Monday, September 25, 2017

My Official Website As An Astrologer (Last Post)

It’s been almost a month since my last post. It took me a while to figure out just what I wanted to do with the website and to get what I needed together for it. But, it has finally arrived. It’s called Wayman Astrology (or, as it says on the home page, Astrology According to Wayman). You can check it out at The name felt fitting. Not because I feel like I own astrology or anything, of course, but because I have spent much of this blog putting my own spin on these subjects. So, I wanted the name to express my unique take on astrological matters.

Anyways, it’s fairly simple. You can check out the about me section (where I share my history with astrology and being an astrologer). I posted a couple of sample videos from my YouTube channel, as well as a link to check it out and subscribe. Also, my video readings, e-mail sessions, and e-book are available to purchase on there. I think the format on the website is cleaner than the one on here. But, I will still be keeping up the purchase page(s) on this blog as long as it’s up, as I know I get a lot of my clients from the traffic here.

So, yeah, this is also officially my last post for Astrology Arena. As Jupiter just moved into my 9th earlier this month, I’m eager to see where this next chapter will take me. Again, as I said in my other posts, thanks to everyone who has followed and read the blog and purchased readings from me. It’s been a wonderful three and a half years. I’m not going anywhere just yet, in terms of astrology. I’m just connecting to you all in a different way.

Peace and love and all the rest of it.