Sunday, August 20, 2017

Uranus in the 10th House

Alright, we are finally finished with the Uranus in the houses series. The final article is Uranus in the 10th House. What happens when you have this placement in your birth chart? If Uranus is the place where things do not unfold normally or predictably for you, it’s safe to say, then, that there is nothing “normal” or predictable about your public and professional life. The 10th House symbolizes our career, public image, and reputation. It’s how we “make it” in society, in one way or another. But, with Uranus in the 10th House, your way of becoming somebody is quite unorthodox, probably because you are rather detached from concerns of being somebody and impressing the world.

We are quite inconsistent regarding the concerns of the house that our Uranus falls in. Sometimes we care about these things and sometimes we don’t. Having a 10th House Uranus, then, means that you can be rather on and off in regards to your life goals. Your ambition is expressed in a low-key fashion that isn’t too attached to success. At times, you might not seem to care about success in the ways that most people do. This is the way that you will end up feeling differently than other people and possibly misunderstood. The truth is that there is no one definition of success. We are all on our own paths and we all have our own benchmarks of success. Uranus in the 10th indicates that your benchmark for success is outside of the norm and this is why it can be hard for you to adjust to the expectations and standards of society.

People with Uranus in the 10th have their own expectations of themselves in terms of their goals in life. Your attitude toward achievement can be far more nonchalant or liberated than other people’s. Maybe you just see no need to beat yourself up over perceived failures or to be a rigid perfectionist in pursuit of greatness. Maybe you just aren’t interested in accomplishing what everyone else is accomplishing, preventing yourself from getting caught up in comparisons between your career and someone else’s. It is also very likely that this placement has pushed you to develop certain “theories” that will help you get ahead in the world. These ideas will usually involve being aware of the big picture of what’s happening and remembering to take nothing personally on your path toward success. This will help you see your professional situations differently and in a way that actually brings you greater success than you originally expected.

The 10th House shows us the lessons that we learn on our way toward achievement. With Uranus in the 10th, you will inevitably learn to have no expectations. Situations will occur in your professional life that challenge you to take preconceived notions of “getting somewhere” and throw them out the window. The more that you do, the more you will succeed. But, the more you have certain expectations and work really hard to try and make them happen, the less you will succeed. It is a case of “less is more”, showing that if you don’t try so hard and don’t demand a specific vision of success, then you will get much further in life. The randomness and suddenness of Uranus will teach you that achieving something can be akin to lightning striking. You just never know when and how it will happen. 

Because of this, you will feel quite removed from the desperate rat race that most other people get wrapped up in with the intent of getting ahead. While they’re busy obsessing over what move to make next, you may feel like there are just much better things to concern yourself with. So, there is a casualness and a calm to Uranus in the 10th House people when it comes to what they do with their lives or want to do with their lives. It’s probably been that way for you since you were growing up, as that inevitable question of “what do you want to be when you grow up” was answered with either an attitude that showed that you happily did not care or that you already knew but it really wasn’t a big deal. That same mentality exists in adulthood, as the 10th House Uranus person would be just as content running a bank, being famous, or working in a restaurant.

Unless Mars or Pluto are in your 10th or in aspect to your Midheaven, you probably don’t care about finding your passion, in terms of career. You are more so about finding your experiment. You will feel most professionally fulfilled doing something that is like an ongoing project. In fact, you regard your career like an ongoing project, tinkering and toying with lots of different ideas. It’s why you can picture yourself doing lots of different things and aren’t rigidly attached to one career trajectory. The way you see it, you never know what’s going to happen and what one thing will lead to. Uranus in the 10th House individuals do have strikingly unpredictable professional lives because of it, whether that means changing your career overnight or randomly falling into an amazing business opportunity or becoming wildly successful and renowned out of nowhere.

This is a placement that can make a person seem like an overnight success. One day, things are going along one track in your professional life. Then, that one amazing breakthrough moment occurs and everything completely changes. Since the 10th House is more about image and public perception, it can just be the case that it seems like you became a huge deal overnight. Still, even if you spent years toiling away at it before you made it, you just have a way of rocketing toward a level or form of success that is quite extraordinary, especially since you never expected it. The general rule of Uranus in the 10th is that whatever you don’t expect whatsoever to happen in your career will certainly happen. And this can apply just as much to disastrous or chaotic situations in your professional life as it does with big breaks and major recognition.

In fact, your work life may feel as if it is constantly in this state of chaos and confusion. How you deal with this can depend on the rest of the chart. Some 10th House Uranus individuals find themselves truly exhausted by all of the unpredictable twists and turns that happen on the job, particularly if Uranus has any squares or oppositions to it. It’s a Murphy’s Law thing where whatever can go wrong at work does go wrong for you, leading you to not wait until you can go home and get a break from all of the insanity. The crazy thing is that it seems as if the insanity follows you. If you find yourself in a work environment that is just plain nuts and then you end up in a new job, hoping it’s different, and it’s also just as nuts there, the problem may be you. Not necessarily that you’re causing the commotion (although you definitely can) but that you just somehow need a topsy-turvy work life and put yourself in these situations.

The 10th House does test us and push us to rise to the occasion of whatever is in that house. With Uranus in the 10th, you have to step up to the plate in regards to thriving amidst chaos. So, you’ll find that your working environment will just get crazier and crazier until you can roll with the punches. For some, this can mean fatefully ending up with bosses or authority figures who are kind of maddening. You will probably have at least one boss throughout your professional life who can’t be pinned down easily and who is rather eccentric and inconsistent; definitely not a traditionally buttoned-up and predictable authority figure. Uranus in the 10th House actually shows that you have always been driven mad by authorities, regarding them as strange creatures who aren’t very reliable. If there are some difficult feelings tied up in that, you will probably have to come head-to-head with an authority who is all over the place in order to resolve that conflict.

In resolving it, you will be able to assume authority yourself in this unorthodox fashion. You inevitably make for a boss who is not the traditional boss. Uranus in the 10th puts you in professional situations where rules were meant to be broken. Usually, you have to find yourself working under a boss who doesn’t care that much about structure or the conventional chain of command. Once you thrive in such an environment and see that it’s not so bad and can actually be very motivating, you will take on this mentality when you become a boss yourself. Whether you are being the boss of yourself or over other people, this placement shows that you have a knack for turning the workplace on its head. You flip conventional expectations in one way or another, which does make you an unpredictable boss. But, there is a sense of democracy you insist on in the workplace and it’s something that will make your co-workers feel like equals and even friends.

There will be a certain brilliance to you that you become wildly recognized for. It doesn’t necessarily have to be intellectual brilliance, although it can be because Uranus in the 10th can cause the public to be impressed with your original, bright mind. But, it’s more so the fact that you go about what you do in such a unique, inventive, and smart way. Many with this placement become known for breaking away from the traditional manner of going about their profession. This can mean how you actually do your job but also how you handle or view the job title. You stand out as being quite an anomaly in your field, in some way or another, and could actually enjoy a rather unprecedented professional position or set of accomplishments. So, you gain respect from the world at large just because they will think that there is just something “different” about you and it gives you the originality required to go far. 

Actually, many 10th House Uranus individuals can become known as different to the degree where they have this image as someone from another planet. There is this element to your public persona that is rather out-of-this-world and it can come off as flat-out unusual and weird to some people. The thing that may annoy you, though, is that you don’t really see yourself as being that odd. The 10th House differs from the 1st in that the 1st does tell you what you actually think about yourself. But, since the 10th House represents your reputation, this influence shows what gets projected on to you by the world at large, regardless of it if you think this about yourself or not. As a result, the 10th/Midheaven can be tricky to relate to because while it is a genuine part of us, it’s a part of us that easily gets exaggerated or misconstrued. So, with Uranus in the 10th, you may think that people out in the world treat you as if you are some alien from outer space to be studied when you really don’t feel that remarkable. But, of course, that, in and of itself, is rather alienating.

This is one reason why Uranus in the 10th House individuals learn to just not care what society thinks about them. Again, you have your own unique benchmark for success and self-respect. So, you aren’t interested in begging the world for their approval. But, the irony is, of course, that the more you play it “too cool for school”, the more you will earn the support and acceptance from those in your public sphere. You can push this to the edge, though, because there are times when you just defiantly do not care about people’s opinions in situations where it’ll matter quite a bit. This can mean totally embarrassing yourself in a job interview or going out to a company event and disregarding the dress code. Sometimes, it feels like too much of a hassle to try and get on everyone’s good side all the time out in the world. So, you can do things in order to rebel. Even if you aren’t outrageous about it, your obvious lack of concern can be quite shocking.

But, in the end, this is what gets you ahead in life, just as long as you’re not too extreme or disrespectful about it. You aren’t about pretense and don’t need to try hard to create some persona that’s going to impress everyone. You never believe that career should be that important, which is why you sometimes couldn’t care less about your career. You need plenty of time off and a feeling of freedom from the demands of what you do. After all, as I’ve been saying ad nauseum, Uranus is your mental state of freedom. So, while you will need a place in society that liberates you, you will also need to feel liberated from that place in society. You don’t want work to control your life.


  1. Me: *sitting at a desk*
    Stranger: You're weird


  2. I have this placement in Sagittarius. Neptune is there too in Cappy. You said that thing about being perceived as an alien from another planet... I relate to that. Growing up my classmates in school felt that I was from a different planet. School was hard. I was borderline ADHD. Bullied because I was different. Grew up detached from the system.

    I have been waiting for this post. Thank you for the brilliant writing.

  3. I hope it's not too late to make requests, since you're closing the blog. How about the conjunction Uranus Neptune through houses? So many people have this aspect, and it'd be interesting since Uranus and Neptune are just so different.

  4. Thank you Wayman. I will miss your blog

  5. I've been waiting this post,it's really interesting.
    I like this placement,may be sometimes too much.I love strangeness and the different point of view.But I have also Neptune in the 10th house with Mercury and Sun in Capricorn.
    Mercury conjunct Uranus and Neptune , Uranus conjunct Neptune and Sun conjunct Neptune and Midheaven.Venus in the 8th in Scorpio sextile Uranus,Mercury and Neptune ,also Pluto in the 8th sextile Uranus and Mercury
    Oh , and Moon in Aquarius.
    I feel like there is so much energy here.But have dificulty to see the big picture in this placements.

  6. Thanks! Pretty spot on! Uranus & Pluto in Virgo in the 10th conj. My MC. Self employed artisan here.

  7. This reminds me when I wore a tracksuit to a party and although I was not dressed up, many people enthused about my outfit and how "cool" I was lol. It was received warmly because I went to have a good time and did not care to put much effort in my outward appearance.
    I think because of my Mercury square Uranus, I feel the not letting my career define me but at times I rack my brain trying to figure out what to do as a career to make something of myself.

  8. It was good to know about the effect of uranus. Thanks for sharing with us.

  9. I can relate to everything but I would like to highlight some of those things. I have been to many schools and I got popular for being super intelligent( I never realised why)
    in every school and also my dad's bosses and work place. And second thing is that I was insanely popular for physics and this time my classmates actually said to me that I am out of this world. Third thing is that I am always on and off about my career.