Friday, July 7, 2017

Uranus in the 8th House

The next placement that was requested for the Uranus in the houses series was Uranus in the 8th House. (After this one, I’ll be writing about Uranus in the 5th House) Having this placement has to be a very interesting experience, to say the least. Uranus’ house in the birth chart represents where a person finds their mental state of freedom. With Uranus located in the 8th House, this sense of freedom stems from going down into the raw depths of the soul. The 8th House is where all of the dark elements of a person’s psyche lie, thanks to much of the unresolved or unhealed pain that can reside there. But, it is also where the potential for enriching intimacy and amazing empowerment comes from, as well. So, Uranus in the 8th means that you will feel free when you feel empowered. Yet, in order to get to this place, you need to be willing to face your demons.

Uranus brings an intriguing sort of detachment and distance to whatever house that it’s in. Therefore, those with this placement can easily feel a distance from their personal demons, in some way or another. These are the people who may not care much about their emotional issues or don’t really see them as a big deal. The idea of therapy, in particular, may be seriously resisted. The backwards quality of Uranus shows that you may be very contrary when it comes to dealing with all of your psychological baggage. If you ever find yourself in some sort of therapy, the therapist can feel like they are being worn down by your defiance in the face of his or her psychological probing. In fact, Uranus in the 8th House people really do not appreciate such probing from anyone. This is why, whenever people try to call you out on your emotional problems, you can have a really powerful reaction that shows just how little you intend to actually listen to them.

Not wanting to be probed by anyone can also mean that you don’t want to be probed by yourself. The process of having a journal, for instance, that allows you to vent all of your deepest, darkest feelings and thoughts can be just too overwhelming for you. Uranus in the 8th House people may love to feel as if they are above all of that ugliness and darkness. So, it can be hard for you to face that shadow side of yourself. But, rest assured, you definitely have a shadow side. And if you do not face it directly, it has a way of emerging unconsciously. This is true for everyone but it is especially true for you, as it’s like your shadow side will rebel against you if you try to control it. The result is that it ends up controlling you and creates this intense battle within that causes far too much chaos and emotional turmoil in your life.

The 8th House shows how our dark side comes out and often because of issues that we have yet to really gain a hold of. Uranus in the 8th House means that your emotional issues can revolve around being misjudged, misunderstood, or like you do not belong. There was probably a very painful experience in the past that made you feel like you were not accepted. So, any time something happens that makes you feel like you’re not being accepted, that button is pushed. It’s to a point where you can react in ways that are so unexpected that they are downright scary, to others or most especially to you. It feels like some dark, uncontrollable force takes over you and causes you to destroy the close bonds that you have with people. You will do everything you can, then, to push the other person away and show them that you don’t need them or their support. But, you take this to an extreme, annihilating whatever trust or intimacy exists between you two. People can then become wary of trusting you on a deeper level because they aren’t quite sure just how consistent and predictable your trust will be.

Such reactions can also come from this traumatic sense of your independence being taken away from you. There may have been a sense that you weren’t free because you were always leaning on or depending on someone else, even if it was just emotionally. So, your shadow energy also comes out by making you hell-bent on being independent and on your own. If this means cutting off certain close emotional connections, then so be it. But, Uranus in the 8th House people can also just be very skilled at preventing people from going too deep. This manifests through a coldness that can be downright shocking to witness or an ability to disconnect that feels quite cruel to whoever is on the receiving end of it. You have such reactions whenever someone has crossed the line of your emotional comfort zone. It will feel as if they are making demands on you or pressuring you to feel things you don’t want to feel. You’d rather just go cold, which is why you will probably feel incredibly numb when confronted with your dark side.

So, you also have trouble going too deep with yourself. You only let yourself go so far in terms of exploring your deeper feelings. In a way, Uranus in the 8th House is about being liberated from that heaviness and that dark side. Yet, you can easily go about this the wrong way. The only way to find liberation from your dark side is to go through it and come out on the other side; the side of the light. Your problem is that you may just want to live in the light and refuse to acknowledge the dark. This can be for so many reasons and it’s often true that there is some sort of trauma that the 8th House Uranus individual is blocking out. The 8th House represents the ways in which we deal with the cycle of family issues. But, with Uranus here, you may easily detach yourself from that to the point of thinking that everything was fine and you had the best family. This causes the emotional baggage you’ve inherited to manifest in ways that are truly chaotic and out-of-control.

People with this placement may constantly find themselves in unhealthy and dysfunctional relationships without knowing why. The reason why is usually because you’re being forced to actually confront the ugly side of your family cycle. Uranus in the 8th is quite a reflection of this mentality that I really can’t stand that says “every family is dysfunctional in its own way.” I’ll tell you right now that this is a lie. It is also a destructive idea because it seeks to normalize dysfunction, which is something very serious. Every family is imperfect. But, dysfunction is very specific and like many psychiatric terms these days, it gets misused a lot. Imperfection versus dysfunction is the difference between a mother who forgot to pick you up at soccer practice a couple of times and a mother who constantly made you feel bad about your body. The first mom is flawed and the second is toxic. But, the issue with Uranus in the 8th House people is that they easily confuse being toxic with being flawed. They are actually too accepting of real dysfunction, to the point where they draw it into their lives all of the time, without seeing how it’s a big deal.

With this placement, you normalize dysfunction and attract it into your life. In fact, there are probably elements of your toxic history that are exceptionally strange or bizarre, whether that’s through the family baggage you’ve inherited or the relationships you’ve drawn into your life. Uranus in the 8th can, then, sadly make psychological pain or abuse feel normal and anything that’s not painful feel abnormal. It’s another reason why you may not want to explore your family issues because you may feel like there is nothing wrong when there clearly is. Like Neptune in the 8th House people, you display such nonjudgment toward these darker matters. Yet, that mental freedom that Uranus represents happens when you understand how to free yourself from these dark energies, instead of letting these dark energies roam freely throughout your life. This is the way you will gain true independence, cutting yourself off from the people and the things that are actually emotionally unhealthy, instead of desperately cutting yourself off from whoever crosses your path.

In order to do this, you are going to have to confront whatever’s in your psyche and understand why it’s there. Uranus in the 8th House can symbolize major, dramatic breakthroughs in terms of psychological understanding of the self. This is the classic position of someone who realizes that, no, they weren’t “disciplined” growing up. They were mentally and emotionally abused. No, those interactions with your uncle or your cousin weren’t so harmless, after all. Of course, I don’t want to say that every person with this placement has been abused or terribly traumatized. But, experiences of abuse are very common with 8th House people and having Uranus here means that the trauma could have been so unexplainable, sudden, or strange that it takes a long time for you to wrap your head around it. 

Inevitably, you do have to wrap your head around it. This is why you may not want to go to therapy, though, because once you open yourself up to self-examination, you can be downright brilliant at it. When the 8th House Uranus person really focuses, they are able to pinpoint and understand their emotional issues in a way that few people can. You have this amazing ability to be both the therapist and the patient, playing both roles in a detached way that allows you to vent all of that raw emotion while still being objective about everything that’s rising to the surface. And when it rises to the surface, it does in a major way. This is part of the reason why you can be so scared to go so deep. It feels like opening up an insane Pandora’s box that you may never be able to close again. Your dark side constantly surprises you with some seriously unhinged, destructive, irrational, and obsessive thoughts and feelings.

You must be able to accept all of those psychological states and yet also deal with them objectively. Having some sort of way to vent all of that energy is going to really help and, again, allow you to feel truly free of it. You have to see that scary side of yourself as the troubled patient and be willing to act as the informed therapist, diagnosing yourself and not becoming personally involved in all of that emotional turbulence. This frees you up to live in the light while still accepting the dark within and without any judgment. Uranus in the 8th also means that you will be free when you can see your family “inheritance” with the same sort of objectivity. There may be a lot of issues going on and this terrible cycle that repeats throughout the generations. But, you don’t need to be a part of it. You don’t need to get caught up in it. You just have to observe it, understand it, and deal with it in the most empowering sort of way. This can mean anything from a sudden, clean break from the family to completely changing the way that you deal with them.

The 8th House Uranus person can feel different in the sense of being the one who broke that family curse and who isn’t repeating the patterns that everyone else is. In this way, accepting your differences becomes a survival skill. The 8th House does represent inner resources and having Uranus here means that you survive on a psychological level by being willing to think differently or do things differently. Whenever emotionally difficult times arise, you can remain resourceful and push through them by going about them in an unconventional way. For instance, if you find yourself dealing with grief or a depression, you could cope not by exercising yourself but by watching videos of people exercising. You could write a journal from the perspective of your loved one who passed away or who isn’t in your life anymore, sorting out your own emotions by figuring out what their emotions must have been. In any respect, you will develop unique strategies whenever you have to deal with emotionally intense situations.

In terms of grief and dealing with dying, you can either be surprisingly rational about it or become highly erratic in the face of it. When dealing with your first major loss, you will probably act out in very surprising ways. Uranus in the 8th House people can do something quite wild and crazy in order to cope with or compensate for losing that person. And even though you think such actions will make you feel better, they will only bring more chaos into your life. For anyone, the death of someone you love is often unexpected and can really turn your life upside down. But, Uranus in the 8th House people feel that on a very powerful level. In fact, you may have to, like many 8th House individuals, go through a period of losing a few very important people in your life. By enduring this, you realize just how unpredictable and inconsistent our mortality is.

Yet, this also instills a fatalistic feeling that death can come in an absolute instant and may leave you with this mysterious inner tension that you can never fully resolve or work out. It feels as if the Grim Reaper is going to knock on your door at any second, especially if you’ve experienced multiple losses in a short period of time. But, eventually, many 8th House Uranus people find their freedom through this sense that “their time” will happen whenever and wherever. In fact, life after death feels like the ultimate freedom to you. It’s also why you can develop either a strange fascination with death or this unique connection to the afterlife. Talking to people who’ve passed on, gaining unusual premonitions of their own passing, or seeming to just know what will happen in the great beyond are all common traits of Uranus in the 8th that can make you feel even further out-of-step with those people who are more focused on the tangible and the here-and-now.

The 8th House also represents intimacy, on emotional and sexual levels. Emotionally, your intimate relationships unfold in very unpredictable ways. They can heat up very intensely and then cool off just as quickly. You might suddenly get the impulse to share something with someone that you’ve never told anyone and then never open up to them again. The same can happen with the people you’re emotionally intimate with. These bonds will constantly be turned upside down, which can also mean abrupt betrayals that you never saw coming. As much as people love to talk about the 12th House as being about “hidden enemies”, I think the 8th House is actually where we get stabbed in the back. And as much as you can be betrayed, seemingly out of nowhere, you may also end up betraying someone else’s trust unexpectedly, especially if you’re too cavalier about it.

At the same time, you don’t want to get too caught up in these intimate relationships. So, you can actually welcome these sudden breaks. This can also mean being cheated on and somehow seeing it as a relief and a good excuse to end the relationship. As liberating as intimacy is for you, it weighs you down just as much, including on a sexual level. Uranus in the 8th House people can quickly go from being celibate and spending a good year or two not having sex to being wildly sexually active. The sex in a relationship may sometimes be too consistent for you and you either feel suffocated by the intensity or strangely bored by it. Yet, you are open to trying anything in the bedroom, if you think it’ll help the sexual chemistry. You love to experiment sexually and no fantasy or desire of your partner’s can truly shock you. Also, no shared emotion or thought can surprise you, either. You will be able, then, to encourage the other person to feel free to totally share themselves with you, without the fear of being judged or deemed “unacceptable.”


  1. Wow! You are like a psychologist. Although, I have no problem talking about my nuttiness. I do cut people off and I have had a lot of people around me die. I always get a lot of warnings before they die, too.

    Thank you for your work. :)

  2. does this would be similar to Uranus transiting 8th house or there is differences?

    1. Having been through and going thorough this transit since 2012, I can say that this post is spot on, for the transit of Uranus through the 8th, even though it is about the natal placement. The transit is always relating back to and evolving the natal placement, so that would be a difference.

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