Friday, July 14, 2017

Lana Del Rey and her Taurus North Node in the 1st

There is officially just one week left until Lana Del Rey releases her fifth studio album Lust for Life. I’m a big-time, obsessed fan so I am very excited. I have also, like so many people, observed the current changes she has gone through while still remaining quintessentially herself. A lot has been made of the fact that this incarnation of Lana is a “happier”, more positive version of herself. In so many ways, I think that she is really embracing her North Node in Taurus, which is also in her 1st House and conjunct her Taurus Rising. 1st House North Node individuals have to re-invent themselves, in a way, in order to get back to themselves. Since her North Node is in Taurus, this has meant embracing more stability, centeredness, and peace of mind and letting that shine through. 

Her album cover for Lust for Life features her in a wide smile, which is in direct contrast to the steely and moody gazes that have occupied her previous album covers. Also, in her music video for “Love”, one of the singles off of this album, she breaks out into a smile a couple of times. Her whole persona for this album is one that she has been slowly morphing into over the years: the laidback, peace-loving flower child. It’s an aesthetic that certainly fits with her Taurus North Node in the 1st, especially with Venus also being conjunct her North Node. It’s also created a shift from the sense of melancholy and danger that she was preoccupied with during her Born to Die and Ultraviolence days. Lana has her 7th House South Node conjunct Saturn and the Descendant in Scorpio. So, she’s clearly had a dark, challenging past that she has explored a lot through her music.

I did an astrological profile for herself exactly a year ago and I wondered whether or not she was able to extricate herself from that darker, heavier energy after her Saturn Return. Sure enough, she recently did an interview where she stated, “All the tough things that I’ve been through – that I’ve drawn upon [in my work] – don’t exist for me anymore. Not all my romantic relationships were bad but some of them challenged me in a way that I didn’t want to be challenged and I am happy I don’t have to do that now.” But, one cannot completely escape the South Node, either. She does still admit that her ideal man is someone who has “a little bit of edge, the sexiness, the magnetism”, which perfectly describes the kinds of partners her 7th House Scorpio placements draw into her life. But, it does sound like she has more of a handle on these relationships where they can be passionate and magnetizing without the upsetting emotional turbulence.

Lana turned 32 last month, so she is not only living her post-Saturn Return life but she is also entering into the stage where she is ready to fulfill her North Node. It doesn’t happen at the same stage for everyone. For a lot of people, the shift toward the North Node occurs sometime between the late 20’s and early 30’s. The Saturn Return can play a major role in this and if your Saturn is actually opposing your North Node, I’d imagine that this is even truer. So, at this stage in her life, Lana is ready to live out her Taurus North Node in a major way, especially since it is in her 1st House. Taurus is about peace, love, and happiness. Recently, she was quoted as saying “I think happiness is the ultimate life goal. It’s the only thing that’s important.” It’s a reflection of the Taurus simplicity and the ease of living that she needs to embrace in order to be truly fulfilled.

In spite of this, as a fan, I don’t think that the shift in her direction is that dramatic. Her recent songs still have a reflective quality that symbolize the depths of her Scorpio side that she draws upon, especially with quite a few of said songs reflecting on what’s going on in the world. But, Lana has been able to do this in a sort of Earth Mother type of way and not just by harking back to the 1970’s era of politically aware music (she has a collaboration with Stevie Nicks on the new album). She also has been addressing the current sense of panic and confusion with a soothing vibe, singing “don’t worry, baby” to her fans in “Love.” It’s the calming influence of Taurus and Lana is only further carving out her individuality (1st House) by embracing that sense of calm.

People who have their North Node in the 1st serve as poster children of that sign in many obvious ways, especially if it’s in the same sign as the Ascendant. Lana has always given off such strong Taurus vibes, from the strong aesthetic that defines her music, including the style that was more glammed-up in the earlier days but more “granola-chic” in the recent days, to her distinctive voice which is just as beautiful when she’s speaking as when she’s singing. Taurus is a very feminine sign and with her Venus also being in the mix, Lana fully owns that femininity, including with songs like “Young and Beautiful” and “This is What Makes Us Girls.” But, while she was criticized by some for seemingly old-fashioned takes on being a woman, such songs also serve as her own unique stance on her femininity, particularly in a day and age where women can be harshly judged for falling short of the perceived ideals of feminism.

A few years ago, Lana made a famous and widely misinterpreted comment about not being interested in feminism (which meant that she wasn’t interested in talking about it in interviews, not that she didn’t support feminism). But, she serves as a wonderful yet contradictory example of being a powerful and strong-minded woman, thanks to her Venus conjunct the North Node and Ascendant in Taurus. Just because she likes being pretty and being with her man doesn’t mean that she’s not her own person. She has certainly proven that by being a full-on individual, as such a 1st House person should be, doing her own thing as an artist and never apologizing for it. And she actually never sexualizes herself like many other female singers today. Not that there’s anything wrong with those that do. But, she shines as a beauty in her own singular and sophisticated way, never taking her clothes off or being blatantly sexual. Her songs do have their naughty moments but even when she sings “my pussy tastes like Pepsi-Cola”, she still somehow does it with class and style.

North Node in the 1st House people have to and love to carve out a highly individualized style. Since Lana’s Venus is also conjunct the Taurus North Node, this is even truer. It’s very evident in her music, which boldly bucks trends in favor of the music she wants to make and hear. The slow, sensual vibe of Taurus is so obvious in Lana’s music, which is why it’s not for everyone. I always say that it takes patience and commitment to become a fan of hers, since people are so inundated with music that is just based on being catchy and danceable. True to Taurus form, Lana goes at her own pace, creating beautifully languid music that you gradually love more and more, over time, through repeated listens. Her music has staying power in the sense that once you love it, you can never get sick of it. Her style as an artist stimulates all of your five senses and just takes you away. It’s a full-on experience and a very consistent one, which can be confused as all the songs “sounding the same” by a non-fan. It’s not the case. She is a real album artist and doesn’t do filler songs, as every song is so fully realized. So, she creates a complete vibe with each album and each song slowly builds on the previous one, going at that steady Taurus speed.

Yet, this is why people who aren’t into her music can easily dismiss it as being boring or too slow. Lana channels so much of her Taurus side into her music and these are really the archetypal complaints about Taurus people. Her 1st House North Node urges her to find her own happiness first, whether other people like it or not. It’s why she’s an acquired taste. You either get what she’s doing or you don’t. Either way, she keeps operating in her own lane. But, for someone who cares so little about what people think, Lana is still totally connected to her fans, whom she said she made Lust for Life for. She is known for being very fan-friendly and goes above and beyond to receive love from her fans or spread love to them. Taurus energy is sweet, likable and easygoing in a very grounded way. So, she only sets herself further apart by maintaining such a level-headed appreciation toward those who support what she does. 


  1. No wonder I like her (Scorpio ascendant) but I am obsessed!!! Great post like always

  2. She does have that feminine strength, wisdom and beauty that reminds me of my grandmother. Our world idealizes male qualities such as courage and forging a career, I hope we do not forget that the traditional has value and can be beautiful.

    Loved this post, I'm obsessed with Lana

    1. I agree. I actually think it's refreshing that she doesn't make "I don't need you, I'm fine without you" songs, except for High By The Beach, because it shows her human side and her vulnerability in a beautiful way (and we've all been there, at one time or another). And even though her form of femininity is a bit old-fashioned, she still shows more authenticity, bravery, and singularity as an artist than many of her female contemporaries. I think that's part of what makes her unique.

  3. I love this post! As a Lana del Rey fan girl, I appreciate the shift in her music, and I love her happier songs just as much as I loved her dark, very Scorpionic vibes album, Ultraviolence. Admittedly, I didn't like Lana at first (How can I ever forgive myself for that?) but ended up falling in love with her and her music. She really is like no other and I'm glad to see her embracing her North Node! I think it's also interesting that you've pointed out the fact that her songs get better the more you listen to them. They never get old!! Thanks for writing this.

    1. Ultraviolence is my favorite album of hers as well as one of my favorite albums of all time. It's so brilliant.

  4. I cannot wait for this album too! I'n counting down the days. Five more to go :)
    Anyway, I love this new Lana. You can tell that she really has come into her own and that she's genuinely happy and at peace with herself. Her songs are definitely more upbeat but they still have that signature chill and soothing vibe that they've always had, which my Taurus moon appreciates. I've never found her boring at all.

  5. When you said that Lana has been accused by non-fans about sounding the same, I thought of Mariah Carey because she too is a Taurus rising and has been accused of sounding the same sound-wise!