Thursday, November 14, 2019

More Astrological Things You Should Know

If you’ve frequented Astrology Arena before and have noticed the changes here, I’ve revamped the blog majorly. I am no longer doing readings of any kind and will not be publishing any more articles on Astrology Arena after this one. However, I am selling five e-books full of astrological knowledge, compromised of new insights as well as old articles from this blog, that are available for purchase:

Although I consider this, in many ways, the end of my journey as an astrologer, if you’ve enjoyed my take on astrology, it’s still available for you to consume, either through my e-books or through the articles that are still on this blog.

Speaking of which, for my last article, I’d like to tell you just a few more things I think you should know when it comes to astrology (in my long-winded fashion):

The best way to understand the quincunx is that it's like a light switch you can turn on and off. It's unlike the opposition, which sends you back-and-forth between extreme expressions of either planet. Instead, you are either expressing the aspect's combination of energy as a whole (almost like a conjunction) or not at all. It's something you truly choose to do, like a particular trick up your sleeve you use at certain points. This is why I generally don't interpret it but still recognize its validity. At times, it has no importance at all. On other occasions, it takes a strong hold. 

I’ve previously discussed that we have to grow into our Midheaven as we enter adulthood and that it’s also how we learn to deal with the public. But, one really interesting thing I’ve noticed is that famous people who started their career as child stars or teen stars typically have a planet or more in their 10th House or conjunct the Midheaven. This makes sense because of how they had to “grow up quickly”, effectively missing out on a childhood or adolescence, and how they cultivated a strong relationship with the public earlier than most.

I can’t say this enough: the Rising sign is not just a mask. It is who you are. It’s just a more external expression of who you are. The Sun sign is who you are at your core, on a deeper level. But, the Rising sign is not just present during first impressions or when someone doesn’t know you. It’s always present.

The Rising sign is also not the “public self”, although it can be a part of your public expression. Your Midheaven represents your public self. Meanwhile, the Rising sign is who you are and how you behave at any given time, whether that’s public or private.

To further compare the two angles, the Ascendant/aspects to the Ascendant/placements in the 1st House indicate what you need to do for yourself. Meanwhile, the Midheaven/aspects to the Midheaven/placements in the 10th show what you need to do for the world. For example, an Aquarius Ascendant will be different and free for self-satisfaction while someone with an Aquarius Midheaven will be different and free because they feel like it’s what they have to offer society.

Cusps are not a thing. At all. They’re just for people who only know about Sun signs and not how complex astrology actually is. There is a slight difference between really early and really late degree Sun signs. But, even then, you are still the Sun sign you were born under.

If you say that you’re not attracted to the sign that your Descendant is in, that’s actually your Descendant talking. You probably don’t like something in people with that sign’s influence that you don’t like in yourself (a key concept of the Descendant/7th House). Resolving that inner conflict will help you see that you are more attracted to that sign’s energy than you realize or like to admit.

Following that thought, if you fall in love with someone who has their Sun or Moon in the same sign as your Descendant, especially if it falls into your 7th House, that person has come into your life to really teach you more about yourself. This is also true of best friends with these placements. These kinds of synastry connections are really intense, which creates an undeniably powerful bond but also one that may not end very well.

In terms of synastry, it’s all what you make it. There are multiple ways a synastry chart can go, depending on how willing both people are to work on things, connect, and be accountable for themselves. Never approach synastry with too much idealism or fatalism. It’s really all about seeing the potential of a relationship, not trying to predict the future of it.

Your first Saturn Return really affects the expression of your North Node. You might feel more compelled toward the certain path it represents during this time. Also, if you’ve already been on that path and put in the effort, it may “pay off” to the point to where you feel mature enough to reconnect to your South Node while remaining balanced. But, if you have clung to your South Node to this point, it will become a serious hindrance until you accept the call of your North Node.

Whatever’s going on in your 2nd House shows not only how you can manifest money but the kind of income you will enjoy the most. You have to be comfortable and secure with what your 2nd House represents (asserting yourself and being competitive, for example, with Aries or Mars in the 2nd) in order to find financial comfort and security in a form of income that represents (anything that requires serious competition, leadership qualities, knowing exactly what you want, etc.)

An empty house does not mean that you don’t care about what that house represents or that you’re not good at it or won’t have it. That’s a myth. It does mean that you spend less energy focusing on it or mastering it than others with placements in that house. But, due to the fact that every house cusp has a sign on it, every house manifests and expresses itself in its own way, especially the angular ones. Taking the time to understand how even your empty houses are impacting your life will give you a deeper, richer understanding of your chart and yourself.

Pay attention to whenever transiting planets (particularly the Sun, Mars, or the outer planets) hit your angles to the exact degree, especially your Ascendant and your Midheaven. This is often a time where things in this area make a major shift or where you’re presented with the opportunity for change or growth. It’s up to you to take it!


  1. I like how you said the Rising sign is always present because my good friend who is also into astrology, never feels my Leo sun. She says she feels my Scorpio rising the most. Even when I feel like I'm really expressing my Leo energy, it just doesn't come thru. At least to her Lol.

  2. Thank you Wayman for all your wonderful astrology insights - you have an amazing gift that has helped me (and I'm sure many others) immensely. I will definitely be purchasing your ebooks and wish you the very best with your future endeavours.

  3. Thanks Wayman for all your posts. I just have a quick query re the MC. I have a sun in 10th house conjunct my MC and I wasn't a childhood star or had/currently have a strong public presence. My sun isn't badly aspected either.. I know life is what you make of it, but does this mean a career that is prevalent in the public eye is still ahead for me? Many thanks for your time!

    1. Yes, it does. Not literally everyone with planets in the 10th or on their Midheaven will be famous at a very young age. I was more so saying that people who are usually have that influence. You still have what it takes to make a major name for yourself!

    2. Thanks so much Wayman! With this aspect, the mind certainly boggles with the how, what when, where and why!

  4. Wayman, this blog has helped peer into corners of myself, thank you! While i'm saddened you won't write anymore, i wish you the best!!! Any reason i particular you're moving on from astro? Im curious, and bummed i shouldve scheduled a reading when i had the chance

  5. Wayman,

    I enjoy your ebooks, your videos, and your articles. I also love your NASA shirt!

    May you always receive God’s blessings for you!

  6. I just purchased your e book about nodes. Great, great, great!

  7. Thank you for all the insight all these years! good luck with the next journey of your life! <3 <3 <3

  8. I woud like to buy any book of you but i am from mexico, don't believe i could.
    Its a shime cause i love how you write.

    1. Thanks! If you have a PayPal account, you can just send me the money for the book(s) you want and I will email them to you. My email and PayPal is

  9. I'm curious about your next steps. I see you ended your astrology career with the sun touching your MC, right?
    I'm Aquarius rising and Scorpio MC as well, I'm starting a new career path this year. It's so hard for me to chose, but I'm happy I've made at least one choice :)
    Hope you're feeling well with this Saturn Pluto conjunction in the 12th house.. Deep changes and I feel exhausted, but I'm positive about this year. Thank you for sharing all your knowledge! Good luck <3

    1. Hey, thanks for commenting! Yes, I did. And I am definitely feeling like it's the end of an old way of living for me with this transiting conjunction in my 12th. This is the end of this life of mine as I knew it. I already feel myself really letting go of things I need to let go of. Once my Saturn Return and the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius happens in December, it'll hit my Ascendant. I just know somehow that things are going to majorly change for me after that. A new life. I just don't know what or how. But, that's all a part of the journey!

      Anyways, good luck with your journey. It's always good to know that there are others out there going through the same thing!

  10. I just wanted to let you know that people are still learning and reminiscing on your content! <3 I'm apart of a large Astrology group and today there was a thread of people appreciating one of your old posts (8th house Mars). We miss you! If I could post pictures here I'd share the whole conversation. I just want you to know how much you are loved!


    "I looooved this guy's original content from his old website. It was always so insightful and spot on, not to mention his way with words. If he ever does publish a book I would buy in a heart beat."

    "What he says here about the rising sign is so true and more people need to understand it. The way I describe it is that the sun sign is what you came here to do but the rising sign is who you are.
    "I can’t say this enough: the Rising sign is not just a mask. IT IS WHO YOU ARE. It’s just a more external expression of who you are. The Sun sign is who you are at your core, on a deeper level. But, the Rising sign is not just present during first impressions or when someone doesn’t know you. It’s always present." ~ Wayman Stewart"

    "He has a deep understanding of astrology and how it relates to human psychology."

    "Damn I got so much knowledge from Wayman Stewart..."

    "Someone email this dude and tell him we need more than just a few e-books. His blog was exceptional, and I learned a great deal from him. A fine teacher. He articulated in ways that hit the soul deeper."

    <3 <3 <3

  11. I immediately feel sad to read you are "leaving" astrology, but I'm sure it's the best choice for you :( If there's any chance you'd still do a reading, I would be so interested.