else’s house to owning your own house to living in a duplex. All of these things are up in the air for you but that is what you have to be comfortable with. This is your lifestyle: it is odd and unpredictable and always subject to change. So, in a way, you’ll never feel totally settled into a standard of living. But, this is essentially what you have to settle for, in that paradoxical Uranus way.

This also means going against the conventional standards and lifestyles of other people. It is a definite mistake for you to try and keep up with the Joneses. Uranus just won’t let you. And you will have to find your freedom by not caring about people’s judgments of your particular lifestyle, whether it’s the money you make or where you live or the car that you drive. This will always just be an odd part of your life and trying to conform to people’s expectations of this perfect lifestyle isn’t going to work. In fact, you’ll find that the more you worry about status symbols, the harder it is to obtain those luxuries or impressive figures. You are better off remaining detached from others’ opinions of what you have. Basically, Uranus’ house is where you should give zero fucks. And with Uranus in the 2nd, you should have none to give in terms of impressing people with your stuff and your money. Preserve your self-esteem by not caring what they think about your things. 

I’d give this advice to anyone but it’s especially important for the 2nd House Uranus person to know because if you don’t, then you will never experience that mental state of freedom. It’s also best for you to not let anyone be a part of your regular lifestyle unless they respect that. Associating with status-hungry people is only going to make your personal value plummet. You are much better off around people who will just value you for you. And if and when your stock and financial worth do ascend, which can happen very unexpectedly and unpredictably, you’ll know you’re surrounded by those who were there for you before all of this other “stuff” came into the picture.


  1. Hi, Wayman. How are you? Could you please do Uranus in the 9th house next? :)

    1. I'm good. And I'm doing this series very randomly, based on whoever makes the first request for the next article. So, yes, Uranus in the 9th is coming up next then! :)

      It's also funny because, before I saw your comments, I was actually thinking about what I would write for Uranus in the 9th.

    2. Yay, Uranus in the 9th house is coming­čśä Thanks, Wayman. Really? That's interesting. I will say it's a coincidence but I don't believe in coincidences. I think you have very powerful intuition :)

    3. Yes, I have strange psychic moments like that on a regular basis. But, I never know it means anything until it proves itself to be true or meaningful. I've had dreams about friends that was about something that actually happened to them at that time and freaked them out when I told them, haha.

    4. I have 12th house Moon plus it squares Neptune so, I can understand what you are talking about. I also experienced such things, especially with my mom. For instance, when she comes back from work I just feel that she will knock the door and before she knocks the door I go and open the door. Or when I suddenly feel nervous or uncomfortable I just know that something is happening to her. And evey time she wonders just how I can feel such things

  2. Yes! Thank you! Glad to know where THAT part of my personality comes from. :)

    I actually had a few good laughs... let's see: I have a thing for jars and plastic containers (and coffee mugs), donate plasma etc to improve my income and once even participated in a sleep study. And I sewed a blanket out of old clothes. (Btw, you got a typo there: "sowing".)

    Also, I just gave a ton of stuff away, tupperware included, and threw out a lot, because it makes me feel weighed down when I got too much stuff. I feel best when everything I own fits in a small car. Makes it much less complicated when everything changes again.
    For example, my current living arrangements are pretty unconventional, but also unstable because I don't have my own appartement or room, with contract and all. Instead, I've been living in my friend's appartement for almost a year now - it belongs to her shop, but she's living with her girlfriend anyway and only uses the flat by now to store some stuff and sometimes as a bureau. I live almost rent-free, and in turn, would do her favours, like looking after her dog, her cats (they live with me), cleaning the shop's toilets etc.

    But I do value money as such for the freedom it can give me. And safety. Just like my Asc, my 2nd house is in Libra, and with my Sun and Venus in Cancer, I get quite nervous when the lack of money is acute - it's not much, just a few hundred bucks, but I always have some kind of emergency fund. Also, I guess that it's this Libra influence that makes me spend money on clothes and cosmetics when I feel the need for a spontaneous shopping spree - I don't wear make-up and I'm usually quite underdressed, but I love stuff like a new lotion or going to the hair dresser. But when it comes to bigger expenses, like a new handy, I can spend weeks on weighing the pro's and con's of it.

    Anyway, it's as you say: the less I care, the more lucky I am, especially because ironically, worrying about money makes me want to spend more. As if I had to prove myself that it's not THAT bad. In this respect, it's quite fortunate that I got Sun trine Uranus, my Moon in Aquarius and Jupiter in the 11th house. Makes me feel well equipped when it comes to dealing with whatever Uranus throws my way. My idea of being settled is not a house, kids and a nice car, but to have the kind of financial freedom that allows me to just get a camping bus and be free to go whenever and wherever.

    When it comes to status symbols, I seriously don't give a fuck and usually even lose some of my respect for a person who tries to impress with brandname clothing and a big car. When I was a kid, my favourite clothes were hand-me-downs from my cousins, because they had history and were unique in contrast to whatever was "in" at the time. I still love second-hand stuff. I know it can be quite offensive to a lot of people when they show off their Louis Vuitton bags etc and I'm like: "Who cares?" But well, I can't fake it. If I ever get engaged (not likely), the guy needs to know better than get me a diamond ring. :P

    Thanks again for delivering another great post!

    1. Hey, you're welcome! Glad you enjoyed it. I actually am just coming out of the Uranus in the 2nd House transit, which lasted for a decade! So, I have recently been through quite a bit of this myself, including the random ways of making extra cash (I did a study at a hospital once for two days for a pretty decent check and it was kind of out of necessity), the unpredictable finances, and the detachment from money. I can tell that I'm out of it now because things feel increasingly stabler now for me on the financial front. Knock on wood.

      But, I am glad that this transit lasted throughout my introduction to adulthood because it really reinforced in me the importance of not being attached to status symbols and not having your worth being tied up in the money that you make.

      And you're right, with you having such a strong Uranus and Aquarius influence, you are already very unimpressed with status and material wealth. That's just an Aquarian thing, in general. But, Uranus in the 2nd definitely gives you more of an urge to not impress people with material things. The difference between you and other Uranian people is that this keeps your self-worth intact, as well, and keeps you especially grounded.

      Also, thanks for the note about the typo. It's been fixed! My eyes definitely get too tired sometimes to catch stuff like that. :)

    2. You're welcome - frankly, given the speed you're writing in, I'm surprised how little typos there are.

      I wonder how much transiting Uranus in your 2nd house got to do with you starting an astrology blog. And what it'll do to your insight when it roams your 3rd house - I'm sure this transit will provide some gems. :)

      Transiting Uranus is about to enter my 8th house. No idea what to make of it, but I'm not worried. It'll probably just end this period of psychological house cleaning. After all, I'm still in that in-between phase: I developed a lot of self-awareness, but changing my old thought and behaviour patterns is still a work in progress. It feels like learning a new language: just because you know the words and the grammar doesn't mean you're already fluent.

      I'll let you know if there's a surprise inheritance in the next years. :P

    3. Yeah, I always read over the article after I write it and before I post it. And I do also kind of edit it as I write. It's still easy to miss mistakes when you've spent so much time writing it, though. But, yeah, I could be way worse. :)

      And I don't know if it had much to do with me starting my blog but it definitely influenced me deciding to charge for readings and making it my source of income. Transiting Uranus was retrograde in my 2nd House the time I started doing readings. Making money (2nd) off of astrology (Uranus). Pretty textbook. It was also trine my Sun which was conjunct transiting Jupiter. Then, transiting Saturn was conjunct my Midheaven to the degree. I can see that in how freaked out I was about putting my actual name on the blog, which I felt the need to do once I started doing readings and interacting with people on here (as this was around the time I started gaining an audience). I seriously considered using an alias! Haha. Because of that private, secretive Scorpio MC, it was a very big deal for me and a very pivotal moment. I'm glad I did it because it was a big step in allowing myself to be successful.

      And haha, yes, let me know. But, I do suspect that it will, like you said, lead to massive breakthroughs (Uranus) in terms of dealing with your emotional issues (8th House).

    4. I wouldn't be surprised if my dad died, though, but I already know I better reject any inheritance, just in case. Sounds cold, but it wouldn't make much of a difference anyway - we haven't really been in contact for most of my life, just the occasional phone call every two or three years. A stereotypical Sun square Pluto- thing I guess. And he's an alcoholic, so it's pretty much impossible to have any meaningful conversation, but it DOES make him prone to accidents...

      P.S.: If you ever feel as if there were nothing more to write (not that you could ever run out of topics), you might want to redo your first posts about the personal planets. Compared to the rest of your blog, the information you give there is still pretty basic - like practice pieces, still developing your voice. :) I don't mean this as criticism, but you've sure came a looong way since then.

  3. Thank you! Its hard to relate because I never worked in my life but one thin is true that I do live my life as a minimalist. And having Neptune in the 2nd house makes kind of easier

  4. Thanks for this info, Uranus in Leo my second house. I have NOT the life or lifestyle I wanted and sought, now I realized I shouldn't have ever wanted that life to begin with! And its ok! I will start consciously being more aloof about status/impressing people,I think that will bring me the freedom to move forward. And I plan on a hobby that I like, which will earn income as well, I will make sure its kooky! Thanks alot!

    1. I wonder how Leo North Node will affect my 2nd house, if at all, and also, how uranus getting ready to move into my 10th... maybe more kooky friends. I know it disrupted my ninth house pretty badly. I totally lost a good job, changed direction, never knew where I was going to make money and freaking out the whole time. Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated. I feel like I am so screwed!

  5. I've Uranus in the 2nd,& this rings very true for me. Thanks :)

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  7. How does this apply, if at all, to Aquarius in the 2nd house? Do you equivocate signs and planets? When I read through it I thought of my Sun, South Node, Mercury, and Mars all in Aquarius in the 2nd house and much of it seems to resonate. So I was just wondering.

    1. Yeah it definitely does. It won't be exactly the same and I think the planet being in a house is more important than the planet ruling the house, unless we are talking about the angles, of course. But, it applies to Aquarius in the 2nd in a lot of ways.

  8. I have Aquarius on the ascendant and Uranus is transitting my 2nd house now. This will last a long time though, as my 2nd house goes into Taurus as well (sigh). More material detachment...

    But, most of the things you describe, fits this long transit as well. I've wanted to up the ante on my career, and yet - I keep going for what "feels right" (aka freedom of choice) instead of a steady, regular income. It's so frustrating when your 2nd house also pertains to Taurus. Arrgh! The need for security vs. the need for freedom is a real struggle sometimes!

    Still, not giving a dime about status and riches is certainly the key. This transit have made more independent and I value myself more over any paycheck. I can feel myself being a lot more indifferent with regards to status symbols, loneliness and weirdo-ness. I am a weirdo and I care about my stuff - but not to the degree that I will take a crap job just to maintain a certain material standard. I'd rather wait for the right job to let me contain my freedom of being.

    Also, the Aquarius on Asc. thing certainly has given me a "whatever" attitude with regards to material wealth and all the upperclass "Joneses". I simply cannot give a damn about their power plays, status hunt and whatnot. Whatever, bro's! I don't care, I can't take you seriously. You love mashed patatoes with truffles?
    I laugh - because it look like dog pooh on the plate.

    Yeah, that's me. Not giving a f... about rich people and their status. I do like my technical devices though, and I'm very adept at learning new online tools or website programs. My natal Uranus is in 11th house, so yeah, pretty Uranian you could say!

  9. OMG this was an AMAZING read! I so needed this. It definitely put a lot of things in perspective. Thank you!

  10. I have this placement. Sagittarius rules my 2nd house but Uranus is in Capricorn. My Uranus placement is part of my Capricorn Sun-Neptune-Saturn conjunction and opposes Chiron in the 9th and Jupiter in the 8th.

    I've also heard that having Uranus in the 2nd house can indicate a person making money off of being an astrologer.

  11. Hi Wayman! This is one amazingly helpful analysis of Uranus in the 2nd House. Is there anything special about Uranus in 2nd conjunct the Moon (and all this, in the sign of Scorpio)? Your feedback would be very much welcome!

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  13. Oh my Gosh! It's in words! I thought I was the only one! My Uranus in Capricorn is in my second house (ruled by Sagittarius... I honestly don't know if it makes any difference). The only thing that Uranus touches in my chart is Venus (Venus trine Uranus and Venus is in my 10th).

    I'd like to think that's why I have such strange luck with jobs? For example, I was once called for an interview at a job I never applied for. But I got along with my interviewer and he told me to apply and I was hired. It was a job with the IT department and I had zero experience with computers other than the basic Microsoft skills. It ended up being my favorite job.
    And during periods I stressed over money, I would get caught up in toxic situations because I focused too much on it rather than going with the flow.

    Another thing that was on point was the constant change, although I chalked that up to being a military brat. So as a child I was forced to live in various places (apartments, buildings, several houses, with family, etc) and that continued on into adulthood. I give zero fucks-- really appreciated that phrase-- about what people are up to, what's the coolest car to have, what fashion I should be wearing, and how I'm supposed to fit in. This comes into conflict with just about everyone I meet unless they're a wandering nomad like myself. They can't understand my detachment to materialistic things or think I'm lying when I say money isn't important.
    Well, it is important but only as long as it gives me the freedom to do what I want, which is usually spent on experiences rather than things.

    I feel normal! Thanks for the article!


  14. Chanced upon your site and blown with the detailed explanation on Uranus in the 2nd House. Totally relate to it and taken some notes as well as to what to do moving forward. It’s hard though because I’m a Cancer Sun (but Libra rising) so stability and security is important yet at the same time I need that independence and freedom which inevitably comes with chaos. What a paradox!

  15. Good article.Why is Mars in the 2nd house an "adverse" placement? How can you blunt some of its malefic effects?see more -

  16. I have this placement but I don't identify with this at all. I'm super careful with money and is even hard for me to spend a penny in something I don't need so much. Could this be because the Uranus is almost in the 3rd house?