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Friday, August 23, 2019

Moon-Ascendant Aspects: The Reactor

Being the reactor comes with the territory of having Moon conjunct, square, opposite, sextile, or trine the Ascendant. If the Ascendant is what we lead with, then having the Moon in aspect to it in your birth chart means that you lead with your emotions and your gut-felt reactions. The Ascendant, in and of itself, is quite reactionary and instinctive, as well, just not as much on an emotional level. As a result, even if the Moon or the Rising sign are in Air, you’re not too much of a thinker. Instead, you are a responder, someone who just goes with whatever their gut or their heart is telling them. This means that you live a very emotionally charged life, for better or for worse.

You’re always going to go with what you’re feeling. It doesn’t even matter how appropriate it is or isn’t for the situation. If that’s so wrong, then why does it feel so right? Seeing how the Moon is the inner child, there is something childlike about you in that way. No matter how old you get, you never seem able to fully censor your emotional responses. In fact, even when you would like to filter those reactions or when you believe you are, you’re really not. It’s when you try to hide your feelings that they’re even more obvious, especially if you have the conjunction, square, or opposition. Moon-Ascendant people never really leave that stage in life of pure, raw emotional honesty. There are pros and cons to this, of course. While it can make you a particularly vulnerable, emotionally aware individual, which will serve you very well in any sort of artistic endeavor (something many Moon-Ascendant folks gravitate toward), it also means that you’re a very messy, very moody being.

The Ascendant shows how people generally see and know you. With a Moon-Ascendant aspect, you are known for that moodiness, the way you have of being up and down or on and off. The thing is that you know this about yourself, too, albeit somewhat unconsciously. You might catch yourself constantly saying that you’re “in the mood” or “not in the mood” for something. What you do or don’t “feel like” is also a go-to phrase. While you are very sensitive to others, there are definitely times where your feelings take top priority. This is when you switch into one of your moods and you don’t care how it affects the atmosphere. The signs that your Moon and Ascendant are in show how you express your moodiness and why. But, regardless, it definitely creates a shift in the overall vibe of a room. You know how to read a room very well yet you also want the room to read you well and know where you stand emotionally. So, you totally put those feelings out there.

A constant switch in your personality is displayed between the staunch protector and the emotional wreck, the caring maternal figure and the vulnerable child. This is due to your relationship with your mom and her having such an exceptional influence on you. Moon-Ascendant people are typically very close to their mothers while growing up, to a degree that eclipses the relationship with the dad. She becomes the overwhelming, dominant, or even sole influence in the child’s life. Somehow, you leaned a lot on her and she was the person you looked to first. You can unknowingly take on a lot of the mother’s characteristics. This might be evident early in life but it could take until adulthood for you to see the imprint of your mother on your temperament.

More than most people, you can be surprised to sit back and realize, now that you’re a grown up, how much you act like your Mom. Some would say that this aspect also means looking a lot like your mother. While that definitely can be true, anyone with any aspect can look a lot like either of their biological parents. So, it’s a bit redundant to say so. It’s more so about inheriting her behavior. Even if you try to not be like her, you may unconsciously go down the same path, cultivate the same sort of habits and patterns or end up with a very similar life. Depending on what’s going on with your Moon, that can be seen by you as a great thing or a not-so-great thing. I think, no matter what the relationship is, you do have to give credit to how much your mother figure shaped you. For better or for worse, you wouldn’t really be who you are now without that relationship.

The state of your bond with your maternal parent also indicates just how much you are or aren’t willing to express your needs. If you felt very supported and safe with her, then you will be more eager to let people take care of you. But, the opposite may have been true, especially since there are many Moon-Ascendant people who felt like mothers to their own mothers. So, this conditioned a belief within you that it was your role in life to take care of other people. This makes you an exceptional nurturer to others yet you may have a hard time receiving that nurturing from people, believing you must take care of yourself. On the flip side, if you’re more comfortable getting your needs met by others, it can be harder for you to break that sense of emotional dependency and take care of yourself. Again, either you are being the child or the mom (whether you’re male or female).

You’ll be in a good place when you know how to both take care of yourself and others, how to let people be there for you while also being there for yourself when needed. In your case, to know who you are (Ascendant) means to know what you feel (Moon). This means staying in touch with yourself emotionally and also using your intuition to understand what’s going on with other people and how to be supportive toward them. Your intuitive powers are very pronounced. If you always go with your gut, you will rarely, if ever, be wrong. This is something that can make you highly irrational, though, because you may be operating on sheer reaction or emotion instead. After all, feeling like a crazy person is also a hallmark of this placement. Intuition is something slightly different than emotion, though. It’s a clear yet mysterious inner knowing and you’ve possessed it all of your life. They say “a mother always knows” and that’s true of you because you somehow always know what’s really going on and why.

This gives you a comforting aura that makes people feel supported and protected. People who don’t even know you feel compelled to let their guard down around you and you find it very easy, sometimes too easy, to get others to open up. Maybe it’s your own air of vulnerability and intimacy that makes people want to spill. You’re a safe space for others to turn to. Because your demeanor is so lunar, you’re notably feminine, in some way, regardless of your gender. If you’re a woman, you have very pronounced maternal instincts and will also feel more deeply influenced by your biological cycles than most other women. If you’re a man, you feel like you have your own monthly cycle to deal with, figuratively speaking. You’re more sensitive, more responsive, more complicated than many expect men to be and this may be hard to deal with if you’re heterosexual. But, this is just what makes you wonderfully you and it’s something to be embraced.

The softness and fluidity of the Moon extends to your appearance in some vital way. You might have skin that is particularly smooth, sensitive, or well-hydrated. Blessed with a baby face, you may not need a lot of moisturizer because your skin is just fine so long as you’re drinking enough water and washing it sensibly. Your eyes may be distinctly “watery”, as well. An annoying thing about this placement is that you easily look like you’re going to cry, when you’re not, or that people feel like you’re upset about something when you’re not. But, that’s because you’re always transmitting such strong emotional vibes, without even trying. There is a soulfulness to your appearance that draws people in. Those feminine lunar vibes also mean that the women with this placement usually have very womanly bodies: curvaceous or voluptuous in some sense. The appearance of the men is never overly masculine. Something about their body seems softer or more vulnerable. Bloat can occur easily and the stomach is usually either very taut or naturally blessed with a little “love.”

Being such a warm safe space for other people is what really draws you toward being a parent and having a family. You’ve been taking care of people ever since you can remember, whether that’s been emotionally immature parents or younger family members or friends in need who you treat like family. So, it’s only natural for you to step into the role of parenting since you pretty much already are one. Still, once you do actually become a parent, it will truly change your life, more so than the next person. Those with the Moon in aspect to their Ascendant usually state that they feel like completely different people after having a child or didn’t even truly know who they were until they had a child. Once you do, you just have to trust your instincts, like you always do. Though you’ll make mistakes like any parent, you also have some deep inner knowledge that goes beyond any baby book or advice someone can give. You already know how to care for others and when your precious baby comes along, you will instinctively know just what to do.

Moon conjunct Ascendant: Due to the conjunction, you’re a total embodiment of your Moon sign. All of your feelings, needs, and complexes are out there for everyone to see. You will see yourself as an emotional mess, much of the time, but you have a very real, vulnerable quality that is highly appreciated. It’s just important for you to learn how to manage your moods and not take things too personally. When you can truly self-soothe, you’ll be able to nurture others with more balance.

Moon square Ascendant: Having the square makes you highly self-protective. A part of you doesn’t want people to know what you’re feeling yet you’re also compelled to let it all hang out because you just want to know that people care. This creates a lot of defenses or insecurities that you will have to work through in order to be more emotionally balanced. You’re just as protective over others and, at times, may need to be reminded to not be too interfering or smothering with loved ones. 

Moon opposite Ascendant: With the opposition, you feel like you are always taking care of other people. It’s hardest for you, of the group, to see yourself as the one who needs be cared for. This makes your vulnerability a blind spot that you will need other sensitive, caring people to reveal to you. It takes you a while to emotionally invest in someone but, once you do, you will always be there for them. This creates relationships that are a nice safe haven for both people involved.

Moon sextile or trine Ascendant: The ease of the sextile or the trine makes you least likely to be too consumed with lunacy. You know how to be in touch with your emotions and express them readily without letting them overwhelm your sense of reason. You also provide a warm shoulder for others to lean on. However, there are still times where your moods or needs get the best of you. It’s hard for you to see what you’re doing as irrational because it usually just makes a lot of sense to you.

This article is included in my e-book, Aspects in Astrology, which features many of my old articles from this blog on the various natal planetary aspects. Some of these articles have been updated and rewritten while there are also entirely new profiles included on aspects to the Ascendant and Midheaven and aspects between the outer planets. 

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Sunday, August 18, 2019

Moon-Pluto Aspects: The Deep Well

You are a deep well when the Moon is conjunct, square, opposite, sextile or trine Pluto in your natal chart; a deep well of emotion and intensity. Since the Moon rules our emotional responses and Pluto is a planet of extremes and complexities, you have an inner life that could be called tumultuous. You feel things profoundly and your needs are never simple or easy to understand. Getting to the bottom of your emotional life is like peering down into that mysterious well. It’s dark down there and you don’t know exactly when or how you’ll get to the bottom. But, you have this lifelong task of learning how to process all of your feelings in a way that will truly make you feel safe and comforted. The problem is that your idea of comfort is not exactly nice and easy.

In fact, you are more comforted by intense experiences in life, something that you can feel strongly within your gut. Because of this, Moon-Pluto people can believe that they possess a need for drama (which is false) and act out this desire very compulsively. It causes you to fall into toxic, painful, or turbulent experiences on a regular basis. The self-destructive streak is definitely strong with this placement. This is usually very evident with the conjunction, square, and opposition. However, even those with the sextile or the trine can drink their own form of poison and believe that it’s somehow good for them. The Moon is the irrational side of us, after all. So, even when you know better, it can be hard for you to break out of these patterns that make you a tormented person, set you up for heartbreak or terrible pain, or ruin good things in your life.

This all stems from the conditioned rapport with the mother figure in one’s life. It’s not something everyone wants to hear but it must be said: just like some Sun-Pluto people can have a terror for a father, many people with Moon-Pluto aspects are plagued with a monster of a Mom. Not always, of course, but it is a common pattern and should be addressed just for the sake of healing and awareness. In this case, the mother was abusive toward the child, on some often covert level. She held some sort of frightening psychological power over you, making you feel suffocated and like nothing was secret or sacred. Feeling so controlled and invaded by Mom contributes to you feeling this compulsion to always control your emotions (which you’ll soon learn is essentially impossible) and keeping so much to yourself.

Yet, there is also usually a love-hate attachment to the mother while growing up, even when the situation is unhealthy and painful. You might have loathed her with as much fervor as you adored her, with either extreme being hard for you to understand. Moon-Pluto individuals certainly have very complicated relationships with their mothers. With Pluto representing death and loss, the maternal parent also could’ve died at some in the upbringing or abandoned the child. Even with the Mom alive or present, there is still some strong fear of abandonment. This makes it hard for you to need people without going to extremes about it or having some sense of paranoia surrounding the connection. In the case of the toxic mother, there is an unconscious belief that develops that makes it hard for one to trust the support of other people. You can always suspect people of having terrible or evil intentions that they’re hiding from you. It’s hard to move away from such suspicions and it takes consistent self-discipline to do so. If not, such feelings will compulsively rise to the surface and end up destroying good connections with people who just wanted to love you.

It also needs to be said, though, that this placement doesn’t guarantee that you’re going to hate your mother or have an evil mother. There are also many Moon-Pluto individuals who have wonderful relationships with their Mom: empowering, rich, and passionate in a healthy way. The mother, however, will be fiercely protective (and, strangely enough, you can even see this in the case of the Mommy Dearest types). She’s the kind of parent who will kill to protect her children. Due to this intensity, a part of you may have always been scared of her, even if the relationship was a good one. Similar to Sun-Pluto people who have healthy bonds with their father figure, with this aspect, if your mom was good to you, it’s probably because of how she suffered in her own upbringing or past. In either case, the maternal parent went through Hell at one point, struggled with her own trauma. It’s just a matter of whether or not she used that pain to transform in a positive way, serving as an admirable example of power, or if she succumbed to those demons and created a Hell on earth for other people. It’s not an either or situation, though, because she could’ve lived life as the latter, at one point, and then shifted into the former.

This is a form of tremendous power that is passed down to you. You have to make a choice when it comes to how you deal with and use your trauma. You can either become a stronger, wiser person because of it or you can allow yourself to be consumed with all of your emotional issues. Moon-Pluto energy usually gives a person a lot of issues to work out and since it all goes so deep, it takes plenty of work to unravel it all. Again, how do you get to the bottom of the deep well inside of you? Introspection will be required, which will involve a brutal kind of honesty with yourself in regards to what you’re feeling and why. With this placement, emotional awareness means confronting every single emotion that rises up inside of you, no matter how terrifying or forbidden it all may seem.

Some people with this placement can be scared of the darker emotions that they experience, particularly those with the square or the opposition. The conjunction makes one more at ease with this shadowy energy while the aforementioned aspects can resist or shy away from much of it. But, eventually, it will all come spilling out very destructively. You sometimes feel like a monster yet you need to know that this monstrous part of you is often being driven by fear, by need, by a yearning for love. It’s said that anger is only another expression of pain and hurt. So, when you get down into the very depths of what you feel, you’ll realize that this scary rage or obsessiveness inside of you is only stemming from the part of you that wants to feel loved or protected and that didn’t, in some way, during your childhood. You cannot run away from the unpleasant parts of your upbringing. You’ve got to be honest about it all in order to function emotionally.

There can be other Moon-Pluto people who are more so scared of their vulnerability and their softer side. A signature of this aspect is a very driving need for control. We’re dealing with very unconscious energy here, so it can drive you so much that you don’t fully realize it. Being subjected to so much volatility or instability as a child has instilled this notion that you’re only safe (Moon) when you’re in a position of power (Pluto). However, you have to know that being able to enter into states of vulnerability or letting go is another expression of power. Instead of bottling up your emotions or believing that you have to control them, you have to remember that your emotions are your strength. Being able to feel things on such an intense, powerful level is part of what makes you strong. Therefore, expressing these emotions or revealing them is not a weakness. Those with their Moon in aspect to Pluto can come off as truly calm and controlled, all while they’re boiling or dying on the inside. Trying so hard to contain your emotions, though, only makes them stronger and stronger, leading you to either explode or implode when you can’t hold them in or back anymore.

In order to overcome this pattern, you have to recognize the power your mother has held over you in the past and still may be holding over you. If you’re still letting her control elements of your life, she still has the power. If you still cannot forgive her for certain ways in which she’s hurt or mistreated you, she still holds the power. Even if you have a Mom who means well and just wants the best for you, she can be such an overpowering influence that you feel too dominated by her. You have to look within yourself and recognize the power that you possess: through your emotional intensity, your intuitiveness, your insights into situations and people. Your mother passed this down to you in some way but it is yours. So, you have to use that energy to not “take the power back” but to realize that you already have that power and it cannot be taken from you. This stops her from being an overwhelming presence, because you will be in charge of your life, and also from you obsessing over her potentially bad mothering, as you are a formidable mother to yourself.

Moon-Pluto types experience the feminine in a very powerful manner. Women with this placement are particularly fierce, with the ability to be either amazing, empowering alpha females or femme fatales who are not to be trifled with (possibly switching from one to the other, depending on their mood). That is, if they have truly owned their power. Otherwise, they’ll find themselves in situations where they feel powerless, degraded, even abused, until they come out on the other side and realize just how incredible they are. Meanwhile, men with Moon-Pluto energy feel their feminine side very strongly. There is something much more mysterious, complicated, or sensual about him than the average man. They drip with a certain femininity yet in a way that isn’t deemed as “weak.” These men typically don’t have some sort of superiority complex with women. They don’t see them as the weaker sex, often because of their formidable mothers (Moon-Pluto people also usually come from families that are very female-dominated with strong women all around). If he is interested in women, this can create some power struggles yet also a deep respect for women.

Being so formidably feminine gives you an easy access to the Divine Feminine. It’s just a matter of letting yourself go to that place. This influence makes one a natural-born witch. By the way, witch is a gender-neutral term and applies to both men and women (don’t say “warlock” ever, it’s inaccurate and offensive to many). It’s also a word that can conjure up stereotypical images of evil and danger and terribly dark forces, reminiscent of stereotypical profiles of Pluto placements. But, there are many ways to be a witch, just like you’ll come to understand that there are many ways to express your intensity. You could potentially go to that very dark place of no return. Yet, you must be wise enough to know not to go there and use your power in a healthy, healing way. The occult is deeply comforting for a lot of Moon-Pluto people. It allows you to utilize your perceptiveness to understand the mysterious workings of the Universe, to hone and cultivate your immense power for good, and to understand just how much you can transform your life and others’ lives for the better; all things that you inherently need because of this placement.

There are many ways to be a practicing witch and the fact that you study astrology is already a form of it, as long as you’re using astrology as a guide toward deep empowerment, higher awareness and positive change. You could also focus on manifestation and any sort of rituals needed to cleanse you of negative energy or send out the right intentions. Maybe you’ll even veer toward doing spells of some kind. Since your energy is so powerful, it can either be highly destructive or incredibly creative. The choice is up to you. Even creativity can be a form of magic for you, if done with the proper mindset, as it’s so intuitive and mysterious and such an outlet for you in terms of ridding yourself of all of the accumulated emotions that can block you, cripple you, make you sick. There is a reason why a lot of folks with a Moon-Pluto aspect inherently resonate with being a witch or magical. Some may say it casually or humorously but it holds a lot of truth.

Your ways of nurturing and protecting others and yourself are pretty uncanny and spooky. You tend to know just what’s going wrong with someone, without any words, and can naturally use your advice, insight, or presence as a healing balm. You can create an unnerving force field of protection around yourself or others, either through your intentions or the way you strike back at the offender. When you have someone’s back, you do so wholeheartedly. So, Heaven help the person who tries to mess with them or, for that matter, with you. You’re more than capable of cursing a person who has ill intent, either through fierce disapproval or exposing all of their weaknesses via some sort of confrontation or telling off. These are the many ways in which you can be a “good witch”, using your inner power to eradicate negativity. However, you also must come to recognize that there is still a “bad witch” within you that has to be sublimated in some sense. You’re all too familiar with evil and know it exists within you. Just don’t let it consume your being.

You also are very aware of how much evil exists within other people. People cannot hide their innermost secrets and their darker selves from you. It’s something that you just pick up on without even trying. You can plumb the bottom of other people’s emotional wells just as much as you do your own. This makes you hard to fool or lacking in naivete about who people really are, unless you have some Neptune aspects that get in the way. But, you would rather know that stuff, anyway. You feel more at ease with people who know and accept the uglier, messier, or scarier parts of themselves. People who just act like everything’s fine all the time or who can’t engage in deeper self-examination tend to alienate you, making you feel like you’re too much for them. This is another reason why you can keep so much of your inner life so private. Even when you’re more “open”, you’re still going to have plenty of secrets. This only draws people to you more, as there is always something within you that people have to discover or unravel.

So, others can fall into your deep well quite readily, not knowing until it’s too late, while some can be kind of scared of you because of this quality. But, it contributes to the raw magnetism you have that’s also driven by your strong sexual energy. Pluto is erotic and animalistic in that way and when blended with the deep needs of the Moon, you have a highly sexual nature that constantly is looking for a release. The key is allowing this energy to flow and not blocking it, which could be easy to do because it’s so overwhelming. It magnetizes people and sends out strong, primal signals to people, whether you embrace it or not. So, it’s better for you to just go with it, seeing it as another form of power, which it is. For you, sex is a vehicle for real, hard-hitting emotional intimacy and also for healing of yourself and others.

You might find that much of the pain that plagues you is because you haven’t completely embraced or come to terms with the true depths of your sexuality. Many Moon-Pluto people feel connected to their sexual energy since the earlier parts of their childhood and can internalize a lot of the messages of it being “inappropriate” from that time, as well. But, this only gives just as many with this influence the need to express that, no matter how taboo or discomforting it is for others. Since there is such a raw emotional charge behind your sexual expression, letting your feelings flow will allow you to feel sexually freer. Conversely, sex can be a cathartic release for your emotions, which means that any sexual encounter, no matter how casual or committed, hits you very deeply. You also have a way of making your sexual partners feel at ease in terms of fully expressing their hidden desires, seeing it as another form of intimate comfort you can give.

Moon conjunct Pluto: Having the conjunction means you experience your emotions in the most intense, complex way and are also the most secretive about what you feel. Yet, all the pain you endure only makes you an amazing survivor and a formidable being. You’ll eventually emerge as the Supreme, the fiercest witch of all, as long as you use your power with correct intentions.

Moon square or opposite Pluto: With the square or the opposition, you suffer from a lot of emotional repression, avoiding the demons that plague you until you can’t afford to anymore. This can lead to breakdowns and push you to the psychological edge. You have a lot of inner transformation to do until you truly come into your power, which will make you a magnificent force to behold.

Moon sextile or trine Pluto: Since you have the sextile or trine, you’re emotionally intense without going overboard with it, much of the time. However, you are still capable of being too obsessive, resentful, or stuck in a dark place. This is why it’s important for you remember your strength and your ability to transform whatever is in front of you or within you.

This article is a rewrite of an old post and included in my e-book, Aspects in Astrology, which features many of my old articles from this blog on the various natal planetary aspects. Some of these articles, like this one, have been updated and rewritten while there are also entirely new profiles included on aspects to the Ascendant and Midheaven and aspects between the outer planets. 

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Thursday, August 15, 2019

Sun-Pluto Aspects: The Force Of Nature

If you have the Sun in a conjunction, square, opposition, sextile or trine to Pluto in your birth chart, you’re the force of nature. With the Sun being the sense of self and Pluto representing an immense form of power, you figure out who you are when you understand what it is about you that makes you powerful. Power is something that can be expressed in many different ways and with Pluto touching the planet of self-expression, then that is most certainly true for you. But, you’ve got to figure out just how you want your personal power to be expressed. Like a force of nature, you have the potential to be either highly destructive or amazingly creative. The choice is up to you in terms of which person you would like to be.

It is definitely a choice because the Sun represents the conscious will. This is why you have such incredible willpower, particularly if you have the conjunction, square, or opposition. Those with the sextile or the trine can be steely, for sure, but it’s usually not out of a sense of frustration or an obsession with having the upper hand. Being a Sun-Pluto person means having an indomitable will. After all, your identity stems from the development of your power. However, this can all too easily become a toxic notion. You can then turn into the classic control freak, the person who cannot have anything happening that they don’t feel in command of. Depending on the rest of your chart, you may express this in an overt way that some find overbearing or with great subtlety, hiding your real intentions yet still making some people feel vaguely uncomfortable. If you confuse being indomitable with dominating other people, then you will be abusing your power, which sets you up for a major karmic backlash of some kind.

With the Sun represents how the father shapes the identity, people with this Sun-Pluto energy usually discover how destructive they can be, to themselves or to others, through their connection to their father. It’s a relationship that can unfold in numerous ways. You might have a father who passed away at some point in your upbringing, leaving you with all of these psychological scars that make it hard for you to live in the light or to trust in the unknown processes of life. Then, there’s the father figure who is seen as a monster, abusive in some verbal, emotional, sexual, or physical way. You also could’ve had a highly manipulative or controlling father, a true puppetmaster pulling all of the strings, possibly by keeping his dark side very hidden, making you feel very dominated.

Of course, it’s not to say that all people with Sun-Pluto aspects will have such troublesome relationships with their fathers. However, since Pluto is so wholehearted, things with the father figure tend to be pretty extreme. There can be an enormous amount of resentment and anger that you have toward this parent because of the aforementioned issues. You might be highly guarded and secretive around them, feeling like you can never let them truly know you because of some kind of inherent threat they possess. On the other hand, there are many Sun-Pluto people who see their bond with the father as being very empowering. In this instance, the parent is a very positive example of how to use one’s power and inner depth. Yet, even if there is not an abusive or deeply dysfunctional relationship there, the father has been through his own form of Hell before. His own traumatic past gives him demons that he’s always working out and this can still rub off on you.

This is why you develop your identity by working through your own demons. The trouble occurs when you identify (Sun) with those demons (Pluto) far too much. It’s an attitude that will go so deep that you will come to see yourself as the Devil. Sun-Pluto people very commonly feel like they’re evil or awful or wicked, in some way, and the fact that they can conceal their darkness so well only reinforces this notion. Metaphorically speaking, it’s like the murderer, the psychopath, who manages to convince everyone that they’re not having evil thoughts or doing horrifying things. It’s not to say that you actually are some demon in disguise. But, you’ve gotten very used to disguising your demons and dealing with what you feel is your terrible true self secretly and privately. That’s why, when that dark side finally emerges, it completely shocks those who never would have suspected that of you, similar to people’s responses to a crazed killer being exposed or caught.

This is what reinforces that notion that there’s something horrible within you that you cannot share with everyone else. The thought of being too exposed or revealing too much about yourself can just seem dangerous, for everyone involved. But, the Sun is our source of confidence and you are learning how to be confident in your awareness of your shadow energy. This means knowing that it’s there but also knowing what to do with it and how to channel it. You have the ability to transform your intensity and use it in a positive way. So, what kind of force of nature do you want to be? Do you want to be a damaging hurricane or a healing ocean? A terrible earthquake or the salt of the earth? The choice is yours. But, in order to make the positive choice, you have to stop believing that there is something within you that is so awful. Yes, you’re capable of terrible things but so is everyone. You’re also capable of magnificent things. That should be your focus.

In order to adopt this mindset, though, you’re going to have to die many times. Figuratively speaking, that is. In order to experience these deep inner transformations, you must be willing to let your old ways of being die. There is a part of you that is preoccupied with both actual death and the dramatic ending of things in life that feel like a death. This is because you’re so in tune with the cyclical nature of both endings and beginnings. You know that any major ending only gives way for a magical new start. It’s like the changing of the seasons. Sun-Pluto individuals go through many, many seasons of their own in life that allow them to continually change. Your sense of self is always changing, thanks to the introspective process that makes you dig deep within yourself and understand how you need to change. You’re never a static individual, never satisfied with remaining the same all throughout life. A classic sign of this placement is someone who looks back on any given phase in their life and believes that they were a completely different person then.

But, who are you really? Only you know the true answer to that question. Pluto is about getting to the bottom of things and with a Sun-Pluto aspect, there is something almost ruthlessly introspective about you. You’re obsessed with your inner workings and determined to reveal every part of your psyche to yourself, no matter what you find. You know every beautiful, ugly, scary, mesmerizing, complicated, problematic, and amazing part of yourself. At the same time, these traits are well-guarded secrets that you don’t just share with anyone. Even if you have other parts of your chart that give you a simpler, more direct side, you still aren’t a really easy person to know. Many people will think they know you but they have no idea. A part of this stems from your control issues and your need to not air out any sort of weaknesses or information that could be used against you. But, you can take this too far. It’s an attitude that can bring out an extreme and unfounded paranoia within you, making you believe that there are many people against you or trying to tear you down when, really, you’re just sabotaging yourself and projecting that on to other people.

Your personality will always have an element of mystery to it. However, you don’t need to try so hard to prevent people from getting to know you. Those with the conjunction, square, and opposition can particularly struggle with this. It then can make other people feel uneasy, as if you have something especially sinister or untrustworthy to hide. If you’re responding to simple questions about your day or your life with an edgy suspicion of others, you need to know that this is something that makes many people suspicious of you. Therefore, you end up creating your own torment because you scare people away, seeming to confirm what you’ve believed all along about being this terrifying individual. You might not realize how much your paranoia and guardedness are driven by fear. And when you’re that intensely afraid, you can make others afraid, as well.

Let’s be honest, though. Some people will just fear you, no matter what, because you have this fierce understanding of your power and they don’t. There can be something intimidating or unnerving about Sun-Pluto people, especially if there Pluto is a strong influence in the chart, because of the intensity within the person’s nature. So much of your power stems from your ability to go deep and face things that others cannot face. Therefore, people who are unable to do that may not really know how to handle you. This isn’t your problem. Your intensity is one of your defining characteristics. All you can do is let the people who aren’t afraid of that energy gravitate toward you. As someone who cannot really exist on the surface, you don’t have any business trying to connect with those who are unable to go to the psychological places you go to.

Since raw passion (Pluto) makes you come alive (Sun), you will also find yourself establishing a strong identity through your sexual nature. What are your deepest sexual desires and how can you express them in a way that boosts your confidence? This means not repressing or holding back your sexual energy because of any sort of shame. You’re all too aware of how people can be shamed in society, in various ways, for their sexual natures. Breaking through all of that is another way of finding your power. Sex-positivity is a total must for Plutonian people and since your Sun is in aspect to Pluto, it’s something that builds your sense of self. You might have found yourself feeling stronger as a person after losing your virginity or can experience a whole new attitude toward yourself after overcoming certain sexual issues. However you want to live out your sexuality, it must be completely your choice, not influenced by any of society’s ideas or pressures.

A lot of your sexual energy can be channeled well into your goals. Sublimation can be helpful yet you also have to make sure that you’re getting all of your energy out in some direct form because it can still get all tied and twisted up. Due to the obsessive edge to your personality, you have the potential to be a truly unstoppable person. You will always have that destructive side to yourself. It’s just about learning how to destroy what needs to be destroyed, including any negative thing or person in your way. Even if you keep your fiercer side somewhat under wraps, it can definitely come out with a vengeance whenever you feel crossed, betrayed, or threatened. You just need to make sure that this isn’t paranoia or defensiveness talking. With time, you learn the difference between someone who activates your hidden fears (and who you, then, see as a threat) and someone who truly does not have good intentions. When you release unneeded suspicions, your insights into others will shine through. In doing so, you can understand just how to take someone out when you need to. Aware of the parts of yourself that aren’t so nice, you are a truly deadly force when sufficiently provoked. Most Sun-Pluto people know how ferocious they can be and would much rather not go there with others. But, if someone wants to take it there, you’ll make them regret it.

Sun conjunct Pluto: You can be the most secretive, obsessive of the bunch, thanks to the conjunction. It’s not easy being as endlessly complicated as you are and you will definitely have a lot of psychological issues to wrestle with. But, it’s all worth it when you get to a place in life where you come out on the other side, a powerhouse who’s survived the Underworld and lived to tell about it.

Sun square or opposite Pluto: With the square or opposition, you have the hardest time not seeing yourself as this scary, evil entity. Your sadomasochistic streak makes you destroy what you love most or beat yourself up a lot. But, you’re truly formidable when you stop being addicted to drama and realize how healthy your intensity can be and how you can put it to amazing use.

Sun sextile or trine Pluto: The ease of the sextile or the trine means that you probably find it easiest to deal with your dark side in a constructive way. You’re a deeply reflective, soul-searching kind of person who knows that there’s much more to things than meets the eye. Yet, you still have demons and they can get the best of you, at times, if you get too stuck in an introspective mode.

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