Thursday, June 15, 2017

Uranus in the 6th House

Having Uranus in the 6th House means that there is nothing normal or conventional about your daily routine. The 6th House symbolizes the ins and outs of our daily grind; the order that we create on a regular basis in order to get things done. But, with Uranus in the 6th, that sense of order is either very unorderly or highly peculiar. It is most often both. Whatever house we have Uranus in is the house where things constantly get turned upside down and where we can expect abrupt change. So, this sense of unpredictability and chaos defines your daily existence. The uniqueness of this placement lies within the ability to solve problems and complete tasks in inventive, surprising ways.

If the 6th House is one’s work ethic, Uranus in the 6th is an indicator that this work ethic will come and go unexpectedly. You might shock people who wrote you off as lazy when they see just how much you’re capable of getting done when you’re “on.” In fact, these bursts of productivity can be downright manic. You’ll manage to clean the bathroom, mop the kitchen floor, re-organize your closet, and go grocery shopping within the span of a few hours all before cooking dinner from scratch later that evening. It can get to a point where it even really surprises you how efficient and industrious you are capable of being. You just all of a sudden get into a work groove and often after ridiculously long bouts of procrastination.

This can be evident when it comes to your actual job, as well. Since this house tells us how we tackle our work, the 6th House Uranus means that those who you work with may not know just when or how you’ll deliver a brilliant work performance. You will do your job wonderfully but this can be, again, just when everyone is convinced you’re slacking off or won’t come through. The 6th House’s influence permeates all sorts of tasks and jobs, so this can manifest in terms of chores or your work performance. It can also be the college student who waits until the last minute to do their research paper and then turns in a phenomenal, well-done essay with all of the proper formatting and citations. It’s not like Jupiter in the 6th, who manages to get lucky in this way in terms of what they have to get done. It’s just that your spells of efficiency hit you like lightning and because of that, you never know when that lightning will strike. 

At the same time, this introduces a lot of chaos into your daily grind because you think you’re at your most efficient when you’re working haphazardly. In many cases, you get the 6th House Uranus individual who defies scheduling and time-management. You can be too detached (Uranus) from a regimented way of doing things (6th House). Of course, this can stress out other people who are depending on you to take care of these things, from your co-workers to your roommates to your spouse. The more someone shares this daily time with you, the more they could find their schedule being turned upside down by your off-the-wall sense of time. But, Uranus is where we want to be truly independent and free. So, you will most likely not be bothered by this and will insist that they do things their way and you do things your way.

This deep-seated sense that you operate on a clock that is just different from other people’s internal clock can go the other way, too. With the 6th House symbolizing procrastination as much as it does productivity, you may also defy this sense of “doing it later.” For these types of 6th House Uranus folks, what can be done today should not be put off tomorrow. That just seems like a more logical way for you to work. But, you might try to impose your idealistic sense of productivity on to your day to the degree where you are out-of-step with how time functions. The idea that there are only 24 hours in a day and only so much you can get done does not sit well with you. You don’t see why there can’t be 36 hours within the day and you live like there is, unlike the rest of us.

Going against the idea of not doing everything on your to-do list can actually cause just as much chaos as throwing the to-do list out of the window. In this former state of mind, you will go wild with stress and may deal with problems that others see as simple and nonconsequential in the oddest of ways. You can operate on your own schedule, then, in a strikingly anal-retentive way that just does not fit in with other people’s way of tackling tasks. You could make a to-do list for a quick trip to the store, even if you just have to pick up literally two things. The idea of forgetting of one those two things and, therefore, being inefficient is something you will go against. And if such a screw-up happens, it can be a definite trigger for bursts of anxiety and overall freaking out. It surprises people, who just don’t understand why you don’t go with the flow more.

So, whether you are wildly obsessive-compulsive or blithely unconcerned with time and routine, there is this sense that you have been programmed to complete tasks in ways that other people have not. Because of this, there is often something downright machine-like about Uranus in the 6th House individuals, as if they are robots trained to do things in a certain way that others are not. But, this is where your inventiveness comes from. You see this work in a different way than other people and it allows you to complete that work differently. In doing so, you can come up with solutions that other people don’t see or haven’t thought of before.

This placement symbolizes a unique form of practicality and problem-solving. If you go by your own clock in a very loose way, you have the space required to tackle things inventively. Many people with this placement are total MacGyver types, fixing the sink faucet or the broken chair with some random combination of super-glue, an old sponge, and lots of string. However, if you operate on your own time in a really disciplined way, you will always remain two steps ahead of everyone else because you are always thinking of how to keep your bases covered. Something disastrous can happen and you’ve already anticipated it happening and already have a plan ready to go in order to clean up the mess. This is why lots of people will come to you with their problems. Not really emotional problems but pragmatic ones, as you will thrive on “brainstorming” in order to figure out a way to correct the issue that the other person hadn’t thought of before.

Thanks to Uranus’ backwards and contradictory quality, you regard your tasks and chores differently than others in quite a few ways. You will also see things that others regard as boring drudgery are liberating to you. Uranus, after all, is how we cultivate our state of mental freedom. Thanks to Uranus being in your 6th House, you feel freest on an intellectual level when you’re working. This is probably because your mind is always going in terms of keeping this work interesting and figuring out new ways to pull it off. So, doing the dishes or engaging in some yardwork can be quite a thrill to you. You will come up with all sorts of ideas, throughout the process, on how to get better, like how if you scrub the pan for a while, let it soak, and then scrub it again an hour later, you’ll be able to get all of the grease off in a cleaner, easier manner. While it seems like Uranus in the 6th would make you partial to all sorts of cutting edge technology to cut corners in terms of housework, I think you are just as likely to want to do it all yourself. 

In fact, having this placement can make you a total expert at the most random of things. You could end up saving money by never having to call an exterminator, a repairman, a gardener, or a decorator. Again, you are more likely to want to do it yourself, especially since it serves as an expression of independence. Let’s not forget that the 6th House is inherently ruled by Mercury. But, unlike Uranus in the 3rd, who finds freedom through all sorts of intellectually based learning, Uranus in the 6th House people find their freedom through more practical, down-to-earth learning. Basically, anything that is a useful skill is a way to cultivate that independence. And, again, you can be downright brilliant at it, figuring out the best method to keep bugs away during the warm months or painting every room in your house with the skill of a professional.

The thing is, though, that these skills and methods that you find so interesting could be seen as dull or tiresome to others. It’s another way in which you can feel out of sync. The flip side of the 6th House Uranus is that things that other people don’t see as tasks or chores could be undertaken by you with a surprising and maybe even inappropriate rigor. In other words, it could be making a to-do list of everything you want to do on vacation or planning your friend’s birthday party as if it were your actual job. And if you’re planning a wedding, you will be an even crazier stickler. People around you might recommend that you calm down some, which will only make you go even wilder with all of the organizing and micromanaging. It’s a good rule that the more relaxed people are about getting something done, the more uptight you’ll be. But, the more uptight they are about something, the more relaxed you’ll be. Needless to say, when it comes to organizing events, if everyone just wants to have a good time, they may not leave it up to you.

Yet, it is this seemingly outlandish ability to organize and plan that makes it so you can succeed at just about any job you do. The 6th House does come into play in regards to career but in a sense of it showing how well you’ll do on the job. Uranus in the 6th House people usually excel at their job and reveal themselves to be prodigious workers. But, this usually only happens when you either have something to be in control of on the job or when you’re working independently. Otherwise, you can constantly feel disconnected from the people you’re working with, who will either be doing too little or too much for you, and this can create constant stress. You have your own distinct pace of working and that really needs to be respected, not only by the people who you’re working with but by you. Don’t try to make yourself fit into a schedule, routine, or system that you cannot fit into.

The 6th House is also indicative of one’s health. So, you will have just as many oddities when it comes to your health as you do your work ethic and methods. When Uranus in the 6th House people get sick, it is often out of nowhere. You might not even be able to trace who you got that cold from or remember when you started feeling it. You just suddenly woke up with a burning fever and a stuffy nose you can hardly out of breathe. Whenever you get sick, it is usually pretty radical, in this sense. But, the getting over it can be just as radical. After all, Uranus is where random and abrupt changes happen. So, sickness can hit you in a really overwhelming fashion but it can also completely disappear overnight, with enough medicine and rest.

For this reason, your immune system does not feel entirely reliable and this is connected to your thought patterns. The mental and physical qualities of the 6th House combine to create the mind-body link. While I don’t believe your mind is entirely responsible for your bodily health, it does play a significant role. All of the mental chaos that you can put yourself through can take a toll on your body. Stress has an odd way of keeping things exciting and interesting for you. But, that can manifest not just as wild anxiety but by getting the flu right when you have all of that work due. The fact that you often seem to get sick at the exact wrong time is not a coincidence. Yet, your ability to feel better very rapidly is also not just happenstance. In many ways, your thoughts keep your body off-balance through unexpected illness and unexpected recovery.

Your Uranus in the 6th can also make you go wild and crazy through outrageous bouts of hypochondria or worries about health. You could make a doctor’s appointment, utterly convinced that you have something serious. But, by that morning, you’re as cool as a cucumber, having come to your senses about this alleged illness, which you may not even have. It’s safe to say that having this placement makes you a, well, interesting patient for your doctor(s) to deal with. You might be able to have a conversation with him or her that makes it seem like you work across the hall. The independence of the 6th House Uranus gets expressed through a Web MD education. One of your favorite things to do could be Googling various symptoms and illnesses, then using them to observe what you or someone else may have. Even though you can have these random moments of hypochondria, you are generally very logical and rational about health matters.

This also highlights the fact that many 6th House Uranus individuals do not go to the doctor or the dentist on a regular basis. In that expression of mental freedom, you may be convinced that you’re doing all you need to do on a daily basis in order to stay healthy. But, like many people with placements in the 6th, who have strong feelings about doctors or dentists, it could take a possible health scare or emergency for you to make that trip. And even if you get your check-ups more frequently, they still may not be as regular as the doctor ordered. This is what can make you a particularly wayward patient. Also, you could resist the doctor’s advice, feeling as if you know better. Either way, the doctor is in for many surprises with you, whether it’s how healthy you’ve remained without a check-up or how outrageous your situation actually is. You’re also prone to the most random of emergency visits, which could embarrass others but only keeps things interesting for you.


  1. Hey Wayman, could you please write Uranus in the 4th hous next? :)

  2. Interesting!!! Everything you wrote from daily routine to hypochondria are just equitable. Having Neptune conjuncts Uranus in the 6th makes everything I plan most likely go out the window. Especially, I'm always oversensitive to ailments when it comes to health.

  3. I have Aquarius Sun, Uranus and Neptune in the 6th house.
    Yay me...

  4. Also this is me through and through, your insights are terrific

  5. Hey Wayman! Thanks for writing about Uranus in the 6th house. What I've always found interesting about this placement is that Uranus brings the erratic to everyday life - "everyday" often being associated with routine, or at least something systematic, predictable, and sometimes mundane. With Uranus placed in the 6th house, it seems to create an everyday that is characterized much less by those associated characteristics. The everyday becomes more erratic, and seems to change from day to day. The everyday seems to have its own life, with no set trajectory. While that brings life to the everyday, and may divert from the everyday being potentially mundane, it can create instability! It can create a sense of chaos, like you talked about, in a part of one's life that has been societally (or through other external means) programmed to be systematic. Additionally, internally we seek a degree of routine, of predictability, of stability. For me, personally, there is a continual balance to be sought in terms of how to maintain that stability while simultaneously allowing myself to live in the less structured, more do-as-I-feel way that my 6th house Uranus inclines me toward. (I also have Neptune in the 6th house - an added layer.)

    Anyway, just some thoughts I had! Thank you again Wayman for the very thorough post. I appreciate your detail and specificity, and the part toward the end regarding the 6th house and health is something I hadn't quite thought about before, so was an interesting read.

  6. This is perfect for a Virgo Rising friend of mine. He does not have Uranus in his 6th house but Aquarius is there. Oh man! He runs a business and at times my husband helps him. My husband tells me that our friend is so chaotic and everything seems like it is falling apart but somehow he always gets things taken care of. And he does get mysterious illnesses and doesn't go to the dr or dentist. And the thing is, as a Virgo Rising he is ocd about everything, but things just seem to fall apart constantly for him while he works. He is a funeral director. It drives my husband nuts to see everything in chaos all the time. Lol.

  7. Your articles always wow me. The attention to detail is amazing.

  8. You're so on point! You just described me. :)

  9. This is my life to a tee. Natal Uranus in sixth house scorpio and stellium sun Mars venus mercury and chiron in the 12th house

  10. I have sun and uranus in 6th... With a square to my 3rd house moon in Leo. Ive had approx permanent 23jobs, the last of which ended within 3hrs. I've also moved to another country and lived 19 different houses...