Monday, July 31, 2017

Reader Questions for August

It’s that time of the month again! It’s time for you to submit your questions for the next Q & A, which will take place in the next few days. Since my birthday is on the 8th of August, I thought I would do something a bit different for this Q & A. So, this month, I’ll be choosing and answering six people’s questions instead of five and, of course, answering them in a posted video.

Leave your question in the comment section below. And as I always say, please keep it simple and focused on just one placement/aspect in your chart, if you are asking about your chart. But, you can also feel free to ask me something about my chart or about astrology, in general. Whatever you want to know! (The comment section is now closed for questions.)

Thanks and I’ll be talking to you again soon!



  1. If two planets were in the sign of each other's dignified sign would that be of any importance or would it not matter if they don't aspect one another? For instance, if Venus was in Sagittarius and Jupiter was in Taurus or Libra.

  2. I have Taurus Moon conjunct Taurus Saturn in the 8th house.

    I'm really confused by this energy because they are quite opposite (Taurus-Scorpio) .

    What are your thoughts?

  3. Hey...
    What would you usually recommend or say to someone who's going a transit of Uranus to their natal Moon?
    Just in case you need more information, i'm currently going through the exact conjunction, my natal moon is in late aries in the second house exactly opposite jupiter in the eight house.

    Love your content.

  4. Hi Wayman! Could you talk a little bit about Sun and Moon in Scorpio being intercepted in the 6th house? What it could bring and the best way to overcome this aspect? Thanks!!

  5. How does Venus operate in the 10th house?

  6. How would you interpret Moon conjunct Saturn and Moon conjunct Pluto in Capricorn? Sometime next year i will have both of these transits at the same time and it would help to know what i'm up against.

  7. Hi Wayman!
    Since Mars is currently in Leo, I thought I'd ask this:

    I am a Leo Rising with Mars in Leo in the 1st house (not conjunct the AC) squaring my Sun in Taurus (conjunct the MC from the 9th house)
    How would you interpret this?
    Do you think it is more harmful/challenging the fact that Mars is being squared by its own ruler?

    I appreciate any advice you have for dealing with this aspect, I kind of feel like my Mars "doesn't work"

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  9. Hi Wayman. I am new to your website and am very intrigued to watch your explanations, they are helping me understand some things reading about astrology did not click with me.
    I am having my first Nodal Return this year. I have my NN Leo 11th house 20° degrees and SN Aquarius 5th house 20°. I haven't ever read a write up on Lunar Nodes that take both sign and house in to consideration. When I read about the NN Leo SN Aquarius polarity authors say this is similar to a 5th house NN 11th house SN. When I read about a 11th house NN and 5th house SN I read it's similar to having Aquarius NN Leo SN.
    I thought it would be helpful to watch and hear your explanation of my lunar nodes taking into consideration the houses and the signs they are in. Especially because we have reverse nodes.
    If you wanna explain this id be really interested to hear what you have to say about them. Astrology is very fun for me. Reading about it has become my favorite form of entertainment, but not until recently have i begun to understand how it works. I'm glad to have found your website!

  10. Hey Wayman.. I just wanted to know about how the life path of South node in Leo (eighth house) and North node in Aquarius (second house) will play out.. :)

    1. Hi Deboshri ,

      I hope this write up from Wayman helps :

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    3. Hi Schyren, it did help.. Thank you so much :)

  11. Hello Wayman

    I have a 7th house stellium. Even though I would like to be better at influencing people I find myself terrible in all sorts of relationships. I have never found myself to be socially savvy and I especially suck when it comes to conversing with members of the opposite sex.

    My Question is: How can it be possible that a person with a 7th house stellium be so terrible at relationships and how to resolve this ?

    Thank you for the work that you do. Please never stop ^^

    1. Interesting! Do you have saturn in the 7th house or aspecting it? Just wondering.

    2. Simply having a stellium in any house doesn't just give you the positives of the house. Ie you could have Mars/Pluto/Saturn/Uranus as your stellium and that would be a nightmare to deal with aswell as any aspects to them + what sign they reside in.

  12. Hello, Wayman,

    I've recently got excited by the personality of Steve Jobs - a truly complex and intriguing person. I'd really dream that you examine his chart in a seperate article though if not, at least I hope you can examine one feature that I find confusing. Jobs is considered a genius but his Retro Mercury has only one aspect and it's a square to Saturn (!) in the 3d House of intellect. Doesn't it mean that Saturn is rather neutral and all depends on how one works with its energies? What's you opinion?

    Best Regards.

  13. Hello Wayman,

    My 8th house Sun (Taurus) is square my 4th house Moon (Aquarius) and i really want to find balance between these too, cause this aspect is very frustrating. If there is any thread i can hold on to and be in peace with myself, please let me know.

    p.s. I really love the way you write and explain astrology. I am glad i bumped into your blog. It has been enlightening !

    Thank you in advance :)

  14. Hi Wayman,

    I'm going through Pluto transiting my Sun in Capricorn, although it's still 9 degrees away. I feel like I'm feeling it's effects now though strongly - is it possible for me to feel the effects so soon and what should I expect from this transit? Thanks. :)

  15. Hi Wayman!

    Wish you a very Happy Birthday in advance :)

    We have the eclipse coming , so more power to you on your Solar Return :D

    Just trying again from last month for this paradox of a question :

    My Question is : with a loaded 10th house Scorpio ( Pluto , Venus Rx and Sun) and South Node in 10th house conjunct Libra Mid-heaven , isn't it strange that my Aries NN at 4th House is a contradiction in that I will have to be selfish - aggressive and independent of the family but should look to build a family?!!

    This paradox is eating me literally as I have always been geared from a young age to achieve what is typically known about 10th House.. To be specific - is the Pluto conjunct MH making this difficult?

    If this info helps :
    Medium Coeli Libra 14 °54'28
    Pluto Scorpio 7°32'34
    Venus Scorpio 12°14'10 (Retrograde)
    Sun Scorpio 13°28'24
    11th House Scorpio 15°12'24
    Mercury Scorpio 28°00'15

    Note : Out of house stellium in Scorpio!!

    Thanks in advance for any input regarding NN , SS with a loaded dice :)

    1. Good question i have same dilemma, NN in 4th ,SN in 10th (conjuct jupiter) also Sun in 10th conjuct 11th house cusp just like you...

  16. I would like to see a writeup on Lilith, she is mysterious and confuses me.

  17. Hi Wayman! I also wish you a happy birthday in advance! :)
    What's your opinion about T-square between Sun, Mars and Saturn?

  18. HI! I've read somewhere that my natal sun" combust" my natal Venus actually makes me LESS Venusian, rather than more...confused, wondering what your experience says?

  19. Hey, happy birthday in advance! Hope you get to celebrate your Solar Return in true Leo manner :)
    So, my Cancer Venus is in the 12th H. It is (in company with some other aspects) Conjunct Chiron, and in opp. to Saturn and Neptune. Well, needless to say, my confidence level when it comes to love is really looow. It's been low for as long as I can remember. I noticed while looking at transits that Neptune is about to cross over from my 7th H to my 8th. Do you have any advice for making the most out of that possible energy shift? I just really want to break this pattern of low self esteem and unrequited love interests etc.

    Wish you well/Anna

  20. What does an Aries Venus in the 7th house mean

  21. I have a 6th house stellium. My 6th house is in Leo. I have Venus in Virgo, Sun in Libra and Mercury in Virgo all in my 6th house. How will this affect me at home/work? Any career options it would suit? Thank you.

  22. would venus in leo retrogade 11th house make it really awkward to love? i always think that venus in aquarius seems more relatable than in leo. thank you for the time you put into this blog wayman.Also this does not have anything to do with astrology but which lana del rey song do you like the most?

  23. Hey Wayman. :) Could you explain the general energy of a t-square on the Ascendant? <3

  24. Hey Wayman! Can you explain why i fit in both equal and both placidius house system? For example equal house system perfectly describe my parents (4th house and 10th house even their ruler).But in placidius my venus sign in 9th house(in aquarius) and in equal house system my venus in 8th(in aquarius) i love 9th house matters but also i love depth in relationships, and i am jealous in love( not typical venus in aquarius),other example i have 11th stellium in placidius (including chart ruler 4 planets) this fits me because my friends are very important,in equal house system i have 10th house stellium can you explain why both system applies? (I am secretly involved in astrology no one knows i am interested in astrology lol)

  25. Hi Wayman,

    Can you suggest what would be the possible karma of a native with Saturn retrograde in the 12th house (Capricorn 12th house cusp)?

  26. Hello! Love to read you. What's your vision regarding Pluto conjunct NN in Libra, 11th house, 15'? My progressed MC is also conjunct with both. Thank you!