Monday, June 5, 2017

Uranus in the 3rd House

Let’s keep our Uranus in the houses series going with Uranus in the 3rd House! By the way, I am doing these in the order I am solely based on personal requests. So, the first person to request a Uranus house placement gets that article written next. Now, you could argue that having Uranus in the 3rd House is one of the best placements for this planet since the 3rd House is so intellectual and Uranus is a symbol of brilliance. (But, of course, there’s no such thing as “the best” when it comes to democratic, egalitarian Uranus) It’s an influence that can lead to an exceptional kind of intelligence. However, because this brand of intellect is so unique, it manifests in peculiar and sometimes hard to understand ways.

Uranus is where things just cannot be “normal” for us and where we have to let go of those preconceived notions. Having a 3rd House Uranus means that your mind and your thought patterns just cannot function in conventional or typical ways. The 3rd House symbolizes the ways in which a person’s mind works. It shows how one thinks and communicates. But, with Uranus in the 3rd, all sorts of unexpected left turns are experienced when it comes to what’s going on upstairs. This placement means that your mind is highly charged and operates in a very wired and idiosyncratic manner. There are all of these thoughts bouncing around in your brain and it can take a lot of energy to keep up with them, which can manifest in a couple of ways.

The first is that you are constantly having these intellectual breakthroughs. Since your mind is racing, seemingly at the speed of light or sound, you find yourself a few steps ahead of most people in terms of comprehension. What other people are still trying to understand is something that you’ve already figured out. In fact, you may have figured out this information before they even knew that they needed to understand it. For this reason, 3rd House Uranus people are usually on a different “track” than others mentally, even in simple conversation. Your mind is already darting to an interesting topic far ahead in the future because you believe that you have the one that’s being discussed down pat.

Well, that is not always the case. There may be times where you are racing ahead toward the future topic of discussion not because you have already figured out the present one but because you assume that you have. It’s due to this pattern that Uranus in the 3rd House can indicate someone who is more than a bit of a know-it-all. You’re so used to being mentally quicker than other people that you just inherently think that you shouldn’t bother to keep up with them or make sure they’re keeping up with you. At the same time, this can create some strange or awkward moments in conversation, especially if you have any squares or oppositions to your Uranus. You might blurt something out that has nothing to do with what others are talking about. Your obvious failure to listen, due to often being so detached from others’ ideas, reveals itself in an embarrassing manner. 

 This has its roots in your grade school years, which are also symbolized by the sign and/or planets in our 3rd House. Having the 3rd House Uranus very commonly indicates an experience of the years from kindergarten to 12th grade where you just didn’t belong. Students with this Uranus can stand out in the classroom in more ways than one. It could be because you were so brilliant and mentally advanced. It’s very possible for many kids with this placement to be intellectually gifted with high IQ’s. Your reading level could have been much higher than the average child’s and you may have also displayed an amazing aptitude for mathematics or science. If this was the case for you, your intelligence was so unusual that you couldn’t fit in with the other kids, to the degree of being that tormented “egghead”, just hanging out alone with your thoughts and your homework.

If you were seen as being gifted enough in school, it did get to the point where it separated you from the other kids. Being sent off to gifted classes could have liberated you but also frustrated you. On one hand, you felt a giant sense of relief at not having to deal with that regular, boring form of education that everyone else received. On the other hand, you really missed the friends you made in those classes. It could’ve only furthered your feeling of alienation at school. It’s also something that you may have taken issue with because it made it sound like some students were better than others, which you’d never agree with. Yet, you were very ambivalent and contradictory about the gifted label. While it may have made a part of you feel uncomfortable, another part of you could enjoyed the intellectual distinction that came with it.

This instilled the sense that your mind just works in a unique way, unlike anyone else. Even in those advanced classes, you still stood out as an unusual thinker. In fact, it’s the kind of thing that sparks a rebellion in many kids with this placement. Uranus in the 3rd House students are never afraid to challenge the teacher, often speaking out of turn to do so, proving themselves to be uncontrollable forces in the classroom. You were ready to spark a resurrection. You have your own thoughts and ideas, fervently sticking to them, which is a mentality that was formed early on in your educational life. The 3rd House is, after all, how we learn. The rebellious side of Uranus, then, shows that you learned in school by rebelling or defying, acting as that one student who contradicts what’s being said in the discussion. This mentally stimulated you because it forced you to keep thinking freely and independently. But, of course, it was probably a real challenge to your exhausted teachers.

These teachers recognized your wonderful intellect while also being rubbed the wrong way at just how outspoken you could be. It’s something that could’ve resulted in you getting into trouble on a regular basis. You demanded to see the logic in whatever rules were posed and if you didn’t, you would question them or show irreverence or ridicule toward them. Being so nerdy and so defiant were contradictory traits to find in a student. But, Uranus in the 3rd House students can display them simultaneously, acting as that bright kid on the Honor Roll who keeps getting sent to the principal’s office for tardiness, dress code violations, or just otherwise being a pain in the ass.

It’s a pattern that has followed you into adulthood. It can amaze people how someone can be so smart and so careless, at the same time. Since the 3rd House is our form of logic, Uranus in the 3rd means that you’re tapped into a logic that few people can comprehend or access. So, while what you do may not make much sense to them, it is completely rational or sensible to you. This is what can cause ridiculous things to fly out of your mouth on a regular basis and for you to really not flinch. Unless there are other modifying influences, the 3rd House Uranus leads to abrupt speech that is usually flat-out blunt. You can also easily veer toward offensiveness. Yet, this is your way of being different: to not sugarcoat your words or to make your ideas more palatable or understandable for everyone else. Instead, you just say it in your independent-minded fashion, never stopping to think if someone will agree or like it. 

This doesn’t mean that you necessarily don’t care about the fall-out of this, although you definitely have your moments where you don’t. But, sometimes, your speech can shock even you. It’s this feeling of you saying something before you have a chance to think. Since your mind works so rapidly and randomly, you have very little, if any, time to think before you speak. Uranus represents the unexpected and when it comes to unexpected speech (3rd House), it can mean words and ideas that blind-side you and not in the good way. The next thing you know, you’ve ended up with your foot in your mouth while the other person is still dealing with the shock of you being so rude, thoughtless, or tactless. 

Yet, like I said, there are moments where you couldn’t care less about the effects of your speech. Uranus is where we can go wild and crazy. In terms of Uranus in the 3rd, you go wild and crazy in terms of saying what you’re thinking. Often times, you will like the fact that these words can have such a jolting effect on other people. The 3rd House, after all, represents a duality and a contradictory nature. So, you go back and forth between being very apologetic for your unfiltered speech and then not caring at all about it and feeling like you have nothing to apologize for. This is how a detachment from the feedback of others can set in. After all, you are used to either being in a very different “class” intellectually or not feeling connected to the class you’re in. Either way, you find that Uranus state of mental freedom by disconnecting from the usual or established train of thought. This is fine, just as long as it’s not causing an unnecessary commotion in your dialogue with others.

In terms of the 3rd House duality, you can also go from being very mentally connected with others to being completely involved in your own thoughts. A certain mischievous quality is expressed in this sense. You find it so stimulating (3rd House) to create chaos (Uranus) that you may enjoy the confusion that occurs when you leave people unsure of whether you’re coming or going while communicating with them. The 3rd House is reflective of the relationship with one’s siblings, so you learned this through them. If you’re an only child, you may have had a cousin or two or a childhood friend who really felt like a brother or sister. In any respect, this sibling really kept you on your toes and vice versa. You always knew to expect the unexpected with them and this could be in a way that left your head spinning or that was completely fascinating and exciting.

Whatever your rank is in the family birth order, you found a way to go against it while relating to your sibling(s). If you were the oldest, you didn’t care about bossing them around. If you were in the middle of the totem pole, you didn’t care about upstaging them or vice versa. And if you were the baby of the family, you were anything but spoiled and/or needy. Uranus is where we’re set free and from an early age, you wanted to be free from the conventional expectations of your sibling rank. In fact, you might really hate those stereotypes about the middle child or the youngest. This allowed you to engage with your siblings in ways that were free of expectation. You actually may have had a relationship with them that made others wonder if you were even related. This is the classic placement of siblings who go to the same school and can be totally detached from each other there on a daily basis, as if they barely know each other.

Yet, Uranus in the 3rd also typically shows a sibling relationship that is much more like a friendship than anything else. Because of this, any so-called sibling rivalry may have been non-existent. Of course, if there are other planets in the 3rd or harsh aspects to Uranus, this can change. But, mostly, you had a very chill bond with this brother or sister, giving each other the space to be yourselves. We learn a lot from our siblings and it has been shown that comprehension skills are very influenced by these relationships. So, with this placement, you learned to comprehend things in your own unique, independent way thanks to this brother or sister. The relationship was also very inconsistent and unpredictable. There were probably times growing up where you were really close and then times where you barely spoke for days. This placement is also a big-time symbol of step-siblings or half-siblings, which can explain the Uranus-like distance and the inconsistency of seeing them or being with them. But, whenever you did, you picked up right where you left off.

It's a bond that still goes on into adulthood. You may not call each other or text each other for long periods. But, when you pop back up into each other’s lives, that casual, buddy-buddy quality is still there. In fact, they can be the ones who you turn to for advice or to talk way more often than anyone else in your family. They often encourage your wild ideas with a lack of judgment. But, this means that you became used to freely expressing and following up on those wild ideas. Even if other people find them ridiculous, your brilliance reveals itself, sooner or later. Uranus in the 3rd House individuals can have a “boy who cried wolf” syndrome to deal with. What you think and say are often times so outrageous that people may not believe you or take you seriously when you are actually just speaking the facts. Yet, sooner or later, the truth of your knowledge is exposed and it’s made clear how mentally ahead of most people you are, even if you’re a little kooky about it.

Uranus represents abrupt changes, as well, and in many ways. Since we’re dealing with the 3rd House, which symbolizes the smallest and most random forms of info and communication, that can manifest in so many ways. Deciding you actually want the other item on the menu after you just paid for the previous one or telling your friend that the plans have changed and you’re meeting at the other restaurant, while they’ve already gotten their table at the first one, are just a couple of the many possibilities. Clearly, communicating with you can drive other people crazy because they just never know when you’ll change your mind. But, to be fair, you don’t either. You’re never too attached to one idea and always remain open to exploring the other option. Even when you’ve seemingly made a choice, you’re thinking about what it would be like if you made the other.

Such changeability can impact how you are with your neighbors. You can be noticeably unpredictable with them, giving them a friendly wave one day and then totally acting as if you don’t see them the next. Small talk in any form drives you nuts. So, you will never be able to sustain a so-called normal relationship with those in your neighborhood, meaning that not even conventional conversation will do. In fact, you can be that character who moves into the neighborhood and shakes everything up. Your way of causing a commotion could be noise disturbances, unusual decorations, violations of neighborhood rules, or just shocking the neighbors with your speech. It is often true that Uranus in the 3rd House people are very detached from gossip. But, one reason why you’re not invested in it at all is because you’re the outlandish one everyone gossips about.

Still, you make for an excellent neighbor because you treat everyone with equality. And even though you’re not big on neighborhood rules, you may still be very active and influential in terms of organizing various meetings. In terms of your “neck of the woods”, you will seem to know everyone. Uranus in the 3rd House people make a lot of friends in their area of town and find themselves forever fascinated by its inhabitants, who find the 3rd House Uranus individual just as fascinating.


  1. Hi Wayman!

    Thanks for this post. Would you be able to write next about Uranus in the 6th house? This is my placement and I have always been curious about it - especially because I have Capricorn on my 6th house cusp. (And Neptune is in my 6th house as well.)

    Thanks so much! I'm always looking forward to each new post you make !!

  2. Would this be the same as having mercury aspect Uranus??

  3. Spot on Wayman! I can relate to ALL of that in one way or another. And you reminded me of an obvious thing I had been overlooking with having this placement and that's the connection to early education and to siblings,cousins, etc.

    Sadly, I have a poor "filter" when speaking at times and one of my favorite sayings is actually the pic you posted about wanting to be just as surprised by what comes out of my mouth as everyone else is. Doesn't matter how hard I try to get a better control over it I still have a reoccurring problem with FMD (Foot in Mouth Disease). I definitely can rub people the wrong way with my blunt, no holds bar attitude, I call it like I see it and it doesn't help that I also have a severe case of what's known as Resting B Face.

    I have Uranus Square Ascendant and Uranus Opposite MC, and Mars square Uranus, and Uranus Inconjunct Chiron, which I think has really added to one of my biggest struggles to deal with my whole life and that's that I feel chronically misunderstood-Doesn't help I live in a small town where people aren't as open minded or as intellectually inclined nor spiritual for that matter so I've had no one to share my newly discovered passions with which is probably why I write such really long and redundant posts because when I'm really into something I just want to talk about it as often as I'm able to because the energy is very overwhelming and hard to contain once I've found something I'm very interested in.

    Keep it up! ;) and thanks again for another awesome post and giving me a chance to express myself and my appreciation.

    1. U should read a book name: how to win friends and influence people

  4. Thank you.
    Unfortunately I'm always censoring my thoughts, but it's a torture really. I'm the happiest when I am allowing myself to let my craziness run free, but then, after the initial euphoria I wake up alone because people don't get me.
    Actually this has always been an issue for me, feeling misunderstood.

    Also I think school messed up my natural thought processes, I've tried so hard to comply and fit the mold that I've created a monster in my head...

  5. Everything is very true but also I would like to add that I am always having very strange complications regarding technology, like its Mercury Rx all the time XD And yes, I have some weird stories to tell about my trips and strange encounters on them...

    Thank you Wayman on this post!

    1. I have Mercury Rx in my first house and it makes me have some serious issues with technology and communication, every day I take a deep breath and tell myself everything will be good today even though I know it’s going to be chaos lol I have Uranus in my third house along Saturn there as well.So I feel like my lips are stitched most of the time from Saturn like I do from Mercury Rx but then my Uranus can make me very blunt with whatever I actually do say when I speak. It shocks me because I don’t want to offend anyone but then if I do I get over it fast and feel they should too, it’s that high speed of Uranus not wanting to dwell on things I guess.

  6. This is my daughter's placement - she starts school in September! Is it also an indication of many different schools, as that would probably fit for a military family?

    1. Maybe if it is retrograde and in hard aspects...At least that was in my case

  7. I wonder, 3rd Houses in Aquarius, seems like Uranus in 3rd?

  8. Thanks brother. This is the 4th article I read, just discovered your blog yesterday, and I must say it's a eye opener to me. I've been into astrology for a few years now, consulted several astrologists as well, yet I've learned more about myself in the last 12 hours than ever before. Your talent comes straight from the Force, and maybe because it comes so natural and easy for you, there's thoughts about quitting this blog. Can it be so simple? is perhaps what runs through your mind... Just wanted to share that, maybe it's not my business or too blunt, but that's me and I simply want to let you know that your readings are out of this world.
    Not only did I learn so much about myself in your articles, it also acknowledges my being. By that I mean: it's ok to be me. Yes, I'm not like others and that is fine. Everyone is unique anyway. No more what am I doing wrong but embracing my individuality. That is a life changer for me and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  9. Just for fun make my drawing : born august 5 1966, 04:30 am in dordrecht. The netherlands europe .

  10. My word, if this ain't me, I don't know what is! thank you!