Wednesday, October 2, 2019

E-Book: The Descendant - The Other Half Of You (Purchase)

The Descendant – The Other Half Of You is an e-book I first self-published a couple of years ago. The Descendant, which is the opposite angle and sign of your Ascendant (or Rising sign), isn’t talked about as much as it should be. It not only tells you what kind of people you’re going to be drawn to in close friendships, romantic partnerships, or other important or one-on-one connections but it also shows how you’re able to connect to others, what kind of a close friend or romantic partner you are. In the process, you learn more about yourself through other people because they serve as a reflection of this “other half” of yourself, for better or for worse.

The ways in which you appeal to people, establish and maintain compatibility with others, and project on to them (positively or negatively) are symbolized by your Descendant. But, it can also show what others can project on to you or expect out of you as a partner or major influence. This e-book will teach you via your Descendant about the complicated, interpersonal dynamics of your relationships and what you can do to make them better. Each chapter for all 12 Descending signs contains the following sections: What You’re Looking For, Your Type Of Partner, The Type Of Partner You Are, Your Personal Appeal, and Being Your Own Partner. The last section is particularly important because it brings you inner balance and allows you to see that all the things you’re looking for from other people can be found within. This inner balance will then allow you to attract satisfying, happy relationships.

Available for $14.99

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