Friday, June 2, 2017

Q & A for June 2017

Alright, you all asked some really interesting questions but I could only pick five. As I say in the video, I chose the five that I thought would make a well-rounded video that a lot of people could learn from or relate to, not just the people who asked the questions. So, I hope you enjoy and here are the ones who were chosen (in the order I answer your questions in the video):

1. Alyssa Marie Graves
       (PS, I realized after I finished making the video that I mistakenly thought you were a Libra Sun. I now remember you’re a Sagittarius with a Libra North Node. But, that’s just a small part of my answer to you, so just ignore that!)
2. tav b
3. Nicholas Muir
4. Inwhyder
5. Raychel Jane

I really enjoyed doing this and I can’t wait to do the one next month. Thanks!



  1. Thank you for the advice, It is very much appreciated, lol you almost got the last name perfect. Your answer to the question confirmed quite a few things for me, I am very spiritual and I do have a leo ascendant btw. I'm spiritual but my south node is also in cancer in the 12th. Ha! I've been reading your blog kinda religiously since some time last year, favorite astrology blog I've seen online. I also want to purchase one of your natal chart readings this month hopefully, but maan, good lord. I've been studying astrology for years now, my other placements just make me realize how far the rabbit hole really goes with me. Thank you very much wayman, I really appreciate this blog and what you do. Really look forward to purchasing a chart reading from you.

    1. You're welcome! Yes, that conjunction in the 12th House, in particular, can definitely feel like a rabbit hole. Especially with your South Node also in the 12th in Cancer. Crazy! But, you have the power to work through all of those confusing feelings.

      And yes, I would love to do a reading for you! Just tell me when. I'm also glad I didn't do too bad on your last name, haha.

  2. Thank you for your analysis, Wayman. You got to the core and really gave me some helpful insights into the way my psychology works. I was especially stunned when you said that I am actually the destructor of relationships and the crazy one. I've recently ended a long-term relationship with my girlfriend whom I blamed a lot for this but in reality it was 99% my fault. I wish I could go back but it's gone for good. A lot to learn from life ahead. I totally agree with everything Nicholas Muir said about your work and I appreciate it very much and admire your astrology skill. And, by the way, you got my nickname right :) Thanks a lot. Looking forward to your new videos and articles.

    1. You're welcome! That is indeed a tough aspect but, yeah, you should just look back on that relationship as a learning and growing experience. So, don't feel too bad. I think it was actually necessary for you to live out that destructive streak in order to know what to do with that energy. I know myself that Pluto people often have to slash and burn their way through life before they can gain access to their true wisdom and strength. That intensity is a part of your power but you just have to use it wisely.

  3. I'm super happy that you answered Rachel's question Wayman, because I have the exact same aspect. I've pondered it a lot and maybe my experience is very singular, but I have to share my thoughts and conclusions on this one!

    It's absolutely true that family vs the world - the people who love us by default vs the people whose love is voluntary - is a big question, at least in my life. For example, I've always had a very Saturnian perspective on family; which is that it's forever and I will always honor it, but at the same time, I'm very aware of that I didn't actually choose my family. I've made clear distinctions, in my head and to others, between the love I choose (friends, partners), and the love I feel out of familiarity and duty; and what I wanted to add to your interpretation is how this placement manifested itself in my life.

    For me, specifically the reason I've turned away from them in this life, is because they never nurtured me in the way I needed them to. I felt very alone in my own home during my entire childhood, and my emotional expression was heavily regulated by my family members - "stop crying, stop feeling sorry for yourself, you're wrong, you're rude, go away if you're gonna make that face" etc etc - and I was disciplined harshly as a result of my childish incapacity to not broadcast or demand space for whatever I felt at the time.

    So from a very young age, I've questioned the notion that family is everything; I've questioned the thought that just because you birthed me och changed my diapers, I automatically should love you more than a lot of people who would never hurt me the way you have. To me that was such bullshit. So I searched outside of it, and because of that I have always had a huge, warm, loving social circle of close friends and acquaintances alike, where I am kind of a big sister or mother to everyone I meet, and where my feelings and thoughts are not only taken seriously but are also respected.

    It actually became even more literal: I'm a part time writer, and in my teens and early 20's I was a column writer for my local paper. I was celebrated and admired (and paid) for how I discussed the human experience and for how I shared my emotional wisdom, and also for the way I expressed my own feelings about things, that tended to really resonate with people at large. I mean how much of a south node in cancer 10th house can you get haha.

    Anyway: my point is, sometimes it's not that you reject your family to begin with, because they're not enough or whatever. All of it could also be born out of an experience of your family emotionally rejecting you. Capricorn on the fourth spells a bleak childhood; rigid, disciplined, authoritarian, cold... and many times, simply cruel. And for us with this placement, I believe that the cosmic irony of it all is that for us to reach our souls highest potential, we need to take care of and nurture the same people who couldn't do that for us. Your karmic job is to take the gifts of love and nurturing that you've received from other people - who gifted it to you without any kind of obligation, reminding you that you too can be loved for who you are - and pass them forward, to the very same people that neglected you.

    So my experience with this says that maybe it's not only about having and creating a support system, or having to truly try to embrace the structure of family, or learn to see its true value in your life - maybe it can also be, that you one day will need to become that support system yourself. You will need to become an authority to your family, the skeleton that holds all of you together, because one day they will need you somehow and you'll be the only one strong and mature enough to lead them through... It's your karmic duty to find it in you to forgive them enough to be there for them, when the time comes.

    1. Yeah, I'm glad that part of the video helped you! But, yes, you're right. People with a Capricorn Nadir do often come from a very difficult background and this can lead to a really strained relationship with the family. The North Node in Capricorn represents the majority of Capricorn's good qualities, so with it being in the 4th, the discipline and structure that's experienced in the family can often be for one's own good.

      However, I'm not saying that's the case for you and your biological family. Still, you gain great strength from having a family unit to go home to and this means a family that is not the clan you create out in society. So, for you, the challenge is to create your own family, either through getting married and having kids or making a family out of your long-time, trusted friends. And this family unit will allow you to access your inner strength and effectiveness by letting you be in charge. Having such strong ideas about what family means tells me that you can create the perfect family for yourself through these rules.

    2. Great response Wayman, thanks! You've really deepened my perception of the placement and given me a newfound appreciation of it.

      As you probably understood, I have never considered any benefits to this weird node/house reversal. But come to think of it, my chart has a clear Saturnian undertone and fact is that I grapple with its energies every single day anyhow. I've realized these past few years that for me to become the best version of myself, I have to force myself to become more of a Saturnian person - responsible, mature, hardworking, reliable, disciplined. Basically, as you put it, accessing my inner strength and effectiveness - by consciously taking charge - is already, in my mind, my number one goal.

      Honestly I'm kind of stumped by realizing that I've never thought that while I've been trying to learn and purposefully apply Saturnian principles in my everyday life, I may unconsciously have been moving towards my north node all along. What a nice, comforting surprise :)

      I really value your voice in our astrological community - thank you for your insight!

  4. Wow- For starters thank you SO very much for choosing my question and for giving your answer and response in such an eloquently and compassionate way- After a previous post you made about Capricorn NN and Bates Motel I've felt very driven to finally understand my NN and SN dilemma- Now, after listening to you explain it so perfectly, I finally believe I can see and relate to it now.

    It's actually amazing and even a bit unsettling just HOW accurately you described "me" and my life and how I've been playing out my SN without really realizing I was- Being a Virgo Sun in the 12th house along with an Aqua Moon; I grew up being very emotionally detached and distant, especially from my home and family (Saturn in 4th house Aqua, and Moon square Pluto) which probably tells you there what kinda childhood I had.

    However, I've always felt the deep need and drive to have the best of careers, education and public persona possible anything away from my family and parents and as independently as a person can be (Pluto in 2nd fueling that determination). I strongly believed for years that my life would be a complete, utter failure and meaningless if I didn't. Then I had a "quarter life crisis" you can call it, in my junior year of college working on my 2nd and 3rd degrees, on top of 40+ hour workdays, that things suddenly changed in my life and I quickly became a totally new transformed person. I became more emotionally open and spiritual (all completely new concepts for me).

    As I mentioned before I have my MC in Cancer and I also have my Asc in Libra with Venus in Leo being in my 10th house (out of orb but same sign conjunction to my Chiron which is opposite my Saturn) I don't feel "good" or satisfied without all of that success and career ambition either and while I still struggle with the compulsion to have that be my focus, I'm coming to realize my life will be just as fulfilling even if I don't become super successful and even if I do nothing with my college degrees and all the time and money I invested into school and my career- Having a solid, secure home life and taking care of my family and disabled brother and my husband, in laws etc, has recently became my main focus now and while I still want to be successful in my own way, I also am making sure that it's something more aligned with being able to have a strong home, family and personal life without the expense of either one.

    I know this is long winded, but my point of saying any of this is that I wanted you to know and show your other readers and followers, how close to home you hit and just remind everyone how truly amazing you are at what you do, not that you needed me for that but Being able to turn a simple Q&A into a very personalized experience is a real gift and to be able to connect with your clients, audience and the world really. I've been an avid follower of your blog for a long time and most definitely you have the best interpretations and descriptions than any other astrology site out there.

    Lastly, I know from previous posts you've made that you're going thru your own challenges and I want to say thank you again for taking the time to still do what you can to help and teach those of us out here who love and support your work and passion. Keep it up Wayman! Cant wait for your next post..especially for the one about Uranus in 3rd house (And hopefully Neptune in 3rd too at some point as well!)

    1. You're welcome! This is the age where your North Node is really snapping into focus and becoming more and more of a priority. At least, it is if you're on the right track. So, it's good to hear that you're making all of this a priority and intent on making these changes. Keep it up!

      And that's all very nice. Thanks. I'm posting Uranus in the 3rd tomorrow, actually.

    2. I just noticed we both told each other to "keep it up". So, apparently, we're really trying to motivate one another, haha.

  5. Well thank you for that, and yeah I can definitely see how by making these kinds of changes they are very new and uncomfortable; yet also definitely feels right.

    Oh awesome, I can't wait! I'm excited to read your interpretation especially having it personally as well as it being Stationary Direct and my dominant planet in my chart.

    I appreciate the motivation in turn, I can certainly use it! Great minds think alike haha

  6. Hey! Sorry it took a few days to respond. Thank you so much wayman for answering my question!!! Like you, I never really used to consider progressions either until I noticed how effective they really are. A couple examples in my chart are my natal saturn progressing from my 9th house into my 8th, and my progressed moon currently being in Aquarius in my 6th house and I can definitely feel it. Also, my progressed mercury has moved from sagittarius to capricorn and I do find myself to be more practical and realistic in my daily communications. However, most of my personal planets are still in the signs they were in when I was born, due to me having planets in the very early degrees of a sign. Even though back then I wouldn't have given progressions a second thought, I consider them SO important now because we as human beings do grow, develop and change and we can use our progressions to see how we do. I totally agreed with you though when you said that the progressions shouldn't take away from your natal placements and signs but instead should help them grow. Great video and again, thank you so much for responding :)

  7. Girl you wrote the Apocalypse chapter of the Bible or the Declaration of Independence �� Sorry lol couldn't resist. Cappy rising here with Neptune and Uranus in 1st house, last degree Gem with Aries moon.

  8. Hello Wayman,

    First, thank you for your work. I discovered your blog not long ago, but now I know what I'll do for the rest of the weekend. :)

    Second, just my 2 cents here: it would help us, readers (watchers, in this case), that you would write the questions in the post, so we know if something really hits our interest, without having to skip the video the certain parts.

    Thanks again, and keep up the amazing work that you are doing!

    Good vibes from Romania xxo

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