Tuesday, September 24, 2019

E-Book: Jupiter and Saturn in the Houses (Purchase)

I once did a series on this blog about both Jupiter and Saturn’s house placements. Now, those profiles are available in my latest e-book; the last one I will be creating and selling. Also, if you have Saturn in the 7th or Saturn in the 12th, you’re getting an entirely new profile because I have rewritten both of them. Understanding your Saturn house allows you to recognize where your greatest struggles lie and how you can overcome them. Saturn isn’t easy and takes plenty of time and effort and work. But, the reward is completely worth it. Meanwhile, your Jupiter house tells you where things will unfold most positively for you. There is an effortlessness to Jupiter, though, that can lead to carelessness. We can go too far in our Jupiter house and be reminded of the need to reel it in some.

I loved the idea of juxtaposing Jupiter with Saturn in this e-book. Looking at these planets from a big-picture perspective shows that nothing is all bad or all good. There are pitfalls to positive situations and achievements that can be earned from struggles and obstacles. These two planets help you keep perspective, in different ways, and are crucial parts of navigating your way through your life path.

Available for $14.99

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  1. do you have any material on jupiter in retrograde natally?