Monday, June 19, 2017

Update on The Descendant: The Other Half Of You

I know I told you a couple of weeks ago that I was releasing my e-book, The Descendant: The Other Half Of You, on the 22nd of this month. But, in order to make that deadline, my brain would’ve exploded from all the work I’m doing; not just working double time on the e-book but my readings and my articles on here. So, I have to change the date. I am now releasing the e-book on June 27.

This will allow me to work at a better pace and not rush to get it all done, which would force me to sacrifice the quality of the product. And I am definitely not one of those “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” types. It’s literally impossible for me to go without my seven to eight hours of sleep. I chalk it up to my 12th House Saturn and Neptune, as well as the fact that I quit caffeine a couple years ago. So, I need more time to be able to fit this into my schedule in a functional way. Also, I wanted to let you know that the e-book will be priced at $14.99 and, as I said before, will be available for purchase on the blog and through PayPal. All debit cards and credit cards accepted.

June 27 also turns out to be the perfect date this month for me to release it because I officially entered my exact Reverse Nodal Return today. And the Moon will be transiting Leo and hitting my natal South Node and the transiting North Node exactly on that day. Also, the Sun will be transiting my 5th House for the last day this year that day and transiting Venus will be exactly conjunct my Nadir in Taurus. And I chose that day without even knowing the transits beforehand. So, that just goes to show how perfectly astrology works out. The Venus in the 4th House transit should come as a relief because after the past couple of weeks (I literally worked all week last week), I could use some 4th House relaxation and downtime. I plan on taking a much-needed vacation next week after I get all of my work wrapped up.

Anyways, I’m not complaining because it’ll all be worth it. This is the second e-book I’ve written and I am especially enjoying this one because, unlike the one I wrote on planets in the 12th House, which only applies to certain people, this one will apply to and be helpful to anyone and everyone. So, I’m excited to share this with you guys. And I’ll still be making time to write a few more articles this week. Talk to you again soon!



  1. Thank you for writing this e-book for all of us, Wayman. I'm pretty sure it'll be helpful, quality information as it always is. Again, can't wait to read up on it! Also, I hope that vacation goes well for you! Enjoy that venus in the 4th :)

  2. Can't wait! Congrats on finishing it and can't wait to read it!

    And also, where can I purchase your first one?-the ebook about the 12th house planets? I have 3 planets including my sun and mars in 12th and I'd very, VERY much love to get a copy asap!

    1. Aw sorry but it's not available anymore. I didn't like it as much after I first wrote it and was going to rewrite/edit it but just got sidetracked.