Wednesday, July 19, 2017

My Reverse Nodal Return (Update)

So, I wanted to make another video about my Reverse Nodal Return just to give a more well-rounded take on it, especially since I went through the exact conjunction last month. I took the last video down because I feel like this is a better representation of what the transit has been like for me. And I hope that it is helpful for anyone who is also going through this transit or who wants to make sense of their own past experiences with the transit. 


  1. Hi Wayman,

    just thought I would let you know we must be near Nodal twins ��, as my NN is 26 Aq 07. And kudos to you, my friend, for the sound gift you are giving to the world - your comprehensive astrological knowledge and the seemingly effortless (and energetic!) way you convey it on your blog has me in awe..... how on earth did you get to have such a thorough understanding at such a relatively young age?!! I began studying astrology in 1975 and it must have taken me 14 or 15 years before I felt confident enough to do readings for people!

    As a 65 year old, and a fellow Aquarian N Noder, (and I have Moon in Aq, and Uranus conjunct MC), let me totally validate your insight that it is indeed wonderful to be who we truly are, however different, kooky, unusual, ^out there^, and creative......

    Go for it Wayman - you rock!

  2. I think doing your videos is great. I love writing so much, I am always awe struck by how much you write. I understand that it must feel like so much is going to explode out of you while writing because it's so powerful. I feel like using your voice helps let out some of that energy in a smoother fashion. Since your Leo side is demanding some camera time, perhaps you can have a screen room or area in your house? Something that you can decorate, you can have your costumes, and maybe like a dry erase board or something. Just some suggestion to get you thinking about how you can open up your video experience into something more. I hope you have fun with it and do some truly original, magickal, things to help being this social society together. You're doing a great job so far. Good luck and keep moving on the journey! Blessed be!

  3. Hey Wayman,

    Great update! Very relatable! I also have a North Node in Aquarius in the 10th house and am experiencing my reverse nodal return as well. Before I researched the return, I felt such a huge shift in career interest from January this year. I was being offered a role of leadership within a team but something wasnt feeling right in my heart. In June, I declined the offer and left the job because it didnt seem to fit what I felt I needed to do, which was to help people rather than lead them. Late July the perfect most soul fulfilling job fell into my lap. It is allowing me to teach and offer service to people using this specific computer software. When I look back now, I can definitely see that kind of shift according to my nodes. Leadership is definitely a Leo trait and technology mixed with service is very Aquarian. I dont want to loose those important creative Leo traits though. I need to get the hang of balancing the two.
    Thanks for that informative video!

  4. A friend recommended this site and I'm so thankful! My NN is in Aqua in the 7th and can totally relate to a lot of the life experiences you describe, also have Moon in Aqua and Mars and Venus in Leo. Finding balance between those energies can be a challenge, but so rewarding! Thank you! <3

  5. Hi, the video is not available anymore and I couldnt find it on your youtube channel either. Is there any way I could find it? Leo Moon (South Node) and Aquarius Mars (North Node). The reverse return got exact last month I amn not quite sure what to expect. Thank you.