Sunday, July 23, 2017

Mars in Leo Transit: Let Your Light Shine

Mars entered the sign of Leo on July 20 and will be there until September 5. Mars is quite comfortable in the fiery sign of Leo, meaning that passions are going to be high and that there is going to be an increased feeling of determination and self-motivation in the air. So, what does this transit have in store for you? I’ll tell you all about it in the video below. 


  1. Very nice video! This transit is currently happening in my 1st house right now. In fact, it's right on my ascendant so the sun, moon and mars are very apparent in my persona and I feel great! Definitely feeling more energetic and positive than I usually do. This transit is activating SO many planets in my chart right now. It is Trining my sun and Pluto in Sagittarius, and my Saturn in Aries. Also its squaring my Taurus moon and Scorpio venus, as well as opposing my Uranus in Aquarius so in a way, its kind of finishing the fixed t-square in my chart. So yeah, it's definitely going to be quite a tense time, but also very positive because of the trines.
    By the way, I'm in love with you're shirt!!!��

    1. Wow, this transit is going to effect you in so many ways, then! I hope you get a lot out of it. Mars transits can give people a new sense of motivation or the extra push they need, in whatever way they need it. I feel like it will challenge you a lot but in ways that are ultimately good for you.

      And thanks! I've got to represent. :) Funny enough, Lana has the Moon in Leo and she released Lust for Life the day after Mars went into Leo and became conjunct her Moon. And she's actually into astrology, too. The reason we know her birth time is because she told someone on Twitter she was a Taurus Rising, with the time and everything.

  2. My Chiron is in leo in the eighth house

  3. Hi Wayman i dont know if you do astrological profile for celebrities but i was wondering if you could do one for raven symone ...she has a large stellium in the 2nd house of like 6 or 7 planets as well as all her planets in the left quandrant ...i was wondering how her large stellium affects her sagittarius sun and so on and so forth ?

  4. I have Sun conjunct Venus in the 5th house of Leo. What could that indicate?

  5. I have Mars in Leo. I was so determined to finish my bachelor's this semester, that I graduated Monday.