Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Uranus in the 9th House

When a person with Uranus in the 9th House of their birth chart follows their inner compass, they find their state of mental freedom. Uranus sets us free intellectually, which I am spending this whole Uranus in the houses series explaining. But the 9th House is also a place of freedom. 9th House freedom is just in a more experiential way, occurring through the expansion of our possibilities. So, having a 9th House Uranus means that you have the potential to feel very free on both this intellectual and experiential level. Wherever Uranus is in our house is where things are not “normal” for us. And with it being in the house of exploration and discovery, you can guarantee that this is a person who embarks on abnormal adventures on a regular basis. 

I always describe the 9th House as being indicative of our college years, especially since this is the time where I think planets in the 9th House really find full expression. Before then, they can often feel cooped up, restless, and insatiable, like there is always something else out there, on the horizon, waiting to be discovered by the 9th House individual. Uranus in the 9th is no different. Once this person graduates high school and goes out into the world, they are releasing a lot of pent-up rebelliousness or defiance. This is often a placement that indicates someone who really goes wild once they get to college. But, even if they don’t attend a university, that time in their life from the age of about 18 to 22 can be really wacky and crazy, as they are no longer being oppressed or controlled by others’ beliefs, which can be the experience growing up (more on that later). 

The college years (or the late teens and early 20’s, if you didn’t go to school) are, therefore, a time of experimentation for you, if you have this placement. You develop a detachment from a concept of what’s conventional, in terms of exploring the world around you. If you went to college, this could have manifested in particularly odd or defiant ways. You might have been highly inconsistent in terms of attending your classes or getting your assignments done. Something in you just compelled you to go out to that concert, even though you fully intended to finish your research paper. You could have genuinely just forgotten about the class you had on Wednesday, too busy being interested in something else. It’s no surprise, then, that 9th House Uranus individuals often have a dubious track record throughout college, sometimes feeling quite ill-adjusted in this new world. 

But, it wasn’t for lack of intelligence. Even though your switch was regularly off in terms of your schoolwork, when it was on, you were absolutely brilliant. Uranus in the 9th House shows that an intellectual freedom within you really began to blossom during this time. This is because college encourages people to develop strong opinions and viewpoints about subjects and what’s going on in the world. Facts can be a little bit too easy for you to assimilate. But, opinions (9th House) are an area of true experimentation (Uranus) for you. You might have been that student who blew professors away with very impressive essays, full of ideas that other people hadn’t thought of before, including the professor. The classroom, whenever you showed up, also could have been the time for you to do this, making you that student who was unafraid to voice a different opinion amidst countless students who think otherwise. 

This is because developing your own beliefs requires you to not really care what other people think. We all have the potential to not give a damn and to not be concerned with others’ opinions, to some extent or another. Uranus’ house tells us where and how that manifests for the individual. With Uranus in the 9th, it’s in terms of the opinions of others. This is a house that is about developing your own sense of right and wrong. In this way, you can display wonderful independence and freedom. If you think it’s right, then it’s right, regardless if other people believe you’re crazy. The thing is that Uranus is so logical, at the same time, that your beliefs, as unusual as they often are, generally are based in some solid rationale. This is what gives you even more conviction in the face of someone else’s disapproval. 

Yet, the contradictory thing about the 9th House Uranus is that you are sometimes detached from your sense of right and wrong. There are times where you will be totally outspoken and insistent on your truth and other times where you couldn’t care less. This is how your inconsistency emerges. It’s all based in your 20-year-old self that spent those wilderness years of adulthood just experimenting with beliefs. Therefore, you don’t get too attached to a certain belief system. It’s also what gives you the potential to seem too flaky to more straightforward people who aren’t zig-zagging all over the place with their beliefs. You might voice a particular opinion just to rebel against someone else’s. It’s also very common for 9th House Uranus people to rebel against their own opinions, sick of hearing themselves go on and on. Sometimes, you do this to cut yourself down to size, as you aren’t interested in acting all high-and-mighty. But, it can give the impression that you aren’t a person with the most consistent or predictable moral fiber. 

In many ways, you aren’t. Yet, this is your moral fiber, at the same time. Uranus in the 9th is about understanding that there are all kinds of beliefs out there and that they all should be considered and respected. You want to know what it feels like on both sides of the fence, instead of being rigidly tied to just one perspective. It’s this attitude that could have made you an exceptional roommate in college. People from different backgrounds and lifestyles fascinated you because you wanted to know exactly what made them think that such a way of living was right for them. If they were messy and you were clean, you tried to figure out just why you believed in being clean and why they felt like being messy was right for them. This is what shapes your moral compass: a tolerance for the direction that everyone is going in, knowing that it’s all equal, at the end of the day.

This is an attitude that also could have made your path throughout college very unpredictable. Uranus does bring abrupt changes into our lives. And the 9th House Uranus is the classic student who randomly and drastically switches majors, like going from chemical engineering to art history. It also symbolizes students who decide to take a break, all of a sudden, even if everything is seemingly going good. And, of course, it can also show people who just drop out of college, potentially at the 11th hour. But, all of this is logical to you, even if your journey seems crazy to everyone else. Maybe you believed you got all you needed to get from college or maybe you just suddenly felt the need for a more inspiring (9th House) change (Uranus). 

In any case, you really believe that change is good. You will spend your life suddenly going in one direction when you thought you were headed in another. There are times where it feels like this change in path is kind of thrust upon you. It stems from the fact that you probably, like most 9th House people, come from a strong religious background that you unexpectedly went against in adulthood. Whatever the religion, it could have been something that, as a child, made you feel free and intellectually engaged. But, as time went on, you snapped out of that religious fervor in a major way. A lot of 9th House Uranus individuals can look back on their religious upbringing and feel horrified at how “brainwashed” they were. There is the potential for you to have experiences with religion that can feel almost cult-like, as if these beliefs (9th House) overwhelmed your ability to think freely and for yourself (Uranus). This feeling of being controlled is also something that can awaken your inner sense of anarchy. 

It may not be something that you openly voice while growing up. But, there is a reason why, when you’re thrust out into the world, you start going wild or dabbling in all sorts of things that are the anthesis of your religious roots. It’s like you begin knocking over all of those sacred crows as an act of true freedom. While you thought the idea of eternal salvation or peace in the afterlife where enough to feel free, getting out into the world can shock you because you realize how sheltered all of that was making you. Once you see that there are a diverse range of beliefs that are all valid, you become increasingly distant from the religion you grew up with. You might even take perverse pleasure in pissing off your family when you come home with your “sacrilege”, like announcing to your mother that you’re now an atheist or interrupting the family prayer. 

The process of losing one’s religion is very common for 9th House people. But, with Uranus here, it happens in a way to set yourself truly free. It is possible that you either stay with the religion you grew up with or find another religion as an act of freedom against non-believers. Yet, I feel like it’s more likely that you will just break away from religion altogether, ex-communicating yourself in an almost outrageous fashion. Still, the 9th House is what you believe in. So, every 9th House planet needs its own “religion”, which can be much more metaphorical than literal. Uranus in the 9th House people may find that in things like astrology, numerology, or the Tarot. Although I consider these things more spiritual than religious, they can feel like proper religions to you because they give you something to believe in that has a logical system to it. These belief systems also don’t assert themselves as the be all, end all, claiming themselves as right and everything else has wrong, and don’t demand a rigid moral code of you. Again, you are disinterested in such moral superiority and in also in such commandments, as you feel that those rules will inevitably be broken anyway. 

When we’re in 9th House territory, we believe that anything is possible. Uranus in the 9th means that the more you embark on a nontraditional journey, the more you will feel like anything is possible. So, getting into astrology or reading Tarot cards can be amazingly inspiring to you, opening up a whole new world. Doing anything considered weird or left-field sets you on the right path and brings out your inner enthusiasm. This can mean engaging in odd adventures. Traveling also correlates to the 9th House. Uranus in the 9th House people would benefit from always keeping their passport updated because they never know when they’ll get the urge to go off to some random place. You can do so very abruptly, feeling like this spirit of adventure keeps things from getting too predictable. You may also get the urge to go to some obscure place that many people haven’t heard of before, thriving on the experimental feel of doing so. 

Because of this, you can also easily move to random places within your country of origin, as well. If your spouse or significant other needed to move to another city for work, you might not even hesitate about doing so. Just like you can freely travel to a country without knowing the language, you can casually move to a new city without knowing the culture or anybody there. After all, it offers the opportunity for all sorts of unexpected discoveries. The same can be said for how you explore the city that you live within. While the 3rd House is your immediate neighborhood, the 9th House represents how you venture out of that neighborhood. Similar to Jupiter in the 9th, you are up for exploring every place that your city has to offer. You’ve probably ventured into territories within the city that your other friends wouldn’t think to or didn’t even know about. 

Your sense of adventure does not operate like everyone else’s. This is something that goes back to the age of 18 to 22 where you would party by exploring lots of random territories, especially ones where many people like you may not easily feel welcome. But, you don’t care. The 9th House Uranus person, at one point or another in life, can be quite a wild thing, painting the town red in ways that can be startling or uncontrollable. You are prone to getting into a lot of mischief. At the same time, you can step back and know what you’re doing. In the end, exploring your city is like a science project for you. You’re constantly studying these diverse environments and forming your own beliefs about how they operate. It’s all quite intellectual for you.


  1. Thank you, Uranus have just started transiting my 9th house and I could really use some intellectual freedom, and some detachment from what others think.
    Could you maybe do Uranus in the 3rd next?

    1. Yes, you got it! I do the next article in the series based on the first request.

  2. Oh man! I read this and it sounds like me from the religious background to my loving Tarot cards, etc. I don't stay in one home more than 4 years, either. There I go swinging back towards the Whole system. Having a Gemini Moon pulls me between dual possibilities. The Placidus system has my chart ruler Uranus in my 8th house. This is very frustrating. Lol.

  3. I know this is kind of like a stupid question. But let say if you don't have a planet in the 9th does that mean you won't go to college? Or the part of your life just wouldn't be that big of a deal ?

    1. No, of course not. If that were the case, a lot less people would go to college. :) It just means that it's a lot more pivotal, life-changing, or meaningful to 9th House people than to everyone else. But, an empty house doesn't mean you won't experience what that house stands for.

  4. Thank you Wayman! I always glossed over the difference between a planet in a house and a sign ruling the house/cusp. My Uranus is in the 6th (though having moved to Phoenix from Colorado has moved it back to my 5th), but Aquarius rules 9th and my MC (due to interception). I was only able to do 2 years of college, and forced out by lack of funds. Especially in my 2nd year, I skipped a lot especially on Friday, and too much skipped 2 classes, writing a novel or two that I still have not finished! And this coming from a "good girl" & "teachers pet" in high school! I was raised in a good, loving Christian home, and active in church. Not to the point of cult though. My dad doesn't like that I also study astrology and have read some Buddhist meditation books, but my curiosity (Neptune in Sag? & Gemini ASC) has led me there, and on the internet I have found a Christian Astrology site, so there are ways of mixing both! Also, back when I was in college I don't remember being outspoken. I had/have a speech problem, though now greatly improved, that still kept me nervous/anxious about speaking up. I was not opinionated as much as I am now. It took the sweet & sour journey of the last 15 yrs to figure out my opinions, and still trying to figure them out! Thanks for all you do!
    Jennifer in AZ

  5. Wowwwww just wowwww. Everything you said in this article was spot on for me! Thanks you for writing these amazing articles!^^

  6. Wowwwww just wowwww. Everything you said in this article was spot on for me! Thanks you for writing these amazing articles!^^

  7. I stumbled upon this article and I couldn't help but laugh at how accurate all of this is! I am at college right now and I've experienced everything you wrote, I am amazed by your ability to translate natal charts with this accuracy, teach me master! I will continue to follow and read your blog, I am very excited that I'll have such great insight into myself that is written by someone who doesn't know me but he's so talented he's able to tell a lot of true stuff without needing to! Keep up the good work, blessings your way! You are brilliant! ^^

  8. True!!!!! I didn't go to university. It seemed to me a tedious environment that would only put me to decorate some books and wouldn't teach me to think. Everyone thought I was crazy... but I don't regret it! Where I live, the traditional educational system is very limiting. I hated to see my friends planning to follow the same paths, or what the parents chose for them, and I just thought: Come on... think for yourselves guys!!!!!!